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  1. Im a housing association tenant and have been complaining for 6 years now of noise from the upstairs flat. Its not music, i never hear that people walking around heavily/kids jumping around/things being dropped on the floor make almighty booms and creaks. ive lived in lots of properties in my life and not once made any complaints or even noticed bad noise. Its so violently loud it sounds like people are playing catch with heavy pieces of furniture! Its literally driving me crazy and i have just received a letter today saying they are doing nothing about it. Im devastated. Ive had a counci
  2. So what are your thoughts on this. I think it is in very bad tastes and what does it have to do with the ethos of the Commonwealth Games. Not forgetting all those people that had compulsory purchase orders on there properties to make way for buildings need for these games. http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2014/apr/03/glasgow-2014-red-road-flats-demolished-opening-ceremony-commonwealth-games
  3. Dear All, I'm a new user here and I have read many threads in the forums about various scenarios, but have not been able to find a response to my circumstances so I'm hoping someone can help here. I live in a block of flats which has a car park with an allocated space for each flat. I am renting my flat and the allocated car parking space is part of the lease. The car park is gated and requires a security code for entry. We are required to display permits in our cars. There are signs up around the car park. I was sent a NTK in the post telling me about a PCN I got
  4. Hi I own a flat that I rent out. It's the top floor in a tenement building and I pay factors to maintain the communal areas. I also having building insurance through the factors but leave the tenants to obtain their own contents insurance. Over the last few years I have been informed by the tenants that there was water coming through the ceiling. This has happened several times. The factors have fixed the roof (usually telling me there has been a dislodged tile). There has been damage to the ceiling and the most recent occasion has left the kitchen ceiling in a bit of a mess. Th
  5. Dear CAG, Can anyone help me out here. My son has been issued a court order for reposession, yes there are rent arrears but this was not the only reason why he is being evicted, the landlord wants his property back to sell I think. Anyway the council advised my son that he has to wait to go to court and then wait till the bailiffs come to evict him, only then he would be classed as homeless. Well today he went to the homeless persons unit and they told him basicially he is not priority and not guaranteed or words to that effect be housed. Apart from all this is the court cost and
  6. Background: I live in flat in house where ground & top floor are separated. Both flats are rented by same owner. Problem happens about year ago. My neighbour had a faulty waste pipe and because of the leak celling in my flat collapse. My landlord sort that and said that from now on every think should to by fine. After few months celling start having a leak water marks with I straight away report to owner. After his visit he told that is a not a big leak and if that will grow up I should let him know. Problem: About a month ago I left the laptop on the table but my 3 years old
  7. Hi, Hope I'm in the right place. Looking for some guidance regard some work done on a flat roof to an outbuilding done on my Father in Laws property. The workmen came and did the work, he paid them and the next day he noticed that parts of the felt had not been fully secured. He has now contacted them twice to come back and put it right, they have stated a day for them to comeback and sort it out twice, but both times they have not turned up. What should be our next step, any help gratefully received.
  8. We have been living in our studio flat for 9 months. We received a letter today to ask us to contact the agency as a matter of urgercy. I thought it was for the renewal of the contract, which expires in June only for them to say they have been trying to contact us to ask us to leave, as the landlady wants to reclaim the property. The landlady contacted them the 1st of Febuary and wanted 2 month notice period. The agency have the wrong number, not sent a email or sent a letter other than the one we received today. The agency office is also 5 minutes away!! I know the landlady is wit
  9. I currently receive the basic pension plus an "additonal state pension" and an amount of graduated retirement benefit, total £164 pw. When the new flat rate is brought in will my pension be reduced to the £144 flat rate or is that just for new pensioners? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi all we are currently working overseas and are renting our home out (please don't think we are greedy BTL landlords . . . we don't really have a choice in this economic climate and we love our home). The letting agent had arranged for new tenants to move in, however despite passing the old tenant on inspection, the new tenants were not happy with the place and have said they will not sign the lease until we meet their demands. Some of these are spurious (they have decided they want us to replace some of the furniture which they were happy with when they first applied). Do we legally
  11. Hello, I live in a small block of four flats, each of which faces a small communal hallway with a single shared door onto the street. We all have the same landlord, who owns the freehold on the building. One of my neighbours appears to use their flat as a second home, and post stacks up for a few weeks at a time, after which they only return for a single night. They also appear to owe a year's council tax and baillifs appeared today to try and recover the debt, but did not get past the communal door. Regarding the bailiffs: Do the bailiffs have a right to force entry on our
  12. My landlord lives in Australia. I sent an e mail on 10th Sept to him a ‘heads up’ that I would be handing in my notice on the property I rent. I said I could not give him an exact leaving date, as I do not know when the new accommodation will be ready, but it would be some time at the end of Oct or early Nov. I would let him know when I had a fixed date. He has been very aggressive and sent back to say that this is not good enough, it’s a warning but not notice. I asked him what he wanted me to do to give notice but he just kept sending back that this is not notice. My contract consisted
  13. Hi there, A week into moving into a letted flat. I have a knock on the door handing me an envelope with letters in. I open them up to find out the next building is being demolished within 2 months and building a massive flat/commercial building to replace it. Obviously I am not happy. I handed over 6 months rent to the letting agent and was not informed of any building work taking place around the flat. And as the positioning of the bedroom is directly next to and connected to the building which will be demolished I feel extremely angry that now I don't have a leg to stand on.
  14. I hope someone can help me? I was parked on a single yellow with a flat tyre, with a note in the front window explaining that I had a flat tyre and the RAC would be there soon to assist. I had to leave the vehicle and walk home with 2 toddlers and no buggy,and by the time the RAC arrived I had received a parking fine. The RAC advised that if I appealed the ticket and showed the work sheet from them that I could possibly have it repealed. Is there a set appeal form that I could use for this? How should I word my appeal to them? My second question/ issue is that the RAC form shows th
  15. I own a flat and am renting a room out to someone whose girlfriend stays over a lot. I have asked that he not have her in the flat alone, and I thought he agreed. this morning when leaving for work she was still there and he had already left. I spoke to him about this and he seems to think that because my sister stayed over last night that he's entitled to have her in the flat as he likes. Now my sister stayed over, but she left when I did, and as it's my flat surely I am not subject to the same rules as him. I made the point that he and my sister are both covered by my insurance if they bur
  16. Hi we have a mortgage on a 1 bed flat, in dorset. there is a management agency, covering around 30 flats in the block. The fee has gone up and up, and we now wish to challenge them over these costs, we understand that we can , and I quote "An option we recommend is to bring in a specialist accountant to look through historical service charge accounts to check whether money has been spent correctly and whether any savings could be made. An accountant doing so will usually come in on a no win, no fee basis" has anyone gone down this
  17. Hello, I'm really hoping someone will be able to give me some advice, I don't know what to do. I moved into my flat last week (4th Jan). It's in a converted Victorian terrace. When I looked round I thought the flat had a musty smell but the lettings agency told me it was because the flat had been empty for a few months. Despite my best efforts to air the flat, I can't get the smell to go. The carpet lifts up in a couple of corners and I can see that the carpet underlay is pretty black and smells of mould. I can't see any other signs of mould around the flat apart from in the bathroom,
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