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  1. Hi all Im in a bit of a panic, I have received two claim forms this morning both from Northampton County Court where the claimant is Marlin Europe II Limited, the original debt is from Lloyds Tsb Bank PLC on the first one it says: The claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the defendant under a contract between the defendant and Lloyds Tsb Bank Plc dated on or about 23/04/2004 and assigned to the claimant on 31/10/2012 in the sum of £1563.45 and on the second: The claimant claims payment of the overdue balance set our below which the defendant have failed to pay
  2. More for getting my own thoughts straight on defective D/N's I understand that the DN must specify a date for settlement and not "28 days ( or whatever) from the date of this letter. So, if a DN is deficient and defective can any DCA be told to get knotted on this or should it be initially via the CCA route/"Bemused" letter? and presumably it is not a good idea to tell the OC that their DN is rubbish? perhaps, if it ever gets that far, to wave it in Court? In addition, I presume that being sent a specimen pro- forma DN letter, with no specific personal details, never mind exact
  3. Hi, I've made a F&F offer of 25% to Santander but all they wrote back to me was for me to fill in a income/expenditure form and asking me to let them know about the other debts I have and how much I am offering them. Is this legal? I feel that if I say no then I won't get any further with them. This might be just a generic letter as I have been in a DMP with the for 4 years. Should I just offer them again? I have nothing in particular to hide but I don't want that info to be used against me.
  4. hi can someone point me the right direction please. yesterday i recd a ccj blue form from northampton court from Nelson Guest Solicitors regarding and old HBOS credit card, i dont know when i last paid this but my credit file shows date of default was 20/3/2009 !! i stopped paying my credit cards when i had to reduce my hours at work due to childcare and then i relocated jobs and just couldnt afford to keep up wih the repayments . i have been offered a reduction on this debt in the past but couldnt afford to pay. after reading other posts on here please
  5. Do i have to fill out Income and Expenditure forms for all my creditors? The problem i have being self employed is that in filling them out would show that i have no available income to spare, but the truth is i have other un declared income and i actually want to pay these debts off but without the interest charges
  6. hi i had great help from here on my husbands tribunal for esa which we won and now we have dla renewal is there any help i can get on here for filling them in thankyou guys
  7. Hi All, I was hoping someone could give me some advice please. I have got a chequered credit history due to illness 5 years ago - including 2 defaults (2007 & 2009). Over the past 3-4 years I have no missed payments and 12 months ago managed to get a vanquis card and a capital one card to try and re-build my rating. Anyway to my question..... when I apply for finance - I put my address in and then it asks for residential status. I privately rent the house I live in with my wife however I do own another house (with mortgage - which my ex-wife lives in and I can't come off the mo
  8. Good evening. Could anyone tell me which forms should be filled in when contribution based jobseekers allowance ends and income related jobseekers allowance begins? It seems that I have been transferred to IRJA without being informed. I have not filled in any related forms for this benefit but I was receiving contribution based JSA previously. This has lead to a fraud investigation, so I am somewhat concerned. Thank you
  9. Hi, I have been receiving ESA contribution based since Jan 12. All I have done is phoned jobcentre, told them that I was unable to work and they put on Esa. I have not received any forms or letters from them since the first letter stating that they would pay x amount per week and would probably have to attend a medical. While I am quite happy not having to attend a medical so far after hearing the horror stories I am getting a bit worried now as to what happens next. Do I leave it and wait for them to realize that they have forgotten my to send forms etc (probably when they write to tell m
  10. Do you by law have to fill out the second form admitting guilt, sent with the first form which you have to fill out to admit to being the driver. or can you send a covering letter asking for the evidence of the offence . thus not admitting any guilt until they prove otherwise. 37mph in a 30 limit accordingly ... any advice .. or just pay up and shut up.
  11. Wescots are the latest in a very long time of DCAs chasing outstanding balance for loan account on behalf of LloydsTSB. Although I have successfully reclaimed PPI refunds in respect of all three loans, LloydsTSB cannot provide me with copies of the 3 loan agreements - from 2002 through to 2005. They have sent me one reconstituted CCA but I believe that they have to be originals or real copies from that time to be enforceable in a court of law. Am I right??? Wescots have sent me copy statements of my loan accounts and are demanding payment. We've been playing letter ping-p
  12. Hi guys! I need your help. I need an ATM Dispute form, but there is nowhere to download it from (or I can not find it). I left England and I can not visist any branch to take it directly from them. So, if you know any websites with atm dispute forms for LLOYDS TSB, please let me know. Any help will be much appreciated. Best Regards Simon
  13. Hi - I'm the claimant in a case detailed here - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?266357-Pursuing-a-judgment-against-an-overseas-landlord-via-a-UK-letting-agent#post3016201 - it's a housing thing but because my latest headache is more about nuts n'bolts small claims procedure than the particulars of the claim I've posted it here, sorry if this is wrong. Anyway: I made a claim against an agent for various disrepair in a flat I rented once, they filed a defence, we applied to amend the claim form to add the landlord as a defendant and attended a direction heari
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