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  1. Just trying to get some helpful advice regarding a false claim against my friend through Small Claims Court for money a former so called friend says she owes him. Basically he's a convicted fraudster and found out my friend had sold her house and came into a little bit of money so he kept asking to borrow 5k (I believe by email) she told him no on several occasions and stopped communicating with him. Then one day she received a claim against her for 5k that he claims he lent her and says he has a witness which is all a pack of lies. I know you shouldn't judge someone on their past b
  2. Happy New Year all! I took out a contract with Tmobile on 6/6/12 - this is a 24 month contract, so as I work out, this contract should end on the 6/5/13, which is 24 months - Tmobile are saying the contract ends on 6/6/14, which I work out to be 25 months. Am I being dense here?? Tmobile also wrote advising me I could get a upgrade early for a discounted £50 and advise me of the phone and price plan I can have - the letter mentions no other costs, so I trot along to their shop, only to be told I have to pay a fee for the handset. I complain - they say basically tough. The small print
  3. Hi all, I recently received a letter stating I owed around £3000 to a plastering contractor I hired on a labour only basis & that it would be taken to court to settle the matter. I immediately replied stating that as far as myself & my company were concerned the matter was dealt with & paid in full. Any further invoices were not just & would not be paid. A letter was sent to me stating that they (The Thomas Higgins Partnership) would speak with their client & contact me in due course. Another letter arrived today stating that their client was applying for the
  4. Hi I need help regarding a default created by Cabot which is now on my credit file!
  5. Hi this is a long story but will keep as brief as possible. At the start of December my husband was called up to HR. along with the rest of his team they had been random selected to all take a drugs and alcohol test. they all pressed this buzzer if the light went red that person was selected for testing. It was green for all of them. A week later my husband is called to HR someone had reported to them that he takes Crack cocaine and he had told this person he did so !!. (my husband is 60yrs old full of arthritis not a likely candidate) he took the test and bo
  6. Hi everyone, So I am a user of the bus usually, one evening I decided to get the train due to being rushed. I boarded the train with my fare in my hand ready and waiting, no conductor came. when I got off at my spot BTP and a national rail inspector were waiting for tickets. I explained no conductor had asked however they stated i should have known to purcahse at a ticket machine.( as explained I dont frequently use the trains I had no idea I was committing an offence by not buying before boarding) I showed them my weekly bus ticket i buy in advance and explained i dont use the trains.
  7. I'm looking for some advice if possible, 8 days ago I received a letter from Leeds City Council with an Attachment of Earnings order against my name for the value of £220 (remainder of this years council tax) the problem is as follows: 1) I'm a single person so I claim the discount, I was told the amount due is £68, for the last 4 months at least (looking at statements) the council have received £70 from me a month. 2) I have written in 2 complaints, 1 8 days ago to the council tax recovery email and 1 4 days ago, as well as going on the online chat to the main council tax email addres
  8. hi could anyone tell me where to post a new thread regarding an interim charge order being made on a county court judgement please.
  9. Hi could do with some advice as to how to get this removed and dealing with this company please. It is my husbands account from Barclaycard opened around 1998/1999 anyway due to reduced income he ended up defaulting on the Barclaycard Aug 2000 and default was put on his credit file Feb 2001 balance is abt £1700 on the default. For a number of years this has been paid as a token payment to Mercers or Barclaycard in Jan 2013 this debt was assigned to MKDP LLP Balance now abt £1200 this is now where the problems have started. They ring our house abt 4 times a day on abt 3 different n
  10. ASA Adjudication on Debt Specialists Ltd Debt Specialists Ltd 8‒10 Bolton Street Ramsbottom Bury Lancashire BL0 9HX Date: 4 December 2013 Media: Text Message Sector: Financial Number of complaints: 2 Agency: None Complaint Ref: A13-241695 Ad A text message, from a Payment Protection Insurance claims management company, stated "We're contacting you regarding your PPI cla
  11. Last night I was on the phone to a UK member of staff. I wanted to recall a DD as the payment had been made by alternative methods. He quoted "It's not a recall and we can't do anything, Idiot" Then he transferred me to a closed department... I've logged a complaint, but I don't think anything will be done, any advice?
  12. Hello there, I hope you can give me some information please. To cut a long story short I have had a CCJ judgment issued against someone who owes me money. They did not contest the claim, but I now think that have intially provided me with false name and address anyway. The only thing I know that is right is the bank account details that I paid them through. They owe me £300 along with £25 to issue the claim in the first place. I don't expect them to pay this so my next step is a warrant but this will cost me another £100. What I really want to know is, is it
  13. Hi, I am in the position of having cast iron proof that our second charge lender has committed the criminal charge of false accounting on our loan application. They have increased both our salaries by entering the gross salary amounts as net amounts of both of us, and then taken hardly any outgoings of the inflated amounts apart from their loan payment, a buffer payment, and a 1st mortgage payment. This has served to increase our monthly income by over £1000 making the loan look affordable on paper, and resulted in them paying a secret commission to the broker that brokered the d
  14. Hi, I have become aware that Lowell/Red have wrongly been trying to contact me recently, over an out of date alleged debt dating back from almost ten years ago. They have contacted an Ex directory phone number NOT registered to me, that has no link to the alleged debt and has never been given as a contact number. It is registered to my partner. They have left numerous messages to this number which I have recorded proof. Also they have wrongly sent various emails to an email address not used by me, and again not linked in any way to this alleged debt. This email addre
  15. hi need some advice for a work colleague he is a civil servant and after a family fallout his brother has attended is place of work twice accusing him of obtaining privileged from the works computer and telling other people first visit was dealt by a manager and he brought printed messages from facebook. he was told that there was no basis for the allegations and went away. a week later he reattended with a printout with another conversation from facebook. this time he was told that these were not screenshots but a word document that could have typed by anyone. HR are
  16. Hi, My boyfriend and I had decided to move in together and had found an ideal property for us and our 3 children that we have between us. Upon finding the property, we were very upfront with the lettings agent and disclosed to them that my boyfriend had been discharged from bankruptcy in July 2012. They relayed this to the landlord who said he was happy to still proceed with all the referencing checks necessary. When my boyfriends credit check came back, the letting agent informed us that there were some problems with it. We signed up and downloaded the credit report that they
  17. Hi all! I'm new to the forums and quite urgently need some advice as to what I should do next! This is a bit of an essay but... it's worth a read and I will really appreciate any help you could offer! Basically, an old landlord of mine has 5 years after my tenancy ended put in a false claim through money claim online, saying that I didn't pay about 6 months rent...out of a 9 month tenancy and is trying to screw me in excess of 4500 quid. I missed the claim form, which they sent to my old address, and the first I heard about it was from their solicitors 28 days after judgement had bee
  18. Hi, new user so I hope this is in the right area. I have purchased 4 items from a UK based internet site. The items are all the exact same and are safety equipment for work, they are safety harnesses. The harnesses were advertised with lanyards as part of the sale at the offered price - which was not a promotion or offer, simply a good price. On their delivery, the harnesses did not arrive and the company claimed they did not advertise the lanyards with the harness, there exact words were that they had "never" advertised the lanyard with the harness. When I checked the site, the sentence
  19. Hi everyone, Im new to CAG but been reading the site all afternoon and theres some great advice here….I hope you can help me too! I've been in written correspondence with the CENS Enforcement Unit for the past 2 months, regarding an unpaid TV license relating to an address in Ipswich. I must point out I have never been to Ipswich, and was living out of the UK continuously for 2 years during the time of said TV License fine. Initially I called Norwich Magistrates and explained my case, to which the reply was in my favour accepting my innocence; "you have a common name, these things can
  20. I'm writing on behalf of a colleague who was recently falsely accused of hitting a pedestrian when they were leaving their place of work. The initial incident happened on day 1. The pedestrian walked in front of another person's car, while not paying attention to where they were going (using MP3 player) the person braked, however they did impact with the bumber. They got up, spoke to the driver, who identified themselves as working here, said they were ok and continued on their way. The folloowing day they returned with a loose description of the person that hit them, asking for names
  21. Hello, I am a new cagger and hope that someone on here will be able to help me? I moved home in February 2012 and called Orange in January to tell them about this, for delivery of my mobile phone bills, and also that I wanted a settlement figure to cancel the broadband they were providing as they could not provide a good enough reception. From the 17th April I started to receive my new mobile phone bills but nothing about the broadband so in May I called them again regarding the settlement, I was told I would receive a figure in the post. June arrived I called them, July I called the
  22. I have received a letter today from a company called bcw claiming i owe a debt of £310.96 to 02. I had received letters from westcott credit services in the past and after a very hard battle (for 5 years) they finally realised that the debt wasn't mine. Im just wondering if anyone can help me because i really do not this to last as long.
  23. is there not an ebay customer service contact?
  24. Hi, I have been arrested while at work because my previous employer made an allegation to the police claiming I stole £ 8k from their safe. Taken to the police station interviewed and released on bail, I then been dismissed by my new employer (fair enough). I have now been informed by the police that no further actions will be taken because there are no evidences. Because of this, I have lost two months of earnings (I still could not find a new job), I am in arrears with my rent, and I have been under a lot of stress. Further more the arrest happened during trading hour in a busy departm
  25. Hi, I left my employment a month ago, not on great terms, as I left to set up another company. I would not attempt to break any of my compete clauses. Today I met with a potential client. This client was not a client of my previous employer, but was a potential client (as is anyone). I was told by a senior director that someone from my previous employer had called them a few weeks ago, obviously after I had left, to state I had in fact been terminated due to some invoicing irregularities. This was the language he used. He would support me and back it up with a statement as he felt it ent
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