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  1. Follows an investigation by the OFT into 3 high Street electrical retailers http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2012/53-12
  2. Follows an investigation by the OFT http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2012/53-12
  3. 27 June 2012 The OFT today accepted legally enforceable undertakings offered by the three largest UK electrical retailers to improve the way the extended warranties market works, following consultation with business and consumers. The OFT's market study of the £1 billion per year extended warranties market, published in February, highlighted a number of competition concerns that could mean customers are not getting the best value for money. To address these concerns, the OFT worked with Dixons, Comet and Argos to agree undertakings, which take into account points raised during the consultation, rather than referring the market to the Competition Commission (CC). Dixons, Comet and Argos have agreed to: Maintain and publicise an independently operated extended warranties price comparison website, to make shopping around easier. Provide more easily available information via in-store leaflets and retailer websites, including on the availability of alternative warranty providers. Conduct regular independent mystery shopping exercises to help ensure shoppers get accurate information from sales staff - and report the results to the OFT. Provide clear on-shelf information about the annual equivalent prices of 'Pay As You Go' (PAYG) warranties, to help shoppers understand the longer term costs when they enter these rolling monthly contracts. This currently affects Dixons as the only one of the three retailers to sell PAYG warranties. http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2012/53-12
  4. Hi everyone, I'm one not very happy bunny. Also, I thought I was pretty consumer savvy, but I have no idea what to do with this little problem! Bought a Fujitsu Lifebook laptop PC about 18 months ago. At the time, Siemens were pulling out, so the offer was a free Lifebook laptop, every 3 years for life, as long as you paid for the 3 years warranty on the first one. Which wasn't that dear - cheaper than rip-off PC world warranties etc... by miles. Had one major, major fault (total failure, black screen) fixed FOC within the 1st years warranty. A few weeks ago, I noticed the left hand buton was sticking a bit. Next thing I know, the button has detatched itself and its pretty much not usable. I call the Warranty helpline who arrange for the Fujitsu subcontractor, Testlink, to collect FOC. AFAIK, the guy on the phone mentioned about spilages not being covered copiously, but nothing else. Certainly no mention of a £45 charge if they deem the fault to be accidental. I work odd hours for the NHS so 2 weeks goes by and I'm getting suspicious. No missed calls, but when I phone them, I am told the damage was deemed to be accidental, and I owe £45 for inspection and courier fees - thats just to get my laptop back. I am arrogantly told 'you would have been informed of this when you booked the repair'. I'm pretty sure I wasn't - at least, no charge IF the repair was deemed to be your fault BUT you didn't want the work done. I have been given a generic CS address to write to. But I need my laptop back pretty soon, it has all my personal stuff on - yes, I do have a backup, but would need a laptop to restore it on to! And in order to get my new one in 18 months, this old one must be returned. I am stumped. Fundamentally, I know that the damage was NOT accidental, I don't even use it for games, just a bit of surfing, and, er, customer complaint letters This is a business grade, worldwide warranty laptop, which I paid £1000 for. Over the odds, yes, but the 3 year deal for life kind of sold it. Secondly, if I cannot prove the damage wasn't me, I am certain I did not agree, or was not advised, of the 'inspection and return' fee. What routes do I go down? Even if I was to claim SOGA, they would almost certainly still insist I paid the £45 to release it, I guess? Any advice gladly taken! Thanks for looking, Stu.
  5. My company is embarking on a program of redundancies as a cost saving measure. We are currently coming to the end of 'collective consultation'. We asked the question "Is there a voluntary redundancy programme?" the answer was that there is no official program, but you can put yourself forward and the company would consider it. The cuts are drastic (about 70%). Some people would prefer to be made redundant. I am considering putting myself forward but I am not really sure what the risks are? Where does that leave me afterwards, if I am declined? i.e. once I 'show my cards' as it were? Collective consultation ends quite soon and then I guess we will find out who has been 'put at risk'. If I am NOT selected, perhaps that would be the best time to put myself forward? Or is there any downsides of leaving it until after collective consultation? Would be grateful of any advice esp. if there are risks I am overlooking. I have been through redundancy programs (and survived) several times before, but I have never wanted to leave before. Thanks.
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