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Found 135 results

  1. got a PCN a couple of months back, having parked in a council car park to go to the cinema, a gust of wind must of blown my ticket of the dash when closing the door. Sent a appeal as soon as to the council with the original ticket (i took photos for myself) which was rejected, I had to laugh as they sent a picture of the dash of the car, which had about 8 other pay and display tickets on, (Lazy moi?) I would like them to prove that it wasn't displayed in the picture! my partner has been in hospital and ive only just got round to dealing with this again, as I have had a letter from Equita saying it needs to be paid, it doesnt even say in the letter how much, but does say if its not paid soon (no timeline given) extra charges will be added blah blah blah. I have had this once before where I have genuinely paid and upon providing proof it has gone no further, just feel like the council are trying to get more money out of me. Can anyone advise, id be really grateful
  2. Just looking for a bit of advice. I have recieved a letter from my landlord that an equita bailiff was coming to remove some of my possessions for an unpaid parking fine. I have done a lot of research into this and read a lot on this forum and i feel that the fines that i am being charged are rather excessive. Now this letter was sent to a previous address of mine and thus i havent had any letters that this matter had gone into bailiff hands. They are now charging me £421 for one visit to attempt to remove my vehicle. I have now changed my vehicle registration and council tax and have been told that another warrant for this address is in the post. The letter states that i owe £96 in a visit fee, attendance to remove fee of £140 plus the vat of £73 which rounds up my current balance of £421 on an original fine of £112. I have taken the steps to contact the council and they have kindly put this on hold for myself untill the end of this month. On speaking to the bailiff he has given me a different listing of what i owe him. £112 on origianal parking fine, £80 visit fee plus £16 VAT, £167 charge from the northampton council plus the VAT of £33.40 which doesnt even total the £421 that he is saying that i owe. Am i best to pay the money and appeal the case? Or is there any other process i go down to conclude the matter? I am very worried that my car will be clamped or removed even though my case is on hold and the inconvenience of me not having my car as it is locked up, away from any associated address and this is really making my life an inconvenice. I appreciate that i owe money to council buit feel that the bailiff fines are excessive from my research. Any advice would be highly appreciated.
  3. Does anyone have a scan or a link to an example of an Equita walk in possesion order? I saw one a while back and there was something on it that gave me a "raised eyebrow " moment. I don't need to see any personal details at all , just the actual form
  4. Afternoon, wonder if you knowledgeable people could help me, I received a hand delivered letter today through my door from Equita bailiffs. I owe a large amount of council tax I had an arrangement for a default on a previous year with them last year and was making payments until my son was admitted to hospital for 3/4 of last year. It is now just starting to affect me,,, antidepressants and sleeping tablets. I tell you this in case anyone wants to know why I didn't keep to the payment arrangement. I also defaulted on last years CT bill so now owe a substantial amount - over £1000 I have a car that is on HP with Moneybarn, I've had it for 10 months. I have read bits and pieces on here and on the web that bailiffs can't take a car on HP but am well aware of their underhanded tactics at times. I know I need to get a copy of my HP agreement to Equita and copy Birmingham city council in on it too but I need some guidance on what my letter should say. Also can the bailiffs take my car and do a deal with Moneybarn regardless. I am pretty sure Equita will demand the full amount which I have absolutely no way of paying, does anyone know how I can go about getting them to accept another arrangement or even getting the council to take the debt back and let me pay them direct. I have even thought about asking the council to make an attachment of earnings order. Sorry for the long windedness - one very stressed out mum and I know many others are feeling the same as me too Thanking you in advance.
  5. Hi Ive just had bailiff from equita turn up about 3 pcns for using the congestion charge without paying (was on autopay, card lost and cancelled and forgot to put new card details onto account) ignored letters and now im paying the price. I recieved a letter at the start of the month from equita, for one pcn at 215.44 I then contacted tfl who informed me that i had 3 outstanding pcns all with the bailiffs I then phoned up equita to attempt a repayment plan and offered 75 a month for the 3 pcns at 215.44 to which they refused and said they would only accept 215.44 a month but i could still get visits and extra charges in the meantime. I left it at that. Today a bailiff turned up saying about removal of goods etc. demanding 565.84 for 1 fine and payment on the other 2 fines at 215.44 within 30days. Ive paid it off as im living with parents and my mum wasnt impressed to say the least. Now broke until payday. Now my question is, how does the fee double without any correspondence? The breakdown of fees as written on the letter they handed me is as follows PCN 202 i understand this 1st letter 11.20 plus 2.24 vat i understand this 2nd letter delivered by hand today 57 plus 11.40 vat i dont see how this is allowed Bailiff 60 plus 12 vat i understand this Attendance to remove 175 plus 35 vat i have no idea what this is for How can i get charged bailiff fees then another 57 plus vat for him to scribble on paper and give it to me? Again with attendance to remove, ive already paid for his attendance and he hasnt taken anything, but im still having to pay for it? Have i just been effectivley robbed? Any help is much appreciated
  6. hi all. long time reader, first time poster. here is my story and where i'm at. start of august i drove through a bus lane on 3 seperate occasions when late to work (stupidly told camera's didnt work / late for work) recieved 3 pcn's through post, stupidly, again, chose to ignore. ended up going to northampton tec,notice to owner, each then £90 each. paid 1st one 25th october, last 2 then went up to £97. paid 2nd 15th november and then the last on 29th november. haven't been living at home past few months, picked my post up on friday and only opened todayat work to see one from Equita dated 31/01/2014. so to my horror i instantly went onto Equitas site and filled out a contact form asking for them to email me back (i asked to keep all correspondences in writing) asking how much it was they are saying i owed (as it didnt say on the letter / i was fully aware that all my pcns had been paid) now this is where it gets interesting. upon going back through my inbox and my payment receipts to coventry city council it seems i have paid the same pcn twice. these dates being 15th & 29th november. around 1pm i emailed the parking enforcement & tec the following as you can see, i have somehow managed to pay CV73289295 twice, with the letter from Equita stating CV3288055. that one obviously the one they are now chasing. then at 5pm i had a phonecall from my mother (address im still registered to) saying a bailiff had posted a BAILIFF REMOVAL FORM through the door today. instantlly told her not to answer to anyone etc. where i do stand now not hearing back from the council? are these charges lawful? i obviously dont want someone constantly knocking on my parents door. my dads car is parked on the drive too and i dont want them thinking they can clamp that too. should i phone Equita tomorrow explaining the situation or get onto the council as Equita are acting on behalf of them as their agent? any help would be much appreciated, Lee.
  7. Hi, im hoping someone can give me some advice. I had a liability order against me, which i then agreed a repayment plain with the council directly, at the end of last year i missed two months payment, due to my husbands hours at work being cut, and having two toddlers to feed and clothe. I have today received a letter from Equita bailiffs saying if i dont pay or enter into a satisfactory arrangement then they will visit to remove goods. I have rung the number on the letter, and they have given me the mobile number of a bailiff and told me i need to ring him directly as he has my case. I know people on here say not to contact the bailiffs, but i really dont want this escalating further, i have left a voicemail message with this person asking for them to ring me back. I cannot pay the full amount of £731.50 i am hoping he will agree to an arrangement plan. My question is, at what stage of the whole bailiffs procedure am i at? the letter didnt mention imminent repossesion (it only mentioned it if i didnt pay or enter into an arrangement) what are my chances at this point of them agreeing an arrangement? on a total of £731 what would be the amount they would accept? The fact that the equita office wont deal with me and they want me to ring him directly has scared me and makes me think a visit is imminent. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi everyone, Hope someone can help. Me and the other half fell into arrears with council tax last year and we received notice of a liability order, and information saying they were going to apply for an attachment of earnings from my partner. Great no probs, from their percentage scales they'll only be able to take an affordable amount anyway. Ever since then we've heard nothing about the arrears at all, and today we received a letter from equita through normal post with a 24 hour removal notice which is dated 24/01/2013. They state that they have tried to make contact with us, but we've not had anything else posted or shoved through the door since the last contact from the council. They're threatening with charges in excess of £200 will be added. The letter isn't even signed by a person, just the bailiff manager in lovely script print. Should we contact the council and just pay them directly? Bit annoyed that we've not received any other correspondence from them about it after their initial letters. Thanks Bri
  9. I am hoping some of you can help me, my daughter has had 3 bailiffs letters re a parking offence, she doesn't deny that she owes some money and she has good cause re not dealing with it, she is being treated for depression and is currently in fear of her life due to violent former boyfriend, she has made statements to police and is going to be a witness in the court case, despite threats from him. I wrote a letter ( on her behalf) to equita and explained her situation and informed them that the situation came under the vulnerable debtors, clause and asked them to send the debt back to the council, I have sent the letter twice, had an email acknowledgment , however all they did was write back, gave a breakdown of charges and ignored the vulnerable debtors bit and told her she could expect a call from them anytime within the next 7 days and they would clamp her car, she is frightened enough about knocks on the door ( with violent ex) Can anyone advise what to do next? Thanks
  10. Hi guys, I received a Bailiff removal letter through the door yesterday demanding payment within 24 hours for my Council Tax. There was no mention on how much was owed. I have called the number at the bottom but it just goes to voice mail so left a message. He still hasn't got back to me so I phoned the Council to find out how much i owed. They told me the amount that was passed to Equita. I asked if i could pay them direct but they said i had to pay the Bailiffs direct. I mentioned that i couldn't get through so they gave me a number to call for their head office. I phoned this number to ask how much was outstanding to be told by a very rude person that i need to contact the Bailiff direct as they don't have the amount on their system. I in turn told them how much the council had told me but they refused to acknowledge the amount. I asked them how i was supposed to pay it if I can't get through and they just said they would give him a message. I am happy to pay the council direct by an online payment or automated payment line for the amount they say is outstanding but am worried about any fees and proving that I have paid the council direct. Could you give me some advice please. Thanks
  11. Hi folks, I had my car clamped a few days ago for a TFL camera parking PCN I knew nothing about, issued last August. The bailiff was actually a very decent bloke, but told me I had to pay £572 immediately and that the car was earmarked for removal at any time, which would escalate the costs to £700-800. I said as I had had no communication about this PCN at all, and more importantly from Equita, (who because I had a very unpleasant run-in with years ago, I wouldn't have let it go this far) could I have a few hours to make enquiries, and why was the total so large? He said 2 letters had been sent, it was out of his hands and to call the office, who may be able to help. I did so - I was working and had very little time to deal with this - and obviously got the hardest-nosed woman in the history of bailiffs who spoke to me very rudely. She kept telling me it was up to the bailiff - but he wouldnt answer his phone. It was impossible to communicate with this person (I do understand that this is their MO), and the post then came, with what turned out to be the only letter they had sent, dated Jan 3rd. This was Jan 7th. letter asked me for £215. I opened it as I was on the phone to them, and asked if I could at least pay this, instead of nearly £600. Is it legal to add this much without warning? I had no choice but to pay, as I had just about enough, and wouldn't have been able to afford the extra if they'd towed and impounded it. What is my next step. Can I apply for an OOT when I've already paid? Advice gratefully received. T
  12. Hi caggers Today I had a letter off Equita baillifs, This is what it says Dear Mr KnightonWe write with reference to the unpaid amount owing to south derbyshire district council for council tax A liability order has been granted by the magistrates. We therefore require the sum of £433.80 by return of post. Failure to discharge this debt will result in our bailiff calling without further notice to attempt to enforce the order by seizing your goods and chattels, which will then be sold at a public auction. This will involve considerable additional costs which will also become payable by you. Please contact our office immediately on 0844 561 8807 with your proposals for discharging this debt. Yours sincerlyBailiff Manager Now at the begining of the year i fell behind and agreed along with the council to pay £30 per month to equita. And have been doing until this November's payment. And then got this letter, so I phoned Equita and explained that as i'm in a mess with a few bills i innocently forgot to pay this one and could resume paying it from 15th December starting with last months and this months payment, i dont know why but i appoligised to them for my mix up with my bills. The chap on the phone first said that if they dont take the late payment now then the bailiffs will be coming, I told him i have no money at present and i'm not avoiding the debt it's simpley the case that i cant afford to pay today. Then he said he can put a note on my account saying that i can do a double payment in December, but he also said that this wouldnt stop the baillif coming still. I told the smug call centre agent that i have trufull with him and equita but if you insist that Baillif will still come to my property then he has gave me no choice in verbally Removing the implied right of access to my property (Monday morning I will do it in writing via letter so that they have a record of it). At the end of the call i told him that i recorded the call for any future reference that as and when it may be needed .He was not too happy about that and said i should of told him at the beginning of the call. Maybe I should but hey i forgot. So caggers any advice to stop these Mugs coming round, I am willing to pay but cant till 15th December. All help will be appreciated.
  13. Equita bailiffs turned up at a friends house yesterday, demanding payment of almost 2K for unpaid Council Tax for a property which is rented out. My friend explained that the property is rented and that as far as he is aware there was no outstanding amount. In November, he received a summons from the council, and he had phoned the council explaining that the property was occupied and that the tenant was paying the council tax. The council asked that all documents ie. Tenancy Agreements were emailed or faxed to them and that they will change their records. Nothing more was heard in regards to this issue since then. As mentioned, Equita bailiffs turned up yesterday. My friends didn't let them in, but phoned the council straight away and eventually spoke to a helpful person, who noted that a call was made in November and having gone through all the details, my friend only owed just over one month's worth of Council Tax. The figures are as follows: Council Tax owed = £334.93 Bailiff Costs = 244.50 As far as I am aware, this is the first and only visit by the bailiffs. Furthermore, the vehicle they came in was a car which had it's rear seats removed to create a larger storage area. As they weren't allowed into the house, they haven't made any levy against goods. There were two vehicles parked. One on the property itself and one on the road outside the house. Neither vehicle is in my friends name, therefore I don't believe they are allowed to levy on those either. The bailiffs were made aware that both vehicles are not in his name. My friend paid the council tax arrears and also paid the bailiff charges under duress. He was 3 young children, one of whom is very sickly. So I think they would fall in the vulnerable category. As I understand it, £24.50 should be the only legitimate amount the bailiffs can recover considering all the facts. The other £220.00 are illegal/ recoverable fees. I have already composed a letter to be sent to Equita, asking for a full breakdown of fees and all associated with it, however I'm having problems composing a letter to sent to the Council in regards to having a breakdown for the liability order. I'm sure I've seen something in the past, but for the life of my I can't seem to find it. If anyone can help compose the letter, I'd be extremely grateful. Does my friend have a just case to argue those fees? What steps would be recommended? Any help given is extremely appreciated
  14. Hi, would like some advice on my next step to take regarding a Council Tax bill and bailifs. Because i defaulted on payments to Equita they sent a hand delivered letter saying I must pay immediately. I called the Bailiff and he arranged to see me and I stupidly let him in (unaware I could refuse). As I am currently on SSP for the next 4 weeks I said I would pay £5 a week and he said there was no point. He would put it on hold until August (even though I wasn't sure if I'd be back to work then) and I'd need to pay £105 a month (stating they wouldn't give me years to pay, not that I asked for years). If I'm back to work this would be ok, but its not a certainty yet. He filled out a Form 7 listing an old Laptop. When I asked for a breakdown of costs he said I had 2 orders and they would be dealing with one at a time. Previously I had been paying a bit off of both from the £100 a month which seemed far more logical. So the one they are currently dealing with is the lesser amount; Council Tax owing - £365, Bailiff Costs - £237, Total - £522.90. This seems ridiculous for one visit & after reading a few posts on here seems excessive and wrong. My main questions are whether or not I can just start to pay the council £20 per month til I'm back to work and try and get rid of the bailiffs. If not what steps can I take to get rid of the £200+ charge which cancels out what I've paid already! Many Thanks, Naomi
  15. Had a visit from Equita this morning regarding 3 years arrears amounting to over £7k .. The demand was to pay in FULL immediately this sum, he showed me that he had scribbled down the registration no's of our two vehicles, one being mine the other is in my wife's name. My questions are ... The council tax is solely in my name does the bailiff have a 'levy' over my wife's car? but more importantly can I get this account sent back to the council by applying to the court and try to negotiate some sort of payment plan? What do I do with the bailiffs as they threatened to return at 5pm if I don't contact them. I will of course not be allowing them entry into my home...Thanks
  16. Hello to everyone. I have spent the last two days reading up on past threads in the hope that I may understand a little more about what is clearly a very unpleasant subject. My own situation is as follows; I was visited by a bailiff a few months back and talked/pressured into signing a Walking possession Order. I am kicking myself now but accept that there is little that can be done about it now. The debt was for just over £300 which has now been paid. During the course of my re-payment period, a debt came to light over arrears for a previous address. this figure is for just over £1100. I was visited by Equita last week and they have charged me £200 for this visit. They are charging on the basis that I failed to keep up payments. I have not signed a Walking Possession Order for this second, higher amount yet they are seemingly just adding it to the original levy of £300. Are they allowed to do this? I signed for a debt of £300, not to give them the licence to add anything they feel like at a later date. Any advice would be warmly received. Thanks
  17. I currently owe Council tax debt (it's actually five smaller sets of debt, so I get fve of each letter.) the council passed this on to Equita, who almost immediately started with a threatening letter. I phoned them and spoke to someone in order to negotiate an arrangement to pay. I offered £100 a month, which they refused and said they needed £250 a month (unsupportable) but I said I'd pay £100 a month anyway at the end of the month which was payday, at which point was told "that'll be taken into account." next thing I know, I get a standard form letter from "The Bailiff manager" (again, five copies for each of the five seperate instances) saying that they were going to send someone round that weekend. I was in the house all day both weekends, and no, nobody so much as called or knocked on the door, no letters, no nothing (cant say anything about the week as I would have been at work.) Now, I made that first payment last week (I paid them, although from reading this, I should have sent it directly to the council instead?) phoned up, they took the payment (oddly, as 40,40,20, not sure why) and runf off, no other communication, no other discussion. This weeked I came home to find another five letters, which claimed that "Despite repeated communications and numerous bailiff visits..." (what, all two letters and no visits whatsoever?) i still hadnt paid them or contacted them with an arrangement to pay they were going to send the bailiff round to remove goods. 1) Not going to let them in even if they do turn up. 2) I don't actually own enough goods to cover the debt, even at new sale prices, so no point. Don't think they understand that. 3) They seem to be lying in their letters about things they've done. None of these letters are signed with a name, just "Bailiff manager." It seems my good-faith attempt to pay and deal with this is being blandly ignored, and they're trying to push the process along by saying things that haven't happened (and I can't prove a negative, so proving they haven't been doing as they say they have is harder than them proving they have.) So, my question is, how do I handle them from here out?
  18. OPPOSITION councillors have expressed fears over a potential conflict of interest at the heart of one of the controversial One Barnet contracts. Just weeks after the £320million customer and support group contract with outsourcing firm Capita came into force, lawyers acting on behalf of bailiff firms Newlyn Collections Services Ltd and Phoenix Commercial Collections Ltd – which have been carrying out services for the council since 2005 – said they were considering seeking a court order against the authority and Capita....
  19. Well well what a surprise !!!! . For a full copy of the article...please see the link at the end of this post...... COUNCIL bosses are under pressure to investigate a possible conflict of interest after it emerged the company that hands out council tax benefit is also in charge of bailiffs that chase unpaid rates. Capita Group have an £11.5million annual contract to manage various services on behalf of Westminster, including collecting council tax and providing advice to residents who apply for reduced rates. When residents fall behind on council tax, private bailiffs are employed to pursue the debt. But unbeknown to them, Equita Ltd, one of the bailiff companies used by Westminster, are owned by Capita Group. It has led to claims of a “pincer movement” against residents as those who are unable to pay full council tax or think they qualify for an exemption have to contact Capita to put their case. If people are unsuccessful, and fail to keep up payments, their debt will pursued by bailiffs who include Equita. Capita say there is no conflict because both contracts were secured after a “rigorous and competitive tender process”. http://www.westendextra.com/news/2013/aug/call-probe-%E2%80%98bailiffs-and-tax-collector%E2%80%99-link
  20. A friend of mine has recently paid off Equita to the tune of £378 following a doorstep visit giving him 24 hours notice to pay. This is in respect of a parking ticket which he already had a payment arrangement with Equita which he was sticking to but they decided he had defaulted on. My friend had agreed a monthly repayment, made the first and second payments, but then got a knock from the bailiff who claimed his arrangement was not for monthly payments but for 4 weekly ones, and as such his second payment was made 2 days late. Although my friend pointed out that as he is paid monthly he would never have agreed to a 4 weekly payment and also pointed to the fact that he had made 2 payments as evidence that he was paying back his debt, the bailiff demanded full repayment within 24 hours or face removal of goods. No levy appeared to be made on any goods (he opened the door to him but the bailiff did not enter, and he now has a different car to the one at the time of the ticket so no car was levied on) and none is specifically claimed, but I couldn't see how in the absence of a levy the bailiffs fees could have got so high (almost £250 added on top of his repayment arrangement). I told him to request a breakdown, and Equita have replied with this: First Notice £13.44 First Visit Fee £42.00 Attendance Fee £200.40 Card Payment Fee £4.68 Giro Book / Admin Fee £5.82 When I questioned the huge 'attendance fee' he told me that the bailiff said this was for 'attending equipped to remove goods'. When my friend paid the fee the next day he request a receipt and a breakdown, at which point the bailiff went off to his van and came back handing him a form 9 for £167 + Vat of £33.40 to get to the £200.40 fee. The form 9 states this is for 'The cost of attending to remove goods on for the purpose of sale is calculated as follows: Number and type of vehicles used for removal - 1, Number of Men Employed - 1' My friend has confirmed that the bailiff turned up on his own in a small white van which presumably was the bailiff's own van and not one hired for the purpose. To me it seems a clear case of the bailiff can't charge any removal fees as he has no levy (the bailiffs don't even seem to claim one on their breakdown of charges) and thus no knowledge of what equipment he may require to 'attend equipped to remove goods'. The form 9 seems a bit inappropriate in this case too. Equita's breakdown does rather smugly state that all the charges are prescribed in 'The Enforcement of Road Traffic Debts (Certificated Bailiffs) Regulations 1993'. I looked at this quickly on legislation.gov.uk, but this seems to refer to debts under the Road Traffic Act 1991. However, the PCN was issued under the Traffic Management Act 2004. Any advice on what he can claim back here? My thinking is complaint to the council on the grounds that the bailiff company didn't set the original agreement up correctly (although he'll probably never prove that) but the £200.40 'attendance fee' seems completely contrived, and how strong are any of the others?
  21. Hoping someone can help. I received a letter last week from Equita Baliffs regarding alleged non payment of council tax. As I have been on council tax benefit since 2008, I was convinced that they had made a mistake but upon telephoning the baliff he confirmed he had a case file and advised me to contact Birmingham City Council. This I did and proceeded to go round in circles. The benefits department said it was the responsibility of the council tax department and vice versa. It appears that this is related to a matter dating back to 2010, when my council tax benefit was temporarily stopped due to them apparently not receiving documentation from myself. I attended court regarding this, stated my case and produced all correspondence and it was agreed that benefit should be backdated and all court fees etc would be quashed. I received a letter to this effect including an apology. However it appears for reasons best known to BCC, there was a month where benefits were not paid. They advised at the time that it was because it fell outside of the 6 month backdate period allowed, even though I attended court in June 2010 and the period in question is 11 May - 11 June. I wrote and telephoned on several occasions regarding this and have records of all correspondence, and as I heard no more I presumed that the matter had been resolved. The first time I realised that it had not was the letter from the baliffs. I received no court summons, no liability orders, nothing. I am now being told that because it was such a long time ago (their words) I need to write in and request a breakdown of benefits paid, and even then they may not be able to do anything about it because of the time period. No-one is prepared to put a hold on the case, no-one can advise me of what to do about the baliff demands. I have been told if I pay and the case is resolved in my favour then any moneys I pay will be refunded, but I can't afford to pay in the first place!! I spoke to the baliffs who said they would put a hold on the case for ten days, but then I had a hand delivered letter 5 days afterwards advising they had visited to seize my goods and would be returning. To add insult to injury, they have messed up this years benefit as well - saying they have asked for additional information on my circumstances (which have not changed). The only way I could stop this from also going to the baliffs was to agree to a payment plan of £70 a month - which I cannot afford, but I was told it would go to baliffs any time and that was the only way to stop this. They refused to consider any lesser payments even when I advised that I was a single parent on benefits, and said that I would not be able to get a claim backdated as rules have changed re time periods. I am absolutely terrified. I cannot get a answer from BCC and the investigation into this matter will take time. I realize I could go to the ombudsman but again that will take time which I do not have with the threat of baliffs banging on my door any day. I have all my doors and windows locked (not pleasant in this weather) and will not let them in, but the fear is there and exacerbating existing medical conditions (I receive incapacity benefit although I am not registered disabled). My two teenage daughters are similarily terrified - I have had to tell them what is going on so that they don't answer the door or leave it unlocked. Any advice at all on what I can do to delay any baliff visits/action until I can get the council to investigate and respond would be most gratefully appreciated.
  22. Hi there, I had a message from an ex-housemate as Equita had left a hand-delivered a letter regarding removal of goods for an unpaid PCN. I was aware that I had an outstanding PCN, but I hadn't gotten around to paying it. I've been working through my debts trying to get them in order, it's on my list just not been dealt with yet. I don't really understand what the procedure is and what my rights are, and wondered if someone could explain what happens? I phoned the bailiff on the number provided, he didn't have my paperwork with him so I'm awaiting a call back with details of the costs. Now I'm pretty sure I owe £140 but he was saying it would be somewhere between £500-600, which just seems crazy to me, I don't understand how it could get to that figure. I could afford to pay £140 today, but not £600, that would take me a few months, I simply don't have the kind of money lying about. The house he turned up at is in London, and I haven't lived there since November last year, so they haven't turned up at my current address. I now live in a completely different city. The car the PCN would have been issued to was sold in January this year, so I don't own a vehicle anymore. I also don't think I have any goods that would cover £600, expect maybe a 3 year old Macbook. I'd be happy to pay the PCN, it does mean sacrificing a payment to a different debtor, but I guess this has just become more urgent to resolve. I'm just not happy to pay hundreds of pounds in charges, as that would cripple me financially for the next few months, creating more of a debt problem when I'm trying to sort them out. The bailiff asked me if my driving licence was up to date with my current address as I don't think he believed I wasn't living at that property anymore, does that mean he'll just phone the DVLA to get my current address and just turn up? After reading some threads I'm starting to understand that bailiffs lie, and I need to ensure I do not let them in if they do turn up. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  23. Hi, I'm new to this site and am not very good with Forums. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on the following please:- On Thursday morning I had a hand delivered letter stating 'Bayliff Removal, payment required within 24 hours'. I phoned the number on the letter and spoke to the Bayliff who was very rude and intimidating. I asked how much I owed and he said £1,440.00. After checking with the Council, the outstanding amount is £1,117.00 (which is owed for the whole of this year until April 2014). I said I didn't have it and could i pay in installments and he said that he would accept £200.00 per month but he would have to come to my premises the next day to issue a 'Walking Possession' I agreed but after reading many posts decided to phone him and tell him I wasn't prepared to let him in my home and there was no need for him to call. He then told me that without this I would need to pay the full amount by Monday (tomorrow). I phoned Equita direct and complained about this Bayliff concerned asking if i could set up a payment plan with them direct to be told that they are only a call centre and I had to only deal with the Bayliff. I am prepared to pay this but do not want the Bayliff entering my home. Is there anything I can do and if so what do you advise. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  24. Hi All, I just had a Bailiff from Equita turn up on my door demanding £400+ in unpaid council tax and charges. Now, this is the first i've heard of any outstanding council tax from a previous address but it's possible I do owe it. I assume its gone to court etc to get to this stage but again, i've known nothing about this. The Bailiff handed me a removal notice only. I have no copy of any sort of bill or liability order. He read the amounts out but I don't recall them exactly. Approximately £167 in council tax and the rest in court and bailiff fees. I said I couldn't pay that immediately and wouldn't pay unless I knew what I was paying for and agreed that I owed the money. He left saying he would get a warrant to have me arrested. SO, what do I do from here, what can he and cant he do, The Removal notice only has his mobile number on and no formal office contact information so I cant speak to anyone else but him and only on his mobile.
  25. Hi, Desperate for some advice. My sister has my old car (still in my name!) Apparently I had a Parking fine and its been passed to these bayliffs who have clamped the car. My sister rang the courts and they have no record of a fine for me or this car. They want 400 to release the car. where do I stand with this one? urgent help as my sister is stuck and I do not have 400 to pay it
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