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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I have received a PCN from Premier Park for parking in Exeter Road Car Park in Braunton, Devon. I parked in this carpark for 20 mins at 19:06 and it was dark. I did not realise that it was a paid car park as the notices were not that clear and lighting was low. 'Contrevention date': 2nd November, 2017. The issue date of the PCN: 8th November, 2017. The PCN requests £60 if paid by 14 days from issue date or £100 afterwards. I have googled around and this car park seems to have a history of this issue. I do not live any where near the car park, I cannot get images etc. From what I have read, Premier Park provides images in daylight or with a strong flash to 'prove' that they have enough lighting. I cannot provide this evidence, but even in the images that they have provided on the PCN form shows how dark it is. Could you provide me with any advice for a potential defence. Also, if I apeal to Premier Park (which I expect they will turn down) and then go to POPLA, will this mean that if I am refused, they will charge £100. Any advice is appreciated.
  2. Thought I'd bob in and say hello, sorry it's been a while, I hope everyone's well... x Dave... DMD.
  3. Hi, I have received a PCN back in October from Barnet council on Sunday evening 20:53. I only stopped for about 10 minutes to go into a shop and had no idea I had to pay on Sunday evenings. I kind of forgot about it and moved addresses now I received a letter from Newlyn PLC that I have to pay the multiples of the original fees. I never received any letter from Barnet council probably because I moved addresses. By the way there was pitch dark in the street I parked and it was raining heavy so there was no way to see the parking sign. Is there anything I can do? I can attach some pictures. Vehicle Registration Number -- Penalty Charge Notice -- Date 12/10/2014 Time 20:51 Colour Black Was seen in YEW GROVE (5836) Contravention 12® Parked in a residents' or shared use parking place or zone without clearly displaying either a permit or voucher or pay and display ticket issued for that place (residents' bay) Thank you
  4. Hi all, Looking for some honest advice, no judgement. I was suspended from work tonight - I work in a shop and the temperate in there was 32 degrees and the heat was making me feel sick and dizzy. I left the till and asked a colleague to jump on for 2 minutes for me. I went into the staff room and got a drink. While I was in there I phoned my partner to say I wasn't feeling well and I was thinking of telling my manager I needed to go home. I was on the phone to her for 44 seconds and then hung up. My manager came to the door and flew off the handle, started shouting at me, pointing her finger at me saying that she's had to have several conversations with me about coming off the shop floor without asking (not quite the truth but I'll get to that) and that I should seriously reconsider my position in the company - she said lots of other things about how we were all hot etc and then proceeded to suspend me. I rang my partner to say she'd need to come and get me as I was being sent home and then my manager started shouting at me again, swearing etc. She accused me of all sorts to the point where a colleague who had been stood by watching had to interrupt her and say it was best that it was left there and that I should go home. Now, to put things into perspective - over a month ago I was out the back sorting rubbish. While I was stacking pallets and sorting rubbish I was having a cigarette. It's a pretty common thing that most people do, including the assistant manager and supervisors. I didn't stop working to do it, I was constantly on the move doing the job. She came out then and told me I was a **** taker and that I really didn't want to get on her bad side. She then slagged me off to a colleague but I just let it all go and said nothing. She then spoke to me two weeks later as something had happened with a colleague and I took some time outside to calm down, spoke to my partner and went back in. Nothing was said straight away and then I was spoken to about it by her and the assistant manager. I apologised and since then made sure I didn't use my phone or take breaks when I shouldn't etc (not that I did anyway - it was a one off). Now I've been suspended and I really don't know where I stand - she's making out she's had all these problems with me when in reality, she shouted at me once and I didn't actually do anything wrong and then she spoke to me about the one off incident. Other than that I work my backside off and love my job. Being suspended is obviously never a good sign I just don't know how it will go - she doesn't seem to be a reasonable person and lots of people have had issues with her but sadly seems to make up the rules herself. Any thoughts would be appreciated, sorry for the long post.
  5. Thought I would say hello and introduce myself and wish you all a nice start to the weekend.
  6. Those nice people at Snapper TV have made a documentary for the BBC, about local authorities and their use of CCTV for apparent violations by the unwary public and the revenue made from it. ... 'They claim they do it to keep the traffic flowing smoother. But private emails obtained by Panorama reveal a different story, with officials congratulating each other on the number of tickets issued: 'Another record month, guys. Well done,' says one. The programme visits the box junction where the council fines so many drivers - 29,000 last year alone;... A link to the programme. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b02xcnpr
  7. Couple see red over £163,000 Orange mobile bill For the full story : - http://money.aol.co.uk/2013/05/22/orange-mobile-bill-makes-couple-see-red/ Apparently the consumer had taken one of the phones into the store where it was purchased as it appeared to be overheating. It was replaced. However,
  8. Good Evening. I am new to the forum and would like to hopefully find out more regarding my rights as a consumer. Thank You
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