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  1. obtained 2 money judgments last year and have started enforcement action. judgment debtor has now issued proceedings against me for sums that have already been decided in court. this has now delayed order for sale for another three months. judgment debtor now has an unless order to file a further statement of case and set out full particulars of the claim. what if they are still identical to what has already been dealt with?
  2. I know there is a forum specifically for currys, but I thought this one warranted a wider audience. I needed a phone quickly to replace one that was destroyed over Christmas. I rely on my phone for work and not having a phone will seriously affect my ability to make money. I found the phone I wanted yesterday on Amazon for £395 and at Currys for £399. I checked the availability at my local currys store and it said that they had plenty at all my local stores. Rather than waiting a day or two from Amazon, I decided to order online from Currys and pick it up from my local store. This is where
  3. I recently received a call from my insurance company advising me that they have received a 3rd party car insurance claim against my policy. I stated that I have not been involved in any accidents and advised that the claim must be fraudulent/false. The lady on the phone went through a number of questions which were irrelevant under the circumstances and provided some very sketchy information in relation to the "alleged incident". I have since been contacted by them again with the lady this time stating a different time and now alleging an injury. I have checked back to the day it has bee
  4. At the beginning of November 2012 I bought a Volvo C70 from a second hand dealer in Derby who advertises on Ebay, AutoTrader, Motors.co.uk as do many others. When I had not received the V5 by mid December I went to the DVLA in Shrewsbury with my part of the V5 and applied for one. I discovered at the beginning of this month that the second hand dealership are still actively displaying and advertising my vehicle as "For Sale" through their website, EBay and Motors.co.uk. I have contacted the dealership both via email and telephone and been told "Sure we will stop advertising it" but noth
  5. Evening all, Im after some advice, Last friday i was taken in to the office by my boss and suspended on pay. There were two claims made against me by the apprentice. One that i had hit him over the head with a first aid box and another that i had hit him round the face twice for no reason. The first, hitting round the head with a first aid box, this was completely accidental, and rather than a hit id would of called it catching him with a box as i passed him, i apologised. Nothing more was said and i was surprised he moaned about that. The later, was rubbish, i hadn't hit him/ touch
  6. We bought a fleet of brand new cars in May when Arnold Clark opened up their new garage in Strathaven, Lanarkshire for our driving school. One of these cars went for a driving test the other day and when the Examiner inspected the car, he discovered that the tax disc and the registration plate DID NOT MATCH! The test was cancelled and the car was put off the road by the Driving Standards Agency, leaving a young girl, who was due to sit her test, absolutely distraught. Our initial thought was that they had put the wrong tax disc on the vehicle but after further investigation on our part, we
  7. Hi everyone, hoping someone can give a little advice. A friend of mine has just started a small hobby business selling hand-made cosy sacks for small pets. Lots of people make them and there are various online tutorials showing how to sew them etc. She sells them mostly via her facebook page, but also on eBay and Preloved. Over the last couple of days, she has been receiving angry messages on facebook and ebay from another seller who makes them demanding she remove hers from sale immediately. This seller claims her sacks are copyrighted and that my friend is infringing on her intell
  8. Pretty shocking story,but these days we are all getting accustomed to stories like this about Barclays http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/saving/article-2207787/Barclays-blamed-10k-fraud-gave-wrong-evidence-Financial-Ombudsman.html
  9. I could do with some advice please... Back in March 2011 I returned to my vehicle from a doctor's appointment to find that a hit and run driver had "T" boned my car damaging the driver's front wing, alloy and door. I asked around but no-one saw or heard anything, so I went across the road to the Police Station and filed an accident report, in order to get an accident number to give to my insurance company. I subsequently contacted Churchill Insurance, my insurers at the time, and informed them that my vehicle had been hit by a hit and run driver. I also informed them that I was not in
  10. Hello to all here I've been trawling the threads and posts on here and though my situation is very similar to some of them, I haven't found one that is exactly the same. Thanks in advance for reading this and I'll try to keep it brief and to the point: I have already received and responded to the initial letter to 'state' my case. That being that I tapped in with a Pay as you Go oyster card at my station, Alexandra Palace, that had no money on it. I didn't realise this as I was running for my train in rush hour. When I got to my interchange at Finsbury park and saw ticket inspectors
  11. Hi, I have one here I could do with help on please. I’ll use ‘Card Provider’ and ‘DCA’ in place of the names of the parties themselves, as well as incorrect values; so as to protect myself from prying eyes. I had an account with a Card Provider. It had been the subject of a PPI plan, so I knew I was within my rights to question its value. As such, I followed the route of sending the standard letters and then going via the FSA route. The balance – shall we say – was £10,000, of which the FSA latterly found in my favour, and £5,000 was sent back to me by the Card Provider for the mis-sold P
  12. First off I'm new and apologise if I am posting this out of context of the forum and in the wrong section. OK a little bit of a back story. I made a claim for jca in may of this year for myself and my wife. Everything was fine until i had an appointment in June this year, the day before said appointment I became ill so my wife phoned the jobcentre to explain this and was told a reschedule of the appointment would be made and i'd have to fill out a sickness form. On attending my next singing date I was instructed by the person signing me that my account had been closed so I wasn'
  13. Hi guys, this is my first post. But i have recently just recieved a letter from iqor demanding i pay them money as paypal personal have passed on my debt with instructions to recover this debt. This is taking the **** as i owe them nothing, first of all i have not even recieved a phone call only a letter from iqor. Secondly my paypal account had been hacked i told paypal this, somebody had $250 transferred to my paypal account then sent it elsewhere, are paypal retarded ? I told them you have access to this other account to and simply take it back from there, but i got no response just numero
  14. Hello all, My daughter was set up by a "friend" who used my daughter's bag to try and take goods from a Primark. My daughter was apprehend outside the store and then taken upstairs - the "friend" had disappeared by that stage. The police were never involved and the store did not pursue the matter any further other than barring her from entering another Primark. The girl who set her up is apparently know for doing this and, whilst my daughter is no saint, she wouldn't shoplift. She was totally up front with us and told us what had happened as she had nothing to hide. I did some readin
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