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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, ok this is long, complicated and quite hard to explain so thanks in advance to anyone who has the stomach to read the whole ringmarole! In 2006 we (my husband) purchased a car via a dealership, we had poor credit so the dealership used Welcome car finance as our lender. The salesman (call him 'S') gave us a rundown of the costs for the car which was £4,500ish and with the apr the total bill would come to around £7500. fine we said, so S told us it would take around a week for all the paperwork etc etc and he would be in touch. Later that week S rang my husband to say that he needed to come into the dealership because there was a problem, so in we trot.. S told us that Welcome needed to speak to Paul (husband) and he rang them from his desk and handed the phone to Paul, a man from welcome then told Paul that he could not have the original finance because Paul was a CIS contractor so effectively he was self employed and the only way they would lend the money was if he took their PPI policy with the loan - no PPI, no car. We desperately needed a car so Paul was then under pressure to say yes so did so and signed the paperwork that S presented to us. This agreement ended up at a total of £10550! We never missed a payment until an accidental 'boing' at the bank in late 2009 when we genuinely didnt know that we didnt have enough money there, Paul received a very abrupt phone call on his mobile whilst at work demanding the payment NOW on the Tuesday, he explained that it was an accident and that he wouldnt have the money to pay them until the Friday and could they please wait until then (3 days time) Welcome's response was basically NO, pay us now whether you have the money or not! Paul pointed out thet we had never ever missed a payment and couldnt give them what he didnt have and why couldnt they wait until Friday? Welcome again responded with a harsh 'dont care' attitude and began threatening to re-claim the car (which they couldnt do due to us having already paid more than half) they threatened CCJ's Baliffs, you name it. This went on all week! Phonecall after phonecall, at one point a man very agressively told Paul that "You WILL pay the money to me, and we WILL get it from you one way or another" Paul then became agressive himself (I think understandably) and hung up on them. He then refused to speak to them and as a result of their attitude they were not paid. It went on and on and on... We even tried to give them the car back, they initially said no they werent prepared to do that, and then sent us a bill for nearly £1000 to take the car away before they had even seen the thing At this point we had £3138 left to pay, meaning we had paid nearly £7500. The credit agreement states 'total payable for goods £7791.52. We realised that we had been mis-sold the PPI when all these adverts and Martin Lewis were on TV talking about it all. When we tried to claim the PPI was unfair and mis-sold Welcome sent us a form, told us they had investigated it and that they never sold us the policy and to chase the dealership (which had gone, completely..no longer there We had the FOS look at it and after about 2 and a half years they said, sorry we cant help because the dealership has gone out of business.) Paul then told them that we would instead like to cancel the PPI and all they did was send us a letter saying that it had been cancelled and a refund of £64 odd had been deducted from our final total! The total amount for insurances on our credit agreement states £2763!!! If this is the case then surely a large remainder of what we owe is PPI and interest on PPI? roll on to now, We have tried to sort out a payment agreement with Welcome, they told Paul that they couldnt even find his accouont with them and they would call him back whrn they located it...they didnt.. Deloitte have taken on our PPI claim and are trying to re-claim from the dealership (which we still maintain didnt sell us the PPI) nobody seems to be listening to us re:welcome sold it to us over the phone as part of our process we had to call welcome to ask for a letter stating that they didnt sell us the PPI. Miraculously they found the account..and then told Paul over the phone that they werent sure if they could send a letter because they werent sure who was responsible for the selling of the PPI due to . ..and I quote..'a box not being ticked' They did send us a copy of the letter sent in 2009 saying they had investigated and decided that it was the dealership, which we sent to Deloitte. A letter arrived yesterday from Northampton County Court saying Welcome are taking Paul to court for failure to pay the contractural installments.. .£3999 plus added interest and costs totalling £4333.68 I have letters from welcome dated 2010 stating the debt 04/02/2010 £3138.96 16/02/2010 £3238.58 Within 12 days it went up by nearly £100 with no explanation! The court papers say as of 02/04/2010 it was £3399.91 Where the hell are these figures coming from?! its like they are plucking random figures out of the air! As I previously stated, when Paul rang Welcome to arrange to pay this off he was told that they couldnt find the account, so where in merry mooblie have they suddenly pulled this lot from?! Even if Deloitte manage to re-claim ppi from the bankrupt dealership it looks like Welcome are going to end up getting it back plus masses of interest anyway by taking him to court, so how does this work seeing as they say they have nothing to do with the PPI? This is all becoming too confusing and we are literally at the point of destruction now, just want it all to stop. I'm so sorry this is long but I'm trying to give as much info as possible in the hope of someone knowing what the heck we can do now, Paul wants to contest as its mostly PPI and PPI interest which we are claiming for anyway..how does this work? Heres hoping that someone can help!
  2. Hello, I have a question and I will appreciate any suggestions ( I won my tribunal case) but the tribunal says its beyond their jursdiction to look into the forgrey of documents. I felt justice somehow has not be served therefore I felt that this organisation need to be exposed.!!!!!!!! I have a valid and damaging proof !!!!!! 1 How can I sue ex employer for forgrey?? or how can I pursue this in a higher court in united kingdom
  3. Without Prejudice I had hoped that I wouldn't have to start this thread but here goes: 2-3 years ago we arranged with PCworld ( with rentsmart ) the rental of computer equipment for a Ltd company. It was explained that the Rentsmart account was like a rolling credit agreement where items could be added and at the end of the agreement, any kit could be returned, upgraded (new rental) or purchased for 10% of list price at time of agreement. This of course has been backed by a Director's guarantee, signed on the day. I have all my notes form the day of the discussions about this. A few days later, the equipment list had to be ammended with some additions. This was arranged by the PCworld sales rep. The new additional equipment came. It was signed for and the PCworld sales rep said the following month we would have a new ammended single payment for all the kit rented. I have all my notes form the day of the discussions about this. Approximately one year later, my company changed business bank account. I notified all our suppliers and all direct debits and payments etc were switched over to the new account. Around two months after that I recieved a letter from Rentsmart saying my company was in arrears. I checked the bank account and saw that the payments had been going so I naturally phoned them up to get an explanation. To my suprise they told me that my company actually had 2 accounts with them and the second hadn't been paid for 2 months. Had I not switched banks I would not have known about this unless I thoroughly scrutinised the accounts I complained because I was told categorically by PCworld we would have one account. Rentsmart said take it up with PCworld - it's their problem - get them to sort it. I told them we would suspend all payments until the matter was resolved but we would like it resolved quickly. They were reasonable to start with and said they would put everything on hold while it was sorted. I have sent 30 emails to PCworld regarding this. Bar 4, none have been replied to although all have an automated acknowledgement. Two say "Not a PCworld Problem take it up with rentsmart, only they can modify the agreements" One says "Go to your store to sort it out" One reply from the store says "The guy that sold the kit doesn't work here anymore...don't bother coming to the store - sorry can't help" !! Rentsmart say it's not their problem - any complaints should be addressed to PC world, they sold you the contract, only they can cancel it and ammend it. !! In the mean time, I asked Rentsmart for all the paperwork. Initially they sent me an agreement for the first lot of kit with a Director's guarantee. A month later they sent the paperwork for the second lot of kit ordered after the first few days. Interestingly there was no Director's guarantee. After many requests they sent a copy of the supposed Director's guarantee which all my business partners are sure was never signed, particularly because the person who the signature belongs to wasn't even in the country on the date of the signature, which for some reason is dated a few weeks after the original agreement. PCWorld have [EDIT] I have complained to PCworld about this and recieved an acknowledgement but no response. Since then, Rentsmart have tried to collect on the acccount. One of their reps, Becky, told me over the phone, "Ok then, your account is now terminated......"( although nothing has been written) They have transferred it to a typical Debt collector whose solicitor has said all correpsondence relating to the accounts should go to him. I have a couple of hours of audio recording of them ( Rentsmart and the DCA) upto the usual DCA lies and bad practice and unsuprisingly the DCA has scuttled off once this was played back to them. That was nearly a year ago. The currnet position is: I have notified them ( the solicitor) that under the circumstances of they and their client failing to address the issue of mis-selling, misleading practises and forging the signature, that the agreements are cancelled and they can provide a refund and come and collect their kit. That was 9 months ago. I have heard nothing since. From the outset I have made it clear to them, in almost every email and letter, that I would like to resume payments to them for all the kit, but, as one account as was sold to us. How do I move this forward?
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