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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I've not been on this site for a while!. Does anyone have any experience with the PRA Group? I have a balance of £1297.80 from an old overdraft with Halifax/Lloyds TSB. The original default notice from the Halifax was 17/8/2011. I have been paying the PRA Group £5 per month as a token payment. PAR Group have now offered a measly 10% discount in full and final settlement. I've recently come to an agreement with another DCA and that was nearly 50% discounted . In the past I have offered to pay 30% of the debt to PRA Group but they have declined. The debt has been passed from pillar to post so they probably have paid peanuts for it. Just wondered if anyone can offer any suggestions as to how to tackle them?
  2. Hello everyone, At long last my first new thread on CAG! I am after some advice please about the creditors' responses to F&F offers I made to them recently. I won't go into the full detail of the back story, but I have a couple of debts where no payments have been made for at least the last couple of years. Recently I found myself in the position of having a lump sum of money available, so I wrote to the creditors with full and final offers, using the sort of wording as suggested by Brigadier2JCS here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?393565-Full-and-Final-Without-Prejudice(-)&p=4254734&viewfull=1#post4254734. Both of the creditors have responded with Income and Expenditure Forms, asking me to complete them so that they can "consider my offer". I am disinclined to do this as I am reluctant to provide such information to companies that I have not been making payments to for some time. I feel they should assess the F&F offer on its own merits and either accept or decline it. What do people think? How would you respond?
  3. I am looking for advice on what I should do next regarding my debt. I would like to begin cleaning up my credit report and settle some of the accounts I own (most of which have defaulted). I know that these defaults will remain on my credit file for 6 years but I still wish to clear some of the debt. Here is my current situation: Type of Debt / DCA / Status / Balance Overdraft /Moorcroft / Default (30/03/11) / £3274 Mail Order /Lowell / Default (04/01/11) / £1242 Credit Card / Moorcroft / Default (19/10/12) / £706 Credit Card /MBNA / Default (31/07/12) / £1153 Credit Card /Moorcroft / Default (18/07/12) / £7075 Credit Card /Moorcroft / Default (05/10/11) / £979 HP / HFC Bank / Late (2 Payments) / £278 (Moorcroft are currently "acting of behalf" of the original creditor.) I have many issues with this debt. I have sent all OC a SAR request and I am awaiting the documents. I have also sent F&F and CCA requests to each. This is where the problems start. I am almost certain that all will be able to comply with my CCA request at some point. - Moorcroft have not been able to provide a CCA as yet (requested on 31/1/13) for 3 of the accounts but I did get a "reconstituted" copy of my agreement along with a statement of my account and t&C's for one account ( this does not look complete to me?). They did respond to my F&F request on each account. I offered 26% of the debt, they offered 87%. I sent them another letter reminding them of CCA and to reconsider my F&F offer. What should I offer them next? - MBNA have provided me with a) a 'copy of my executed agreements' b) up to date terms & conditions c) copy of my most recent statement (which shows the state of your account). They have not replied to any F&F agreement. Is this acceptable compliance with the CCA request? This agreement has my "digital signature" as it was completed online. - Lowell have not provided me with anything. No CCA (requested on 31/1/13) and not responded to my F&F offer. - HFC have also not provided me with anything. Responded to F&F by requesting proof of income (i.e payslips). Responded to CCA request (sent on 31/1/13) by requesting proof of signature and separate proof of identification before complying and they returned my £1 postal order. I have sent them a letter today (based on a template found here) advising them that I am not required to send this information and asking why they are happy to send statements and other sensitive data to my address but require proof of ID now. Where do I go from here? [Note: all letters are headed "Without prejudice" and state "I admit no debt to your company"] So, my new forum friends, where should I go from here? Does anyone have experience with these DCA's in particular? I know this is a handful, thank in advance for your help. Sven
  4. Hi All, There are some debts that I'm trying to deal with, some of these debts have been going on for some time now.However I have a copy of my credit report and a sizeable warchest of around £15k promised. HSBC: Credit card balance: £3,500,Unenforceable CCA,Defaulted Loan: Balance = £4,000, defaulted Bank account = 900, defaulted Lloyds Loan1: Balance = £6,500, Defaulted, taken out in 2004 Loan2: Balance = £7,500, Defaulted, taken out in 2007 Bank account = £2,700, defaulted Credit card: Balance = £6,300, Defaulted, taken out in 2007 Halifax Loan: £6,500 balance, defaulted, pay £1 token sum I have had all the debts passed onto DCA over the years, but now I'm thinking of writing to the actual banks with a F&F, I have done this to the DCA but none has since accepted. Also, there is often confusion on which DCA to deal with as it seems to be getting passed over and over again. Any ideas anyone.
  5. I defaulted on about £60k worth of debt 5 years ago, and have been making very small payments via a DMP since then (estimated debt-free date - 2045!!). Over the next year or so I'll be in a position to start making full & final offers to creditors. I know that some will mark my file ' partially satisfied'. My question is - will the 'black mark' remain on my file for 6 years from the date the original default notice was placed on my file for each debt, or will it be from the date of my settlement?
  6. Hi, I am new here although have searched this web site many times and helped me to make huge strides into my debts. Firstly my position is as follows. I own a property but is rented out and have moved back home in order to ensure the mortgage is paid, i also have a secured loan. both my mortgage and my secured loan are fully up to date. I basically got into debt around 4 years ago and buried my head in the sand for a long time, last year i started to deal with things as the constant harassmentand letters were getting too much, and i was concerned about the security of myproperty. The equity in my flat is negligible, if not negative. Anyway this is where i am and am looking for advice on how i move forward in the coming year to try and settle some of, and eventually all of what i owe. American Express £1093.95 Dealing With Moorecrfot £10.00 PCM Agreed Default Registered November 2011 Santander Credit Cards £5902.74 Dealing With Fredrickson International Ltd £12.50 PCM Agreed Default Registered May 2010 Lloyds TSB Credit Cards £3409.50 Dealing With SCM Solicitors £12.50 PCM Agreed Default Registered Dec 2010 Vanquis Bank Ltd £691 Dealing With C.A.R.S £5 PCM Agreed Default Registered Nov 2011 Capital One Europe £381 Not Assigned To DCA Wont Accept Payment Plan £2.50 Token Payments Made Last 8 Months Default Registered Dec 2009 Barclays Bank PLC £1204 Dealing With Lowell Financial £6.50 Agreed Default Registered July 2012 Nat West PLC £1000 Approx Dealing With Moorecroft £10 PCM Agreed Cant Locate On Credit File Lloyds TSB Current Account £2162.65 Dealing With Credit Security Limited £10 PCM Agreed Default Registered Jun2010 Barclaycard £5009 Dealing With barclaycard £12.50 PCM Agreed No Default Registered 6 Months Behind There are also a couple of phone bills, and yes you guessed it pay day loanswhich are also on agreed payment plans, after a great deal of persistence. I really need advice on how best to move forward, do i continue to stickwith the plans until the 6 years passes and the defaults come off my creditfile? Do i attempt settlement offers on the older debts now or wait until they area bit older? is there any advice on which ones i should focus on first? I want to deal with my debts, there are a lot of reasons how i got here, butthe bottom line is i have a full time job now, and am getting back on my feet,but until i have dealt with everything there is no chance im moving back to myflat. Any advice welcome. I have full audit trail since decemebr last year with ever letter written and received and never discuss on the phone.
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