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  1. She was stopped in a public place having dropped a butt outside of a shop before going back in. After she came out the shop, 2 men approached her asking to see her immigration documents (shes European and has every right to be here). They both were apparently very aggressive to her. Anyway she gave them a fake name, and an address she lived at many years ago. What could happen now? or is she in the clear?
  2. "They sparked uproar among newspapers and on social media, but on Friday the former Sunday Times political editor back-peddled significantly, saying the MP who tipped her off about the incident "could have been slightly deranged"." "David Cameron has pointed to the potential political motivations of Lord Ashcroft, who some say was frustrated for not being offered a Cabinet post in exchange for millions of pounds in party donation funds. " Article
  3. Hi, I hope you can help me. I posted a negative review on a website of a removal company. That company is now threatening me with defamation and false accusations unless I remove the review. I instructed the website to do this via email (I have no other means of contact) and copied in the removal company contact. It states, however, on the website that it can take up to 7 business days to remove the review and, after 6 business days, the review is still there. Note I am not able to remove or edit the review myself. I explained to the removal company that I cannot remove the review and t
  4. Hi, new to this forum, found it when searching for a bit of advice. I've searched for an answer to my specific issue but can't find it here, so..... I recently bought a microsoft surface pro 3 from Currys. The advert clearly shows it with a keyboard, which is what I was looking for. I went ahead and bought it. The next day my girlfriend said she didn't think it came with the keyboard, so I looked at the advert again. It definitely does not say keyboard not included, and there is separate offer for the tablet and keyboard as a bundle. I realise I made a mistake here but are Cur
  5. Hi, I was charged with false representation by swapping the price tag at tk maxx, for two accounts. I want to admit to the swap (although wrongly and no intention to fraud, i understand the outcome is that is is still wrong) , but the items are genuinely bought from the shop. For one of the item, I remember there were at least 3-4 pieces displayed when I bought it. But the store prevention officer says they are certain and have given their sworn statement that is the case. I want to plead to guilty, but as some of the details are wrong, do you think i can ch
  6. Hello. I have a long ongoing battle with EE which I have issued a small claims action for. To cut a long story short, I only got a response from them after calls, Emails, letters sent recorded, Email to CEO and finally an LBA. That worked and I got two letters from the correspondence department. The trouble was when I spoke to their head office switchboard the lady I spoke to was quite embarressed as she went through to the department with the two names that were on the letters, but came back and told me that no one of those names worked in that department! I have been search
  7. Hii every one, I have a serious problem with Xercise4less gym as i signed up for one year contract by the end of my contract I have had no intention to continue i went to the gym and asked the reception lady to make a cancellation for my membership in November she advised me that i have to cancel my membership by 14th December to avoid extra charges, i came back on 14th of December and made my cancellation, i received a letter from Harland group asking me for £34.99 for a returned payment £25.00 and £9.99 for January monthly installment
  8. Hi there, I am writing in short the disgusting things the ex owner(employer) have said. I have worked for about 2 years in a restaurant (part-time) where I have brought very good comments on trip advisor as well as all the customers served were very satisfied with my work.....including the colleagues. One day the Owner had a bad day and was upset and following to what he said I could not go back to work for him.....as to what he promised (raising the salary, paying for holiday,etc) he was turning the back at me...ignoring everything... Anyway time came to apply for another job (w
  9. I've been recently charged with Fraud by false representation (1st offence), for returning a low value (under £50) clothing item to a store for a refund. A week after this, I was arrested because the shop claimed the item wasn't their stock and tags were placed by mistake. This was purchased from their online store if that matters. Now I have a Magistrates' Court hearing and will be pleading not guilty. I am scared for my life and how I will be able to argue my innocence but will demand a trial by jury, which will drag this process for much longer and make it very costl
  10. Hi to all i own a Msi gtx 970 graphics card and over last weekend it has been confirmed by NVIDIA’s Senior VP of GPU Engineering Mr J Alben in a online article (tried to link article would not let me) that nvidia have made an error (or lied:?::? in the spec sheet given to review websites last year and intern has led to consumers being misled with false specification. It has taken nvidia two weeks to come clean about this since consumers first noticed something might be wrong with the card it has also taken them another 3 days to decide they will give a refund to anyone who wants one
  11. Hi, Hope this is in the correct forum. Been a longer time member of Quidco and have made a few £ back from my purchases over the years. Looking to reduce our monthly outgoings I saw a nice offer from Sky on Quidco for Sky Digital TV with cash back estimated in January 2015. Got Sky installed, paid the first bill and checked my Quidco and the estimated payment has changed from 11-01-2015 to 24-04-2015, 4 months extra has been added to the estimated payment. I have queried this with Quidco and they have stated that Sky are currently only paying out after 4 months. The probl
  12. Hi, I was wondering if someone can help. I have spent some time on the site gathering information but I am now lost with the problem I have. I have been issued with a Claim Form for the amount of £1270.00. I have already responded to the claim form and after reading on this site I understand that the claimant is not following the process correctly. In brief the claimant is saying that I did not return a laptop that I purchased from him via ebay he asked for the item to be returned and I did, he claims that I had the parcel re directed to my addre
  13. Hi everyone, Im looking for some help and advice. I have had issues with my sub-prime mortgage and was fortunate to stumble upon the underwriting sheet for my re-mortgage after a DSAR request. On inspection it has come to light their are a couple of discrepancies from the information that was provided to the broker and that which is contained in the underwriting sheet. For example, 1- my outgoings were stated as £420 even when outgoings in loan application were stated to be much higher. Just my mortgage payments at the time were £650. 2- I requested £
  14. i was this morning charged under the fraud act of 2006 for fraud by false representation ,first offence, total amount is £23,000. this for selling a car whilst it was on finance, i am to appear in the magristares court at end of month, what are the likely penalties
  15. Hi Guys, Basically on 21/05/2014 I was in slow moving traffic and slowly "edged" and I mean "edged" into the car in front of me. When we both got out it was literally number plate to number plate and not even a single scratch on her car. She agreed with me that there was no damage and that she wasn't going to do anything about it, at this point I didn't even think it necessary to take pictures and I was already late for a client so I drove off. About a 6 weeks later my insurance company called and told me there had been a claim against me. This was the only thing I cou
  16. Hi, I need a little advice, I was due a medical on June 19th that was to be recorded. I received the letter they send out three weeks before hand, after a week I rang them up using the number on the letter that says if you need to cancel/discuss your appointment. I was going into hospital the same day as the medical to have a wisdom tooth extraction, spoke to a gentleman at ATOS on the phone, he said no problem we will send you out a letter for you to tell us why you couldn't come and we will make another appointment. I received a letter last Friday that I sent off this Tuesday
  17. Hi Guys, Thanks for taking the time to read this. My partner has recently applied, and being successful on an internal job opportunity within the business we both work within. The whole process was an utter shambles if you ask me. To begin with it took a month for her to get feedback on the interview, despite the head of HR promising to meet her on several occasions. He didn't even notify her when he couldn't attend the 'catch ups' he had promised. So anyway, after a long month left wondering, he finally pulled his finger out and told her the good news in that she had been s
  18. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help. Last August, I was rung by The AA my insurance company and informed that a 3rd party had alleged that I had driven into their parked car in our cul-de-sac and then driven off having caused damage to their car. The 3rd party also had an independent witness to the incident. After they mentioned the car in question, I knew the house that had made the claim and also realised that the 3rd party and the independent witness were at the same address! I knew that this incident had not occurred and that essentially they were trying to find a cheap way to r
  19. Hi, My son has recently been having issues with gas supplier, despite constant emails and letters to them, they've not responded or come to fix his gas meter. He can't phone them due to suffering with nerves and anxiety. He gets really panicky on a phone, and it causes breathing issues. He has explained this, but still no reply. For some reason, which to be honest I can't figure out, he decided to see what the usual time for a response is at other types of shop. So he emailed a complaint to 2 different high street stores, one cafe, and an internet onl
  20. I work for a company that is making false claims to its clients. These claims are also posted on their website. I have worked for the company for 4 years, I know the claims are false and can prove it. The staff are encouraged to repeat those false statements to clients. I had to visit a client recently and was questioned about one of the claims, I had to lie in order to protect the company I work for, in fact I was advised by my line manager to repeat those claims, as that is what the client was told in order to secure them as a client in the first place. What would be the imp
  21. hi today my manager told me that someone that we both know has told her that i called her a b*****d. as much as i dont get on with this person, as do none of the staff that work under her, b*****d is not a word i use and not one i would use to describe her. i had stood up to her previously and i feel that she has made up this story to try to create a negative situation that might cost me my place at work...or to force my resignation. she has been working at our place of employment 1 week and already 2 people have left due to her pushy superior corporate attitude. when she
  22. Hi All, Would like to know if anybody has managed to take a case against wonga for the mis-advertisment that a loan with them will do wounder for your credit rating? R
  23. I am a litigant in person and a defendant in a civil claim in the high court. The judgment went against me based on a witness statement of Mrs X in support of the Claimant. Mrs X was not present at court and her witness statement was only made available to me 30 minutes before the hearing on February 3rd. During the hearing, the solicitor of the Claimant informed the court that he had made contact with the witness. Following enquiries at the address supplied and at the place of work stated in her witness statement, Mrs X is not known at either. A check on the voters register revealed no s
  24. Hi Today I got a letter from RLP stating that I had been involved in a wrongful act and my actions caused significant loss to their client Tesco. They are demanding 147.50. What really happened - I bought a lot of electrical items, totalling 110 pounds. The cashier must have not scanned one item without me knowing (honestly!) which was a 12 pound set of headphones. I was stopped at the door as it beeped, I apologised and paid straight away at the customer services desk. The security guard said no further action would be taken, he had to take my details for his records, along wit
  25. Hi all, I'm after some advise to a problem that I'm dealing with. In Nov 2013 I bought a car from Citroen Garage (13 plate). When the sales person came over to talk and asked if I needed any help so as any normal people would, I said yes and would like to know more about this DS4 that I was looking at. He took me through all the good details as all sales persons do, then asked me what car I'm trading in. I had a 2011 Ford Cmax Titanium which was an good car and had all the luxuries that any person would need. I told him that one thing that I definately needed was a
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