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  1. Just wondering if anyone has any advice for me on dealing with this issue. I have always had my student loan on deferment, as I don't earn over the limit where you are obliged to make payments, however I've had a couple of problems in recent years with the deferment forms not reaching me (whether this is oversight on SLC's part or my crappy postman, I cannot judge (though I have in the past phoned SLC and asked for replacement forms to be sent out and not received those either). SLC, being the joys they are, won't backdate deferment, so in the past I've had to pay e.g. thre
  2. Hi I am looking for some advice, I have been in contact with Erudio as due to my T&cs in my student loans my loans were due to be cancelled in july 2014. They are now more than two years later claiming I was in arrears at that time and I need to pay more than £4K. I had applied for deferment at the time from SLC they had rejected the deferment I disputed this as in all previous years my tax allowable pension and childcare vouchers were allowed in the calculation and Gross Pay was used to calculate the deferment . I heard nothing back for two years save some statement
  3. Hello So much information out there my brain is fried and it's about time I sorted this out. Erudio have started up their harassment again, stating my loans have matured and full payment is now required. My 4 loans are from between 1996-2000. I am self employed, have never earned above the threshold and although I have moved around a lot I have always kept in touch with both SLC and their parasite DCAs to update them of my situation. I responded to erudio's first demand letter by informing them about my income and including some sa302s. They have ignored this and gone
  4. I was sick with panic when Link Financial rung me regarding a 97 Student Loan. I have found the correct Statute Barred template and sent it Special delivery to PO Box 141 Caerphilly, CF839BX I have tracked it and its status is only delivered and not yet collected. I am concerned about this. Should I also fax and email? Is there a better address to send it to - how long should I wait? I really appreciate your help on this one to alleviate the worry. many THanks, Clear 33 --------------------------------
  5. first of all, hello I'm new on here secondly, sorry for the slightly silly title this relates to a student loan from way back in 1992. It was deferred for many years, when it transferred from SLC to Erudio I noticed that £9 a month was coming out of my pay packet. I was earning below the threshold but decided to just let it happen, it was only £9 a month and not worth kicking up a fuss. That continued for a couple of years and then suddenly it stopped. No explanation or anything from Erudio about what was going on. Again, I just left it, what the hell I
  6. I have a few student loans taking back from 1997, 98, 99 and 00. I went Bankrupt in 2010 but was told my student loans would not be included in my Bankrupcy. I spoke to SLC and they backed this up. I was still receiving deferment forms from SLC and I kept deferring the payments but have now received a letter from Erudio who say they have now bought the debt. I have now read that certain student loans could be put under Bankrupcy so could be written off. Would these loans have been written off when I was declared bankrupt? Was I miss-informed? A
  7. Its been 2 years since I heard from Erudio. In April 2014 I sent off the deferment template letter from here along with original pay stubs which qualified me for deferment. Since then I have had no contact from them, until today. Today I got 6 x "Notice of sum in arrears" going back to August 2014 in one envelope The cover letter was titled "Remedy of Account" and basically says they have been sorting stuff out and havent charged interest but will do so on June 1st. The letters tell me I am 2 years in arrears. They seem to basically have ignored my application for d
  8. Hi, I am hoping to get some advice following a letter i received from Drysdenfairfax Solicitors at the end of July. I took out a student loan for 3 years while at university finishing in 1997. I cannot remember whether all of my student loan payments were completed against the loan amount as it was such a long time ago (20 years!!). However, I have had no contact with the Student Loans Company, Erudio or any debt agency about this for at least 10 years nor have they tried to contact me. I received a letter now from Drydensfairfax Solicitors saying that their records show
  9. ....and why should I pay them anything? I got a letter from Erudio today. Never heard of them before. They say I should be paying them not the Student Loans Company. Who are they? SLC have never written to me, they could be anyone. I'm not in the habit of sending money to any old company that asks. I have read a little here and there is a company called that but still it could be a [problem]. Anyone can send out a letter.
  10. Hi all, I've been reading through a quite a few threads on the site (there are quite a lot now!) for the last couple of weeks and they've really helped me understand whats going on. Not everytihng in the others threads is entirely relavent to me. I've tried compiling a few bits of advice but I'm worried I'm still missing some info. (In fact it would be really cool if somebody could compile all the links and main points on Erudio) Some basic background on me. I'm currently living and working in France. My first loans was in 1997 (mortgage style loans) I
  11. Hello, hoping for a little bit of advice please. In 1991/92 I took out 2 student loans for around £1000 each I think, I cannot remember. Over the years and several addresses I have deferred these loans due to not having a high enough income. I moved to my current house 7 years ago, today I received a phonecall from Erudio, who I had no idea about. I never admitted that I was myself as I said to them I had never had any dealings with them, she told me to google them and call back. I have and now realise it is my old loan from SLC. I have had no contact wi
  12. Hi there. I am also having major problems with Erudio, and have done since it was passed over from SLC. With SLC it was plain sailing and never had problems with deferment. Erudio is a different story. First of all I received a letter informing the first loan ( taken out in 1996) the last loan taken out in 1999) had been passed over to them in 2014. I intially did not think anything of this as I presumed they would handle the account exactly like SLC. It is only after I realised that they had changed the terms and conditions, and also a
  13. I have old style mortgage loans, Recently transferred to Erudio I've always deferred as under the income threshold, But there seems to be some confusion (or other have received different forms/paperwork). All the correspondence I've received from Erudio states that the t&c are the same as they were with SLC, and they can't change them. They can of course choose to enforce them more stringently, play dirty tricks etc, but they aren't allowed to change them. I had a DD setup with SLC right from the start, but no payment has ever been collected, it just sat ther
  14. I have about £1400 of student debt from loans I had in 95,96 and 97. I've always been able to defer. Given that Erudio are taking housing benefit, maintenance, etc. into their calculations that takes me over their income threshold. I sent back the old style SLC forms with a letter stating my concerns and requesting clarification over the new form. They ignored the letter and just sent me another copy of their form. My deferrment period is now up and they've since begun to take payments from my account - without any notice of how much and for how long. It
  15. I have not earned enough to pay back my student loan for the last ten years. I now find I am slightly above the threshold, if indeed it is a monthly threshold. Over the course of the last year I have earned less than the yearly threshold. Over the course of the last three months I have earned less than the threshold (divided by 4). However, the fact remains that my monthly salary is currently above the threshold and has been for the last two months. How is the threshold calculated? Is it on the previous years earnings divide by 12? On this month
  16. Hi, I'm one of the many that Erudio have tried to [problem]! 1997 Mortgage style loan. Never a problem with SLC. Never earned over the threshold and have deferred every year. As I'm registered disabled and in receipt of DLA (lifetime award) and earn below the repayment threshold (just!) I applied for a 36 month deferral under the T&C. in 2014. This year, after a year or so of belligerence and a FOS complaint Erudio agreed to backdate my deferral and were ordered by the FOS to pay me 100pounds compensation. (Erudio also lie through their teeth & make the 'ru
  17. Hi all, i am wondering if you can help me. Ive had the most distressing phone call with an advisor from Eurdio. I was completing my deferment application and become quite concerned when I came to section 9 which asked for gross total income including state benefits. I currently receive rent that is heavily subsidised by housing benefit as I rent privately, I receive some council tax benefit, child and working tax and child benefit. My wages are only £900 per month but when I added the above benefits my gross total income was above their £2398 threshold for d
  18. Where a loan has been written off by Thesis, is there any evidence that Erudio are trying to revive and collect on them.? Had a letter from SLC saying my loans which were with Thesis, and have been written off six months ago are now with Erudio, Or is it likely as I think SLC have fecked up? Thoughts.
  19. Hello all, First of all, wonderful site and greetings: Over a year ago, I had some letters from a company called Erudio over an alleged student loan, (pre-1997 old style contract) As well over a decade has passed without acknowledging any debt or indeed action, I understand it to be statute barred. I moved well over a year ago and for six months had my mail redirected from my old address to the new. I began receiving demands for monies from Erudio (written to the old address), claiming that I owed them money, I hadn't heard from SLC prior to that; Erudio also
  20. Introduction I'd like to document the correspondence of my dealings with Erudio, aka Arrow Global / CarVal Investors in the hope it will help others; my student loans are from 92-95. Mission Objective To get written confirmation of deferment, as has been the case since loans were originated via SLC. Salvo #1 First contact was a big wad of paperwork as documented in other threads, asking for bank details, eye colour, inside leg measurement et al....and a signature! I ignored this first contact. They phoned and I requested a
  21. have one loan (1998) that was flogged off last year, the others having been flogged off to Thesis long ago. Didn't have to go through the horror of getting it deferred by Rodeo last year as it had already been deferred by SLC (lucky me from my reading here). Had ths usual barrage of phone calls from them throughout last summer which after answering one (at work, told them to bugger off) I ignored the rest and did some searching which brought me here. As you can imagine I wasn't looking forward to going through the deferrment battle with them this year. I was also st
  22. Following receipt of my first Erudio DAF I took the view of many on these forums that the form was intrusive, an attempt to gain additional consents and unnecessary to apply for a deferment. In December I therefore sent proof of income and a signed declaration based on the old SLC form. As was expected I received a reply refusing my application as the form "wasn't signed" A complaint was then raised which was rejected and is now escalated to the ombudsman. I have today come home to a letter from Erudio, confirming my loans have been defered. No reference to a signed form, n
  23. Hi, I sent back the deferment form back in April, several weeks in advance of my deferment expiring, however I didn't sign or date it as I was concerned about the legal implications of doing so, I just filled out the bare minimum of information and sent it off along with a Jobcentre letter confirming I was in receipt of JSA and a template letter from a website [removed] explaining why I wasn't signing the form. Not too surprisingly I subsequently received a letter from Erudio rejecting my deferral and resending the form to be signed and dates. At this point, I wrote
  24. Mrs L.C.writes: I bought my house in 1999. Previous tenants left owing money to everyone possible. Their children went to university but have not repaid student loans, and every few months I have received demands, which I have returned, saying they are no longer at my address. Erudio Student Loans Limited has now taken over this debt. I told it that the family left over 15 years ago, but Erudio said it would keep sending demands. I protested and was told they would stop, but after two weeks another has arrived. Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/experts/article-2904618/T
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