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  1. Dear All, I've read numerous threads on here of people in a similar situation, and everyone seems to know exactly what to do. Me? Nope, I've turned to jelly and don't know what to do. I received a County Court form on Friday. I've detailed more below: Name of the Claimant ? Hoist Portfolio Holdings 2 Ltd Date of issue – 30th August 2016 Date of issue - 30th August 2016 Date to acknowledge by - 19th September 2016 Date to submit defence - 30th September 2016 What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? 1.The claim is for the sum of £41
  2. I have a cc claim form dated the 27th Oct for a cc debt that is being pursued by Lowell. About 18 months ago I requested a consumer credit request, sent it off recorded delivery but did not receive any further response to this other that the usual demand payments. Fast forward to now and i'm wondering what to do about the cc form? Although I've kept all my letters I can't find the receipt from the post office for the recorded delivery and the £1 postal order as proof that i sent it and they never acknowledged it… Am I toast? Thanks in advance PB
  3. Name of the Claimant ? Vehicle Control Services Limited Date of issue – 20 April 2017 Date to acknowledge =8 May 2017 date to submit defence = 22 May 2017 What is the claim for – 1.The Claimant's Claim is for the sum of £120.00 being monies due from the Defendant to the Claimant in respect of a Parking Charge Notice issued on 31/12/2011 at 1.36pm at Media City Salford Quays Peel Investments. 2.The PCN relates to a Peugeot under registration XXXXXXX. The terms of the PCN allowed the Defendant 28 days from the Issue Date to pay the PCN, but the Defendan
  4. I'll try to be brief and not ramble. My daughter and her family came to stay with me early last year after selling their family home and were waiting for their new family home. For one reason and another myself and my daughter's long term partner didn't get on, it ended up much to my embarrassment that he ended up staying elsewhere, his friends, his car, hotels etc. This caused issues between myself and my daughter He was sent a few items of mail from Asset Collections I called them and explained that he didn't actually live here, he had for a brief time and had moved o
  5. Hi everyone, I`m new here and need some good advise from you all. I received yesterday a Court Claim form from Lowell solicitors. They claim over £400 for Three mobile debt. I was on contract from August 2010, last my monthly payment i made in Nov or Dec 2010 cos after i lost my job and cannot afford to pay. I need some advise please how to and what to fill in this claim form? I`m not very confident in law. I read lots of posts there before posting but still not understand about CPR 31.14 request, response time, statute barred debt.. . I`m already
  6. Cut a long story short whilst at University I relapsed back to a previous mental health condition after serious issues with Student Finance which meant my loan was paid very late. University offered no help during the first term and Student Finance were awful lead to the relapse and meant I couldnt pay my rent as I had no money to live on. during latter portion of the year was unable to cope and stupidly buried my head in the sand. Received a claim form which was sent to my home address, about a week has passed which I found out about today (my dad doesn't
  7. Name of the Claimant ? PRA Group (UK) Limited Date of issue – 05 Sep 2016 Date to submit defence = 07/10 (33 days in total) - What is the claim for – 1.The claimant claims the sum of 19,000 for debt and interest. 2.On 18/07/05 the defendant entered into an agreement with HSBC Bank plc for an overdraft under reference xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. 3.On 30/6/06 the defendant defaulted on the agreement with an outstanding balance of 24,500. 4.On 25/09/07 the debt of 24,500 assigned to Aktiv Kapital Portfolio AS, Oslo, Zug Branch, who itself assigned the debt to PRA Grou
  8. Hello, I have this morning received a Claim Form, it is from Lowells. i am confused, I am pretty sure I took this up with Shop Direct at the time and asked for documents etc but to no avail. This account was defaulted on 29/10/2013 and has been with lowell for a while. They have tried to ask me for the money back but I did not respond. The debt on the letter from solicitors 2 weeks ago states i owed 846.65 but this claim form says 914.38 then fees on top of that bringing it to 1044.38. My question is, do I fight this or do I offer them some payment scheme if
  9. Hello, I hope I have posted this in the right place! I am utterly upset and shocked by this letter. Today I have received a letter from Northampton County Court advising that I owe £534.24 plus costs to UU. Now I do not dispute this bill at all as it is my annual 2017 - 2018 bill however my issues are as follows; - I had a zero balance with UU up until the most recent bill was issued on 1st April - The bill itself stated that I needed to pay £267.12 on 1st April and £267.12 on 1st October - I knew I wasn't able to afford the April payment so called them
  10. Name of the Claimant ? Lowell Portfolio Ltd Date of issue – . 13/02/2017 What is the claim for – . 1) The defendant entered into an agreement with T-Mobile (UK) Ltd under account reference XXXXXXXXXX 2) The defendant failed to maintain the required payments and the service was terminated 3) The agreement was later assigned to the claimant on 25/07/2016 and notice given to the defendant 4) Despite repeated requests for payment the sum of £353 remains due and outstanding And the claimant claims a) the said sum of £353 b) Interest pursuant to s69 County Cou
  11. Name of the Claimant - Lowell Portfolio I LTD Date of issue – 08/02/2017 Date to acknowledge - 26/02/2017 Date to defence - by 4pm 10/03/2017 What is the claim for? 1) The Defendant entered into a consumer credit act 1974 regulated agreement with Provident personal Credit limited under account reference ********* ('the agreement'). 2) The Defendant failed to maintain the required payments and a default notice was served and not complied with. 3) The Agreement was later assigned to the Claimant on 29/08/2014 and notice given to the Defendant. 4) Despite
  12. Hi, I am looking for advice regarding a claim form I received on March 17th. I have acknowledged the claim and opted to defend all, details of the claim below with comments further below. Claimant - motormile finance Adresss for sending docs - Moriarty Law Particulars : The defendant owes the claimant £728.40 under a regulated loan agreement with Northway Broker Ltd dated 29/05/12 and which was assigned to the claimant on 06/04/2014 and notice of which was given to the defendant on the 06/05/2014. Despite formal demand for the payment of the debt the defendant has failed
  13. Good morning I have returned from a weekend away to a CC Claim form with Lowell Portfolio 1 Ltd as the claimant ... They state it to be £150.23 to Avon cosmetics, but I cannot remember such a debt and if there even was one it was around 5 1/2 years ago! I never received a default letter from Avon (they say in the claim they sent an assignment in 2015) but I can honestly say, I never received anything. They are claiming #150.23 + #12.02 (8% interest) + #25 court fee + #50 legal representatives costs ... total is #237.25. My husband just says to pay it (
  14. Hi Guys, CCA request return - for Capital One, they sent me what purported to be a reconstituted copy of an agreement from 1998 and told me that they were quite confident that it was fully enforcable. I, of course. have no way of knowing whether this copy is accurate or not. Also, I suspect that they have sent a reconstituted copy because they don't have the original. I have sent them a subject access request to try to flush this out. Do you think I should respond to their letter saying that I don't recognise the document and would expect them to produce the a copy of the executed agr
  15. Hello, Not surprised (yet rather ashamed) to have received another claim form for my husband's old business debts. Name of the Claimant ? Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Ltd Date of issue – 14 Oct 2016 1st Nov 2016 to submit acknowledgement defence by 4pm 15th nov What is the claim for – 1.This claim is for the sum of £8687.88 in respect of monies owing pursuant to an overdraft facility under bank account no. XXXX The debt was legally assigned by MKDP LLP (Ex HSBC) to the Claimant and notice has been served. 2.The Defendant has failed to repay over
  16. BIT OF BACKGROUND... ..I have lost a court ccj against lowell, I tried twice to have it set aside, first time despite evidence that a ccj had gone to empty property not mine, (found 6 months later) letters from 3 neighbours stating long standing postal problems the judge at county court chose to not believe, only skip readed one, second time i tried to get it set aside i had a solicitor on it, he said that lowell had no deed of assignment and had not followed correct procedures on four counts, judge chose to ignore and said couldnt overturn first judge and w
  17. Hi all, stepdaughter got a County Court claim form this morning from Lowell. Usual Northampton one. Dated 5/4/17. Its for a Shop Direct account but no dates other than the date of Assignment to Lowell (2/8/2013). Is it too late to send a CCA Request and SAR? Being Lowells, do they have a particular pattern of deception I could probe? Only just seen this thing and wondering how to acknowledge online and whether to provide any kind of defence at this stage. Anyone any clues? Thanks all.
  18. Hi guys, hoping to get some advice - if anyone has a bit of spare time to read through and make any suggestions it would be very much appreciated. Please see the info below for the current situation: Claim issued by Cabot Financial (UK) Limited Date of issue – 8th Feb + 19 days = 26th Feb, + 14 days = 4pm Friday 10th [revised - dx] Particulars - "Monies due under current account overdraft. 1.THe claimant's claim is for the balance outstanding under a Bank account facility Yorkshire Bank agreed to maintain for the defendant. It was a term of the Bank account that a
  19. Hi everyone, I parked my car at the Peel Centre in Stockport to pickup an item which was reserved for me in Argos. Its my first visit at the Peel Centre and no doubt will be the last. Upon arrival there were no visible signs or parking machines around the perimeter so I gathered the parking was free. I went to the store to pickup the item but was told it was reserved by their other store just around the corner. The staff asked if I parked my car here, I replied yes and so she advised me to leave the vehicle here and its only a 5 minute walk. I took her advice
  20. Hi, first post on something I need a little help on please. I receieved a court claim about a credit card I took out 14 years ago but I had kept no records of it. I did a CPR and CCA request to get some documentation. What they sent through was a copy of the application form. All my details were legible within the white boxes of the form, strangely legible when compared to the rest of the form, but the surrounding areas with their information is illegible and very grey and pixalated. You can make out my signature, but not the date. They also sent me some term
  21. Last week I informed the dwp that I had moved in with my partner. they sent me an ESA3 10/14 form to fillout which I think just assesses financial eligability for the benefit. I know that due to my partners income and savings I will lose all benefit. The form is a bit confusing and I cannot get through to the DWP to speak to them as they are always busy even if I wait an hour on the phone. My queries are these: 1. It asks me if my partner agrees to my making this claim? My partner knows he has to give his details but isn't happy about giving his savings information and so on. He
  22. Disabled man had a severe relapse last year after making a claim for ESA. The claim form was registered and begun in September and received when he was capable of finishing it and posting it in January. They have paid some of it. They are now stating that there is a 3 month cut off point that they will not back date. Because the delay was due to his disability, and the claim was started in September, is this correct? He is not trying to back-date it prior to September even though he was severely disabled then too...
  23. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/armed-forces-veterans-badge-application-form
  24. Hi Ive been sent for EX140 by a curt in the uk based on a supreme court ruling in North America. The ruling was made under severe assumptions. 1. What shall i expect when i go to court with the form 2. Would i be able to challenge the ruling? Any help or referral would be appreciated.
  25. Hi, just after a bit of advice really, I received a claim form last week for a debt of £300 or so that has resulted from bank charges and interest on a Nationwide account, the account was in credit when a charge took it overdrawn, further charges and interest then grew the negative balance to around £300 until the account was closed/suspended in 2011. As the basis of the debt is from charges that may/may not be illegal? (probably for missing a direct debit) - would there be any point in contesting the claim? I know its not alot of money but I am trying to deal with my historic d
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