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Found 21 results

  1. I have been told by ACAS that I have three claims - unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal and discrimination. This was also backed up by a law clinic. I was told to complete the ET1, however, I am confused. I am unsure how I would put these three claims in the form? Any advice would be welcome.
  2. Disability discrimination claim. The Respondent is producing the bundle. I have sent them my index of documents with each document very efficiently named and dated for clarity, relevancy and easy navigation. The Respondent completely renamed all of my documents within the index to make themselves sound good and to make my documents difficult to find seem extremely confusing, sound irrelevant and also to contain repetitive document names for less clarity and greater confusion. Some of the names of documents they’ve renamed do not reflect the contents of the documents in any way whats
  3. Hi, Just need some advice please. I submitted my ET1 in December 2013 following advice (from a union rep - I am no longer with them) that the deadline was approaching and I must submit my claim by xx to be accepted. I was still very unwell at the time and was not in a position to file it properly but still submitted what I was able to write up. In my statement I missed out many things and the various allegations I was bringing. It was also during Christmas so I was unlikely to get any help at the time. I was at the time of filing my claim a self litigant with no legal training. I have
  4. Dear all, I am currently filling in my ET1 form which needs to be done in next week - ahhhh the stress of it!! My case is very long but involves disability discrimination - stress anxiety and bullying and migraines and constructive unfair dismissal (last straw) and breaches of contract and failure to follow grievance procedures etc etc How do I word this on the form? - do I just say I was discriminated at each of the points I feel I was even though some are back in time although all part of same Sorry for the lack of detail but too long to explain all. Also ref teachers pay and failu
  5. Hi I have a question in 2 parts hope you can help? I have written a Grievance Letter to Employer, relating to a Sex Discrimination (Maternity) issue, as well as a second letter asking why I was suspended (no grounds given I was just escorted from the building), received no reply in more than a month, just sat at home Then chased it asking for communication.. received a 2 line reply saying lawyers would contact me but that the employer would reply in their own time First part: How long should I wait for a reply from my employer before it is reasonable to complete and submit
  6. Hey , I have put in an ET1 and i ticked unfair dismissal /constructive , i thought this covered most of the things i was claiming but I have recently been informed that wrongful dismissal is more inline with my claim. So does the unfair/constructive dismissal box include wrongful dismissal or is that completely different. there was not a box for that ? or am i done for? What can i do Carl
  7. Hi, I was hoping that some one could point me in the right direct for seeing any examples of ET1 forms that have been completed or help in how to start them? I need to complete the form by the 29th which is when the charging dead line kicks in, if I can complete it before then and ask for a stay from the tribunal this should save me a lot of money as my employer have been deliberately delaying my grievance (ignored first request, lost 2nd one! and after promising to get the 3rd request cleared by end of June have failed to do so and I have still not been able to appeal as i have not had a
  8. Hello all. I'm new here and looking for some advice please. I am going to have a few questions I expect but to start off, here are a couple. I am just filling out my ET1. I have been dismissed for medical inefficiency and am claiming sex discrimination as my main reason for unfair dismissal. I intend to post a full description of my case at some point over lunch but I just wanted to see if I could get a couple of quick answers please. At the stage of filling out the ET1, how much detail do I need to go into with regards to my ex employer not following policy? The thing is, there a
  9. Last date for submitting online ET1 form for tribunal claims is Friday 4pm. saw this on justice gov uk site. From Monday you have to pay to pay some £300 fees for submitting the form as well as some £950 for hearing. Right now it is all free. New form ET1 A revised ET1 claim form will be introduced on Monday 29 July 2013. From that date, the new claim form should be used to present a claim. Please note: The online submission service will no longer be able to accept claims from 4pm on Friday 26 July 2013. The new online submission service, with the new ET1 form, will be availabl
  10. Hi All, I was dismissed on grounds of gross misconduct on 30th November 2012. There were two reasons for this dismissal outlined in my dismissal letter:- 1, That i instructed, either directly or by "inference or omission", someone who reports to me to to falsify company documentation. 2, That I failed to correctly hand over information relevant to the issue above and in doing so failed to follow the company Quality and Health & Safety Procedures. The incident was investigated independently (internal, different department) where the two issues were highlighted and disciplin
  11. Hello, I have had considerable trouble submitting my ET1 form for unfair dissmissal. Initially I try to complete the PDF online form as advised by the Citizens Advice Bureau. I use a apple computer and could not fill in the fields. I was told by the 0845 help line that this was an issue with apple and the browser. I then went to an internet cafe to use a PC. I filled the form and pressed the submit button. I received no confirmation on screen. The next day I tried to call the East London Employment Tribunal office but could not get an answer and I tried several times. I then tried calling th
  12. I am back for more advice.... Partner was sacked - then offered job back after successful appeal. New terms were imposed which were totally unacceptable, so he didn't return to work there. As former employer owed lots of overtime, holiday and pension (per contract) we have submitted the ET1. The next step is the Remedy. ACAS called partner and said this was to be done net - I had worked out everything gross before that. So, my question is, how do I work out the net amount? Do I take the gross (which is easier to work out) and then assume that tax is charged at 20% and NI at 12%. So for e
  13. My ex employer (LTD company) didn't reply the ET1 neither went to the hearing. The tribunal decided that I was entitled to receive: basic award, compensatory award, outstanding wages, loss of employment rights and 25% ACAS uplift. The hearing was on 06/03, so I am still waiting for the written judgment by post. However, last week I saw in the London Gazette that my ex employer is calling a `Meetings of Creditors` on the 26/03 to appoint a Liquidation Committee. I have 'informal information' that he has stopped trading with the LDT and he is using his solo trading company (same addr
  14. Please help. Age discrimination at recruitment stage. ET Deadline 7th February 2013. I wish to submit ET1 on the 23th January 2013. Events log (this has been edited just in case). I can email real event log and EHR EQA 2010 Questionnaire later if required 1. I found a job advertised on a website on 8th November 2012. (Posting date June 2012). 2. I emailed Company X on 8th November 2012 saying I was interested in the position Y as advertised. 3. I received a phone call on my mobile phone from Mr A (Company X) on 8thNovember 2012.
  15. Hello can anyone help me. I filled in a ET1 in October 2011 for Disability Discrimination and since then reasonable adjustments agreed in August 2011 where not put in place until June 2012 Can I change my ET1 and add reasonable adjustments where not put in place. Also I am claiming for 3rd party discrimination and direct discrimination. The second respondent is trying to get the claim kicked out on time limit rules as the discrimination issues took place 9/06/2012 but after I had put an official grievance in and I was pushing for a full investigation the person stood in front of my de
  16. I have a new claim to the ET which is quite detailed. I require more space than is allowed on the ET1 PDF which submits digitally How does one deal with this?.
  17. Hi, I'm new to this and forums, so forgive me if I've put this in the wrong place. My ET1 was accepted. The employers submitted an ET3. Due to 'an administrative error' (Employment Tribunal's phrase), there has been a very long delay between my being physically attacked by my employers and the submitting of forms by them and the employers. I have literally just received the hearing and due process dates and today I have received a letter from my now ex-employers' solicitors, asking for an unbelieveable amount of information, that I would have to get together by this coming Monda
  18. Hello, I wou1d just like your opinon about withdrawing and re-submitting ET1s. (I did post something similar in my original thread, but no one replied) On or about 14/05/12 an act of discrimnation happened which lead me to raise a grievance. (I did not realize that act of discrimination happened on that date until after I got the grievance investigation results.) On 25/05/12 I raised a grievance. On 12/06/12 I had a grievance meeting On 26/06/12 I filed an ET1 On 12/07/12 I received the results of the grievance investigation. New info came to light. On 22/07/12 I appealed
  19. Hi guys, Just wondering if you could help me answer my query: (claims of race discrimination, victimisation and constructive dismissal) When claimant resigns in the middle of appeal investigation to earlier grievance in an act of last straw motion from the authority appealed from, do the remaining discriminating actions of the employer who in the end decides not to uphold appeal (surprise surprise but hey! manages to dig themselves even more) count as acts of disrimination and can be claimed in ET1 or is it all until resignation (apart from discrimination with references, whenever t
  20. Hi all, I'm preparing an ET1 for my wife who's been unfairly dismissed. I've read a fair bit of stuff on the web, but not sure how much info to put on the form. There's a lot of things happened and I don't want it to end up as a long "witness statement". I've started with a basic timeline of events and think I now need to put down the reasons I believe the investigation was flawed/biased, etc. I'm worried that I might miss something vital out and be prevented from using it later. Bottom line is how much detail should I put in? Many thanks for any advice. Nick
  21. Hello All I'm new to the forum but hoping some of you might be kind enough to read comment on my post. Below is just a run down of events so far, for a bit of background; I'm a female receptionist at the company 5 years, never any grievances/disciplinarys, appraisals all good etc Senior manager over the years making increasingly innapropriate remarks, always regarding my chest/cleavage, increasingly embarassing and harassing. Afraid to make a complaint about him as I knew (first hand, not rumour or hearsay) that a young male colleague made a formal complaint against
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