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  1. 5 years ago I began an admin job with a sole trader independent social worker (!) who urged me from the very start to register as self-employed. Being naive and desperate for work, I eventually registered for self-employed status about 6 months later. I have kept up NI 2 contributions since that time and put in self-assessments at the relevant times. HMRC's ESI tool says I was an employee. The job consisted of going into the office with the exception of a couple of times when he was away on holiday and I did some work from home. It was established at the beginning that I would be pai
  2. can someone point me in the right direction - am i self employed or a contractor - and as such, what rights do i have ? I pay 20% tax at source ( CIS) I have regular working hours every day ( can't work whenever i want) I don't get paid holidays I don't get sick pay From what i can gather, im a contactor, as someone who is self employed gets to pick his or hers own working hours. As a contractor, am i not entitled to some kind of holiday pay ??? Any thoughts ?
  3. I toke a loan out with Nemo about 5 years ago with PPI. When the loan was taken out I was woking for a company so decided that PPI was a good idea. Last year I was made redundant and decided to go self employed, my question is is the PPI now worthless. I called Nemo last month to dicuss and was told that they would still payout if I was not earning, but everything I have read online tends to say not. Can someone please confirm if the PPI is worthless, if it is all I want is the PPI stopped and pay the loan only. How would I go about having the PPI removed
  4. Hi all i am waiting for my claim pack to come hopefully will be quick. I am going from unemployed to self employed having never done this before im guessing i have to send cashflow in, but also been told that for the first year i dont have to give accounts? Any advice is great
  5. Hi My husband is a self employed DJ but after losing his main income now only works 4 hours per week at a club, this income is declared to HMRC. He is looking for alternative work and is thinking about setting up a mobile car valeting business...... How does this work for tax purposes, does he submit 2 tax returns or does he add all income together and do as 1 tax return? Also, after expenditure is deducted off income, what rate of tax is paid on the profit and what is the figure you can earn before paying tax? Just trying to get it right in my own head Thanks
  6. Hi There, This is a bit of a drawn out story so I'm going to try to keep concise. A difficult customer... I quoted on some works, these changed as they went along. Therefore I was asked to requote for what had been done so it could be paid. Then to requote on the remaining works. The customer is witholding £20. This is in relation to another quote that I have agreed to drop. She now wants to finsih this part herself, so to keep it amiable I agreed not to charge for what I had already done. With this going on I have been organising other trades people to quote for her, so I can comp
  7. Hi all, new to the forum, and while I know this has probably been asked before (more than once) I cant find a specific thread on the search. I have been self employed since 1996 and in that time have had a mortgage, bank loan, 2 credit cards and a catalogue account (that apparently has ppi). I have been putting off claiming for the ppi on all these as paperwork is not my strong suit and was expecting to have to do a mountain of forms, but was told recently by a freind that as I was self employed I should never have been sold these policies as they would never have been paid and it sh
  8. Hi, I have been trying to sort out my brother-in-laws financial mess. He took out a loan with RBS in 2006 which had a PPI single premium of £2304 added to the loan amount. We have written to RBS requesting a copy of the agreement and have had a reply back saying they have lost the paper work. Thankfully we have found the original agreement and would like to claim a refund of PPI. He is a self employed DJ and this is stated on the agreement. Can he use this as the reason for his complaint and add 8% interest to the £2304 for 6 years. Regards GB
  9. Hello all. I am seriousley thinking about going self employed, I have been on jsa for 12 months now in that time i have recently had a break from it as i went on a overseas holiday. Whilst there i did some thinking and i really watch to get of the jsa cycle as its just crappy to live on and demorilsing. Since my return and (recent) i have made a rapid reclaim basically as i need to ensure i one have some funds to live of and 2 to get the help i need to pay my rent and council tax I was self employed a few years back and stuppidly had not heard of working tax credits so never appli
  10. Hi Hope someone can offer some advice. The father to my children tells the csa he earns 125 a week. He gets away with this as his son who is his accountant fixes his books, therefore the csa follow the tax return that Inland Revenue have accepted, and they say there is nothing they can do. I used to do his books, he earns over 600 a week. He told me before going to CSA he would get son (from previous relationship) to fix books so that he wouldnt have to pay much csa. (his daughter in law works for CSA so knows what he needs to get wages down too) 125 is less than min wage,
  11. hi there, I wonder if anyone can give us an idea of what to expect when we renew our tax credits... From April to August last year, my partner was working 40 hours a week as a self employed subcontractor. Then the company he was working for folded, but rather than sign on and claim JSA as we were sure we could weather the financial storm without doing so, he continued to look for work and we lived off our small savings (and sold pretty much everything we owned). Our second baby was born in November, so having him at home was a godsend really as I was pretty ill, all in all he was not work
  12. Hi I am full time employed but am wanting to set up a business selling handmade items to do as well as being employed. In basic term what do i do....register my business?with who? what do i do for tax purposes etc? can i do this? Thank you
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