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  1. As per the Representation of the People Regs, you are supposed to return the annual forms back to the council, else, face prosecution and a Level 3 fine. As far as I can tell most of the people who end up in court are of the "activist" category or otherwise draw attention to themselves. However, if I presumably just ignore the letters, there's not much they can really do, is there? I would also assume that S7 Interpretation Act 1978 would allow a defence of "I put it in the envelope and posted it"??? Has anyone had any dealings with these sort of issues before? My (mai
  2. Hi all. I didn't even realise i was registered on here until i saw i was logged in, but i think it was something about red letter debt collection. Anywho, Today i got a letter from the county court telling me i have a hearing on the 7th august regarding my complaint against a baliff. The bailiff is excel who are certified baliffs and shreriifs office. I firstly complained to them as the bailiff came to visit me asking for someone else on his list, it was me but there was obviously a typing error somewhere and i suggested he gets his paperwork in order with regards to the name an
  3. Hi all Firstly I have just joined this site owing to a letter i recieved today from DLC/Hillesden Securities Ltd I am desperately in need some advice. Apologies if i have posted this in the wrong place or have duplicated an ongoing thread like i say im new to this site and just hopeful of some advice on what to do. I have been on a dmp for approx three years, I now owe circa £28 k from an initial debt of £35k. I work full time and have a house (mortgaged with little equity). A couple of times I hve had to reduce the amount i pay on the dmp im on (with cccs) owing to di
  4. Hello I am in area PE4 - postcode but please can someone tell me if it is the local job centre who have ESA forms back or other office - thanks
  5. I did already write this but not sure why it didnt show up. anyways, I have received a claim form from arrow global for a capital one credit card debt. however, only last week i sent cap 1 a SAR as I am wishing to claim back all the £35 charges and the PPI on the account. Arrow claim the sent me a notice of assignment, this is false and anyhow I have no idea what that is??? the only letters i have had are the demand for payment letters, i spoke with them ages ago and said i don't know them and go away. I don't know how to respond to my claim form given that i am looking to r
  6. Hi, Can someone Help me please i got in a big mess this year with a pay day loan,i was made redundant from my company and I've been looking for a job,today i got a court form from Northampton county court Money Claim on-line i went on-line to check to see if its real, This women called Vanessa Wiggins who is there solicitor claiming £2309.76 Plus £80 court fee's so in total £2389.76 it says i borrowed £350 with £450 to be repaid after 27 days which in that time i lost my job,they said they sent me a default notice on the 22/05/2012 in this time charges and interest have accrued in
  7. This may be a rather silly post and as not all of the criteria has been published yet, not relevant. But, I hate filling in those dratted froms. I already have DLA - HRM & MRC, had DLA since 1994. Looking at the new descriptors it looks like I will get 8 points for mobility and 0 for care. I will not be 65 until June 2014 so I will be in the first line to be tested! Anyhow, from what I understand its a bit like ESA, self assessment & an ATOS assessment. If anything like my ESA claim it will be a disaster. I sent the ESA50 back with no info as I just couldn
  8. Hi guys I bought a bed back on ebay about 11 months ago i have tried over 4 months now to switch the card board not satisfactory bed i was supplied. I went to the local CAB and they said i could fill out a county court claim form online for about £5 they said. I cant seem to find the information online can someone help me by submitting a link cheers
  9. I will try and keep this intial post brief as I have already received quite a lot of help from this site and I am quite down the line with my problem. Basically about 4 years ago I signed a guarantee for a business loan for my husbands LTD company, stupidly didnt read the small print, trusted the woman from the bank who stated it was a Directors guarantee and I was signing in capacity as Director. Resigned as Director 2 years ago, husbands business not been doing too well and loan not been repaid as it should. However the bank shut his business account without informing him, and th
  10. Just a bit of history. I bought a car engine, on the invoice it said the engine came with a 120 warranty. I fitted the engine and found out there was a fault. I contacted the seller who said I could have a replacement engine. This is where I need. I asked the seller if it would be possible for him to send me the replacement engine first so that I can remove the old engine and fit the new one in the same day, and then return the faulty engine to him. The seller agreed and said he would send me the replacement engine. 7 weeks later and I've not received the engine. I've chase
  11. Hi Everyone, I have been lurking and reading a lot of the posts with interest. Now I need to ask for your help sorting out my mess. Due to mental health reasons, I have not been able to work at my second job and things have snowballed. I owe approx £80000 and the first court claim has arrived. What do I have to do, just fill it in, or do I send the prove it letters etc. This debt is for a bank credit card ( £8000)and they are doing this them selves. The amount will include penalty charges ( has it been determined if theese are legal?) card was done online and
  12. Hi I have received a claim for part only of monies due for a 4 year old debt. I have requested the usual CCA's etc as per reading other threads so can anyone help me now please? I obviously need to do something on line but Im not sure if I need to extend the date or whether I do the defense? If I do the defense what should I put? Thanks
  13. I have been served with a "Form of charge for payment of money" from Scott and co for £600 for parking tickets. It says"If you do not pay this sum within 14 days you are liable to have further action taken against you including arrestment of your earnings and the attachment and auction of articles belonging to you" Has this already been to court? Do i have to pay or will they accept a payment plan? I dont know if this is a court form or just their scare tactics, any help/advice would be appreciated. The envelope they delivered it in said "this envelope contains a citatio
  14. My van was damaged when it was towed away by removal company, they do not seen to want to pay for the damage, so we went to small claims court. The problem was that the address was filled in wrong, when I enquired about the case, I was infromed that it was stayed. In order to lift the case and enter the judjment I now need to fill in N244 form. I am stuck with a few fields... Can anyone help me please... sorry for a couple of spelling mistakes... What do I fill in in no3 Box 'What order are you asking the court to make and why'... Do I need to attach a draft and what is it... W
  15. Hi I sent my local court my N1 Claim Form, POC etc However, it has been returned and they state: Nevermind, found the info: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?342764
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