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  1. Hi all, Yesterday I signed up for the £24.99 monthly option at a lifestyle fitness gym. I went on this membership type because I don't like the thought of contracts, and I wanted to try out the gym for only a few months. It states on the confirmation email I received, that its basically month to month, with a £25 joining fee. [ATTACH=CONFIG]59928[/ATTACH] I just want to clarify, if I was to cancel say, after 3 or so months, I could do this with 30 days notice for any given reason? I've heard some nasty things about gyms after I joined, and so I just wanted to double ch
  2. I wrote an email in february to harlands asking to cancel my partners membership at the end of the 12 month period. I gave them her name and account number (which was wrong as I used unique pin from lifestyle fitness). however i asked them if they needed any more infomation to let me know and i will give it. They got back to me and stated the member ship would be cancelled, the last payment taken in march and use of the facilities upto april. I also cancelled mine at a later date in the same manner and again using the wrong account number. however they got back to me and stated it would
  3. Hi, I am facing increasingly aggressive demands from ARC Europe for payment of £320 (now threating to take me to Northampton Court with additonal fees) for a debt with LA fitness. Despite repeated phone calls to LA Fitness stating that I do not owe them money, and calls to ARC Europe saying the same, no one is listening to me and I am now have various threats stating that the amount I owe will be stepped up should I delay any longer. My monthly payment was only £50 so am not quite sure how they've arrived at such a high figure. I signed up for a 12 month gym contract with LA fitness
  4. Hi, I have a gym membership at the Altrincham Total Fitness gym active from October 2014. I went to the gym and spoke with an assistant a few weeks later and I showed him my student card asking to switch to student fees. He said it will not be a problem and he will process it. After the next payment came out, I saw i was still on the regular fees and when I asked if there is a problem, he said the manager has not been in since and will check it on the following week. However, I just had a look at my bank statement and it seems that the last paymen
  5. Firstly apologies if this isn't posted in the correct place - new to the forum! So I have an issue with Harlands, seemingly like a lot of other people. I know a lot of this issue falls on only myself to blame but I do feel like I was not fully informed of what I was signing up to at the time and didn't realise how tied in to this contract I was. So I joined Swift Fitness in October/November of last year, when I signed up I didn't have anything really explained by any member of staff. He just set up the form to join on his little ipad device which was a pain in the ass to use an
  6. Dear CAG, I have had similar issues as other forum members with LA Fitness engaging ARC Europe to chase for 'debt'. I received a number of letters from LA Fitness claiming I owed a months membership, then two, then that they were referring the issue to an outside agency. In fairness, I ignored this as I knew I did not, and had followed the cancellation policy correctly. Eventually I started receiving phone calls, text messages, emails, letters, and voice mails from ARC. The initial phone call I answered as it came up as a mobile number and I did entertain a couple of other calls to n
  7. Hi I joined a lifestyle fitness gym in October 2014, my job moved (but not my home address) so I didn't want to go to that gym anymore. I cancelled the direct debit in December 2014 - without contacting them. I knew they wouldn't let me cancel so thought no point in contacting them. I have since had a couple of letters from Harlands and CRS - the 'debt' now stands at £288.20. I know from research that they are all the same company. I have ignored every single letter... rightly or wrongly? I have never had a phonecall or an email chasing me? Now I have received a letter sayi
  8. Hi All! I have been signed up with LA fitness since roughly October 2014. When I was signing my contract I stated I might change my job in few months and the person handling my contract was very friendly and assured me few times that it takes only 5 minutes to break the contract and there will be no problems, I only need a proof. In January 2015 I was going back to my country and wasn’t sure if I am going to go back. I wrote a letter and gave it to the person at the reception together with copy of proof of booking my flight ticket. She said I don’t need to worry
  9. Hi, I see a lot of people have had similar issues and wondered if you could help me with my particular case: I signed up to my LA Fitness membership in August 2013, at the time the personal instructor told me to put my work address as the address on my account so that I would be able to cancel my membership at any time due to change of address (my home address is an hour away from where I worked). In May 2014 I changed jobs and moved closer to home I went to inform the LA Fitness branch and told them I'd like to cancel my membership. They told me I
  10. Hi All, This isn't really a dispute as such as they don't reply to any of my correspondence but I'm hoping to get some guidance as to what actions I could take next. Here's some background: - Made an online order 3 weeks ago for a weights machine @£550. - Payment made using V12 0% Finance (£55 deposit paid upfront and then monthly payments starting in April) - Delivery was agreed and confirmed for 23rd March. I took a day off work and waited in all day but package did not arrive. I tried throughout the day to contact them for an update but could not get throu
  11. Low and behold.. another CRS issue!! I have spent a lot of time on these threads, trying to sort out my dreaded CRS issue dating back to Feb 2013! After using some of the replies in past threads, which i thank Slick very much for, i feel like i am at a dead end now. Background story goes.. Joined New Fitness Exchange in London in Feb 2013. This was a 12 month contract valued at £29.95 per month. I changed location (back to sunny Yorkshire) at the end of Oct 2013. I went to the gym to advise them of this before i left and was verbally told that was fine. I asked if i req
  12. Hi all, After some advice regarding LA Fitness and cancelling my gym membership with them. I am sorry upfront but this is going to be rather long as I want to give all the information. I joined an LA Fitness gym in Bedford on 11/06/2014. This was under a rolling 1 month contract. I paid monthly via a direct debit which comes out of my account the 31st of every month. I received an email from LA Fitness on 29th October 2014 to inform me that my gym was closing on 14th November 2014. LA Fitness informed me in the email that: LA Fitness had 2 gym's i
  13. Dear Consumer Action Group, Last March I cancelled my £47 per month direct debit with LA fitness. I signed up last May (2013), when I recall that I was told I'd have to pay until October 2013. Before I cancelled my direct debit, I called their phone number and the man told me that my contract lasts until October 2014, something I never knowingly agreed to. In 5 days they'll apply the "late repayment charge" of £40, and I assume in 19 days the debt collectors will be engaged. Tomorrow morning I'll go in to the branch to request a copy of the terms and conditions that I signed with
  14. Hey! I joined Lifestyle Fitness on the 08/07/2014. When Harlands debited my account on the 08/08/2014, I was unfortunately short of money this day and the direct debit was returned. Unaware I received a letter from Harlands days later notifying me that the payment had not gone through and that I would incur a fee on top of the £17.99 direct debit, which I was more than happy to pay for my own recklessness. Unfortunately on the 21/08/2014 Harlands made a direct debit of £30.49 and on this occasion I was short by a couple of pence and my direct debit w
  15. I cancelled my membership to fitness first in person in their Old Street gym on 6 June and I received a paper receipt and email confirming that I had successfully cancelled. At the time they told me there was a month notice period I assumed the membership cancelled on 6 July. Now they finally claim the notice period is NOT one month but EIGHT weeks on 31 July!!! I found they were still debiting money from my account illegally. When I contacted the local gym in Old Street, the membership manager's reply was very abrupt and almost rude I contacted thei
  16. Sorry for the long story, but if I had read this before joining I would have saved myself a ton of time and stress. LA Fitness (Guildford) is blatantly in breach of contract and my partner and I are currently in dispute with them. We recently moved to Guildford and were looking for a gym within a quick drive of our home that offered fitness classes. I don't use the floor machines or weights, just take classes.. I've been a member of at least 15 gyms in my life and usually attend classes 4-6 days/week. I know what I want and know exactly what to ask. I found that there were few op
  17. I was after some advice please about success in cancelling gym contract I joined Total Fitness in April at £40 a month membership. Since then I have had my tax credits cut and this was paying for the membership. I have had to sell my car to bring money back into the homepot. I have sat down and tried to work out finances but I can't really afford it anymore, especially now I don't drive and have to factor in bus fairs to the gym. I appreciate that I am in a 12 month contract, but I simply cannot justify £40 a month on what I see as a luxury item rather than an necessity. Do anyo
  18. Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help me with this issue please? My Wife joined Lifestlye Fitness on a 12 month contract (Nothing was ever signed, although I believe thats irrelevant?) in August 2012. In June 2013 (10 Months later) she emailed the gym twice asking to cancel (due to a change in circumstances), to which no reply was ever received. She therefore stopped the Direct Debit with two months left on the contract. I wish she hadnt done this as paying the two months would have been much easier We then heard nothing else until November 2013 when 'Credit Resolution Service
  19. Hi All, I've been reading through some of the other Harlands threads and there's some pretty solid advice so I thought I would give this a go. In October last year I went to Elite Fitness to get a gym membership. I was told they offer a 4 month student membership and since I'm a student I went for it! I was told it was 4 months initially but I could cancel after 3. I asked to sign up for the 4 month contract and all I had to do was fill out a small slip with details/bank details etc and it would be 24.99 a month through direct debit. A month later 64.00 was taken out my account (poss
  20. Hi Everyone, Am currently finishing at Cardiff university, hence moving back home and trying to cancel my gym membership. Unfortunately when I filled out my gym membership I put down my parents address on the form to match where my bank account is registered. Therefore when I've tried to say am relocating back to this address they've said am registered to that address. Which begs the question why would I be going to a gym 37 miles from my parents house. I have now set them a copy of sky moving house showing I've been living in Cardiff in a rented accommodation and moving the sky bac
  21. Hi I have been a member of DW fitness for quite a while now and decided I wanted to cancel my membership. I wrote a letter on the 25th October 2013 stating I was giving one months notice to cancel and that my last payment would be going out on the 2nd December 2013.I never heard anything back so thought all was fine. I then received a letter from ARC Europe Limited on the 12th February saying that I have ten days to pay £54.90 this includes a £15 admin fee. Taking into account I only payed £19.95 a month I'm not quite sure where they got this amount from. I straight away sent a
  22. Basic summary; Have been member for nearly 2 years so well beyond the minimum 12 month period Club decided to raise fees by significant amount in February combined with T&C change My attendance has gone down due to a new job with a lengthy commute and I cannot allocate the time required to go to the gym Hence I wrote to the club 1 day after the change in T's & C's and price to cancel membership My mail requesting cancellation was not handled nor confirmed Contacted bank and cancelled direct debit Weeks go by and suddenly I get a text stating my account is in arrears
  23. Hi, Bit of a strange one this, I took out a gym membership with DW Fitness on 28th April 2014 and that same day I found out that my Wife was pregnant. Thinking that the added monthly cost would be better spent elsewhere I called the gym the next day to ask if they would agree in this instance to cancel it as I have had not used the service and I could do with using the money elsewhere. The manager instantly stated that this was a 6 month agreement taken out in good faith, which I agree is correct, however, I kindly asked he if would consider. H
  24. Hi All, My wife and myself joined our local Lifestyle Fitness gym in October 2013. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to get to the gym for a few month's so requested that they freeze our membership until March 2014. This we put to the person at the gym. He said he would do this but failed to do so on time. He was apologetic but advised us to speak to Harlands about this. We didn't know who Harlands were. We thought they must be the gym owners, but now we know after reading posts on here!! We should have renewed our DD (as we cancelled it) in March but forgot. We ha
  25. I was thinking of signing up for a membership but was advised by a friend not to. He said that for £40 a month its overpriced and ran by twits. Anyone else heard anything?
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