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Found 13 results

  1. HI all, In 2015 I joined Exercise for Less. I cancelled the direct debit having spoken to the gym manager as I didn't like the facilities and naively thinking that would be the last i heard from them. I then battled with Harlands (I offered them the 9.99 as advised by this forum) then CRS (who gave my account back to Harlands after II sent them an email composed by the legendary Slick132). This happened in November 2015. However, as I was clearing my inbox I found this email from Harlands dated 05/01/17 ( this is the first I've heard from them since Nov
  2. Hello! It seems I am another persons struggling with CRS/Harlands etc etc. Way back in 2012, I entered into a gym contract with Fitness First in Leeds whilst at University. I then moved back home (40 miles away) and called Fitness First and asked them to transfer my "home" club to being back at my parents home, they said this was fine. Fitness First then shut down my local gym, I called them and they said everything was cancelled and that they were sorry for any confusion. I then found a DD on my bank account to "Harlands" in around February/March 2013, went
  3. Hello! I am currently experiencing problems regarding a £207.47 debt I supposedly owe to Harlands/Xercise4less despite having terminated my 12 month contract back in April this year!! I joined Xercise4less in Leeds in February 2015 - I signed up to a 12 month membership (the minimum duration) £9.99 p/m. Despite having used the gym a total of less than 10 times in the whole year, I held up my end of the contract and paid for the full year. Due to payments having not been taken for January and February 2016 (as the gym was shut due to flood damage) I was unsure whether this mean
  4. Hi all! Great job what you do here. On February i became a member of Advance Gym, it was a monthly pay membership so i paid the first membership on cash in advance when i started at the gym and i took the introductory session. I didn't like the gym and i cancel the DD and never came back. While after started the letters telling me that i owe 1 month, and after Harlans and CRS, now Spratt Endicott in asking for 156.49. I sent on June a mail to the gym through the web web page and the told me that i breached terms and conditions as i did't gave one month notice. Should i get an agr
  5. Hi was wondering if anyone could help. Myself and my wife cancelled our DD in Feb this year. We moved last June but still kept paying but didn't use the gym. We made the mistake to cancel without informing the gym. We assumed that our memberships may have finished now I have received a letter from spratt endicott asking for £207 and will probably get another one soon for my wife. we are not really sure why its so much? shall I just call them to pay this? Thanks.
  6. Hello Everyone I've noticed there is plenty of threads in regards to memberships with X4L but every single one of them seems to have some unique twist on it after a long time of receiving letters from CRS and now spratt edicott I decided to share my problem. On the March 13th 2015 I started 12 month contract with X4L which I wanted to cancel before the contract ended as the membership started to hit my budget after a while. Unfortunately the process to achieve this was rather difficult with my only option to give proof of redundancy according to the first email I
  7. Hi I’ve read a few posts on here but would really appreciate some advice please? Around this time last year there was a fire in my apartment block and the whole thing burnt down. Without going into too much detail, I lost everything, only recently getting some normality back. At the time of it happening I dealt with all kinds of bills and redirecting mail etc. The most insignificant thing was the Xercise4Less Gym membership. I went into the gym, spoke to a girl on reception and explained that I had relocated miles away so need to cancel. She told me not to
  8. Hi, I have been receiving letters for month now telling me I owe £222.47 to Harlands. I have been reading here that I should ignore the letters. I signed up at the gym for 14.99/month via direct debit. I went once and cancelled the gym membership a few months after by cancelling the direct debit. This was around two years ago. I'm sick of getting these letters, I have just walked into the one from Spratt Endicott telling me that failure to reply to this notice within 7 days may result in legal proceedings to recover the above balance unless you contact us to discuss your repay
  9. Hi, Hoping someone could help me, I've had a good read on the forum but can't find anything similar to my case. I joined gym/swimming pool and ended up going fairly regulary for 3 months (in a 12 month contract). The swimming pool kept being closed or out of use when I visited in the evening so after a while I decided to just cancel my DD. I didn't give any notice and am now being asked to pay £300 by Spratt Endicott within 7 days. What should I do? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi there, I am new to the site so just wanted to say hello to start with! I am writing this thread regarding problems I have had since cancelling a gym membership at Xercise4Less in Leeds. I am writing in chronological order but the dates may be a bit out (apart from the most recent ones). I joined Xercise4Less on a £9.99 monthly rolling contract in October 2014, as I was at university in Leeds and wanted to use the gym. I never received a welcome email with my 'pin' to get in the gym, nor any terms and conditions or anything similar. Over the first few weeks, I went in multiple
  11. Hello, Thought I could do with some advice, which I have an idea anyway but would like to make sure from the people with more knowledge on this. So, couple years back maybe around 2013ish signed up to the new Gym in Liverpool pre-opening, offered the £9.99 12 month contract. All is fine fine until around October/November when I wrote a letter informing them I have now moved and wished to cancel giving 1 months' notice. They then took another payment out which I sent a further letter asking why a payment was taken but no response. cancelled DD after that so no furt
  12. Hi CAG, I've joined Xercise 4 Less in February 2015. In July 2015 stopped going to gym but kept paying DD as per my agreement. I wasn't aware that it's a roll on contract so after 14th payment cancelled DD with the bank. Unfortunately never read their T&C's and on 27th May received first letter from Harlands with £34.99 to pay. I called their helpline to explain that I'm not paying any admin fees because didn't know about their roll on system and that I haven't used gym since July 2014. The woman gave me number to E4less and advised to call them which I never did. I then started
  13. I had an account with Xcercise4Less and i missed one payment because i was on holiday, When i got back i found i had all these charges on my account that made up to around £60. Obviously i didn't want to pay this, so i called them up and contacted them and they allowed me to make a new account with the charges on the old account being dropped. However a few weeks later i started receiving letters from Harlands saying i had to pay, i tried to phone them but they didn't answer after trying them a couple of times. So i just left it. I have now received
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