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  1. http://cag.tw/22e4 (link from original article contains banned word)
  2. Hi, This is my first time on here so sorry if this is not in the correct thread. I took a loan out in my partners name in 2015 and he's only just found out. I had a massive gambling problem then, I have tried repaying some of it but my debt spiralled out of control due to the gambling issue and I've stopped paying it! I just need some advice on how to fix this? I know probably some people will judge me for what I did and I suppose it's fair enough but any advice is appreciated. The loan was for £2200 taken with AvantCredit, they did not ask me to prove my identity either, that
  3. I just received a Personal Health Report from Blue Crest Health Screening following a medical with them. The report stated I was very overweight had a Body Mass Index of 40.5 (which is high) and blood pressure as stage 2 hypertension 189/101 but the lung fuction of a 22 year old? Surprisingly they stated I had a zero risk of heart attack or stroke in the next 10 years. I couldn't believe that I read the report in detail and found they listed me as 5'4 instead of 6'1 which of course increases my BMI and risk ratio. I called Blue Crest immediately 7 days ago
  4. my ex husband is now and has been for years paying a woman to work for him "unofficially" cash in hand. He left me for her, they are now married. Before this I believe she was on benefits for years, never told anyone she was earning. I now want revenge, should I report them and if so how do I do it anonymously ??
  5. Hi, I have a few disjointed questions about benefits fraud - specifically relating to universal credit. Are all Universal Credit benefit fraud cases looked at by the Single Fraud Investigation service? And is it correct that they can only sanction you with an Administrative Penalty now for lower monetary amounts - and not a Formal Caution? And does this Administrative Penalty appear on the PNC/a enhanced CRB/DBS check? Also, who would the Investigation Under Caution take place with? Is it still local authorities or has the Single Fraud Investigation Service taken ove
  6. Hi, I've got an issue I need advice on please. My brother has lived with his girlfriend and their daughter for five years. I was talking to her the other day when her dad came round with a DWP letter for her. She cheerfully explained she claims benefits as a single parent living with her mum and has been all the time she has been living with my brother! She says she does really well from this and even gets free healthcare. I tried to discuss it with my brother, who seemed to be oblivious to what was happening. So now my dilemma, do I Report her to the DWP, I hate benefit fraud
  7. I have been in dispute with Eon for some time now regarding my bills. My emails fall on deaf ears as Eon have responded stating that they will no longer discuss my dispute. As this thread depicts on many occasions, the inevitable Warrant of Entry was applied for by Eon in Portsmouth Court. I am from Derby. Now, as a Justice of the Peace, I am sure you are aware of the Magistrate Court Act 1980 (and in turn the Civil Procedure Rules 1998/9). These are legislation set in place guaranteeing the rights of citizens in regards to court processes. One maj
  8. Any help would be appreciated. I am trying to establish whether my solicitor has acted negligent by not following the pre-action protocol in respect of a Disrepair claim which has now been settled, after 6 years of my local council denying liability under the OLA 1957. I had an accident during the period where liability was being disputed but my solicitor is claiming that he did not have the funds to pursue a PI claim but never advised me on this, and on checking the pre action protocol under Disrepair claim there is reference that would suggest that in any event, a claim for PI aris
  9. More than 50,000 homeowners have signed up to receive fraud alerts in a bid to stop [problem]mers stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds by taking bogus loans against their properties. The property alert service, offered free by the Land Registry, helps people detect fraudulent activity on their property by sending them email alerts when, for example, a mortgage is taken out against it. They can then decide whether they think the activity is suspicious and can act quickly to alert the the Land Registry, their lender and the police. Property fraud is where fraudsters
  10. Lloyds customers should be on the lookout for a new sophisticated fraud that involves fraudsters sending fake bank letters. The convincing letters being sent are a replica template from Lloyds and include their logo, address and signature from a customer service representative. The letter tells recipients that there have been some “unusual transactions” on their personal account and asks them to call a number highlighted in bold to confirm they are genuine. When victims call the number, an automated welcome message is played and the caller is asked to enter their card
  11. Please help, I'm so scared that i'm going to prison I'm on ESA and have been for the past 3/4 years. In that time, i've have 3 part time jobs all 16 hours and under and i've declared all of them with a permitted work form. The only reason i can think this has come about is that at the beginning of July this year i was offered a job for 16 hours but was told i'd have at least 1 day extra as overtime. I rang up ESA and told them i wanted to stop my ESA claim. A few days later my mental health went to crap and i told my new boss that i wouldn't be able to do it. She the
  12. Hello, I've read several cases on this forum and found most of them similar to mine, except the amount of money DWF wants from me. So I'll start from beginning. A month ago I found out how to trick self-checkout I've used this "trick" 4 - 5 times tops, and only to buy necessary groceries to survive until next paycheck and totally regret my actions. The amount of money barely would reach £70. I suspect, that they have tracked me down, by noticing repetitive entries on their system Since I am employed in a restaurant which is situated inside ASDA's premises, security
  13. I started an 18 month contract with vodafone about 12 months ago. I lost my phone and asked for a replacement sim card twice (via online live chat) and was sent nothing. For months now I have been charged for this contract even though I haven't been sent a sim card to use the number I'm suppose to be paying for! Absolutely nobody from vodafone will speak to me via any support channels and still, every month, without fail, I am being charged for my contract! Now listen to this part. I receive 2 e-mails from vodafone a few weeks ago saying the barr on calls abroa
  14. Some time ago my partner and myself received a letter from HMRC stating that we were no longer entitled to claim working tax credit due to information from Concentrix, we had never heard of Concentrix at this point. Apparently the information that was disallowing us from claiming was that on the forms submitted it states I worked just 5 hours per week last year 2015. The forms we submitted did not state 5 hours / week but rather 30 plus hours per week, concerned by this I got in touch with HMRC through the HMRC website online chat system and an employee at HMRC informed us
  15. In a bid to warn you against money [problem]s, Financial Fraud Action have said that, in the first half of 2016, there's been over a million cases of card fraud, phone fraud, cheque [problem]s, and online fraud from January to June, which is a 53% rise from the same time last year. That's one every 15 seconds. The FFA, backed by payment card businesses and banks, want to raise awareness in a bid to stop fraud. Along with the police, they're backing the The Take Five campaign, which looks at helping people who think they're too busy to sidestep financial fraud. 1. Never d
  16. Hello, I hope I can get some help here about the worst case I ever had with a Bank. One month ago, exactly few days when I got married, my debit card details were compromised and more than £6000 were stolen from my debit card and paid into some online gambling site in Gibraltar. I found out about these transactions the day after the were made and immediately called my Bank - TSB. I had two accounts with them - a personal and a business one for my limited company. I spent hours on the phone with their customer service, then the fraud team and even they have some "
  17. Hi, New here and any help will be appreciated! i've recently discovered that Shop Direct have taken out 2 CCJ's against me for an account that i never owned. One of the CCJ's even has the wrong DOB on it - crazy to think the court never picked this up! i need to know what actions i can take to get rid of these CCJ's - ive just got off the phone with Shop Direct who say they will not treat the accounts as fraud as the items were supposedly delivered to my house and a few payments were made. I had never even heard of Shop Direct until a couple of weeks ago and certa
  18. I have just been to court where the landlord tried to use a section 21 notice. at court it was a meeting for a directions hearing. the Judge struck out the landlords s21 claim because he had left important information regrding bonds etc out of the document, he got the dates wrong and the judge also noticed the irregularities between tenancy documents. ie, that there were two tenancy versions submitted to court. the judge mentioned involving forensics and discrepancies with signatures on the documents. there are two more versions of the tenancy agreement/s that the court didn
  19. Hi there, Fantastic Forum. Keep up the good work. A while ago my friend has been accused of benefit fraud. She has sent in an appeal at the moment, and she is waiting for them to get back to her. I have helped her by reading posts on the forum, and following some of the advice being given on here. But now I am stuck and don’t know what to do now. Like I said she is waiting for her appeal, but now the housing association are getting tough on her. They are demanding the rent that has gathered up due to her housing benefit being stopped months ago. She has been paying her wate
  20. Hi all Can an Enforcement company add all there fee's on after the compliance stage (£235 and interest) before they try to enforce? I know it would be irrelevant if they take control of goods just curious if that was allowed. leakie
  21. Hi all , I was the victim of mortgage fraud by an ex partner , I thought I was buying a house together, having contributed half of the deposit ( 85 k of a 170k deposit ) in 2010 . It transpired that she used a false address , false declaration of funds , falsely claimed that it was a buy to let property and mortgage and that she would not live there or never had . She used that false address for another three years , and had been living in the house before the mortgage as a tennent and has lived there ever since . I told natwest of the fraud in 201
  22. READ MORE HERE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-37117283
  23. Two days ago my niece asked me to look at her 9 year old daughters laptop as it had locked up and was asking for money to be unlocked. She said it happened while she was watching a YouTube video of Britains Got Talent. What she had was a particularly nasty virus known as 'Ransomware'. It locks the computer and demands money to 'unblock' the computer so it can be used again. Like most, this one came in the guise of an official site with lots of police badges and the name Metropolitan Police, it accused her of distributing child porn and wanted £100 to be paid by Paypoint. Luckily at h
  24. Hi all. Really could do with some good advice please. I will try and sum up concisely... A friend and I went through the process of booking an apartment in Brighton with Airbnb. We are both new to Airbnb. We found an apartment and communicated with the 'owner' through the Airbnb site system. When it came to booking we received an Airbnb branded html email. With payment details. I forwarded the email to my friend who made payment... before i could stop him as I realised it was bank transfer details which seemed wrong to me. Long story short... as soon as payment was mad
  25. Hi. I have just registered, although I have been on this forum many times over the years as a guest. I am in a bad place, i feel embarrassed. After my marriage broke down this year my ridiculous reaction to the stress and sorrow was to start gambling online and I am now in a position where I owe £30k. I have taken, all in the space of 5 months, 4 x £7.5k loans and have lost it all on a crazy impulsive online gambling spree. I am absolutely disgusted at myself about this behaviour so please do not act on your urge to tell me how wrong this was. I know more than you can imagine
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