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Found 35 results

  1. Hi, I entered into an IVA in August 2007. Approx £40k was involved. I defaulted and emigrated in August 2008. I have now returned and am looking for a rented property, so need to pass the credit check before a tenancy agreement. I have had no contact with creditors or the IVA company since August 2008. Am I right in thinking that in one more year the debts contained in the IVA will be statute barred? Rather than wait for that year to pass, would it be better to write and ask for legal copies of the original credit agreements in the hope that they no longer exist? I'm in a bit of a quandary so any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  2. Three parts to a saga where bailiffs are trying to remove a car that does not belong to the debtor. Amazingly the pcn was also cancelled by the la in the first place.
  3. An internet based company called Discountvouchers.co.uk advertise on the internet to purchase discount vouchers to be redeemed against goods also advertised on the same site. Purchasers have not received goods or goods have been sub-standard, damaged and being sourced from China. This firm has many subsidiary companies trading under ASAP Discounts Ltd, London. They have [problem]med many people who are now pursuing for money lost. Discountvouchers.co.uk apparently do not exist at the addresses registered, they are in debt according to public records in the sum of a quarter of a million pounds. Pressure has been brought upon them to refund money through a forum on HotUKD October 2012. Telephones are not answered and also emails are not responded to. Information as to who is behind this outfit is not being revealed by staff dealing with customer complaints. This company must be exposed and highlighted for consumers to be aware as to the pitfalls of voucher deals on the internet. Discountvouchers.co.uk state that once they sell the voucher, the responsibility becomes the merchant supplier. However, Discountvouchers are banking the cash from purchasers with Chase Bank of America and therefore the sole liability rests with them to supply the purchaser with goods and services. Any person having dealings with Discountvouchers need to come forward and also persons having difficulties with other voucher suppliers on the internet are requested to input. These rogue dealers need stopping from ripping people off !!
  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/markets/article-2231894/Vickers-refuses-rule-British-banking-break-up.html
  5. I received a letter today from the Council Housing/Council Tax Benefit department. "We have been notified by the Department of Works and Pensions that your Employment Support Allowance has ended on the 10/09/12." So, It seems that i failed the assessment (again) three weeks ago and not a word from DWP/Atos.
  6. Hello I have been enduring jacobes for many months now and it has ruined my quality of life every moment of the day I cannot stop thinking about what they are doing to me and my health,and now my major concern is that I don't work many hours well 2hrs a week cleaning and leaflet delivery round combining them both gives me around £150.00 per month £90 of which jacobs insist is paid every month in fact forced me to pay otherwise they would clear me out now my situation is such I have to go without food and drink for up to three or four days sometimes and I have even resulted in eating cat food because I so hungry I live in house on my own family moved away along time ago and they cannot help also I have many days without electricityas I,m on pre-payment with this I,m concerned about the coming winter as I just won't have the money to keep warm it has really terrified me the thought of this even to the degree of ending it all no Jacobs just dont want to listern to my situation what so ever every time I try to reason with them they just pile on the threats and misery well I just cannot cope with it anymore I want to end it all but I feel in the back of my mind there may be a way to recieve some help, I even tried signing on but I was told I would not recieve anything due to the lack of contributions this has also added to this dire situation which has also made me very ill with my nerves I,m weak throught and don't have any fight left in me anymore I cannot even buy myself nice things anymore its so depressing somebody PLEASE HELP I NEED SOME POSITIVE ADVICE BEFORE ITS TIME TO CALL IT A DAY. Now surely Jacobs cannot get awawy with this type of foreceful action I just don't know what to do anymore I,m convinced they wont be happy until they recieve notification of my death beleave me I,m feeling pretty close to making that descision if I cannot get some compassion from them to understand how serious my financial situation really is SOMEBODY HELP ME FIND A BETTER SOLUTION.
  7. I have a tribunal in a weeks time. What happens if I fail it?
  8. Hi every one This morning i took my BMW 318 i for MOT and it was failed, both side shock absorbers are leaking oil and they must be changed. Front and rear plus some other issues. Luckily i had the last years MOT Cert, and the notes that failed it last year by Halfords garage in Harrow. The same parts with the same problem! I remembered last year before i go to Germany with my family I took the car to Halfords for MOT and they failed it and the guy told me it will cost me £700 in total and he will do it late afternoon, I had no choice to go ahead with it and same evening paid the £700 cash and got the MOT Certificate and we went to Germany next day... And today the new Garage telling me none of the items in last year’s MOT been changed nor repaired and now the car has more problems and it’s been risky and unsafe to drive it in motorway. He told me Halfords should not Passed the MOT and not giving me any invoice for the job proofs noting been done. ((The car is 10 year old and all the faulty parts are original BMW)) Please advise what to do and how to approach Halfords. Thanks Masoud
  9. My tablet PC has just been repaired by KnowHow. In the last 2 weeks they have given me 3 delivery dates for returning it to me. In each case the date was confirmed by their website tracking system. In each case the delivery was not made. No contact from KnowHow either by phone or email. Their customer services (when I could finally get through to someone who accepted that I did not want a fourth delivery date) are now chasing this, but it has been several days now, and still no solution...
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