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  1. Erudio took over my SLC pre 98 loans last year and despite claiming conditions would not change, they did. I did not complete their form as it requested info they weren't entitled to. I sent a covering letter and proof of income being below the threshold. I heard no news about deferral until a letter arrived to say their form wasn't in line with the consumer credit act, that my account had been frozen, to be rest assured no charges would be accrued, and that they were working to find a solution. 3 months later two letters arrive to say I'm in arrears a
  2. Hello all, Sent separate CCA requests (recorded delivery, have sigs) for separate pre-1998 loans bought by Erudio, and no response in the 12+2. Haven't yet deferred, though will easily qualify, but the deferral period is up in next few days. Having read through all the recent related threads, I'm still not 100% sure on what's best to do (or not) next: Do I... 1) Wait until they contact me [in writing] - whether that be to respond to the CCA requests, or to tell me I am not deferred and need to start paying - and then take it from there? 2) Send in the def
  3. Hi, I've followed the previous threads on erudio from earlier in the year. I received the same letters as many others between July and August, except mine were from shoosmiths solicitors rather than drysdens. After reading the advice on these pages, I decided to ignore the letters, they stopped after three. I have just had sheriff officers at my door serving me with a charge for payment of money within 14 days. My student loans were from 96,97 and 98. All old style loans. I deferred for a couple of years and then moved house and forgot about t
  4. Hi all, Amongst my outstanding debts, 'Erudio' Student Loans from 1992-1995 is one of them. I am in the process of clearing up creditors on my DMP with PAYPLAN. Done the CCA's with each. Successful on two counts (had debts cancelled ��) I want to pay off, with a little capital expected in January, and get some Full and Final offers going. On here, I've been advised to check the PPI additions. I've heard just by phoning each creditor this is possible? I defaulted on my PAYPLAN for the last 2 payments. Erudio have sent me a letter stating the balance is
  5. I wonder if I could get some advice? Apologies if I am in the wrong place, but just joined so I can try to resolve my problem. This week I received a letter from Drydensfairfax asking for me to complete a expenditure sheet as my student loan has been passed to them. It also says that a CCJ was awarded against me on 11 November 1996 (I had two student loans taken out in 1995 and 1996). I am not aware of the CCJ and would have been when I was living is student accommodation so I assume letters didn't catch up with me. In approximately 2002 SLC tracked me down,
  6. Hope someone can help me, my partner is being harassed by Erudio, despite giving them everything they have asked for more than once (and being subjected to a harrowing interrogation on the phone from a completely idiotic know-nothing for about half an hour!)! Are they allowed to demand (this time by post) a stamped SA302 form from HMRC to prove his self-assessed income? If HMRC electronically generates a completed form for you, why isn't that good enough? Are they allowed to change the T & C's from what he had in place with SLC since the late 90s re: deferment? Is there a form le
  7. Really worried. I sent back deferral forms months ago and heard nothing back and forgot all about it. Yesterday received a letter to say i was 2 months in arrears and to make payment asap. I phoned and they said they had never received the forms. When i filled out the original forms months ago, i had to phone them to request another form as i messed up the original. They had a record of this request and sending this out to me. This surely at least indicates that i wanted to defer. The girl i spoke to said she would send out another form which would t
  8. So this year has been hell with Erudio. Three loans were sold to then.They accused me of not sending all info, took money from my account, told me I had to pay because I didn't defer on time when they lost some of my info etc. I won every time! They are all now deferred without any arrears. Then over the last two months they sent copies of all of my SL documents, they they credited a few hundred to my account due to legislative mistakes they said they made (I was unaware of these mistakes) then they didn't charge interest due to more supposed legislative issues. Then today out the blue the
  9. Hi folks, Firstly sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, I've had a read thru the forums but not seen anything + not found any success on google. I'm one of those who got a loan in 1998 and stayed on the old system till 2002 and as such have the recently sold-on mortgage style loans. I received a letter today stating that "...issue with some correspondence sent to you in the past..." "... could be interpreted as not having been fully compliant with the consumer credit act 1974..." "SLC would like to apologise for this, and as a result you will receiv
  10. I have received a letter from drydens fairfax solicitors threatening bailiffs, putting a charge on my house and attachment to earnings - standard stuff I think from reading other posts on here. My CCJ was received in default judgment in 2005 and since then I have been paying £55 per month. I stopped paying it because I simply could not afford to pay it. I am on disability benefits and my husband is a pensioner. I want to know what is the worst they can do to me. I do not want to complete their income and expenditure form as I know they will expect me to pay £
  11. Hi All, I took out three student loads in the early to mid nineties as an undergrad .I deferred repayments as I became a postgrad. As I moved around a lot at Uni I lost touch with the deferment process and The SLC informed me that as I'd not kept up with my deferment notifications then the loans were in default and had to be repaid. I heard nothing else for a while, then DCA letters started to arrive at my Parents (home address). I received demands from a DCA and after they sent me the correct CCA form I made a payment schedule agreement. I made a few nom
  12. Hello, new here and hoping i can get some advice from you helpful people as getting through to CAB where i live is like finding a box full of hens teeth I had a Student Loan back in 1992 ( old style) the loan was deffered a few times in the late 90's and then they 'apparently' never received the last defferment in early 2002 and told me to cough up a large percentage of the whole loan in one go, being low waged i could not do this, they would not negotiate and i eventually panicked borrowed a couple of hundred pounds and payed them that and said i would pay no mor
  13. Hello, I need some advice.... Brief back story.... I have old style student loans which have been sold to Erudio. I have always been in deferment as only work part time and am way under the threshold. I received a deferment application as usual from SLC (in february) which I completed as I always do - I had no idea at this point about Erudio buying my loans. I then received a letter dated 11th March from SLC which clearly says my deferment has been accepted and then lists the loans which are "Erudio Student Loan administered" - the letter clearly states this then says I have deferme
  14. I also have this letter from SLC about them being non compliant and giving me reduction, but it doesn't say that Eruido or anyone else is taking over. There's no mention of it being sold. I have not been informed of this. Then I got the Erudio deferment pack. A few years ago the SLC refused me my legal rights to deferment and refused over the phone to send me a deferment form, saying that I could only defer for so long and that time had come to an end and now I had to start paying it back. I argued that i wasn't earning the threshold and was told that didn'
  15. Hello I've had a very worrying conversation with Erudio and now am very afraid of what lies ahead. My have an old Motrage Style loan. To give you some background, due to some tragic circumstances, I have been a single parent since my little one was born and work 4 days per week. Due to my salary I have Working Tax credits to enable me to pay nursery fees. Due to the top up I recieve from Tax Credits (for childcare) I have been approx 106 per month over the threshold for deferment. This has been the case for approx 18 months. SLC have been very understanding of my situ
  16. Hi all, I have been in Canada for 8 years now and have no contected the slc for six years but to day i had a letter from my old address saying that they sold the loan to erudio can they come after me in Canada or send a bailiffs to my house. firefox
  17. This is a general shout out for those that have been contacted by Erudio. Have any of you been sent new terms and conditions which they require you to sign and send back? If so, can you let me (or any of the site team) know. I would love to see a new contract and see whether the terms have changed.
  18. Hi All, Firstly I have been through so many threads and my head is blowing up. This is my first thread and wanted to say the great work from DX100uk and WarrenBuffet is great! Anyway to my thread now, I've received a statement from Erudio saying that the student loans have been transferred to them, also that I have a CCJ on my account which will be passed on to their legal team and that they will contact me in a few months and some 10 pages of waffle included about the terms. Ok from my point I had the old style loans from 96 to 00. I then went on to study further onto a maste
  19. Erudio is out of order First of all, just to let you know, your loan is just one of two hundred and fifty thoussand sold to Erudio, indeed every student loan taken between 1990 and 1998 was sold to Erudio. This total debt was £890 million pounds worth, but was sold to Erudio for £160 million. Now £890 million pounds worth was from over 250, 000 loans, so be assured, this letter was sent to over one hundred thousand people at least. I assume the number could be higher than this, as this number works out at an average of 2.5 loans per person. Just google 'Studen
  20. Hi, My husband has a query and would be very grateful if anyone could offer any input: I took out a couple of student loans back in 1995-96. Up until now I have always deferred repayment due to earning below the national average but have always replied to the repayment requests promptly and fully. I was informed towards the end of last year that my loans had been sold off to a company called Erudio Student Loans. A few days ago I received a repayment request from them with requests for bank details etc. This time I will be unable to defer as I am now earning above the threshol
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