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Found 135 results

  1. Hi, I have received a final demand from equita for a PCN fine from Birmingham council. It was for my old car which they have quoted in the letter previously and I do not own the car anymore but I am worried that they will take my new car. I am the registered keeper but it is on finance in my mums name. I have sent the following email which basically explains my situation and additional charges they are trying to charge for a £90 fine, to equita and cc'd in the CEO of birmingham council: To Whom it May Concern, PLEASE NOTE I WILL BE SENDING THIS EVERYDAY UNTIL I RECEIVE A RESPONSE. I am writing regarding the bailiff letter and additional charges I have received regarding my parking penalties charge with Birmingham county council. After many failed attempts to make these catch up payments due to the staff at your call centre refusing to take payment and your bailiff refusing to take payment unless it is a total of £370 (no idea where that came from as the original PCN was £90). I am happy to pay the two outstanding payments of £62 (payments for June and July) as agreed for the fine plus any legitimate fees and charges I have incurred. I am fully aware that these legitimate fees and charges are £11.20 for a letter (only allowed to be charged once) and £28 for any visit (only allowed to be charged 3 times). I am also aware that you are entitled to charge VAT if you are VAT registered and I would appreciate if you supply the VAT number. Therefore with this in mind I am not entirely sure how the £90 has turned into £370 as the maximum you can charge is approximately £204 (inclusive of original fine). I would also appreciate if you could supply me with the name of the court where your bailiff is certified. If you have a problem with this arrangement of the original £31 a month then I am happy to wait until you pass the account back to Birmingham county council and I will deal with them. Look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards Is there anything else I can do and will they be able to work out the car is mine and take it? Please help!!
  2. Hi I have a 12 year old council tax debt shared with my ex, but they can't find her so I have to pay it. This is frustrating as I gave her the money to pay it, but she was mental, took my cash, all the things I owned . they got liability order, so I have to pay. I paid the council direct for a while, and then forgot to pay and it went to equita. I am a recovering drug addict and only get freelance work from time to time, I am not rich. The debt it for 900. I wrote to equita and offered them 150 a month, which is all I can afford. They refused and have given me 7 days to pay in full. I can't pay in full. I know not to let them in etc, but I recently got married and live in my a house in my wife's name. There is a car in our drive which is in her name. I think 150 a month for a 900 debt is more than reasonable. What should I do? Write to council and ceo of council saying their bailiff has refused a reasonable offer and ask to pay the debt direct to them? Is there another option? Thanks for any advice. Dai
  3. Hey All, On the 2nd May I awoke to discover a clamp fitted to my car at about Half 7 in the morning and a letter pushed through my door from Equita Bailiffs. The reason for the clamp was a parking ticket which I did not dispute, but was awaiting contact in order to make an arrangement to pay it as i'd been unable to reach an agreement with the council prior to it going to court. Equita claim to have sent a letter and had someone visit on the 8th April but i'm strongly disputing this and nothing was pushed through. Allegedly they have a description of my property but this hasnt been forthcoming. As a result on the day I had to pay the bailiff the following amount to release the car (which incidently wasnt registered in the name on their records): Original Debt: £112.00 Initial Letter: £11.20 First Visit Fee: £35.00 Second Visit Fee: £45.00 Attendance Charge: £167.00 Card Payment Fee: £1.25 VAT: £51.89 Total: £423.34 I have written to Equita on the 29th May and have told them I believe this is excessive, which they have obviously disagreed with. In addition I also pointed out that there had been no contact, and that I am prepared to commence legal action 28 days from that date, which apparently they're prepared to defend. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if their actions violate either Distress for Rent Rules 1988 or the Fraud Act 2006. The Police believe it's entirely a civil matter apparently and the CAB have been no use either. Any known options available to me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. I have been dealing with these for 2 years, im now on my last year of paying them. I have tried to discuss the fees on the 5 accounts they have held, ie levy fees, attendance fees. My elderly father lives with me, and does'nt leave the house due to ill health. I am disputing all charges against the accounts, to be told i have to pay, balance on remaining council tax is £1134, over the 5 accounts £904 in charges. They have levied a car which isnt mine. Can these monsters charge an attendance fee when they have just sat outside and not knocked on my door. I have paid £200 per month and the only payment i missed was December 2012 and the reason behind this as they tried to take 2 direct debits, my bank pulled the payments back. Any advice will be appreciated.
  5. Hi guys, really need some advice ASAP I have been paying equita for just over a year a fixed sum of £20 per month, recently they changed to £ 40 because i had more than 1 case against me. I have been paying despite not working up until april where i was just over a week late with1 of my payments. I phoned to make the payment but equita said they were unable totake the payment because it was late and that they had passed my case on to the bailiff. I then phoned the bailiff who said he would look in to it and call me back!! He never did after numerous calls with managers etc and not getting anywhere I decided to go to my local citizens advice. At cab they told me to send a cheque to clear 1 of the accounts which only had £2.50 outstanding and to ask for that account to be closed! as for the other accounts they toldme to send a letter explaining and dating all payments that I had so far payed and to ask if I could start re paying asap, as there was no written or signed agreement for increase of £20 to £40. I sent this recorded delivery and got this response. TAKE FORMAL NOTICE Further to your recent communication, the content of which has been noted, I write to inform you that your case is currently allocated to one of our bailiffs( Bailiffs name number) you should direct all queries to the bailiff in charge of your case. I have tried speaking to the bailiff and he has told me if i dont pay £477 by friday then bailiffs will be instructed to remove goods or any motor vehicles by monday 3rd june!!!!!! Sorry for waffling on but I am just desperate!!!!
  6. Hi Everyone. I came home yesterday to find a hand delivered letter from Equita saying the bailiff will attend my house in 24hours. If i do not pay the outstanding amount in full and cleared funds, he will attend my house and MAY remove goods in my absence which they tell me will be distressing. I have been reading on here what to do and i have requested the information from the Council regarding the Liability order they got in Court. First i knew of this was yesterday, surely i must have received a summon or something? But nothing. The CT was applied when i was on benefits so i don't see how i can owe the council anything. I have queried this with them and they said there were a period of 2 months which im liable for ( Benefit took 2 months to be awarded). The CT bill was from a previous address. I am currently homeschooling my 9 year old son so he is in the house with me. I am also a single parent on benefits. How do i deal with the Bailiff when he turns up please? Im scared to death and i dont want my son upset. Any help gratefully received, thank you.
  7. Had a baliff today a rather rude and horrible one , wanting a payment of £539.00 with fee of £200 for todays visit included . I asked why the fee was so high as I understood they can only charge so much He said it was because he was leving and enforcing. He then asked me if my husband was a roofer to which I replied yes as he is ... Then asked about the car on the drive which is in my name but its a disabled car so he did nt levy that He was rude demanding payment off me stating he was nt going to leave without some sort of payment and stated that if I paid my bills this would nt be happening his whole manner was scary well he scared me im on medication for stress and anxiety and I have a disabled son of 9 even after telling him this he did nt back off im still shaking . Before he left he posted a notice of seizure through the door and he s levied 3 pairs of ladders all of which my husband needs for his job the baliff knew this as I told him. After he went I phoned my local council office to receive not much better attitude the lady said if should pay my bills and the next step is committal to prison and she said I will be sent so im more paniced than ever . I asked about the baliffs fees and his manner to be told he s just doing his job im petified and don't know what to do if he comes back any advice much appreciated sorry for rambling I do this when anxious kymmie
  8. Hi All yesterday I get home from work and find a letter from equita stated that I have unpaid council tax. the letter says: I have today called to your property with regards to a WARRANT OF ARREST WITHOUT BAIL. which has been issued by Coventry magistrates court. please contact me on the number below to discuss the situation. should you fail to comply with the terms of this letter, we will have no alternative other than to arrest you and take you into custody without further warning. it is signed by warrant office: then there name (not my mistake, that's how it is signed office not officer ) then his mobile number. yes I know I owe council tax, but am still paying 30 pound a month for arrears, I was paying 195. then that finished but still pay the £30 for the previous years c/tax, I did however miss two months paying it but just paid it this month. the £30 is for a different address. this is the first time I have had equita here at my property it used to be newlyn until I joined your site and promptly stopped paying them and went straight to paying the council online through my bank. can they do this and if so what can I do now, I don't remember having a court summons through to attend court at any time. please help as this is stressing me out.
  9. Hi, Hoping you can help. I have an outstanding council tax debt which is with Equita bailiffs. I had an arrangement in place of £100 per month but missed a payment in Dec which I caught up with this week. My next payment isnt due till 31st Jan. Today we had a visit from the bailiff demanding full payment. I contacted Equita who said that everything was now with the bailiff. They gave me his name and according to the records he isnt registered as working with Equita!!!!!! Also even though I was late with the payment surely as I'm up to date it shouyld be fine. Please help, not sure what to do
  10. Two weeks ago I received a letter from Equita threatening bailiffs for outstanding Council Tax. I was certain that most of my CT for last year had been paid and any remaining would be covered by benefit for Feb/March 2013. However they wanted £107. I phoned the local authority - totally unhelpful and I then went into meltdown in the Customer Services Centre. The receptionist there said she could not help but told me to contact CAB, which I did. I had an anxious wait to see CAB but have had a letter today saying that the council have now withdrawn this from Equita as it was 'a mistake'. No apology, no flowers...
  11. Hi Forum! I thought you might be interested in some correspondence I've been having with TfL in relation to supposed ATR (Attendance to Remove) fees, and some truly hopelessly inadequate notices served by Equita when attending to levy, that (despite the requirements of the National Standards) did not even state the amount being sought, never mind giving a breakdown of how it had been arrived at. Where things stand now is that TfL have waived two sets of bailiff fees and one penalty charge (we had already agreed to pay the other), on the basis that no Form 9 had been issued when ATRs had been sought. So in some ways that is a **win**. However TfL do seem to be standing by the general practice of bailiffs claiming ATRs when no levy has been achieved (though TfL did apparently need to take 5 *months* to go away and think about this). This seems squarely contrary to the intentions of the law, so I'm interested to see what comments people have on what TfL have written. I am unhappy to leave things here, as it seems to me that this is a running sore that it is long past time that the Ombudsman should be asked to comment on (and I also feel personally guilty that I once let Westminster off the hook on this, by failing to take a Stage 2 response to Stage 3). Beyond that, a couple of other things that struck me as interesting in TfL's most recent response: * TfL claiming that a £210 ATR fee had been "calculated in the same manner as attending to levy distress", and is therefore "reasonable" -- when it is actually three times more than the ATL fee (£72), as well as being a fee for work that has already been charged for. * The way TfL try to sidestep round Culligan, without ever addressing the points made by the judge (and repeated by me) on their merits. * TfL moving from saying that it (August 2012), to saying (April 2013) -- TfL trying to distance itself from its contractors' activities? * And TfL now claiming that "all of TfL's contracted bailiffs issue a Form 9 when an attendance to remove fee is being charged". I'm interested: has anyone ever seen a Form 9 attached to a pre-levy ATL notice, in London or anywhere else? So: what do people think, and how best to move forwards? Anyhow, here is the actual correspondence: TfL's original Stage 2 response (August 2012, re-sent September 2012) My letter objecting to TfL's initial Stage 2 response (October 2012) An email from me from January 2013, after a carbon-copy enforcement action over a different ticket, again using the same hopelessly inadequate ATL notice and again seeking a grossly inflated fee, despite TfL having previously assured me that the previous time it had been due to Equita using an "out of date template" that was not a systemic error. Strangely, there's a curiously garbled sentence in the most recent response at paragraph 16, where TfL were perhaps going to discuss the field bailiff's agreeing to let me have 48 hours to raise this issue and try to have the warrant put on hold, followed by his subsequent clamping of the car a mere 24 hours later. (Fortunately I was able to get TfL to direct him to release it before it was towed away). TfL's reconsidered Stage 2 complaint response. (April 2013) Note that it was only with TfL's stage 2 complaint response (below) that it became clear that the bailiffs had been seeking to charge an ATR fee. Up until this stage it had seemed that the bailiffs might have been trying to charge for three visits (although the numbers didn't add up, and their first description of the property was way off). Quite forceful representations had also been made about the inadequacy of Equita's ATL notices. TfL's Stage 2 response (6 August 2012): I therefore wrote this email, of 2 October 2012, asking TfL to reconsider their Stage 2 position: That was followed by this email of 7 January from me, relating to the second ticket and ATL notices, which led to the clamping (followed by un-clamping) incident the next day: Finally, here is a reconsidered "Stage 2 review" email from TfL, received yesterday:
  12. . . From the posts on the forum and enquiries that we receive there is little doubt that bailiffs (many times with the agreement of the local authorities) are charging fees that are frankly illegal. Almost always...debtors are forced to pay either because of threatening behaviour by the bailiffs or more often....ignorance of the fee scale. The public really ought to be aware of the scale of the abuse to the fees scale and worryingly, the way in which this is frequented by bailiffs working on behalf of local authorities that contract out their council tax enforcement to "back office" providers such as CAPITA Ltd. As most frequent posters to this forum will know....in almost all cases where CAPITA Ltd are the "back office" providers...the Contract to provide bailiff services is strangely awarded to EQUITA Ltd. This is a very common scenario and in fact, affects two of the largest local authorities in the Country.....Birmingham City Council and Westminster Council. For anyone new to this forum......Equita Ltd are owned by Capita Ltd. Approx 10 days ago we received an enquiry from a sole trader who has a small office in Westminster and a Liability Order had been issued against his business for arrears of Non Domestic Rates in late Feb 2013 March and payment required by 6th March. He contacted Westminster approx 4 days late and and was told that the account had been referred to EQUITA Ltd. Strangely, he was even given the name and contact details for the bailiff !! As mentioned above, he was just a few days late in making payment !! He contacted the bailiff on the telephone to make the payment in full of approx £3,000 and was staggered to be told that there must have been an error and the amount needed to clear the debt was £750 more that he thought. It was at this stage that the debtor spoke with me and I advised him to speak with the bailiff to ask whether any visits had been made. The bailiff confirmed.....no visit had yet been made. My advice.....was to make payment of the full amount to Westminster Council and to write a letter of complaint. Predictably of course...the complaint to Westminster was answered by Capita Ltd and the following is taken from their reply: Equita Ltd is indeed part of the Capita Group however both areas of the business have separate Contracts with the City of Westminster which are monitored. To date, no evidence of a conflict of interest has arisen. I note your comments with regards to Mr xxx and the bailiff fees (of £750). Equita Ltd has advised me that the amount quoted to you was the POTENTIAL figure that WOULD have been due IF THE BAILIFF HAD ATTENDED and Levied on goods with the intention to remove if payment was not made. The case has now been returned by Equita Ltd and the balance is now nil. How many other small businesses and individuals have paid this fee without question !!!! If this is how local authorities are treating small companies is it any wonder that we have businesses closing at such a rapid rate......
  13. Hi all, newbie here both with the forum and the laws of council tax bailiffs! On the 01/03/13, we received a bailiff removal letter - the usual scary stuff delivered by hand but with no note of how much we owed. We phoned the bailiff who told us that of the £674 that we owed to the council, they wanted an extra £250 of fees and for the entire balance of approx £930 to be paid in full on monday. We have not received any other correspondence from Equita prior to this letter we received on the 01/03. I tried to ring the company's call center to inquire what the £250 fee was for and was shunned away, being told only the bailiff officer can tell me that. They offered to send a breakdown in costs that would take 14 days to arrive, a bit pointless considering more costs will incur during that time period! So I rung the bailiff officer, rudest person I have talked to for a while! Talked over me the entire time and hung up on me, not understanding that we had no idea of this debt with them and the only evidence for any visit to our property was a single letter on friday. He especially didn't like it when i threw some Section 5 on his @##! The last thing he said before he cut me off was that he had a warrant and bailiffs would be visiting today. I have now spoken to Lewisham Council and have paid the full £674. They will contact the bailiff and advise them the account is settled and I have been told to write a complaint to both the council and Equita. It feels like a shakedown, we knew nothing of this debt being with Equita until friday just gone, yet the fees they have added on do not seem appropriate. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, It's scary stuff! Many Thanks!
  14. Hello Everybody, long time lurker first time poster so please be gentle! I hope somebody can help us, as it seems that we are not the only people to have had problems with Equita. My Partner and myself have had debt chasing us from our teenage years, and as such have had experience in dealing with Debt Collection Agencies, both helpful and unhelpful, to pay back what we owe. Equita, however, are in a different league! I apologise if this is more long winded than it needs to be. My partner received a letter from the local council informing her of a parking offence (of which she received no ticket on the car, and neither of us can remember parking without getting a ticket), and so we fired off the obligatory online 'appeal'. We didn't think to press it or chase it as, at the time, we had far more pressing and personal issues to deal with. The next thing we knew, we received a letter from Equita, explaining that the debt had been passed on to them and would be required to pay them. We started to pay them weekly, and then my partner asks for a breakdown from them as to what we owe. Another two requests later, and they send one through, dated 19th October. This is what it stated: Debt: £82.00 Initial letter: £11.20 Visit/Levy fee: £56.00 Attendance charges: £167.00 Card fees: £3.75 Giro Book/Admin fee £4.85 VAT £48.56 Total £373.36 Payments received £160.00 BALANCE £213.36 We were mortified as the amount we owed had actually INCREASED, and as such we contacted them enquiring about where these charges had come from, more specifically, the levy charge (we don't know what one is!) and attendance charges. We were told that this was when a bailiff comes to your home to which we replied that there never had been a bailiff come to the house, and the only letters we received were posted, not hand delivered! In our not-so-infinite wisdom, we refused to pay any more money until they could tell us when the bailiff had actually attended to incur these fees, as it seems they are making it up. Low and behold, a bailiff then turns up (i know, duh), he doesn't knock, he posted a demand notice and left. We figure the most sensible thing to do is just get back to paying it, however we were only making sporadic payments as this was all we could afford, however we made the following payments since then. 5th Nov £94.00 14 Nov £26.50 22nd Nov £23.00 As far as we were aware this left a balance of £69.86. We then received a letter on 7th December dated 4th Dec WARNING NOTICE, beginning "Our removal team recently called in your area to remove goods to clear your debt, but were unable to meet with you" RUBBISH. Also, signed Bailiff Manager (Very personal, not even a name to contact). My partner contacted them to be told we owed £112.00! She calmly queried this but was treated rudely and aggressively, being told "you have two choices, pay it, or we'll come and take your stuff, it's as simple as that." I was fuming and called them demanding to speak to a manager being curtly told that one would contact us within 24 hours, and having the phone put down on me. Within an hour a bailiff turned up, knocking very quietly and trying to put a letter through the door before I opened it giving him the shock of his life. The letter was a BAILIFF REMOVAL notice, stating at the top "I have called at your home today to execute a warrant issued by Northampton County Court." More rubbish, how was he doing that when he was posting and running?! Handwritten on the letter was LEFT TO PAY = £75.14, so ANOTHER different amount! I told him i wanted it sorting right now, and I asked him where the fees had come from, seeing as he'd never been here before the fees were added. His answer was that they put a levy fee and attendance fee on as soon as they come to the property to take the VRN. I said, how do you know thats our car? He replied that he confirmed it from the council paperwork, so I said so basically you didn't come round, you just copied the reg from one piece of paper to another, and we've been charged £200 for that? to which the little begger SMILED, and said they just do as they are told. We agreed to pay £40.00 then and there, and he called the office and used our card to pay it, he also had two giro books (£4.85 each) that we neither needed or asked for removed from the account, leaving £25.44 to pay. My partner made a payment of £27.00 on 14th January to finally get rid of this hideous ordeal. Hooray! Until today. We received a letter this morning - FINAL DEMAND - Warrant of execution dated (Blank), Our removal team recently called.... etc as above. Yet again, as with all their letters, there is no amount listed on the letter - so she calls to be told she owes a little over £30! This is getting ridiculous now, she demanded to speak to a manager, they refused giving her a standard info@equita email address and told her that if she complains the bailiff action will still continue. My partner has been in tears all morning and as you can probably tell by my rambling post I am furious. These **** seem to make things up as they go along with no recourse for their actions. Is there ANYYTHING we can do? We are so drained by all of this please help! Thank you to anybody that managed to stay with my ramblings long enough to finish this post!
  15. Hi Guys, I am sure that this has been asked a thousand times but I have tried searching and cant seem to find a definative answer. I have requested the breakdown of charges from equita and they are as follows: Debt: £263.16 Statutory Visit Fees: £42.50 Levy Fee: £31.00 Attendane Fee: £140.00 Card Fee: £1.00 Total £477.66. So firstly I have only ever been visited twice, both times I was not at home so their visit fee is correct. BUT, the levy fee and attendance fee?? I have never recieved notice of the levy or why they would bring a van to take goods that I have not had notice of. Also, I live at my partners house, it is not my house - if they gained access for example through an open door and did a levy of goods can this be classed as trespass as I had already informed them at the beginning that I did not own the house or the belongings within the house which if they record calls they will have a record of this. Is there anyway I can claim back the levy and attendance fee? Just little help would be gratefully recieved. Thanks for looking.
  16. Hi all, I am totally new to the forum so please forgive any errors or omissions. In short I am at the point where I need some advice and have been strugglingto find it anywhere and am open to all advice. In short back in 2008 I became a victim of a Certified Bailiff working onbehalf of Equita. Having failed to pay a Penilty Charge Notice (parking fine) issed by LeedsCity Council. I have been intending to publish the whole storey here which may providesome inspiration to other victims of their overcharging regime, this will be a lengthyprocess and I will start shortly. I have recently made an application to Northampton Court using Mony ClaimOnline. This claim has been defended by Equita. Can anyone help me with the terminology used in section (4) of their defenceagainst my claim, specifically their reference to s11 Distress for Rent Act1988, and its relevance in this matter? I am aware that this relates to charges provided by particular bailiffs andthe fees that they can charge, I however consider that my claim for any refundin this matter is the responsibility of the agent of the bailiff this beenEquita. Equita notice of defence 1. It is confirmed that Equita were instructed on 9th September 2008 toenforce a warrant for an unpaid Penalty Charge Notice from Leeds City CouncilIssued in the Northampton County Court under references ********** (bailiff ref********) in the name of * ******* of ** ******* ****** ***** ****** in respectof a Silver Renault Megan vehicle registration number ******* in the sum of£95.00. 2. Letters were sent to Mr, ******* and an initial bailiff visit was made tothe given address following receipt of a warrant including bailiff charges inaccordance with the regulations, but no contact whatsoever was received. 3. In the absence of any payment or an agreed payment plan, our bailiffre-attended with a removal vehicle on 15th October 2008 with a view to removinggoods, but he was unable to obtain a reply. However following this visit Mr,******* contacted the bailiff and paid the outstanding debt inclusive of bailiffsfees and charges which had risen to £366.49 in total. 4. Looking at the particulars of this claim, it is clear that the claimamounts to a challenge against the amount of the bailiff fees and chargeslevied by Equita. We assert all fees and charges are in accordance with TheEnforcement of Road Traffic Debts (Certificated Bailiffs) Regulations 1993 (as amended).If the claimant wishes to challenge the bailiffs ’ fees and charges the proper remedywould be to make an application in accordance with section 11 of the distressfor Rent Act 1988 for a detailed assesement. We therefore assert it is an abuseof process to lodge a challenge using the "money claims on-line"process and respectfully request the claim should be struck out. 5. In conclusion we believe in lodging this claim 4 years after the eventthe claimant is merely trying to recover bailiffs fees and charges properlycharged by bailiff in the enforcement of a Court warrant. All bailiff chargeshave been raised in accordance with the above named regulations. We thereforestandby our actions in pursuing him for the outstanding debt and fees, andreject this claim in its entirety. Many thanks
  17. Back in July, I moved house (and to a different town and different local authority area at that). I had earlier this year had a large number of PCNs, most of which were succesfully fought and repealed with one outstanding which I paid. As far as I was aware all outstanding matters had been dealt with, and there certainly weren't any new PCNs in the last month or so before leaving, so if there were and the ticket was removed from my car I would have had time for the NTO to arrive before leaving. Today, I've come home to a letter from Equita regarding an unpaid ticket which apparantly has been through the court and a warrant of execution granted. They do not include any PCN number, any reference number for the warrant of execution they apparantly have, the VRN of the car involved, nor are they demanding any specific amount of money, only that I contact them before 'further enforcement proceedings' are started. The usual bailiff threats of a visit from the door and removing goods are not made. In the past I did have some PCNs which ended up with Equita, and this is not like any letter I've seen before, those all demanded a specific amount of money, were properly reference with the PCN and VRN and were much more specific about what would happen if I didn't pay. Also, as I scrapped my car as part of the move I've never had it registered as my new address, nor have I registered on the electoral role so I'm uncertain how they've even found me - my only guess can be they've searched council tax registers for people with the same name (my surname is uncommon) and are fishing to see what response they get. This is also the only letter I've had regarding this alleged ticket at all, so if they or the council knew where I was previously I would have expected correspondance before things got to this stage. A few things I'm wondering Is this likely to be a fishing letter to see if I'll respond or would they actually take action against this address without response from me or something else to confirm that I am the person they are looking for - if they are fishing it's even possible that this has nothing to do with me - my name might be uncommon but there were 2 of us in the phone book at my old town! Can they proceed without some kind of verified proof of where I live? What would be the status of the warrant of execution that already exists? Would that be to levy distress at a specific address (i.e. my old one only) or would it cover anywhere where they know (or believe) me to be? Would 'further enforcement proceedings' mean that they need to go back to court before they can do anything else at a different address? Can I apply to have the court order for the warrant of execution set aside on the grounds that I didn't know I was being taken to court and have had no opportunity to defend myself? If I go down the route of making an out-of-time witness statement on the grounds that I didn't have the opportunity to fight the PCN, accept it and pay a lower fee, or file a witness statement in time is this likely to be succesful (I've never had success with an O-O-T yet, but I've never before had the argument that I didn't live at the address they sent the information to)? Can I find relevant information out without contacting Equita - it's not about avoiding a ticket, it's more that to them all I am is a name with a sum of money attached to it and their greater concern is getting me to pay it, not about whether or not I actually owe it or have grounds to fight it so I don't consider them an impartial body to get information from! How long would Equita wait before taking any further action, to give me an idea of how long I have to sort this out? Any help would be greatfully appreciated!
  18. Hi CAG'ers, Following being away from my rented property and letting it to tenants over the past 5 years, I came back to the UK in March 2010 and moved into my flat. The council chased me for previous years CT and issued liability orders for those years. I told them that I am keen to pay and on receiving the Income and Expenditure Form said that I could afford £200 p.m. They said that they wanted full and final payment due to the sum and as I could not pay fully, they handed the case to Equita and they asked me to pay 400pm which I refused as I could not pay other exigencies at that rate. I have been paying 200 p.m (to Equita) for the past 4 months and spoke to them on the telephone and they said that I should continue paying, however the baliff action will still continue. I have been receiving letters on a weekly basis with 2 site visits 'Delivery be hand - Payment due in full-24 hours' being the latest one, however they stood outside and posted the letter through my box.. They cannot gain entry into my flat as the block (3 flats) is very secure, however I do park my car about 15 mins walk away now. However, I want to de-escalate the situation... Can the baliffs force entry through breaking locks to gain entry, as the last letter said that they will 'remove goods in my absence' ? Can I now start paying the Council directly instead of Equita? Can I lobby the head of the Council re: attempting to agree a repayment schedule? Can I take the issue to court and voluntarily agree a schedule of payments of £200 p.m? Are there any other options in terms of debt arrangements that I can take up that will not adversely affect my credit rating? Thanks in advance Tony
  19. Hello I am new to the site and as my first post i would just need some clarification. My Mother is 73 years old and this year had her CTB reviewed well to cut a long story short she was found to be in arrears for this current years tax bill. she was hesitant in what to do and instead of coming to myself or another family member she let it spiral into where Equita are now involved, even though she was calling to agree to pay the agreed sum Manchester City Council offered. her LO is for £409.65p from the original £365.86p CT arrears.we got a letter from equity saying the usual pay before etc etc (as previously stated on your great site) but she was contacted by their Bailiff and told my mother she would be at the home on the 5th of Dec and would accept the full amount. of £409.65p my mother waited in all day and nothing until 5pm when the bailiff telephoned saying she couldn't of come today she was stuck in Barnsley and now the fee would be £580 a letter was hand delivered the next morning with the dreaded Notice of collection within 24 hours. the Bailiff will not answer her phone, the company says she must deal with the baliff and the council say the same thing. we spoke to our local Councillor who said we should e-mail the council tax office about reclaiming the debt for this years CT and pointing out she is willing to pay the complete debt of £409.65 off, but before he goes into bat for us he wants to hear their explanation. both the Councillor and a very nice lady from the CT office (on our third attempt) was baffled and only usual fees were no more than the £40 odd mark email was sent and via return auto mail says i should hear within 3 and via phone which said 7 days.(completely baffled) but in the meantime the threat of the knock on the door is scaring my mother silly. I have taken time off work for the past 2 days to ease her mind on this but can't afford to take anymore time off. we have done the following. Locked all doors and windows and make sure the door is locked between 6 am and 9pm told Equita that we have been in contact with the council about taking the debt back and can they call off their dogs whilst this is being done...i know they said they would but am highly suspicious they did this to get us off the phone. kept in contact with the council tax office but not mentioned anything else just if my mothers case is being looked at. my main questions are these...Because this is for this years tax bill can my mother still pay this off via online or automated telephone systems to stop Equita in their tracks? and should we pay Equita the visiting costs or the council? thank you in advance and many many thanks for all the great advice that has been offered on other threads as this has helped alot in the past couple of days and to all those in other threads i hope all your problems are quickly resolved
  20. Hi. Could someone help me..we have been charged all these fees for our council tax debt.. Debt £1,217.24 statutory visit fees £42.50 levy fee £54.00 attendance charges £167.00 card payment fee £4.00 first of all the levy fee dont know what he levied on because we were out at work. Attendance fee he never came in a van, only a car. Because my daughter was in but she never answered the door. He has been twice.
  21. I wonder if you can help me please? Had a letter put through my door this morning from Equita Bailiffs. I knew their visit was imminent so the vehicle was moved to another address so it could not be clamped. I am in the process of sending an application to file a statement out of time/extension of time but have no idea what to put. We never received the original PCN. What concerns me is that the Bailiff states on the letter that ' if you fail to contact me within the next 24 hours I will have no alternative but to reattend your property AT ANY HOUR OF THE DAY OR NIGHT to impound your vehicle/remove goods. Is this correct? I thought they could only attend during reasonable hours i.e. 07.00 am to 19.00 at night? Many thanks Deb Another point to mention, I have just checked online to see if the Bailiff is certified and he is not. I have searched under his name and Equita's. He signs the letter 'Bailiff in Charge'. Thanks again Bump
  22. http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/358261/Miss-GB-finalist-denies-benefits-[problem]-over-lover I have checked and this bailiff is certificated with Equita. He is also named in the paper. Dosnt it make you sick though. There are genuine people out there who struggle every day trying to pay their rent etc especially now it is all changed and people on benefits have had their reduced. Loved to know how she is getting so much HB for a 4 bed house with only one child. Here we have a bailiff who is meant to be law abiding, probably collecting on behalf of the people he is defrauding. How ironic is that. I hope he loses his certificate over this, there are just far too many rogue bailiffs out there thwarting the law, its about time the powers that be started doing something about it instead of talking about it as they do too often and nothing changes. Those who defraud the benefits are responsible for why genuine people who have no choice but to claim are made to suffer. This is not an isolated case either. Bailiffs have been reported many times for fraudulent behaviour. It just seems that many fraudsters become bailiffs because they know how to milk the system so it benefits them and here we have proof of it happening.
  23. Hi, New to the forum, I had a problem two years ago, i lost my job had no money coming in, and couldn't afford to pay my council tax, I informed Birmingham City Council of this problem, and told them as soon as my benefits were sorted I'd be paying what i could, it took a little over six weeks. In this time the account was passed to Equita, i phoned the council who refused to tralk to me about the issue, telling me i had to speak with the bailiff, So i spoke with the bailiff, who demanded an unrealistic amount of money up front??? I refused and have since been dodging them and refusing to speak with them. Last month I decided to do the right thing and set up a payment plan with Equita, I agreed to £25 per fortnight, (I'm still out of work and on benefits:evil:) thinking this was the right thing to do, the bailiff left and said the arrangement had been agreed. Two days later a letter come through saying that £50 a fortnight had been accepted, i tried contacting the bailiff, and tried to call the office, who told me i had to speak with the bailiff, Anyway, today at 12:15 there was a knock at the door, and a bailiff was there, i said i had no intentions of speaking with him and asked him to leave, as i was trying to sort the problem out with the council. He refused to leave and kept knocking my door and on the window, after opening the door the third time, i told him to leave or i'd call the police, he said "as i have a liability order against you the police won't help you", I told him to leave or i was calling the police, The fourth time, i spoke to him through the bedroom window, i told him my partner was calling the police, within a minute he was gone. Not before shoving a letter through my box, with the typical bailiff threats. and a Notice of Seizure and inventory of goods, With costs detailed below Amount owed to the Council -:- £350.37 Bailiff costs -:- £227.50 Total Amount outstanding £577.87? I've tried to make another arrangement with the bailiff for £50 per month and been told its not acceptable, Telling me i should ask family or friends for the money, or they will be back Monday, to take my goods and car. I'm at a lose here, not sure what to do, or how to remove this threat/issue. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi all, Have received a removal notice today from Equita, containing the veiled threat; 'may remove goods even in your absence'. I've checked the bailiff register and this person was registered at Northampton, so is he allowed to use such phrases, or am I overreacting a bit? Because of health problems I have I don't think I can deal with talking by phone (plus I've seen the advice not to do so) so will text him to advise that I'm speaking to the council for information about liability orders, etc. and will email the council for the info and request they call off the bailiffs whilst discussions are ongoing. Do you think this is will be ok? Any advice will be gratefully received.
  25. Hello, I was hoping somebody might be able to help me here. I have Equita chasing me for outstanding council tax and am happily ignoring them. Does anybody know how long they wait before handing the debt back to the council? ..and should I complain to them now about the unlawful charges or wait until it goes back to the council? I'm wondering if contacting them at the moment will encourage more visits, letters etc If anybody has any experience of this I would be grateful of their views. Many thanks
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