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  1. Hi, I wonder if anyone can tell me, after an IUC do you get a letter to say that they are going to prosecute? and can you appeal their decision to prosecute? Many thanks in advance
  2. Hi! (I have literally just joined this site so apologies if I do anything wrong!) I will try to keep this as concise as poss - I recently got into trouble on a bus when I accidentally used my boyfriend's 16+ zip Oyster instead of mine (I have an 18+ student one). Like most people, I got v worried about this after googling what could happen - I'm a medical student so prospect of a criminal record is v v v scary! Got the standard letter asking for an explanation - sought advice from head of my faculty, turns out this has happened to many students before, and she suggested going in to
  3. Action Fraud has seen an increase in the number of small to medium sized businesses being contacted by fake bailiffs requesting payments for a phantom debt. The [problem] involves the business being cold called from someone purporting they are bailiffs working on behalf of a court, attempting to recover funds for a non-existent debt. The caller will then request payment by means of bank transfer and if this is refused, will threaten to visit the premises to recover the debt that is owed. A range of different businesses are being targeted; including Nurseries, Manufacturers, H
  4. My bank accused me of fraud when I deposited a perfectly legal cheque. The police were called & I have been cleared of all charges. I am really angry as the cheque had already been approved by another branch of the same bank 2 days earlier ( i waited for a better currency rate) The ombudsman & the FCA dont want to know & i am financially out of pocket. Can i take my bank to court? if so how!!!!
  5. I have a question for you legal eagles, but first an outline. Recently there was a case of a DCA trying to collect CC debt of £3000 escalated to £8000 by interest. There never was an agreement, only an application which has never been found or presented in any form A DCA tried to obtain this debt by threatening court action. The chap replied do your worst. Court action started. The DCA then sent him some interest summaries and a Credit card agreement between him and a company he had never heard of. This agreement was undated and unsigned. They threatened to
  6. I purchased a 16-25 return ticket to destination B from A, via an actual person at the window - even they looked at my travel card. It wasn't until my return journey I looked at my rail card, to find it was out of date.. (Haven't used in around a month). The date was printed "18 APR 2015" (I've just checked this online) The 18 was very faded with the 2015 being only slightly visible.. . My instant thought was "oh no, I'm going to get in some serious trouble for this", I stupidly decided to get a pencil from my bag and change the year to 2016 (only visible numerals) Upo
  7. Hi all, Please go gently on me I am new to benefits and now find myself in a very unfortunate position with no one to turn to. I will try not to waffle but some background may help. Please do read this even though it’s long as I really do need some help, desperately. I’m male mid 40s and have held down well paid high pressure employment all of my life. Over the past 6-7 years I have had several mental struggles. I tried a sabbatical of three months Dec 2013 - Mar 2014 and took off traveling. This was without claiming any benefits. I returned in early March 2014 to full time empl
  8. I brought a car from honda in may 2004, it was a a ex show room car, and I was offered £1000 off the price of the car . How ever Honda finance increased their interest rate from 11.9% to 12.9% to get the cash back from the £1000 discount from the car. Also the copy of the consumer credit agreement I was given is unsigned by honda finance , so would i be correct in that its a unenforcable CCA cheekyone
  9. In July 2009 I was interviewed under caution for benefit fraud 2006-2008. I was divorced finally in July 2006. September 2009, the local Magistrate pinged the case to the regional magistrate. October 2009, the regional magistrate dismissed the case. April 2010, the County Court Judge said: "Not Guilty of any benefit fraud" November 2011, the DWP Debt Collection wrote to me to claim the amount of the benefit fraud. November 2011, my solicitor wrote to the DWP, you have waited nineteen months before raising the matter again and the fraims guidelines are for eighteen months. The rep
  10. Hi Please don't judge me, I honestly cannot take anymore! In 2012 I applied for DLA on the advise of my GP, I had (and still have) urinary incontinence and inability to know when I need the toilet due to a back injury sustained at work. I also am in extreme pain whenever I move (but I guess this may be different to the level of pain another person may have with the same condition), can't get dressed, in or out of bed, need supervising when I first take my painkillers (about 20-30 minutes after), struggle to get out of chairs (need someone there to make sure it doesn't tip most
  11. Hello everyone, I could really do with some advice and help on this matter. My current girlfriend has been having a nightmare of a time with her Ex-Boyfriend. To cut a long story short they were together for 7 years, had a joint mortgage and a joint current account with Halifax. Turns out the ex was a gambling addict, he stole money from her, opened credit cards using her information and financially abused her. Eventually she left him. She moved back in with her parents 17 months ago, rang Halifax (her mortgage lender) and told them her new address which they updated on
  12. Don't know if this is the correct forum, so feel free to move if necessary. So I got two seperate letters from Standard Life pensions. One was a standard single letter and another more detailed set of letters accompanied with a terms and conditions booklet. Apparently someone has set up a pension using my address (but a different name). What do? I am not going to ring up some £3 minute line, plus the Standard Life website has 3 phone numbers and none of them match the employeezone.co.uk one on the letters. The employeezone.co.uk one doesn't match the one on the letters eith
  13. I've been recently charged with Fraud by false representation (1st offence), for returning a low value (under £50) clothing item to a store for a refund. A week after this, I was arrested because the shop claimed the item wasn't their stock and tags were placed by mistake. This was purchased from their online store if that matters. Now I have a Magistrates' Court hearing and will be pleading not guilty. I am scared for my life and how I will be able to argue my innocence but will demand a trial by jury, which will drag this process for much longer and make it very costl
  14. Hi. I have heard good things about this forum and a friend of mine advised me to sign up to seek a bit of advice about my situation. I may waffle on a bit in this post and some things may seem irrelevant but its just because I'm trying to cover everything I have just been through in my police interview :/ At 8.30am I was knocked out of bed and promptly arrested/ I knew what it was all about and cooperated fully, even offering up my online bank details as I don't keep paper statements. Going back to January, I was in a right mess. I had had money stolen from me, I
  15. me and my partner moved in together in July 2014 and i have forgotten to let tax credits know to change to a joint claim (Only realised today) my partner works full time and brings home around 1400 a month. Were in loads of debt as it is My anxiety is kicking in overdrive thinking im going to get fined and sent to prison! I havent phoned tax credits yet as im petrafied. any advice would be great
  16. Parliament is to consider plans to more than double the maximum administrative penalty for benefit fraud from £2,000 to £5,000. Want to know more please read HERE
  17. First things first—and let's make this very clear—Apple Pay has not been hacked. It does, however, appear that Apple's introduction of the contactless payment system has helped some [problem]mers commit credit card fraud. If you have never used Apple Pay, here's a video made by The Verge last year showing how you set it up, and how you make mobile payments with it. Seems simple, right? And, unfortunately, the way that [problem]mers can take advantage of Apple Pay appears to be remarkably simple too. Did you see the part in the video where the guy adds a new card
  18. Due to the DWP and relevant agencies' getting tougher on benefit crime it may pay you to have a read on what and how you could be reported/charged if an offence came to light and the DWP/others decide to prosecute you. This link shows what offence/s you could be charged with. There are other offences that could/may be laid against you as well see here http://www.cps.gov.uk/legal/v_to_z/welfare_rural_and_health_cases/ What you also have to remember if you are prosecuted for benefit fraud and convicted you could also be dealt with under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (PoCA) see here http
  19. here is the story. On Saturday (25th Oct), early in the morning I was heading towards the Tube station in London and I saw some fella heading towards me. He then stopped and offered me his paper railcard, saying that he's done with travelling for the day and kindly offered me to take his card. I accepted this as an act of kindness from the stranger and continued walking towards the station. Since I got a valid rail card, my initial intent to top up my existent Student Photocard Oyster was foregone. The rail card worked perfectly and was actually val
  20. So I was talking to someone today that bought a two bedroom flat a few months ago,before he bought it the previous owner filled in the home owners paperwork stating that the property had never had any problems with the roof,repairs etc. During the recent heavy winds here in Scotland some of the slates came off the roof,it has now been found from the management company that the roof was previously repaired as some of the slates had blown off. Does the present owner have any redress aagainst the previous owner now regards fraudulently filling in the paperwork?
  21. Hi. Last year I was seriously ill in hospital. Social services became involved and my mum and dad looked after my son. He then because a looked after child/in care but under my mum and dads care. My son has still stayed with me two nights a week and comes round most days. Because of this, child benefit continued as he was still with me some of the time. I assumed that the same applied with child tax credits so continued to claim, and have continued buying his clothes, paying nursery fees etc. he has a room in my house and I have also paid for his clubs and toys etc. However today I random
  22. I have been a carer for years and have received Carers Allowance legitimately all this time, or so I thought. In 2013 I landed a 15 hr contract and double checked I didn't do any more than I was entitled to. I kept the Carers up to date and three months later was re-awarded the allowance. Slowly, things changed. I would do an odd four hour shift extra each month or something, still not putting me over, or so I thought..... then I was asked to train as a Supervisor. All this at the same time as my husband was taken very ill. I took my eye off the ball. Work began to demand more and more o
  23. Hi, Im new here so not sure if this subject has already been covered. It is about a friend of mine and it is a bit complicated situation. She is the appointee of her adult disabled daughter. She has received a letter from JCP tattled: Notification of Local Service Compliance Office Interview. She has couple of ISA accounts under her name and her daughter's name. The saving is actually the daughter's father who doesn't leave in the UK. She is really scared that the JCP and DWP would not accept it and accuse her of benefit fraud . Is that the same as interview under cauti
  24. My son received a letter from Lending Stream for a payment for a loan that was so say opened up in 2011 that he knew nothing about it seems someone had opened a bank account in his name then this company loaned them cash on line. We were told to report this to the police and give them a crime number which we did.In 2014 he received a letter for this loan now from a Mackenzie Hall we then contacted Action Fraud and gave Mackenzie Hall the number and again thought it was all over. He now has received a letter from PRA Group demanding this cash
  25. Hi there, My girlfriend lives with her parents and sister and has done all her life. She currently receives income support due her low income/hours worked. I'm her boyfriend of 9 months but we do not live together. I stay at her parents house 1-2 times a month at the most due to her shift pattern and my university studies. She received a letter a couple of days ago from Concentrix (working on behalf of DWP) informing her that: They believe she has a partner and is committing fraud by claiming income support as a single person They have eviden
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