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  1. Hi REGARDING SECTION 8 OF THE BUDGETING LOAN FORM there is some confusion regarding what is needed to be filled in if you are filling it on behalf of someone? can anyone help? it states:- have you filled in this form for someone else? NO (go to part 9) YES please tell us about yourself Please tell us why you are filling in and signing this form for someone else TICK BOX I am sending a letter by the claimant with this form, the letter tells you that they agree to me making the claim for them NOW SIGN THIS FORM IN PART 9 TICKBOX i am t
  2. Name of the Claimant: ARROW GLOBAL Date of issue : 05 January 2018 Date of issue 05/01 date to acknowledge - 23/01 date to submit defence = 06/02 What is the claim for: 1: The particulars of the claim is for the sum of £4877.34 being monies due from the defendant to the claimant under a regulated agreement between the defendant and HBOS plc (no: xxxxxxxxx) and assigned to the claimant on 29/06/2017, notice of which has been provided to the defendant 2: The defendant has failed to make payment in accordance with the terms of the agreement and a default not
  3. HI My partner has just received a county court claim form in respect of an old Talk Talk account. He terminated his agreement with Talk Talk as he was moving home and no longer required the service. Talk Talk then advised he would be charged for the remainder of his contract. My partner disputed this and has not paid. The initial required payment was around £150 and this has now escalated to £242.70 since Lowell took over in January 2017. The claim form states that *the defendant failed to maintain required payments and the service was terminated* This is incorre
  4. hi. im new to this and need some advice, i dont know whether this is right place to post this. i took aloan out from lloyds 2012 to pay for the machinery i had leased. every thing was ok untill i lost the buiseness and then lost the job early this year. i couldnt afford the payment and the lloyds bank was pretty helpful as they agreed the lower payment until my circumstances would change. then i started to get the phone calls and letters from apex. i phoned the lloyds regarding this and they said i didnt need to worry but the phone calls never stopped. i
  5. Hi, I received a claim on 14th feb 2015 from Shoosmiths Solicitors on behalf of Cabot. I had already sent a CCA request to Cabot on 30th Jan 2015 and they replied on 4th Feb 2015 saying that they currently do not have this information on file but have requested the information from the original lender. They anticipate the information will be provided within 40 days. I have acknowledged the claim at MCOL and I am posting a CPR 31.14 request to Shoosmiths in the morning , is there anything else I should be doing? Has anyone had any dealings wit
  6. Hey CAG, Hopefully someone can help me out with this issue. I just got a court letter issued 27th of June from MMF via Moriarty Law looking for payment from a payday loan taken out in 2011 from wageday advance for just over £400 (The claim was filled with the Northampton County Court). I went online and responded to the claim with an acknowledgement of service, however I can see that I am over the 14 days I had to respond to the initial claim and now I am a little worried that they may have already filled the CCJ. I want to defend the claim as I am 80% sure they took
  7. Hi All, Thank's for taking the time to read this. I know there's tons of information out there regarding such matters - and after much research, I think have a pretty good grasp of what needs to follow, but I'd really appreciate your advise or any input you have! The low down: 2012, low point in my life, lots of debt (I know, I've had my spanking). I have a perfect history for over 5 years now - so it's essential I avoid a CCJ at any cost! The debt was a current account / overdraft. It was defaulted in late 2012, on my credit report, it's showin
  8. Hello. I am a single mother with a just turned 18 son. I have been notified that my Housing Benefit will be stopped as my child is now 18. He is still at sixth form college until the summer, then hopefully will go to University near home. I received a form from the Council now saying because he is 18 we are not entitled to housing benefit and he has been assessed as earning £9999 a week. Yes you read that right. In fact he earns nothing and is still studying his A level equivalents. I have produced evidence to show this but they say it doesn't matter as he is no
  9. Many debts dealt with on this forum thank you. I had a claim form from the court with a £6k debt from Tesco/Robinson Way. I filled in the I/E form and sent it back recorded delivery. Just had a letter from the court saying I never responded and I must pay the £6k. I have looked at the tracking information from when it was posted over 3 weeks ago and it still says its on it way! I also took a photo of the form before sending. What do you suggest? I did everything in the timescale but the Royal Mail has failed me.
  10. Name of the Claimant ? Capquest Investments Limited Date of issue – 3rd May 2017 Date to acknowledge - 21.05.2017 date to submit defence =04.06.2017 (33 days in total) - What is the claim for – 1. The claim is for the sum of £886.32 in respect of monies owing by the defendant on a credit agreement held by the defendant with Shop Direct under account number xxxx upon which the defendant failed to maintain payments. 2. A default notice was served upon the defendant and has not been complied with. 3. The balance owed was assigned from Shop Di
  11. Hi guys, I have a CAPITAL ONE credit card which back in september I had offered to make £1 token payments, my response was that they had referred to fredericksons intl for repayment... i set up a £1 standing order online to fredericksons with a letter to them copying in my letter to capital one regarding token payment and my current financial circumstances... my first token payment went out in december which got accepted and my balance reduced by £1. HOWEVER - i now have a letter from Bryan carter which is there "LBA_S2LIT" template letter giving me 14 days to make p
  12. Hi guys I've not had to deal with anything like this so i just want to make sure nothing has changed. I received a Court Claim Form for what I'm guessing is a old catalogue debt. Claimant: Lowell Portfolio LTD The POC says: 1) The Defendant entered into a Consumer Credit Act 1974 regulated agreement with Shop Direct under account reference ******** (‘the Agreement’). 2) The Defendant failed to maintain the required payments and a default notice was served and not complied with. 3) The Agreement was later assigned to Claimant on 22/11/2012 and notice giv
  13. Hi I'm a new user and would like some advice as to what to do with the the claim form Issue date from County Court Business Centre 27 Nov 2017 received through my door on the 29th Nov 2017 Particulars of Claim The Claimant's Claim is for the sum of £931.55 The Defendant entered into an agreement O2 (UK) Ltd under account reference xxxxxxx The Defendant failed to maintain the required payment and the service was terminated. The Agreement was later assigned to the Claimant on 28/03/2013 and notice given to the Defendant Despite repeated requests for payment
  14. Hi all! in need of some help bit worried and dont know how to tackle this situation, here are the details below: there was a a very small iceland store that closed down on a side road where they must of had around 7-10 parking bays, this is still closed down and no business is running there. i parked there for literally 5 minutes as i come back i got a PCN from parking and property management, there was a sign on the wall, i just thought 5 minutes as i was looking for a shop wouldnt be a problem! Date and time: 21/02/2017 at 12.38 received a few notice to kee
  15. a quick question.. ...I can't find a link for the 'account in dispute' letter. ....I've a debt going back to 2010 with JD williams that Lowells bought last year it's mainly made up of late payment £12 fees and over credit limit £12 fees.. ...Lowells solicitos have now sent me a 'letter of claim' to commence court proceedings... ...I sent a CCA request back in september last year, but received a generic set of T&C's and a copy of a credit agreement that has my details filled in, but not my handwriting and no sig ....I feel it best to put the account in dispute
  16. Hi there, today I received a claim form addressed from the county court business centre in Northampton, which has been filed by Moriarty Law on behalf of JC International Acquisition for a debt on behalf of Talk Talk Limited. I have seen a similar problem to mine posted on here but I can't seem to follow it, so I need help step by step to get me through this maze!! The particulars of claim state: THE CLAIMANTS CLAIM IS FOR THE BALANCE DUE UNDER AN AGREEMENT WITH TALK TALK LIMITED DATED 13/10/2011 WHICH WAS ASSIGNED TO THE CLAIMANT ON 26/03/2014 AND NOTICE OF WHICH WAS GIVEN TO THE
  17. Hi Everyone, I've been trawling through posts to see how I tackle my problem. I'll give the background of the debt followed by the steps I think i need to take, if i've understood things correctly, I would be very grateful for confirmation and any advice, as I'm really terrified of the consequences. Original agreement:- mbna credit card taken out in July 2001. Managed comfortably for nine years, career change put me in big trouble, couldn't pay. Tried to amicably arrange agreement with Default date May 2010. Assigned to Arrow Jan 2012. Today claim form
  18. Hi everyone, I was away a few weeks ago when I came back there was a claim form from Lowells. It is about a Capital One debt that is not statute barred. I quickly sent the 'acknowledgement of service' but now I am running out of time to do anything. The deadline for submitting the defence is next week. Someone has advised me to ring Lowells and try to arrange a payment plan, but that I would still probably end up with a CCJ. Other have said I should defend, but I don't know on what basis. I did request a copy of the credit agreement from Capital One
  19. Can this form be filed via Email to the courts rather than snail mail? Ditto for the Claimant? Thanks
  20. Hi Ive received out of the blue a court claim form from Arrow Global saying that I owe nearly £22k to Egg but Ive not heard anything for at least 10 years until now. Please can you advise me whats the best course of action as Ive acknowledged the claim on moneyclaim to get another 14 days on this. Can this debt be Statute Barred because of the age of it? I need to file my defence before 18 October before 4pm online. Ive sent a CCA request to Arrow & their Solicitor Restons and had a reply from both of them to say theyve requested CCA paperwork from Egg but so
  21. Name of the Claimant ? Cabot Financial UK Ltd Date of issue – 1 Jun 2017 What is the claim for – 1.By an agreement between IDEM Re Egg Banking Plc & the Defendant on or around 16/8/2005 ('the agreement') IDEM Re Egg Banking Plc agreed to loan the Defendant monies. 2. The Defendant did not pay the installments as they fell due & the Agreement was terminated. The Agreement was assigned to the Claimant. THE CLAIMANT THEREFORE CLAIMS 1397.53 What is the value of the claim? 1547.53 (inc fees of 150) Is the claim for - personal loan
  22. hi, today received a county court claim form for the amount of £467.76. claimant capquest investments limited. restons solicitors limited. total amount 552.76. doesn't say which catalogue just shop direct. what are my next steps? no doubt that i had catalogues with shop direct. if it goes to court they will find i have zero disposable income. thanks for any advice.
  23. Can anyone offer advice please on my receiving a Court Claim for a parking charge notice from an alleged parking infringement in October 2011? Briefly the details are: In Oct 2011 I loaned my car to my brother to shift furniture for his friend. Over the years since I have received threatening letters from Excel Parking services which I have ignored as I was not the driver. I shouldn't have ignored them but I saw no reason to respond. My brother was a disabled badge holder but I am unable to determine if he used it at the time as he died in 2014. A company 'bwlegal
  24. Hi Received a claim form from Restons Solicitors last week regarding a personal loan debt of £10k bought by Arrow Global. This was the first notification we had since letters were going to an old address. Stepchange have advised to fill in the income and expenditure on the admission form and pay £1 per month until our circumstances change and we are able to repay in full. We have no experience with this sort of thing and are unsure of what is the best course of action. Many Thanks
  25. Name of the Claimant ? Lowell Portfolio 1 LTD Date of issue – 12 sep 2017 What is the claim for – 1) the defendant entered into an agreement with TalkTalk telecom limited under account ref* (the agreement). 2) the defendant failed to maintain the required payments and the service was terminated. 3) the agreement was later assigned to the claimant on 07/12/2016 and notice given to the defendant. 4) despite repeated requests for payment, the sum of £421.27 remains due and outstanding. And the claimant claims
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