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  1. I’m currently being investigated for selling on eBay my unwanted goods while claiming housing and ESA. I went for an interview under caution were I was asked what all these PayPal transactions on my bank statements are going back 6 years into my account to the amount on 9k? I explained I sell coins on EBay which I have been collecting for over 20 years and all personal belonging since I moved into a small flat. Also told them a couple of friends sold on my account and they are willing to give a statement to this effect. The reason why I had sell all my personal b
  2. Action Fraud has received a number of reports where people have been defrauded by criminals claiming to be “Action Fraud Litigation Services” who they say work with Action Fraud and the City of London Police. How the [problem] works The fraudster phones their victim and tells them that they are phoning from the “Action Fraud Litigation Services team”. They say that they are legal prosecutors who will be able to help the victim recover the money that they have lost in a previous fraud. They tell the victim that in order to recover the money that they have lost, the legal
  3. I have been taken to the police station after being arrested in Tkmaxx 3 weeks ago by the offence “fraud by false representation”. I have been realised after receiving a simple caution, saying that ‘…committed fraud in that you dishonestly made a false representation, namely swapping price labels, intending to make a gain, namely returning goods for cash, for yourself...’ On the day of the incident, after I returned my purchase and left the till, two security guards approached and asked me to go with them. I didn’t even asked why as I was one of their regular customer for a several ye
  4. Hi, I received the following email........I don't have a LLoyds account.....!!! Dear customer, For your protection, you must verify this activity before you can continue using your account. We will review the activity on your account with you and upon verification,and we will remove any restrictions placed on your account. Activate your account now > If you choose to ignore our request, you leave us no choice but to temporary suspend your account.Yours sincerely, Lloyds Banking Group Privacy | Site terms and conditions | Accessibi
  5. Hi, I could really do with some help. I have been the victim of fraud by a builder working at my property accessing my credit card without my knowledge and running up a huge debt. I very rarely used the card and never received statements in the post. Turns out the statements were being sent but were being accessed and disposed of whilst I was at work. I have been fighting this debt since 2004 with the debt being sold from one debt collection agency to another. Finally Arrow Global instructed Restons Solicitors to take me to Court for the settlement of the ou
  6. ************************Hi need help urgently***************.... on 11th august 2015 around 2330 at night i received a text messages from barclaycrad to confirm some transaction my card, there were transaction that i had used on 10th and 11th to which i replied Yes( HOW WRONG WAS I) I was at home with my mother and a friend of my mother, i than received further emails and messages from barclaycard that my credit card was used for £3500 on virgngames.com (gambling site) also £280 was taken from my paypal account. i called barclaycard and reported it straight away i
  7. I don't know where to start, I have recently come to terms with the fact that my relationship is toxic. I have been with my mentally and sometimes physically abusive partner for almost 14 years and we have 3 children together. He doesn't cope well at all with anything and I do my best to take it all on. Some years ago the bank decided to withdraw his overdraft and we were left with zero money a few days after payday, with pretty much all the bills to pay and the rest of the month to actually live. We already had debt and I had nobody to turn to for a favour of borrowing money.
  8. hey. in august i received a letter stating i was + £2000 over payed in housing benefits. i phoned my housing officer up she stated that it was cos i didnt provided my payslips even though i did for the first 3 month and then got told i didn't have to any more. so instead of putting my pay slip in i said i would pay it all back in monthly installments which they agreed to. my partner got a job 4 month after i did and had his jsa got cut off so in turn we stupidly thought that the housing benefit had been stopped as well because he was the main claimer. we did not pay our rent for a coupl
  9. Banks are refusing to pay compensation to card fraud victims based on nothing more than a "hunch", while others are forced to wait longer than four weeks to get their money back. An investigation by Which? showed that banks are “inconsistent” when it comes to handling fraud claims. Worryingly, banks appear to be refusing compensation to genuine fraud victims. The FOS said that while it had seen some improvements, in many cases banks have based their decisions “on a hunch”, without conducting a full investigation. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/b
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm going to tell you my experience to date so that others may learn from it. It's not quite over yet but I think it will be by next week. Feel free to ask me any questions. I live in SW Scotland and in Feb 2014 I approached a local family run company to quote for double glazed replacement windows. The sales director sent me the quote from his email address. I responded with a query and then accepted the quote by email. His email address was then automatically added to my Outlook email address book. The work was carried out in May 2014. The f
  11. Hi all, Interesting question, have been asked to attend an interview under caution. Regarding not reporting a change in circumstances, Basically I forgot to tell them that my partners wages had gone up, this meant we were no longer entitled to hb, now I am very ill with my mental health, have been for years and therefore very forgetful and unmotivated, as such I haven't told them, now my wife works as a carer all day then comes home to look after me, so she hasn't really had the time either, I'm the lead claimant, so if this was to go to court, would it be me that is prosecuted as it's tota
  12. Hi folks, So I'm in a bit of a complicated situation, I'll try to sum it up as briefly as possible. I guess I'm just curious what people think/advice/am I doing the right thing/anything else I could do? Last year I split up with my ex. I knew he had looked into some sort of tax credits scenario a few months before we split, however I never filled in any forms and never saw any money, thus thought no more of it. In June of this year I discovered he's been claiming joint couples working tax credits under both our names since last year. When phoning the HMRC about this they "fixe
  13. Hi. Looking for a bit of help. We have been stung by an unscrupulas seller. My 17yr old son bought a car for spares or repair, it needed quite a lot of work on it, it was a non runner. But based on purchasing the parts and doing the work myself, it was still a reasonable deal. If a garage was to have carried out the work it was over £500.00 of labour and around £300.00 of parts. So I bought the parts and did it myself. Now we have a letter from Santander saying they have an interest in the car (HPI outstanding) and have a claim on the car. I want to know what rights I hav
  14. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-34172701 I think that this tells you lot about the private private parking industry, its culture and the culture of many of the people who are involved in it. Apart from anything else, how can UKPC have such slack systems that it is possible for someone to interfere with recorded video in this way. It is shabby and clearly the directors of the company have fallen well short of proper standards. Of course what else do you expect from people who might equally be involved in night-club door security or fitting car sound systems or bur
  15. Data transmitted during contactless payments can be picked up from almost half a metre, researchers have warned. Inconspicuous equipment including a shopping trolley, a backpack and a small antenna were used to intercept synthesised payments card data. The information was detected at more than four times the distance it should have been, according to researchers. The UK Cards Association said that fraudsters would not be able to harvest enough details to be dangerous. During a wave-and go transaction, customers tap or hold a card near
  16. Hello All Heres my story, A few months back I sold 4 x Seagate 4tb Hard Disk drives on Ebay at (£110 each). The buyer had these in his possession for just under four weeks then decided to open a returns case as one drive was defective. I didn't discover this at fist for the first few days as I work offshore, soon as I did I agreed to the return as the items were still in warranty. The buyer ignored this and then claimed all disks were faulty the same day as Ebay made a decision on the returns case. I contacted Ebay via webchat (i still have the records) and was advised not to iss
  17. My sister comiited fraud in 2007 and recieved a police caution, she does not know I know this. she was asked in June this year to attend a police interview where again she was charged with fraud using her landlord details obtained an online catalogue account and bought £5000.00 worth of goods, she is in court magistrates, she's pleading guilty (her husband) does not know this . Will the magistrates take into account her police caution when sentencing and what sentence will she get
  18. Hi all, Can anyone help out? Do you have any information on the following company. https://www.instantdecisionloans.co.uk/ or has anyone heard of them or had any dealings with them? A colleague of mine has unfortunately been duped by them out of circa £500. A police report is in the process of being filled out for fraud. He is currently cancelling his card and changing his account details so that they can no longer take money from him. any info on these would be great if anyone has had dealings with them. Thanks
  19. Hi all, hopefully I'm posting this in the right section To cut a long story short, my mum went to Uganda back in May, during her time there [i suspect] she was a victim of 'skimming' and around £700 went missing from her bank account. When she got back to the UK, we took a look at her statement and the ~£700 was withdrawn from various ATM's around Kampala in increments over a few days. Barclays bank did initially cover my mum's losses whilst they supposedly opened an investigation, but just a few days ago, they basically sent her a letter saying that because her card uses the chip a
  20. People who are the victims of so-called "vishing" [problem]s cannot always rely on their bank to compensate them, a study has suggested. In nearly two-thirds of cases the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) found that banks were not responsible for victims' losses. It looked at 200 examples of the telephone fraud, in which account holders lost up to £100,000 each. But it ruled that the bank was liable for those losses in only 37% of cases. In 63% of them, consumers were left without compensation, having, in effect, given their own money away. As a result it is warning
  21. Hi everyone. I'm new to these forums and I'm not sure if I am posting in the correct place. Please feel free to point me in the right direction if it's better suited somewhere else. Although this story is fairly long, I will try and explain it the best I can. I am speaking on behalf of my Father because he has dyslexia and finds it difficult to read and write well. Back in 2005 my Father owned a fairly successful business but he was having trouble with the bookkeeping and accounts. Around this time, he was approached by a company called Barrington Finance, who told him th
  22. Hello, I wrote a huge long detailed post but am aware these can be viewed via google (that's how I found this site) and am so so scared. my husband died in a terrible work accident in 2008 and there was no body. I was left with our 2 small children and you can imagine how awful and difficult it was. We'd claimed TC on his pretty low income (I also had a self employed pocket money job but mainly was stay at home mum), and it was extremely difficult for me to sort out his affairs as I I couldn't easilly get a death cert without his body. It was a horrific time. We got a ch
  23. People who are the victims of so-called "vishing" scams cannot always rely on their bank to compensate them, a study has suggested. In nearly two-thirds of cases the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) found that banks were not responsible for victims' losses. It looked at 200 examples of the telephone fraud, in which account holders lost up to £100,000 each. But it ruled that the bank was liable for those losses in only 37% of cases. In 63% of them, consumers were left without compensation, having, in effect, given their own money away. As a result it is warning that a
  24. Received a letter today asking me to attend an interview under caution next week. I'm unemployed but my wife works part time 24 hours a week we claim tax credits and get help with housing and council tax ,then the new law came in where you had to work 30+ hours I can't find work so wife took about prt time job. She started just covering the odd shift around March as this wasn't permanent and wasn't going to be till September when the person doing the job went to uni. when the job became hers in September I waited 2 weeks then wrote a letter to benefits inc
  25. I applied for student visa in 2011 with the help of 1 consultancy. They charged me £1600 for this service. I done bio metric and was waiting for reply till today. In between i communicated to UKBA several times . Today i came to know that i am victim of identity theft. This consultancy who helped me for my application, withdrew my application without my concern. Even they changed my communication address to their office address without my knowledge. I never authorized them to represent my file to UKBA because they are not registered as OISC. I just took help to fil
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