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  1. Hello Really hoping someone can help. I've received the the forms from court regarding a outstanding debt owed to moriarty law, formerly Lantern and formerly MMF on behalf of poundstopocket. I know I have to respond within 14 days but I really don't want a CCJ because this will affect my future employment and potentially affect my current job. I'd really like to avoid the CCJ but can't afford to pay the full amount at once although I may be able to do over 6 months. Do I have any options as I'm really worried or should I just send the admission and come to a pay monthly ag
  2. Hi All, Received a county court northampton form for lowell. An o2 contract. I've asked for proof of this from lowell and as it was taken out online, there isnt much they can prove. They said they have requested statements but these will show blank. Contract was not used, only the phone (which they eventually blacklisted) If i'm honest I lived at the address for a month and have no link to it, which was where the contract was set up and sent to. Can I disagree with the claim and ask them to prove it was me who took out the contract? If not, what can I do? Thanks,
  3. Hi all, just found out I made an Illegal left turn in cardiff may 2017. Need help on which forms to use. Cardiff Pcn people have said I need to complete forms TE9 and TE3. TE9 just asks fo r some details, in my case I never received the initial notices as didn't re register my Car to my new address, but nowhere on the form does it ask why I didn't pay. TE3 I just don't understand. How do I let them know why I didn't pay the initial charge . Should I be using form te7 or other forms
  4. https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/assessment_of_deferment_applicat#incoming-562041 dx def process.pdf orig def form.pdf ref sheet.pdf
  5. Hello Long time lurker who now has to step out of the shadows and is requesting help please Long story short I have various debts that due to breaking up with a partner and being made homeless and leaving the house with just the clothes on my back i could not afford to pay. This was in September 2008 and at that point I stopped paying all of my monthly payments because i simply couldn't afford them. I have not paid or acknowledged any of the debt since then but up until that point i had made the appropriate payments to the accounts as per the agreements. I have
  6. Hi all Ive had an issue going on with Lowell/Cohen regarding what they say is a catalouge debt. I asked them to prove the debt as it is not one I recall (other debts are cleared) as they threatened court action, and thats what they have done. I received very vauge information from them ,but they sent what they claim is a credit agreement which is missing my signature (it was apparently an online from, where my signature is missing,there is a tick box instead). Today I received a form from Northampton, the particulars of the claim state - " The claim is for the sum
  7. Name of the Claimant - Arrow Global Limited Date of issue – 05 August 2016 Date to acknowledge= 24/08 + 14 days date to submit defence = 06/09 (33 days in total) - What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? 1 - The claimant's claim is for the sum of £1547 being monies due from the defendant to the claimant under a regulated agreement between the defendant and MBNA Europe Bank Limited (No.XXXXXXXXXX) and assigned to the claimant on 30/11/2015, notice of which has been provided to the defendant. 2 - The defendant has failed to
  8. Hello all, My first post on this great forum - very nervous and very worried. Please correct and advise me if I do anything wrong or don't follow correct protocol as I'm not a regular user of any forum! I had two credit card accounts with MBNA one started 1996, the other in 2001. I believe I stopped paying the full repayments around 2005 due to losing my job and the resulting financial problems and agreed with MBNA a reduced, interest free monthly repayment. Some time later I received letters saying both accounts had been assigned to a debt collection agency who would now be takin
  9. Hi Guys Been a while since I have been on the forum, previous thread was a few years back about link financial and spectrum in the debt management forum. One of my creditors was Lloyds TSB bank loan of £20,000 to clear credit cards, although that never happened but that's another story. The loan dates back to 2005 and was defaulted in 2007 due to wrong advice from spectrum financial protection, during the time with spectrum, BLS collections collected the payments from spectrum until the debt was assigned to AKTIV KAPITAL PORTFOLIO AS, OSLO,ZUG BRANCH in 2013, and then on to PRA gr
  10. Hi, are there any organisations other than the CAB that can help with PIP forms please?
  11. Hi, and firstly thanks for the great wealth of information on his site. I have received 2 claim forms in the last few weeks out of the blue, its close to the dates for statute barred on both of them. Could someone please confirm they are both statute barred as I'm a nervous wreck about them. I have just been flicking through this forum looking for statute barred templates and noticed an explanation which made me question if I'm right or wrong. I have a claim form dated issue date 30th Nov, it is with Arrow global Limited for a credit card with Sainsburys
  12. Can anyone help me with this. I've received claim forms today about a debt from 2008. It was an MBNA card that my ex husband run up and I'm going to be honest here, I've buried my head in the sand with a lot of it. It's in my name so that's not really a defence. I know I should've sorted it ages ago as maybe I'd not be sat here now sick with worry. Anyway, it says it's for £10,984 In the particulars of the claim it says the following: The claimant claims the whole of the outstanding balance due and payable under an agreement referenced opened effective from 11/08/
  13. Allegedly I drove into the bus lane in august 2014, twice. Bmth Council have sent PCNs and all corespondense to my old address. I moved to the new address in january 14. My oversight was to notify driving licence department of DVLA and presume they will share information with vegicle registration people.. . I letter has been delivered to my on 04/08/15 by the new owner of my old address. Its from Equita. They have been trying to reposess my car for the debt of £579. Since them I have been in touch with Bournemouth Council and TEC,
  14. Hello i have just received a letter from Northampton county court and the claimant is IDR finance, the debt was originally with Barclay card, then link finance bought the debt.. .this information was given to Stepchange debt charity as they are currently dealing with my creditors, what can i do or what should be the first action? should i deny owing the money? and tell the court this? or write to the court and say i do owe some of it (not the mega interest they have charged) and it and fill in an monthly expenditure form and offer a small
  15. I have some further complaints to submit to FOS in respect of a business (non-ppi related) and to a bank regarding their delay and handling of a PPI complaint. Would the FOS complaint form be one of the same ? And if so what particular one is it ? Thank-you
  16. I have had a charging order on a joint owned property in which I live for several years now i have been paying the court ordered amount of £10 per month without fail. The solicitors (the infamous Restons) keep sending me every six months or so income and expenditure forms to fill in. In the past I have simply sent them a copy of my P60. Am I correct in thinking I am under no obligation to provide them with anything and that only a court can order an increase or decrease in what I am paying them? Or am I being delusional and should provide them with the information t
  17. Would be grateful for advice..... I ran up a c/c debt of around 9,700 from a card that I had originally on a 0% agreement (this was a balance transfer from another card). The plan was to transfer this again when the interest kicked in. Unfortunately when this time came I could not get another card to transfer the balance (this was on affordability as my credit rating was excellent at this time). I was making the minimum payments on this, however b/card kept increasing the interest until I could no longer afford this. I did contact b/card to advise of diff
  18. I have debts with Robinson Way and with Mint. Robinson Way took over Marbles debt, and offered me the chance to pay off less than the full amount in settlement. I accepted, and they sent me a letter saying I needed to fill in an Income and Expenditure form, and contact them about how to send the money. I had already settled another similar debt with them earlier this year, without the income/expenditure form being needed. That was a lot of hassle as well, with them delaying details until I phoned them to find out how to pay them. I also offered Mint to pay off th
  19. when u send ur pip to dwp they then send it to atos can atos send it back to dwp to give you pip without they seeing you
  20. ok firstly I did look around for already existing advice. If it is already here I apologise, Its cos I am an idiot and not just lazy So the claim forms have started hitting welcome mats around the country. What is the conventional thinking regarding section B "Why you want to be considered for compensation" ? Should the choices spelt out in the letter be the only reasons quoted or do Caggers suggest additional arguments too?
  21. Hi, new user here. I have an ongoing dispute with Aktiv Kapital over an MBNA card and would like to check the application form they sent me, but I can't access them in the library. Is there any reason for this. Thanks Fallman
  22. Hi Guys/ went to a face to face medical end of August this year put in suuport group, got another form through post today,any advise or just start over from new
  23. Hi, I've made a F&F offer of 25% to Santander but all they wrote back to me was for me to fill in a income/expenditure form and asking me to let them know about the other debts I have and how much I am offering them. Is this legal? I feel that if I say no then I won't get any further with them. This might be just a generic letter as I have been in a DMP with the for 4 years. Should I just offer them again? I have nothing in particular to hide but I don't want that info to be used against me.
  24. Hi all I have received CC claims form with regards a current account overdraft, as well as a letter from January This was passed on to me by people still living in the house I used to live at. Claim is for under £1600 I had the account statements delivered for this personal (not my main personal acc BTW as I use Nationwide and have done for 20yrs) to my business address details at a former business that ceased trading. I did not use the account that much I wrote to the bank in March 2009 (hand delivered and signed for ... I used to run a courier company), informing t
  25. Do i have to fill out Income and Expenditure forms for all my creditors? The problem i have being self employed is that in filling them out would show that i have no available income to spare, but the truth is i have other un declared income and i actually want to pay these debts off but without the interest charges
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