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Found 32 results

  1. Hi people could anyone give me advice on this issue please....... In 2009 my car was parked outside my house no one was in it at the time.I was stood in the front room watching Gillette soccer Saturday as you do when a bus pulled up at the bus stop which was right outside my property,when the bus pulled away it managed to scrape the full length of the drivers side and smash the wing mirror clean off.Any way after speaking with my insurance my car was taken to coach craft in Preston. The next day I was contacted by accident exchanged who said they were organizing my courtesy car, at the time I thought they must have been instructed by my insurance company.......but they were not!!! They get the details of accidents from the garage. I had the use of a Bmw 530 diesel m sport for three weeks which I was assured would be payed for by the bus company. Anyway later on that year we moved house and I did`nt hear anything else about it..........................until the other week that is. There was a knock at my door so I answered it to find an accident exchange employee standing there saying they had been trying to contact me because they needed my authorization to pursue the case further with the bus company, It did cross my mind that they might be trying to get me to pay for it but after reading the document he wanted me to sign very closely I could not find any mention of this so I signed the paper... So tonight when I came home I found a letter from accident exchanged basically saying I owe them £6,789.86 for the hire of the car for three weeks.........WTF!!!!!! They have also sent me photo copies of the documents I signed at the time 4 years ago and very quickly I might add two guys dropped the car off rushed into my house and said theres the keys if you could just sign there,there and there we be on our way no mention of clauses or anything like that.......I know I should have read it thoroughly but I just thought it would all be sorted by the bus company.... HELP!!! Have I got a leg to stand on,can the bus company just refuse to pay the bill...can I refuse to pay it...its extortionate!!!! The sneaky underhanded ******s Kind regards jonni
  2. I am wondering if anyone can give me advice. I bought a new 3 seater sofa and 2 chairs from SCS 2 months ago. I felt hounded by the saleman, especially when he knew i was paying cash for it. After being in the shop for 2 hours I bought the sofa and chairs, however when ordering them, I said to the salesman that I must go home and measure the door for the sofa. But the salesman suggested that as my house had a tall hallway, that the sofa would be fine to fit in. Today the sofa was delivered, to that it would not fit through the door, therefore i refused delivery. When I contacted the store there is no option for me to have a refund, i either pay £150 to have the sofa cut in half or I pay £250 to have my window taken out to fit the sofa in. Which to me neither of those are an option. The manager is going to ask the salesman if he did recommend that the sofa would fit in my house, tomorrow, if this is the case SCS will pay for the sofa to be cut in half (which to me is pointless if it is a new sofa), if not then I have to pay for it. I have asked for a refund or exchange to a smaller sofa but the manager says that is not an option. Please can I have some advice on this thanks
  3. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help. We've ordered a new car and agreed a price, which includes part exchanging my car. However, I managed to slightly damage a door recently. It's primarily superficial, but there is a slight break in paintwork and dent in the form of a small hole (where two panels join, not a hole in a panel). As the price agreement was basically including no discount on the new car, I'm loath to knocking more money off my trade in. I've also not been given a copy of the agreement - only a print off of the initial 'estimated deal' which we then considered over a few days and phoned to agree to. We then went in and signed some paperwork that we've not seen since. What advice can anyone give on this? Thanks in advance. Rob
  4. Hi, im new here but have been reading alot...well im just hoping someone might be able to offer some advice... in 24hrs im supposed to attend my case, the problem is that i have asked to agree a time to exchange statements with my ex employer and they are ignoring me??? what should i do? do i still go to the tribunal case if they havnt given me the statements?
  5. Hi, I have asked for document disclosure from my employer. This has taken so long that we have missed all the dates for the exchange of lists, agreed bundle and witness statements. I kept the Tribunal informed of these delays. I suggested a revise timetable for these important dates and my employer/the respondent has not stuck to them at all. There has been no exchanges and no bundle. I have written to the Tribunal service on several occasions over the last couple of months, ahead of the hearing, asking for an order to put a revised timetable in place so that we can proceed in the correct way. The Tribunal have not replied to any of these requests. (I'm told it is a busy ET centre). Can anyone help me on this? It's a major worry to me now. Is this normal behavior in the 'ET' process? How can this tactic of non-response benefit the respondent? (and leave me at a disadvantage?) More importantly, how can I get this process back on track ahead of the hearing? Any advice would be appreciated. .
  6. Hi guys, I've posted on the forums before but only in relation to debts and banking so I hope I'm posting in the right section now. A few months ago I listed a pair of tickets for sale using a well known ticket exchange company (online). I received email notification saying they had been purchased and only then did I realise that I had (very stupidly) listed the wrong date). I scoured the website for company contact details and the only option was to submit a FAQ form. I did so within an hr of the purchase. I explained what I had done and that the tickets advertised were for the day before but I also had some tickets for the date I had incorrectly listed but they were in a slightly different place in the arena. I was very apologetic and asked if either I could contact the buyer or they could to let them know and see if they wanted to cancel or take either set of tickets. I was then told that they won't contact the buyer until just before the concert (early 2013) and that I am advised to keep all tickets in case the buyer wishes to use them. Obviously this is ridiculous and is going to only lead to disappointment for the buyer. Additionally, the contract states that if the seller doesn't deliver the tickets then the company will find a replacement and the seller is liable. I was selling for the face value but they sell tickets for £500-600 on there so I could end up with them saying I owe £1,500+. I appreciate that this was my own stupid mistake but it seems their 'policy' is somewhat ridiculous. I have emailed and asked for a member of management staff to contact me but have heard nothing back. I'm about to start doing some research and see what can be done, find a phone number etc. I believe they are owned by a very well known ticketing company but you know what it's like trying to get through to someone via the standard 0845 numbers! Any advice or opinions very welcome, thanks for reading
  7. First off I'd like to say that I'm furious with myself for being such a complete fool...but on with my sorry tale: *7/02* Took a laptop with a screen issue to a local shop to be repaired (The Gadget Exchange, Merrion Centre, Leeds) -> Was informed it would be £55 to fix the problem -> Agreed for them to repair. -> When I requested a reciept, was told that they would give me one when I picked it up *08/02* Informed that the problem was one on the motherboard, which would cost £65 to fix -> Agreed for them to repair *10/02* Informed that the motherboard problem could not be fixed. -> Offered to transfer my components to another working laptop for the cost of £90 -> Agreed for them to go ahead *11/02* Paid £90 IN CASH -> Picked up laptop without charger.-> Was informed that my charger for my traded laptop would work with 'new' laptop -> No receipt -> later realised that my charger did not work in 'new' laptop *12/02* Went back to shop, was given a charger for the laptop in exchange for my old charger which I had brought along -> Booted up new laptop: two keys ('e' and '2') didn't function on keyboard + My components have not been transferred + Graphics card problem would not allow update of drivers ***** I'm feeling really stupid right now. I've essentially paid £90 for a terrible laptop (which is much worse than my original) and given away my original laptop which is almost definitely worth more than the one I recieved (even broken). If I could get some advice on what exactly to say to the shop owner in an attempt to resolve the issue, or the relevant authorities I could contact for poor (illegal?) business practice it would be much appreciated,thanks so much
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