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  1. I work backshift, driving for a total of 5 hours, It is not possible for me to have a break during my 'run' which starts 2 hours into my shift. Am I entitled to a break before my 'run' starts.
  2. ]Hi I had a little accident at work yesterday and I'm not sure if I should be entitled to get paid or not. 3 years ago I had a disc removed from my spine and have been 100% ever since. 3 weeks ago I was bathing my dog and got stuck trying to get her out the bath. My GP signed me off work with a back injury for 2 weeks. I returned to work last Wednesday and then yesterday, whilst being made to move offices (for the 4th time in 2 years!) I was carrying some cardboard wallets and some light boxes (nothing too heavy) but it started to slip. Of course my reflexes were to try n stop it all from falling but this caused me to trip (I think over my own foot) and I fell to the floor, jarring my back again! I've seen the GP again today who says I should self cert for the first week but I cannot afford to be off work if I'm not being paid. Anyone know if because it was an accident at work, whether I should be entitled to pay or not?? Thanks ]
  3. Hello, I had car finance back in 2002 (apprx). I was with Welcome finance and was paying monthly. We fell on hard times and i could no longer afford the amount I was paying. So Welcome got me to sign a new agreement that was over a longer term and a less monthly amount. I've stopped paying it now but it went on for years before it was settled. I no longer have the contract, so I cant see the details of the accounts. I have no idea how to go about claiming ppi? I've had a good look round but I'm just getting more confused. Do I just call up Welcome and ask for my account details? Is there a link for a step by step guide to claiming back? I've had a look round but cant find it. Any help would be appreiated.
  4. Hello all. I bought a tablet from Very back in July. I didn't pay for it immediately but instead added it to my credit account. When I received the next statement (August), I paid the full amount using my debit card. Last week it developed a fault and upon phoning Very was told I needed to send it back for them to check it. This was done and today they agreed it was faulty and credited my account with the value of the item - so no issues there great service As I have already paid for the item in full I asked why had it been put on my account and not refunded and was told they won't refund to my card as I added it to my account first. Is there anything I can do or do I just have to accept the credit? Thank you
  5. Hi, im joe and im 27. Iv recently ruptured a disc in my back and am off work only recieving SSP. iv just had a letter from the hospital sayin that the wait to see a consultant is 14 weeks and the operation wait is 9.5 months after that!!!! Im only entitled 2 28 weeks SSP and i cant afford to pay my rent and eat on 85.85 p/w. Im also stayin with a friend at his flat at the moment but have to move out in a few months so am going to be homeless aswell. Will the council house me?? And what benefits am i entitled to???? can somebody please help me as i have no idea what to do...... Thanks
  6. I left my job on 28th January - I haven't claimed anything as we were just about managing OK on my American husband's US pension and his part-time earnings. However last Friday he was given notice so will now be out of a job this Friday. Im 55 - never claimed a penny from anyone before and so am not quite sure what - if - we are entitled to anything. His pension is £1,080 a month and rent is £475. No savings. Im still waiting for my P45 and my last two wageslips - I've made some rough calculations to see if I'd have tax rebate but is there any way I can go about claiming that without my P45? Things are getting pretty desperate - can anyone point me in the right direction please?
  7. Hey was wondering if anyone could help. my girlfriend works as a health care assistant in a Hospital. Yesterday she went to unplug a machine from the socket which seemed fine but when she pulled out the plug she got quite a shock and the socket came partly off the wall. She felt a lot of pain shoot all up her arm and jumped backwards. Her fingers and arm started to go red and was told by a nurse to go to A&E to get seen to .She had an ECG and then was told to fill out a datix form. Thankfully everything was okay apart from her whole arm tingling the whole night. Today there's no tingling but her arm still feels a bit numb. She was told to go back in a few days to get checked out again. When she got home last night she told her friend what had happened. This friend was a health care assistant on the same ward as my girlfriend but left a few months ago to pursue another career. Her friend told her that she had complained to a staff nurse about the very same socket months and months ago. The staff nurse just said to her "there's a screw driver in the draw in the office". this socket has been faulty for months and months and has resulted in my girlfriend getting an electric shock due to the Hospitals negligence and failure to ensure the safety of its staff. My girlfriend has taken a picture of her arm which clearly shows redness and also the socket hanging off the wall from where she pulled the plug out. i'm wondering if she has a case for claiming compensation ?. To be honest i'm just glad she's okay but i'm VERY annoyed that it could of been avoided had the Nurse acted accordingly once being told of the faulty socket. Amazingly straight after it happened they had an electrician come and sort it.
  8. Hi, I lost my job in mid September and signed on around the 1st of October. I signed on twice before missing an appointment(one I stupidly requested) with a careers adviser. It was a complete mistake. My wife and 3 kids were all ill and I had been up to my knees in bodily fluids for a few days and mixed up the dates. When I realised the next day(I was getting ready to go when I noticed the date) I called them and let them know and went in later that day. The guy asked why I didnt make it and silly me told him the truth thinking it would help my case. I was wrong and we got sanctioned for 4 weeks. I popped in when I got the letter and filled out a form for reconsideration and put in a hardship claim at the same time. The adviser said because we have kids we are in a 'special' group(her words) and it should be straight forward getting hardship. Then the letter turns up today saying the sanction is staying in place and that we do not qualify for hardship because I failed to meet labour market conditions. Is there anything I can do apart from appeal, we have no money and are living off the child tax credits/child benefit. I realise it was my own fault and the people in the Job center have always been nice(the last one told me to 'lie through my back teeth' on the reconsideration form). I'm actively seeking work, this was my first offence, I have 3 kids and its making my wife's depression a bit worse. Thanks, SD
  9. Hope someone somewhere can help as at end of my tether, for weeks now we have been messed about by the Benefits people, my JSA for contributions ran out in August and was told to fill in a form for income based JSA and that my wife could now be added, this we did, explaining my wife could not work due to undergoing tests etc so she got an exemption form, we took that to the Job Centre and waited and waited for money, many calls later we got a small amount but not back pay as was promised, they gave us a bit more, then last Thursday I signed on to be told they had lost my file and gave me a bit of paper to say I had signed on, moeny was due to go into my account today, but it did not. gone beyond mad now, still waiting after promise after promise for my money, they actually phoned me today, said SORRY! and that my money would be in my account TODAY! , it is now 8.20pm and NO MONEY, I know Natwest for some reason do not seem to process money like Barclays etc ( they do it at midnight ) and it normally goes in next day or think it does, lost count now how long it has been without money, they lost my file so they said when I signed on last Thursday, how can they lose a file. Any help/advice is appreciated, just had enough now, Sorry for long post but we are in arrears with everything now.
  10. Hey guys im new to all this benefit talk so please bare with me. My back story is im 24 years old, I have one daughter who I currently have on weekends only. I live with my mum and im on benefits (JSA). Im wanting to move out however I don't want to live in shared accommodation or a bedsit. I live in Bradford and I want to live in a nicer part of town in preferrably a 1 bedroomed house. (2 would be nice but I can't see why they'd give me it in all honesty) So 2 questions 1) What are my chances of getting a 1 bedroom house on LHA 2) My friend has a mortgage on her house and has said that I can move in, we aren't a couple. But would I be entitled to LHA to pay my rent to her? Thanks!
  11. This is all new to me so any help would be greatly appreciated. I tried searching but i figured every case is different. I have two accounts with Metropolitan Collection agency. One which is for a personal loan and current account with overdraft. The other was for a credit card. The credit card one has now been payed off. The other still has an outstanding balance which I have agreed payment to pay off. At the time these accounts fell behind I was struggling financially and couldnt keep up the payments and HSBC were unable to accomodate my offers. Thankfully I am now back on my feet and doing well. I constantly get calls regarding PPI claims but if I want to do it I want to do it myself. am I able to file a PPI claim even though I still have outstanding debt from it? Secondly, is there a possibility of claiming any of the overdraft fees, missed payments etc that were applied to my account over the years? thirdly, this seems a daunting task so what do i do if I can claim? Thanks
  12. Hi there. I recently had my monitor replaced (with exactly the same model) under warranty from LG. No complaints there. They actually have a good customer service system. The trouble is, the problem is still exactly the same. LG have conceded that it is a compatibility issue with my system, as opposed to a faulty monitor. Of course, they wanted to leave it there, but there's no way I'm going to just accept this and be stuck with an incorrectly functioning monitor. The help desk guy said he had submitted a VOC (? I think that's right - it's basically a message to head office about the problem, leaving it at their discretion as to whether they sort me out or not). Apparently they will contact me in a couple of days with their "decision". Do I have the right to demand that they replace it with a different but equivalent model until the problem is solved? I believe that a (perhaps newer) different model will solve the problem. I'm thinking yes - as I said to them, if the monitor came with a warning or caveat that it may not be compatible with certain systems, then fair enough. But of course it doesn't. The way I see it, it's very little financial skin off the nose of a huge multinational corporation to just give me satisfaction, even if it costs them a couple of quid. I'll fight tooth and nail to get a result, on principle and on finances! I'm not rich enough to suck it up and buy a new one. Any ideas? Thanks.
  13. Myself and my partner are both unemployed; we have a two year old child. I have been the main claimant for us both because I am the one returning to work whilst he looks after our child. He has no qualifications, I have many (not that it's helped me find work so far, I keep being told I'm over qualified ). We claim JSA and get child tax credits. Anyway, to cut a long story short, my partner has just been signed off as ill by the GP (yesterday). He's actually very ill and will be seeing a neurologist for tests. He's been getting progressively worse over time and he isn't fit to care for our child for now. The fact is, I won't stop looking for and applying for work but my child is being looked after by me whilst he is in this state. We are both worried sick about this sudden change in circumstances as we don't know how it will affect our benefits. What will happen? Will we actually be entitled to anything now? Or would it be better to keep my mouth shut and just burnt the candle both ends in my job search (I've been doing this more and more of late anyway with my partners illness). I might be able to pull favours for babysitting with interviews, would have to cross the bridge about childcare if I find work although I suspect we'd be worse off than ever now this has happened. I am coming up to the one year mark on JSA soon and I've been told I will attend a job programme run by an outside agency so my child would have to come with me, another huge issue. I'm looking forward to the work programme to be honest as they might be able to pull some strings and get me a job lol... Thanks for any advice.
  14. hi can anyone please help!!! myself, my partner, and 2 teenage boys (both under 16) have had to return to uk after living in spain for 7 years. (my partner 3 years). we are in the process of having our house in spain repossessed. in the last few months that we were there we were having to sell our possessions just to survive. in the end we had to sell the last of our furniture in order to be able to travel back to uk as we had nothing left to live on out there. we have now been back for 2 weeks and are staying with a friend. we have one room between the four of us. we applied for jsa and have been refused. they say we have to have lived here for 8 weeks before we can even apply. we have also been told that we cannot claim any child tax credits for our children for 8 weeks. nor housing benefit. this means we have no financial help whatsoever and have to live in one room with our teenage boys for at least another 8 weeks. (we are two women). i dont understand why we are being treated like this. i cant believe that they wont even support the children. we are looking for work with no luck so far. does anyone know of any other benefits we may be able to claim. my children are waiting for a place in a school, but i wont even be able to buy them a uniform. please help!!!!!
  15. I am on the maternity leave, worked and lived in uk for 10 years. I have 4 children, one is attending primary school, another one is due to start in September, the other 2 are under 3. I (and my kids) would like to go to Lithuania (EEU) to stay with my mum for a while, so she can help me with the childcare. I was told my CHB will stop if I am away from the country longer than 8 weeks. I have read that I can live in another EEU country and work in UK (which I am as I am on the paid maternity leave) to be entitled to CHB. I asked for my children to be educated at home rather than at school. My husband is staying to work in UK. Will I be entitled to CHB if we choose to stay in Lithuania longer than 8 weeks? Thanks for your advice.
  16. Hello 3 weeks ago i phoned ESA to tell them my reason for claiming ESA had changed and alls i was told to do is attend the tribunal and see what they say although i didnt attend due to personal reasons. I started claiming ESA in September due to a back problem which i couldnt even get out of bed because of. I had been going to hospital every week to see a physio to try and get my back problem sorted, my GP advised me not to go to work(i was with an agency) due to my problem as i might make it worse than it already is, my only option was to claim ESA as i was with an agency they wouldnt give me sick pay. I went to the medical and was told i am fit for work so i decided to fight that case and see a tribunal which was the Friday just gone.. but since my problems have changed i have developed anxiety with mild depression due to the fact i miss my job and personal reasons i cannot share. Ive been intouch with ESA to tell them and was only told to attend the tribunal but i couldnt go.. I am currently on 50mg of tramadol which is an anti depressant and i have to see my GP every Friday for a check up but if i cannot leave the house i am sent a home visiting doctor who talks to me for half an hour to make sure i am okay. The only bonus from this is i have had plenty of time to rest my back and appear to be much better on that front with slight niggles every so often but i am still scared if i due hard labor i hurt it again and im back to square one what im trying to say is my claim reason has changed and i dont know where to go from here.. i have spoken to my GP about everything and he says its for the best if i stay away from work and am checked up on every week. My ESA has just been stopped and i think if i phone up and tell them they will just think im making all this up to stay on ESA. I have plenty of proof in medication and hospital discharge letters that i have a problem... And am a bit weary of claiming JSA due to having to go on the bus etc to sign on when i have no idea how i will be feeling that day.. what if i cant make it? Sorry for the big essay but can anyone out there help me? would be much appreciated. thank you.
  17. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help?.............In November 2010, I changed departments to fibreglass department whereby I also recieve dirt money! I receive pay at an hourly rate, which is listed as "basic" on my payslip, I then receive dirt money, detailed as "special bonus" , my bonus listed as "bonus", overtime listed as "overtime" and attendance bonus listed as "attendance"! eg basic 39 @ 6.187 special bonus 39 @ 0.8974 bonus 41 @ 4.3454 overtime 2 @ 9.2805 attendance 156 @ 0.1602 My problem is that overtime is paid at time and a half, which as you can see is based on £6.187, taking overtime to £9.2805. However, many of my colleagues have their "special bonus" (dirt money) as part of their basic hourly rate, taking their basic to £6.187 + £0.897 = £7.084, so when they do overtime they get it paid based on this hourly rate, which takes their overtime to £10.6266! I have queried this with my supervisor and HR, and at first they give the whole "different contracts, changed two years ago" excuses ( I have worked there for 4 years), but they have now said they are going "to amend" our pay so myself and others receive the same as what our colleagues earn per hour!..... Great!! Thing is, surely if this is an amendment, ie fixing something that was wrong, should we not be entitled to back pay? The way I see it is since November, I have been down on £1.346 for every hour of overtime I have worked!........about £250! I have asked about back pay, to which I got a blunt No!!! We have no union!!.............Help?! Thanks LP
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