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  1. Hi, I really need some advice with regard to Harlands. I joined Lifestyle Fitness last year on a 12 month contract. At the time I simply gave my details to one of the staff there and was given a membership card. I never signed anything nor was I talked through the terms & conditions. I used the gym 3 times and did not receive a proper induction and was just "left to it" and there never seemed to be any staff around to ask for advice. In August last year my husband was made redundant from his job and I contacted Harlands to ask if in the circumstances I could withdraw
  2. Hello, I'm a student living in London and I've joined LA Fitness on 06/03/13 and I have the contract for 18 months, which means the total contract value is £799.00, with an monthly fee of £47 The thing is, that I did not used the gym that much, in fact I've been there less than 10 times I phoned them on October 2013 (as far as I remember) that I want to cancel it...and I found out that I couldn't and I had to pay for the rest of the contract or I could freeze it. I walked into the LA Fitness Branch in golders green to ask the staff about my membership case and unfortunately
  3. I am a self employed Personal Trainer. Last year I signed with Fitness First to work as a self emplyed trainer there, however I was not given what was promised in the contract and resigned. I paid them 300£ in order to receive: business cards, uniforms, advertising materials, be in their system etc - after 2-3 weeks I still did not receive them and after repeteadly reminding them I wrote the gym manager I would like to quit my contract and that I am unstaisfied. He never got back to me and I assumed it was handeld as I only worked there for 2 weeks, which were suppose to be rent free.
  4. Hi guys, I'm looking for some guidance with a problem that won't go away! My 17 year old son joined LA Fitness well over a year ago and was either 16 or 17 at the time. My husband thinks he must have signed for him, due to his age. He also pays all the fees, as our son has no income of his own My husband then decided to cancel the membership as our son was not using it. He phoned LA fitness and informed them if his intentions and asked how much was owing, he then paid them that amount over the phone. They took his money but said our son still needed to phone up to cancel the membe
  5. Hopefully good news for Gym members at LA Fitness and Dave Whelan Sports (DWS) and those with other gyms whose Admin is handled by Harlands :- These gyms have agreed to make cancellations easier for folks when their circumstances change. See The OFT report here - http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2013/62-13 Extract from The OFT press release on 10th September :- The undertakings to the OFT from LA Fitness, DWS and Harlands Group include: * Extended rights for members to cancel their contracts early should their circumstances change in a way that makes attendance
  6. Hello I am new here and have a question about lifestyle fitness gym. I am thinking about signing up to the 1 month [email protected]£24.99 a month. I dont have the money to do a year long contract so just want to take it month by month. My membership would start on the 6th of january and the first payment would be taken on the 20th of January from my direct debit. The second payment would then be taken on the 6th of February. Now say if I wanted to cancel after the first month, how would I go adoing it? I am just reading their terms and conditions, and not really to sure
  7. Hi All, Looking for some advise please. I have looked on this forum but not quite found what I've been after. I have been a member at Harpers Fitness for over two years and been a regular attendee. Due to an injury in June this year, I have not gone as much (some months not at all) and the facilities there do not suit the exercises I am now limited to do (due to the injury). I checked with the staff at the gym on the cancellation period and was told it was one month, I then took a written notice of cancellation into the gym on 4th November. I have just received a "Noti
  8. HI I am looking for some advice if possible? I joined Fitness first Gym in April 2012 & attended until around February 2013, around that time FF were taken over by lifestyle fitness, the gym itself was in desperate need of a make over & smelt awful so I decided to stop going. LF had said they were in the process of a make over but the people in there wouldn't change. I cancelled my direct debit with the bank & heard nothing more until I started getting letters from Harlands saying I owed them money, they then started applying charges to my account & I am now getting
  9. Very quick (or thick) question If a fitness for work statement states you should refrain from work from 25/11/2013 to 02/12/2013 does this mean you go back to work on the 2nd or the day after? Thank you in advance need to know for my son....
  10. Very interesting article in the Guardian this is the link: http://www.theguardian.com/society/2013/jul/31/atos-fitness-work-test-greg-wood
  11. To whom it may concern I was wondering if you could help? My partner, Nasim an Iranian National, visited West India Quay LA Fitness gym on 31/01/2013 with the intention of using the gym one time only, to see if she wanted to join. With respect to Nasim, her English is bad, she is naive when it comes to procedures in the UK, and she is not IT literate. When asked to use the gym as a trial, she was told of an offer which was about to expire where she could use the gym for 1 week or 10 days for the small fee of £1, which she duly paid. The representative went on to inform her she nee
  12. Hi, I wanted to share my recent bad experience with Fitness First and obtain some advice. I was on a regular membership scheme since 2009 where I paid c.£40 a month. In 2011, when I called to terminate my membership, they persuaded me to move to a PAYG scheme where I would pay £9 a month and £3 for every entry. Then, in June this year, without informing me, they started debiting £41 a month. I noticed this in August. Upon calling them, I was informed that the previous terms of my membership were temporary. Without my prior knowledge or consent, they charged me the extra sums
  13. Hi to all! Firstly I'd like to say this is my first experience of a forum so your patience will be appreciated. My issue with DW Gym only became apparent in the last few weeks when i tried cancelling my gym membership, when i signed up and was attending the gym, the staff seemed polite and helpful, since speaking to them about cancelling, they seem to be anything but polite, extremely rude at times and totally unhelpful! When i signed up in February 2013, i was firstly told i could pay £25 per month,minimum 6 month contract,with the option to cancel anytime after 6 months (30 d
  14. Hello So I visited LA Fitness and asked to do the 3 day trial advertised on their website. The girl said there is a 10 day cooling off period where I can cancel the membership anyway so I figured I had nothing to lose. They make you sign up using a digital signature on a PC touch screen. I went twice but its not as good as I was expecting, its fairly busy in the morning and weights benches (all three of them!) are always busy. Anyway, I phoned up yesterday (on day 8) to cancel and they told me there is no such thing as a 10 day cooling off period but will contact the club and
  15. Ok, this isnt too complicated but i wanted some advice first. When i joined my gym, it was Fitness first and i joined online opting for the 'Month by month' option. Essentially, you arent tied into a contract and you just pay the fee each month recurring. Recently though it was taken over by Lifestyle Fitness. Maybe i was a bit naive about this but i assumed my membership would stay the same and the gym staff said as much (i have nothing in writing). i rang today to cancel my membership as i have a new job and wont be able to make it often enough to warrant the cost,
  16. Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could offer me some advice. Background info: Signed up to a 4 month only contract with my partner on the same day and time at our local FF gym. We were told that at the end of the 4 months the contract would come to an end UNLESS we asked for it to continue. Roughly a month before our contracts were due to end my partner got a letter from FF saying that his contract was due to end and if he would like to continue to phone them up and let them know, so I thought the same would happen with me. Well I never received such a letter but as
  17. Hi there, I hope you can help. Going by the majority of threads I have read, i'm not the only one by far who is having problems with these people. I joined Harpers fitness in March 2012 with a 12 month contract. I have several times, sent letters asking them to cancle my membership. I have been doing this since the end of the 12 months. I no longer use the gym and have not used them since about 6 months into the contract. I have called them, wrote to them but they have persisted in taking my money out of my bank account. I finally cancled the direct debit and now today have received a thr
  18. Hello all. I signed up to LA fitness October 2011 on a 12 month student off peak contract to which I was told at the time was 12 months contract ONLY as it was a student membership as I was paying a discounted amount . I proceeded to cancelling my membership via direct debit after they had taken the last payment(i think) in September 2012 as i had then finished university and moved out of the area. 3/4 months later I have today received a call from ARC Europe stating that I owe them £59 to pay today but something about owing 100 and something in total. When I questioned the man ab
  19. Hi, like many others i cant cancel my membership for lifestyle fitness(in stoke on trent) i am 5 months into a year contract but have been sacked from my part time job(i am a student) and have no income.. the phone number i have been given just puts you on hold for hrs. i want to write them a letter stating my intentions but cannot find an address, all the gym will give me is the phone number which noone answers.please help(first post so be gentle)
  20. Hello CAG, Can you please review my cancellation issue and let me know what my possibleoptions are? I joined on a 6 month promotional offer, paying £50 per month on directdebit and said that I did not want to join for any longer as my place of workwas moving in 6 months. They said fine no problem. After 6 months I noticed on my bank statement that I was still paying thedirect debit, so cancelled my direct debit in light of this. I went to the gym and asked what was going on and they said I had to cancelusing a cancellation form to head office or by sending a message using
  21. Hello, I hope that someone might be able to help me: I returned to La fitness, Piccadilly last week 3April, to find that my hired locker had been broken in to and my gym kit stolen. I reported it to the duty manager and he told me that he will send me a contact number and name of someone I can speak to. I have emailed customer services three times, the actual club twice with no reply (6days later) I also phoned customer services, they couldn't find my correspondence and said they will call back in an hour, that was last Friday and still had no reply. I have sa
  22. Hi Chaps I’m a new member and I’ve just spent the last hour reading through archives of what appears to be a very common problem – that of ARC Europe, acting on behalf of LA Fitness. I work in property and deal with contracts worth a fair whack most days, so I’m ahead of most in my dealings with these utter clowns – I insist on only dealing with them in writing, and, when they call me (on their mobiles!) I simply tell them I’m unable to talk and put down the phone. My story is slightly odd. Basically, my adventure started with LA Fitness by never signing a contract or neve
  23. Hello, I am a first year university student and I recently cancelled the direct debit for my 12 month contract at the lifestyle fitness gym in Stoke 3/4 months into the contract because I was told at the gym that if I did this I would only have to pay a £25 fee for cancelling the membership and then my membership would be over. However, after cancelling this direct debit I received a letter saying I had to pay this £25 but when I rang up the number it gave to arrange this I was placed in a queue/hold for a significant amount of time which wasted my money and never went through to anyone.
  24. Used a 3-day trial at the end of Oct at the Oxford LA Fitness branch - gym seemed okay. Spoke to a "membership advisor" after this - was given 2 membership options £40/month (1 year) or £47/month (2 years). What she didn't tell me was that this was for the premium membership plan for access to 57 clubs as opposed to the standard option for 1-club access - only found that out recently when I realised my card colour was different to everyone elses I saw go in Anyway, I told her I was a student and couldn't afford those prices for the whole contract and (some time later) asked if I c
  25. Hi , I am a new member and am really stressed out after a phone call from Regal Credit.. In June 2011 I joined my local Total Fitness (Wakefield) , I had been a member a few years before until I had ovarian cancer and had to have a Hysterectomy.. My son and I decided to return and rejoin and I was hastily taken to the membership suite to sign up.. The membership advisor filled out the forms and advised that it was too busy to look round and as I had been a member previously no tour would be needed.. I signed on the dotted line after being told I wouldnt have to pay a joining fee, and she
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