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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Bit complicated but will try to explain. I bought a fish tank and external filter from an online company at the end of November last year. Stocked it with Discus fish which are very sensitive fish, and very expensive. About a month ago on a Saturday night, the filter started to leak. It leaked onto my wood floor, damaging the floor by making it swell. Also the cabinet sucked up water and became unstable. Due to this I had to empty the tank, and put the fish into an unused tank I had spare. I also had to use a smaller internal filter that has been unused for quite some time. ***Info bit - when you have fish, you need a matured filter with enough bacteria in it to consume the waste and excess food from the tank. The bacteria eats ammonia and nitrite which are both poisonous to fish, so a matured filter takes care of this and keeps the tank/fish healthy. Using a new or unused filter means there is no bacteria in it to eat the ammonia/nitrite, so the tank goes through a cycle of ammonia growing, being converted to nitrite (poisons and cause diseases) and then nitrate, which is safe for fish*** My unused filter I had to use had no bacteria, so my tank with the Discus in it (tank I had to move them to) started a cycle, creating ammonia etc. A cycle with fish in the tank is very dangerous to the fish, even the hardiest of fish struggle. Doing this with a tank of Discus is much worse because they are so sensitive. Anyway, even though I did water changes daily to keep poisonous levels of ammonia/nitrite down, it wasn't enough and my fish died. I am an experienced fish keeper so I did everything possible to save the fish, but putting them into a new tank with new filter = disaster. When this originally happened, on the Saturday I emailed the company hoping for a reply on the Monday. No reply by mid morning so I rang, but was told the number I rang was only for sales, and that any complaints/problems have to be done via email. It took them 6 days to get a new filter and cabinet to me. By this time the good bacteria inside my old leaking external filter had died, so I had to basically start again with the new filter and the tank had to run the cycle of ammonia-nitrite-nitrate. As I said, over the next couple of weeks my fish died from various diseases caused by the water quality, which was due to the new filter. My problem is, if they would have let me speak to someone on the Monday morning when I rang I could have had a new filter and cabinet the following day(they do next day delivery), which would have meant I could have been set up, the bacteria in the old filter would have still been alive so I could have used the materials inside in my new filter and all would have been great. Making me wait 6 days, with 24 hours between emails from them caused a disaster and I have lost at least £350 worth of fish (I have photographic evidence). I emailed the MD with my complaint and asked for a reply within 7 days, he ignored my email, so I sent a letter registered post and received a reply today. There is no mention of my new damaged flooring which has swollen and lifted, but generally says... ***I would like to offer my personal and sincerest of apologies for the inconvenience. There is a trouble shooting process which is used to resolve product issues effectively. He is truly regretful that this experience was not a positive one for me and to compensate for my livestock loss (fish) he would like to give me £60 store credit to spend with them*** I have to email the customer service manager to spend this credit... Im not very happy at all, I dont expect the earth, and I never complain about anything, but this was my Christmas present and I had always wanted to keep Discus fish. Due to them not letting me explain the issue on the Monday morning, and making me wait 6 days for replacements, my fish died, and it wasn't my fault, I did everything possible to keep them alive, as I said I am experienced and know what I am doing, so their delay in helping me caused the entire problem. Im not sure what to do or what my rights are - if any. Does anyone know if there is anything I can do? Thanks in advance. Darren.
  2. Hi I need some advice please. At the end of November I bought a fish tank from an online company. The tank came with a cabinet and I purchased an external filter from the company. All of this was set up at the very end of November last year. Over the weekend, the filter has started to leak. Nothing to do with me as I had not touched it. I only noticed as the tank water line had come down by about 3 inches. The water soaked into a rug which was underneath the cabinet, as this rug sucked in the water, it has been sucked up by the cabinet making it unstable and it has bowed very slightly on the left hand side, which makes it unstable for the 250 litre tank that was sat on top of it. It has also soaked into my wood floor, which is ruined in that area. The flooring is only a few months old. The company are dragging their heals at the minute, I emailed them over the weekend, had 2 replies yesterday asking me to check parts on the filter and also send photos of the cabinet, and nothing today. I have rang them but they said the number they have is only a sales line and any problems need to be sorted out via email. I keep Discus fish in this tank, so I had to go out on Sunday morning and buy a second hand tank to rehome them into, as the main tank had to be emptied due to the unstable cabinet it was sat on. I seem to be getting nowhere with them. Discus fish cost hundreds of pounds, and they are not going to be ok in this spare tank, but I cannot put them into the main tank because its empty on the floor, as I am waiting for this company to do something. Is there anything I can do here? The filter was/is clearly faulty, it has damaged my flooring, and they are dragging their heals when it comes to solving this problem. I have a holiday booked for the weekend, and if this isnt sorted by then I will have to cancel it as if I go, my Discus fish which cost a lot of money would no doubt be dead by the time I got back due to my not checking the water clarity and levels which is what they require, they need pristine conditions etc. Any advice appreciated. Thanks. Darren.
  3. DPA filters are a pita and have been removed successfully in many instances by owners without a visible increase in the exhaust smoke emissions. However, New Regulations come into effect in February 2014 that makes it illegal to run a vehicle that was fitted with a DPF by the manufacturer as standard. Garages and testing stations will be required to check for a diesel particulate filter in the inspection of the exhaust system as part of the MOT test (or annual test for heavy vehicles) from February 2014. The vehicle will automatically fail the MOT test if the filter had been fitted as standard but is found to be no longer present
  4. Hi I had my vehicle serviced by a garage. It is, or was fitted with a K&N air filter - which is a lifetime filter which just needs to be cleaned. It's supposed to give increased performance & mpg. I checked it today and found it to be replaced by a throw away filter so I have a £48 filter missing and was no doubt charged for the inferior part they replaced it with. K&N filters have been around for along time and are clearly marked up, so I assume a young inexperienced mechanic/trainee was doing the service and hadn't been told to look out for them. I've emailed the garage today to see their response - has anyone come across this before?
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