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Found 87 results

  1. I currently pay £6.99 a month to have full access to my credit report with Equifax. Is there anything that Equifax can do that Noddle can't, for free? Equifax also charge £5.95 to get an updated credit score. Is this free with Noddle also? Does it update automatically? Thanks
  2. Hi all, Im looking for some advise here, I had a car written off that was on finance with Welcome Car Finance,insurance paid out in early 2006 and there was a shortfall in the balance outstanding. I made my last payment 23rd May 2006 (confirmed by MKDP via telephone) so I guess its now SB? My Equifax statement shows MKDP filed as default 2nd January 2010! How can I get them off my back and also remove this default notice from my CRA files? It is the only negative showing on my files but I struggle to get any credit at all. I have asked for proof of debt via telephone and been sent 2 letters from MKDP stating they are requesting docs from Welcome, it’s been 2 months since i requested the agreement. Please point me in the right direction??????]
  3. Short and sweet this one... I get Equifax credit file alerts (by the way if you don't have these...sign up for the free 30 day trial with Equifax...cancel it day 27/28 to avoid being charged £10 per month...Equifax will the persuade you to stay with them and drop it from £10 per month to £3 per month - bargain!) and one popped up recently from O2. O2 - Mobile phone account - Query Outstanding What the heck is a Query Outstanding? The account is in fine form, no payments late etc. It's not a default or Arrangement to Pay...so what is it? I'll be writing to O2 tomorrow to have it removed, naturally, but I'm intrigued! Thanks
  4. Hi everyone I need some urgent advice, any opinions really appreciated. Here is my situation: I currently own a property with a single mortgage with Intelligent Finance. I am buying a new property and converting my mortgage to a Joint mortgage with my partner. We have had our offer on the new house accepted. We have both checked our credit reports with Experian and Equifax. Our scores with Experian are 971 and 999 respectively. With Equifax are scores are in the 'Good' and 'Excellent' range. HOWEVER, we have realised that my partner is not, and has never been, on the Electoral Register at the address she is using to apply (although she has 12 years there). We rent a place during the week and she registered on the electoral roll there rather than the address where all her credit cards and bank records are located. Intelligent Finance tell me they use Equifax and that Electoral Roll info is requested through the credit check but they won't advise if this is a primary reason to refuse. However I have seen reports from people on the internet turned down for mortgages purely based upon not being on the Electoral Roll when checks are made with equifax. The advise I need is: - Are IF likely to turn us down despite both having good credit scores as my partner is not on the register? - Do I take the risk and make a joint application now, as our records are currently not linked and if we are turned down I am told we are then linked going forward? - Could my partner use our rental address to make her application where she is on the electoral roll (with the drawback that she has no credit cards or history at that address and we have only been there for 18 months). Would those drawbacks offset the benefit of being on the roll? - Will getting declined mean IF will not lend to either of us again in the future? I want to stay with them as I have an excellent low cost tracker rate. If we add my partner to the electoral roll I'm told it won't be updated until May and then Equifax may not update their records until June or later. Therefore if we try to delay the process we will almost certainly lose the house we have got the offer on and have to wait 3 months or more and start the whole house hunt process again. Any advice appreciated! regards David
  5. Just rejoined BT from O2 starting to regret it, would'nt have done it if they were'nt offering Infinity at the end of this month. Email from Equifax saying my Credit file had changed significantly sine last report. Checked it - paid the £5 odd. Am very alarmed and not pleased (actually ) to see my account being marked as being 6 months in arrears - nonsense I have only been with them 7 days! This has resulted in an "Excellent" score being reduced to "Very Poor". Fortunately I am not looking to remortgage in the near future. However, has anyone else had this experience? Can I sue for defamation? Obviously I have emailed them asking them to correct the report.
  6. I am sure they are running from the old offices of one or the other credit reference agencies. Anybody confirm this for me ?
  7. I have recently discovered that Equifax has failed to upload to Electoral roll data as supplied by the local councils and have instead relied upon data provided by account providers including the debt recovery sector. My own data was affected around 18 months ago and I have now discovered others have been affected. I am very keen to highlight this issue and see if any others have been effected. Equifax are aware of this and don't seem interested in discussing or resolving this other than to say it was an error. My concern is that Equifax quote on our credit files the "on Electoral roll" data yet it would seem that the actual data provided is that of the address given by banks, credit cards and debt recovery companies. I have already proven one of these were in breach of their terms with Equifax so how can a debt recovery company be reliable enough to provide accurate data of address's ? PLEASE - Check your credit file and verify if the Electoral roll data is correct. On one case it was updated after 1 year yet this would still cause an issue for you. I am also in contact with a media production company interested in this and are looking for other cases. If you have been affected then I would really appreciate you getting in contact.
  8. Hi All, I'm having an issue with Equifax. I have access to their services with my Capital One card - and upon viewing my credit card I get a bit red "WARNING" and my "Credit Accounts" section is red. However - there's no defaults, no ccjs - no problems at all. On the phone they said everything is in good standing with my accounts, and the warning should not be displayed - however they can't do anything and I'd need to email them. When they replied to my email, they said there's nothing they can do - they cannot tell me what's causing it, they cannot remove/change it, and they cannot tell me how they come to the decision. They told me that the "warning" isn't given to lenders. However - my problem is - something on my credit report must have triggered their warning - and that something is also going to be given, in it's same status, to lenders. And Equifax don't seem to want to tell me what's causing it, nor are they willing to change it - they're essentially telling me to "ignore" it. Any ideas what I can do? Thanks!
  9. So I want my Equifax credit report because according to checkmyfile.com, it is still displaying an account that should have stopped reporting in October 2012. Online I complete the application form and at the end I do not get my CR but instead, please call this number (0844...) to complete your order. I call it in all innocence and am connected to a Rep who wants to 'check' all my details including asking for the answer to my "secret question". So I decide to ask where the Rep is based and she says somewhere in Asia (I get this after several attempts). I cancelled the order. Firstly - I did not have this hassle registering with Experian. Second, I will not give out that information to someone based outside the UK. Sort yourselves out.
  10. My credit isn't great, so I looked at my credit reports on Equifax, Experian CreditExpert and CallCredit. I was amazed at how much of the information was completely wrong. I've now written about two dozen letters to financial organisations, including letters to the three agencies themselves, but although I've got some things corrected, there are still dozens of errors. It's pretty serious because anyone searching my file will get a bad report, even though all debt was cleared two years ago. Has anyone else had a similar problem and is there an organisation that will force these financial institutions to make the required changes? Frustrated of Shropshire
  11. As per the title... my credit file with Noddle is more accurate and up to date than Equifax. I'm shocked!
  12. I have a 6 year old alleged debt which HFO Services/Capital didn't provide any documents even several letters asking for it. Now Roxburghe (who took over) confirmed on the telephone that the account is closed and they won't try to collect any money. - I asked them (PHONE) to remove the default and send a letter saying that the account is closed (not complied, 7 days has passed). - I sent a letter informing statute barred, I'm not paying (Sep 12th) and also asking for the notice of default (Sep21st) not complied, 28 days has passed. - I asked Experian and Equifax (EMAIL) that I dispute this default, not having any CCA with HFOS and that this alleged debt is statute barred. I made clear in all communication that the last payment was over 6 years ago and that's the date they should count. Is any procedure/action I can do to speed up the process of removing the default? I'm enclosing the letters I have sent.... Any help would be much appreciated!
  13. Hi, I have today been in touch with Equifax regarding the exact meanings of their search descriptions. I specifically was interested in the one listed as DEBT COLLECTION, I asked them what this is which I was duly informed. However I enquired further as to the parameters that mean a search of this type can be carried out, to which after a heated discussion she hung up on me. Anyone??? Do you know what the parameters are that mean a company can perform such a search??? To me, these searches can be misleading and potentially have a disproportionate effect on your credit rating. Thanks in advance
  14. Does anyone have a direct dial UK number for Equifax? Getting a little p***ed off listening to the idiots in the Philippines reading from script
  15. Hi All, I bank with Natwest. As a result of their recent outage I missed a loan repayment. I received an apology from them and was told that it would not affect my credit score. I decided to check this out online the other day. I got reports from Equifax and Call Credit. I was somewhat surprised to see an "AP" entry for my current account from the month before the outage on my Equifax report. There was no such entry on the Call Credit report. Curious, I have queried this with Equifax. Equifax told me to speak to Natwest. They are, of course, currently snowed under with complaints so I may have to wait a while to get a response. I understand that AP stands for Arrangement to Pay and is applied when a person in debt renegotiates with the creditor to pay less than the required amount to satisfy repayments. Whilst I was in my overdraft at the time, no payments were missed and at no point have I exceed it. I am a bit confused, therefore, about how the AP marker has got there. Would I have had to have agreed something for it to go on? Would someone have had to have warned me? I am completely lost. The plot thickens because this AP marker does not appear on the Call Credit Report. Do they not use the same information? I am wanting to apply for a mortgage in the next few weeks (hence paying off said overdraft etc) and am concerned that this AP marker will affect me, particularly as Natwest aren't in a hurry to get back to me. My credit rating remains at the top end of the "fair" bracket, despite the hit that the AP marker has caused. Help, anyone?
  16. Hi, I am trying to understand my credit file and would appreciate your help if possible. It is a long story but I had to go away in 2006 and all my creditors were left behind. I returned last year, and I am finally getting around to looking at this. I've been burying my head in the sand with it all. On my Credit file I have the following as outstanding, once i've listed them Ill ask the questions as to what confused me if that is ok? Communications Supplier from Lowell Portfolio 1 Ltd Current Balance £1134 Default Balance £393 Start Date 17.05.2006 Default Date 07.07.2007 Date Updated 21.12.2008 Current Account Natwest Telford Current Balance £1707 Default Balance £1779 Start Date 02.10.1996 Default Date 07.07.2007 Date Updated 14.01.2009 Current Account Natwest Telford Current Balance £322 Default Balance £336 Start Date 21.03.2000 Default Date 07.07.2007 Date Updated 14.01.2009 Loan from Natwest Personal Loans Current Balance £801 Default Balance £801 Start Date 21.05.2004 Default Date 05.05.2007 Date Updated 17.05.2007 Credit Card from Egg Plc 1 Current Balance £0 Default Balance £1926 Start Date 15.01.2001 Default Date 17.08.2006 Date Updated 17.08.2006 Date Satisfied 17.08.2006 (this isn't satisfied but it isn't mentioned anywhere else on my file) I have a few questions: Why does the balance and default balance differ and which one is right? When does it get taken off of my file is it from Deaful date or Date updated? I don't know what they have updated in some cases there is dares in 2009? I basically want to know when they will come off of my file? They are basically 2 bank accounts a loan a credit card and a mobile phone. It is seriously affecting my credit rating and just want a clear picture of when I can expect them to go? Thank you in advance and sorry if these are silly questions
  17. Hi, I spent over an hour looking through various posts on this subject and there doesn't appear to be a definitive answer as to whether lenders can see table 1 searches on Equifax credit reports which relate to 'outstanding debt'. I have a couple from earlier in the year - at previous addresses - though Robinson Way checked on my current address on the same date as an 'oustanding debt' footprint but it is classed as 'unclassified' and in table 2. Confusing. Anyway, my view is that the table 1 'oustanding debt' searches are not viewable to lenders. Even though I have a default registered by Lowell on my equifax report, I recently opened a first direct account and then a gold card for which they only searched Equifax. When they told me on the phone that they were going to do this I thought the application would be rejected but the advisor came back on and said they were "more than happy" about offering me a gold card with a £3k limit. Bearing in mind there are 5 outstanding table 1 footprints that first direct could have viewed, and with their rep for being very fussy about customers, I can only assume that these searches are not viewable - as Equifax says?
  18. Hi, I have been keeping an eye on my credit report using Equifax since I got a Capital One credit card to try and start to repair my credit. My score with Equifax back in April when I got the card was 305 (Poor!) and it hasn't changed yet. I just signed up for the free trial at Experian (Credit Expert) and my score there is showing as being 845 (Good!) which I was surprised to see. I guess these are both scored out of 1000 and if so, why such a huge difference? Thanks !!
  19. Hi All, In January of this year, I requested my credit file from all CRA's however I am still awaiting my fille from EQUIFAX. They are now requesting photographic identification which I am not happy about as they wont give me a reason why this is required. How can I get my credit file without having to supply this documentation, I have absolutely no confidence in sending any personal information to these companies. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!! Kind Regards S13
  20. Hi. Any help with this would be appreciated. I share my name with my father (though we have different middle names, and these are displayed on my file) and his electoral roll info appeared on my Equifax credit file last year. The electoral roll section shows my info, covering my time at my parents address and my current address, and my father's. This hasn't really been a problem until last week when I was alerted to new credit agreement with Vanquis Bank on my file. My first thought was identity fraud. However, a conversation with my mother revealed it was my dad's new credit card. I plan on contacting Equifax to remove the credit agreement -- that's not the problem -- but I assume the reason this happened is the electoral roll information. My problem is that previous communication with Equifax regarding this electoral roll mistake have been met with a response of: "tough luck, there's nothing we can do, you'll just have to live with it," or words to that effect. My question is: do I just have to accept it, and is there really nothing they can do to resolve this? Thanks. ♥
  21. So I have checked my credit file today and it shows a few settled accounts like old store cards etc. Can I have these removed from my credit file and will it aid in improving my credit score? I have a total of 7 "settled" accounts on file from a mobile phone contracts to store cards etc.
  22. I have looked through some of the threads and searched for this but can't find anyone that has had the same experience as me. I have recently moved address for work and due to the relocation had two addresses for about six months. I applied for a mortgage for a house in the area I was moving to and decided to be open about what I was doing. Owned a house in the old location, rented a house in the new location and lived in the new location so gave that as my address. I have since been refused the mortgage due to not being on the electoral roll on an Equifax report. I sent my registration form but it was never received by my local council. So, to remedy this I rushed to the council offices, completed a new form and got a letter from the council confirming that I was going to be added to the electoral roll. The problem is that they will not publish their register until October. Equifax have informed me that they will not add this to my credit report until January 2013. Maybe I am being naive but that seems to be a bit unfair that I should have to wait 5 months to be able to borrow money! I have an impeccable credit rating with the exception of the fact that Equifax do no show me being on the electoral roll at the new rented address. I have disputed this with Equifax and got nowhere with it until I lost my temper enough with their Asian call centre and they passed me to an Irish call centre. When I say I got somewhere I got back to square one! I have asked for a notice of correction to be added to my file but I am not sure this will affect the lenders decision and the vendor of the house I am buying has now put the house back on the market. So, my questions are: - Is there anything I can do to get Equifax to update their records? - Is it normal to have to wait 5 months for this information to be updated? - Can a lender chose to ignore the notice of correction or do they have to take this into account? - Would there be any possibility of Equifax paying my legal expenses if the house purchase falls through? Thanks in advance
  23. Hi, i wonder if anyone else has been subjected to something similar. In brief, i disputed a payment on a contract that i was told had been stopped when i reported a mobile loss, and was later billed for the contract after it was supposed to have been stopped when i reported it because it was out of contract. In trying to resolve this. I was then told the account had been closed. I am aware THREE different DCA had bombarded me with telephone calls on my home number - my number is ex-directory and i rarely provided it as an alternative contact number to anyone as i always used the mobile number - and sent me various demands by letter aswell over almost a year now. Subsequently, none of the DCA's were able to provide me with billing information or even any details about the dispute i had raised with the mobile company prior to it being passed to them by their client who is the mobile company. I reverted back during this time to the mobile company, to resolve their internal maladministration and mistake (i suspect it was plain human error that then caused a huge problem along with some pretty dire incompetence from having being cut off to being promised call backs to not even having notes made on my account and even some of the notes being wrong), and have recently reached a resolve with them almost a year on now, and agreed to pay an amount which tallies with my reckoning of the account prior to being told the mobile was out of contract and would be stopped anyway and i would be contacted for a new contract and mobile. I was then told my request for the mobile company to remove any default from my CR would have to go through a different department for an assessment, and would be called back. I was also told it should not prevent me from now taking out a new contract with the same mobile company - of whom i've been a customer of for over a decade - and besides the issues of the removal of the default, i was led to believe everything was ok. I called the contracts department, but because the account had been closed they could not revive my old mobile number. I was then told not to worry they'd look at a new number. Many hours later, i was told that they could not even manually bypass the problem as there was fraud on my account, and the person suggested i obtain a copy of my Credit Report from Exqifax, he also told me the regular company the mobile company use too. Inbetween this, i had also received DCA letters from TWO different DCA, Fredrickson who then detailed Bryan Carter as a client of theirs in managing to account also on behalf of my mobile company - More recently i have called them to inform them of a resolve had been reached due to the maladministration and malpractise and they should not be making any demands as the account should never have been closed in the first instance. Besides the horrendous attitude, i was told by Bryan Carters they would need to refer back to their client, the mobile company. I then called the mobile company to speak to the girl i had reached the resolve with, for three days now she has not returned my call, since reaching the resolve last week. I was also cross examined by them in respect of the outstanding amount, of which i had originally disputed, and told i still had to pay it and would be chased for it if i did not have the resolve in writing (hence my calling the mobile company back to request this), and according to the DCA because i spoke to the operative over the phone and did not put in writing that the mobile account needed to be terminated - even though i had reported the theft and was told it would be stopped as it was out of contract anyway - i was still liable for the amount as i had not complied with their terms and conditions. I did point out that in the whole time of being a customer i had ever put in writing the request to terminate a contract to then take out a new one as i had always dealt with them verbally over the phone. They then said they would revert to their client. Last week i also received a call from a company called Redbridge, who i had never heard of. I did not confirm any of my information to them, but requested to know who they were when they called my number. They gave me their company name and then insisted they had sent correspondence. (I had not received any correspondence from them and had no idea who they were when they called.) I reiterated that the number they were calling was private, and requested for them to remove it from their database and ended the call by putting the handset down. This week i then receive two letters in one envelope from Redbridge stating they have been instructed by Cabot Financial Services Europe Limited who have passed a debt onto them which relates to another company Monument. The letter further states that if i do not respond they may recommend their client to apply for a CCJ, aswell as a further action if i don't pay them that would include attachement to earnings, a charge against my property, and a demand to contact them to discuss the above account to avoid a recommendation to their client to proceed with further action against me, followed by ways to pay. The other letter is from Cabot Financial stating a mutual agreement has not been reached and Cabot Financial is passing the debt to Redbridge, and then states a contact will be made in the next 7 days to set up a "sustainable repayment arrangement and ensure your account is cleared, whilst taking into account your personal circumstances," and then details an enclosed letter (which is the first one above) of how to contact Redbridge. I then tied to request online my Statutory Credit Report via Equifax's website, it costs £2. I went through two different processes in requesting the information, and repeated the process twice on each function aswell, making my request four times in total - the first being, that i noted (i rarely if ever read terms and conditions - but due to the DCA guy and the conversation i'd had earlier, this time i did) that in requesting access to my credit report via one link i was then enrolled in an online subscription service, which then when i unticked the "retain payment information for later purchases" found that i received a message at the end of the process requesting i call the company at 5p per minute. When i used the other link to request online a copy of my report to be sent to me by post, the process although complete in their function gave me a message at the end which said i had to send a postal request and to use the link to download the form. To be sure i repeated the process twice in each case. I also telephoned them at a cost of 5p per minute. In calling Equifax, i was then told the information i had provided needed to go through another department who would call me to ask me to send them copies of my passport, driving license, and copies of my utility bills. I then disputed this and asked them to qualify why they needed an excess of information, as i am the only person registered at my address with my name and date of birth of which i had provided to them for the last 6 years. I was told i would be telephoned - i had not provided a telephone number) and then asked for a telephone umber, which i refused to provide on the grounds that it is a private number and i do not wish for it to be used, stored, retained, but i had provided my email address. The person was not able to transfer through to the "other department." I was also told i needed to have an "active account with equifax to receive my credit report." I also disputed this verbally stating i did not want an account with the company, i was requesting information that there was a legal obligation to provide, and that i had no problem in paying £2 for a copy of my report, but did not want to be a customer of theirs or a subscriber to their services. I then received a stupid email back which did not answer my question nor address the points i had raised detailing the request for copies of my passport, drivers license and utility bills. I wrote back requesting them to qualify why they required what i believed to be an excess of information. They wrote back saying they needed to match my information to their information, further security in making sure my report did not go to someone who was not me. I wrote back asking them who they thought i was since i had provided them with my personal information, including my email address which is nor public, and i am the only resident at my registered address with my name and date of birth etc - i have yet to have a response. I did have debts, like many people, i disputed the charges on loans, credit cards and repayments and interest, as well as requesting they freeze the accounts prior to my stopping paying them, in order to manage the debts, this was in 2005/2006, which was not done, if anything they uped the anti and pursued me even more by adding on more charges and fees - for example, a £2k debt turned into a ££6k debt with fees and late payment charges and DCA fess and Administration costs. I stopped responding to them and stopped trying to resolve the issues as i felt i was being bullied, victimised and threatened not only by being blacklisted, by bankruptcy and having my employment record associated with my personal finances, and with bayliffs, and doorstep collections and constantly harassed by telephone calls and postal demands. I did speak to several debt advisors and companies, but also felt quite bullied by a few of them in their instance that i needed to take out an IVA immediately, but of course with their management fees on top and a pre-requisite lump sum payment to them to start the process, it did little to address the accumulation of the debts as a whole or to resolve the problem on a long-term basis. My questions are; how do i avoid a CCJ being lodged against me how do i stop these companies from continually selling on old debts i am aware that i only need to provide 6 years as an address history in requesting a copy of my credit file (as stated on the ICO website) so how do i insist a company send me a copy of my credit report without providing them with further information save for the basic requirements (and i am sure i cannot be confused with another person at my address, which eliminates any false pretence of theirs in insisting they need more information from me) how do i have old defaults from my credit file, once i've received it removed As i have not ever seen my credit file, how do i manage and Cifas markers I have also requested a subject access request from my own bank as i also suspect an element of foul play where they are concerned - they cancelled my overdraft when i paid off a loan which was restructured previously due to being sold PPI that was ineffective for the employment i did, and should never have been sold to me as a product in the first instance, although this was some years ago, it seems, i think, to be having a knock on effect. Also, i have looked into an organisation called CIFAS, and i understand they are quite respectable, but there seems little information available to contact them, except to request a subject access report of which they charge £10 for - again, i note that there are many of their members who are banks, retailers, etc, as well as the police - my concern being, what if someone who has access to their system has abused their privilege by blacklisting you, such as for example, equifax or redbridge/cabot - or even in the case of my mobile company where i raised a dispute and they closed account and passed to a DCA in an act of negligence/malpractise and maladministration - i have read some of the other forums and requests for assistance and note there is a mention of a Statutory Default that says after 6 years you cannot be chased for a default/debt, what is that exactly (sorry for being stupid) and what does it mean in very basic laymens terms, and how can this be applied without engaging in further disputes or marks on your credit file, and could someone also explain what a CCA is? The other concern i had, although i suspect it is related, but i am not sure how i can prove it, is that i also received a number of marketing calls from my internet service provider - their call centre is based in India - i noted Experion, Call Credit and Equifax use overseas call centres, and some of them have diversified business interests in marketing/digital communications/advertising and other software products - in calling my bank to dispute an issue from last year, i was asked which travel company i use as a Data Protection question, i had already verified my information when i called in and prior to be being transferred again, i was also asked which restaurants i ate at, i refused to answer the questions and despite my protests the person still insisted they were Data Protection questions, which resulted in my putting down the phone and calling back where i spoke to someone else who did not ask me that information - are there any breaches of privacy in a company holding an account of mine where the collation or sharing of personal data including shopping habits or any type of personal preferences that i may purchase using my bank card, that i can report if that information is then being sold, shared, or collected by the provision of a pyment method and given to other companies or sold as data about my person without my consent or knowledge to participate in such an activity or research/marketing/data harvesting process? Thank you.
  24. Please can someone try to help me understand a few points on my credit report? Under Credit Searches, there are no searches present. Under Other Searches I have a large number of "Consumer Letters Enquiries. All dated this year. I am wondering if these searches were caused by me constantly phoning and writing to Equifax to try to get my report. (It took 4 months of hard work to get it.) I also have some searches at the end of last year and the beginning of this year from agencies, Capita Hartshead Tracing Solutions (for two addresses) and Financial processing UK Ltd. As these agencies are clearly looking for me, does that mean that those debts won't become statute barred at the end of six years? There is also mention of an address that my husband used while he was commuting. This mention gives the tenure and the price paid for the property. As far as I am aware, my husband only rented a room in the flat, so why would the report show the purchase price?
  25. I thought I would take a look at my credit reference report yesterday. All in good order until I got back to 2005/06 where I noticed that Carphone Warehouse via a Talktalk contract I had for my Broadband at the time registered a debt/late payment and default on me for the contract I held with them. It took some digging but i seemed to remember that this was in the early days of talktalk when they had some appalling customer service experiences involving non-delivery of services and misinformation of service staff, for which I think they were eventually fined by the regulator? I also remember complaining through Otelo and getting the usual substandard investigation and outcome whereby all the telecom provider has to do is say they have no record of any correspondence and they get let off with a derisory ca. £30 penalty whilst i am required to draw blood out of a stone when providing the specifics of my case. I did however, get this verdict which included them writing off money which I was previously supposed to pay for a service I didn't have! Talk talk had originally even started charging me prior to connecting my Broadband! What can I do so Talktalk, now merged with Tiscali I think, will remove this and how can I obtain compensation for the fact that this has been on my credit record for 5 years? Thanks for your help in advance.
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