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  1. I've been receiving Incapacity and Housing benefit for quite a few years due to various mental health issues but now I have a decent chance to start up a home business repairing computers and I'm worried about losing all my support if things don't work out. I've spoken to Incapacity Benefits and they told me I can apply for Permitted Work which would allow me to work up to 16 hours a week and earn £101, anything over £101 will be deducted from my benefits. I also got in touch with Housing Benefit and they told me that as long as I sign up for Permitted Work and keep them updated with my
  2. Hi can anyone help friend had a bailiff call this morning , we couldn't find him on register. phoned bailiff company and demanded that they imform me of where he got his certificate and when, ! phone the court that issued it and at first she couldnt find him after she phoned me back the second time she found him but he is not registered as working for this company just as self employed I know there was something I read about this saying the bailiff must inform the ccourt if cirumstances change is this true ? If anyone could clarify this I would be gratefu
  3. I was approached last May by an Agency who were looking to set up a training course for the unemployed (I am a qualified trainer), I was interviewed and offered work on the spot. The only proviso was that they would only pay me on a day rate and that I would have to be self employed. I was assured that they were moving very quickly so I started my own business. They then asked me for copies of my qualifications to enable them to sell the course to potential funders. I was originally told that the start would be sometime in August. August came and went I was then assured that the star
  4. Good Morning. I am having difficulties determining as to whether i need to be self employed or a business? My situation: A few months ago, i started working for a local company, i believe on a sub-contract basis as a service engineer. At the end of each month i invoice them for the gross amount of labour, and they pay the invoice value. In addition, to this, i invoice them for mileage, for using my car, at 40p per mile and invoice that too, which they pay in full. I also do other things as well; i repair coffee machines at home and sell them online. (materials are involved w
  5. Old MBNA credit card i defaulted on and debt has been sold to Link. Sent SAR to MBNA and got back all info including lists of transactions including PPI. Im sure there can be no dispute in my case for miss-selling as the CCA they sent to me just before cout case clearly states in bold ink SELF-EMPLOYED. Im just not sure which spread sheet to use and believe the adding of the PPI insurance was a contributing factor to the default of the debt. Towards the end the interest and insurance added meant the debt was just increasing. Could someone advise as to which sprea
  6. hello, My partner and I are self employed and I suffer from Raynaud's disease and kidney infections I need heat for this, oil heating as we have no open fire. My partner and I have next to zero money coming in at present through the business and even though we get £120 per week in tax credits it is really hard to obtain oil with bills etc. I have heard that the DHSS provide Crisis Loans to people on benefits, do you think we would be eligible? We also need a bed and there is no way that we can get credit. We have no kids and the business has made no profit from the last year, I know going
  7. Hi all. First time poster, frequent surfer I currently run my own business which is just not happening (I do web/graphics design mainly through PPH and the competition with overseas is crazy). I understand there is some sort of help for people in the UK on low incomes? What, if anything, can I get help with? I live on my own in a privately mortgaged house. Mortgage? Council Tax? Tv License? General Cash? Can I get on Job Seekers as I have limited work - Or would I have to 'stop' all work (not keen on doing this unless I need to to get the other benefits as
  8. Currently unemployed after losing my job in september 2012....receive JSA and housing benefit, if I was to go self employed would I still get help to begin with ?
  9. I'm currently in receipt of ESA (WRAG) after having to leave my job a few months back due to medical reasons. I'm doing a OU degree and volunteering but would really like to start earning some money again. As my health is pretty up and down I figure something I'm able to do at home would be ideal. I'm very artistic and a friend has offered to give me her kiln and pottery supplies...I did Ceramics in college years ago so I know what I'm doing. The whole "self employed" thing really scares me though...I would have no idea what I'm doing and would be scared about not earning enough to pay t
  10. Hi I'm on JSA and going to sign off on Monday and register as self employed, claiming in work credit for the first year as self employed checked I can do this. https://www.gov.uk/in-work-credit/overview I want to register my company name to protect it from being used by anyone else. Would I have to register as a limited company or would it still be ok to just register as self employed ? It's expensive going down the limited company route and I will do that once the company is making a good profit. Any answers gratefully received.
  11. I made a postal application for a Barclaycard Visa credit card back in May 1995 when I was self-employed. It was one of those advertising flyers found in magazines. As I was self-employed I ticked the PPI box as I thought that it would offer me both the best chance of getting the card and cover me if I was unable to work for some reason. The card is still active but I only pay off what is left on the account. It was only when I saw a programme on TV about PPI that mentioned that a self-employed person with PPI might not have been able to make a claim for unemployment,
  12. Hi All, Well due to sign on in another hour and at the end of my tether with the advisor. So now I need to get my business going live. But what do I tell the Tax Credits? I want to submit 30 hours working but with zero hours how do I approach them with that information. Someone mentioned just put down 16 but I will be doing a lot more that 16 hours per week it'll be full time and more. Any information gladly appreciated!
  13. Hi all, At present I'm out of work, and claiming JSA. I've been out of work for just over a year, during which time I went back to college and studied to become a Personal Trainer. Having gained my REPS 3 qualification, I have been putting the feelers out for a job in a gym, and struck lucky recently.... ...I've been offered a job in a local gym (plenty of facilities).....the start date will be 2 weeks Today The only thing that's 'niggling' me is that it's self-employed. The reason it's niggling me is because I've never been self-employed before, and so was looking for advice
  14. I need some advice here. I am self employed and pay my PAYE in instalments from April when I self assess to just before January 31st when the payment is actually due. Worked well for some time until tax year 2011-2012 when I switched to direct debit monthly payment, saw it on my HMRC account and thought that would be a good idea as opposed to bac's payments. Boy was I wrong, not only were they not allocating the payments to my account (they have admitted to having to manually transferring all direct debit payments from suspense) but they have also lost two payments. I have lost count
  15. i have just received a letter from HMRC ASKING FOR £959.00 for National Insurance contributions THEY HAVE ME DOWN AS WORKING SELF EMPLOYED The dates are 7/10/2012 to 06/04/2013 10/04/2011 TO 6/10 2012 09/04/2006 TO 9/04/2011 I have been employed for the last 20 years PAYE i was medically retired last September and i am on ESA benefit just phoned them up and it is like banging your head against a brick wall. My main worry is that i am claiming a benefit, the benefit agency will see this as fraud as HMRC/DWP/LOCAL AUTHORITY ARE NOW LINKED URGENT suggesti
  16. My husband is self employed. Still in his first year - the return is due in January. We have poured all of savings into the business and this has covered his wages etc so I am not anticipating paying much, if any tax. Because the savings have run out & he isn't making enough yet he has taken a new job. My question is, how can I change his tax code to make this new job the main job so he doesn't have to pay super-tax! Thanks for any help
  17. Hello everyone. You were fantastic last time I needed advice and I have to confess that I thought my days of dealing with this company were finished. Unfortunately another person needs some help. I am sure that I will have a number of questions in the future, but this is the first. If a person is a franchisee for a company, yet has to start work at the time the company tells them, do the work that the company tells them without a choice, have breaks when the company tells them and finish when they are told and not before(in short the same conditions as when they were employed by the co
  18. Hi there, sorry if this has been done already but I would like a comprehensive list of expenses that Self employed people can put towards offsetting their tax. Can Electricity, water, gas excetera be used? many thanks BB
  19. I am self-employed as a painter and decorator and am doing some work for a contractor who says he has to deduct tax from my wages. I'm a bit concerned about this because this is my first job this tax year and I imagine it will be an emergency tax code which will mean paying a lot more than if I was employed and had a code. I realiseI will get this back eventually but could do without it being taken off me now, I understood that, as a self-employed person, my tax affairs were my own responsibility and I wonder if anyone could throw some light on what is supposed to happen in a situation like th
  20. I have been working for a company since 2006(since the beginning). I was employed by the company, but in August 2010 it was mutually agreed I would become a self-employed consultant of the company. This was a mutual agreement as my employer wanted the benefit of not paying PAYE, and it was 'sold' to me on the basis it would be more tax efficient for me. I was told nothing would change in the way of rights, holiday entitlement etc. I was on a commission based salary package, which simply rolled over when my status changed to self-employed. Gradually since August 2010 my 'package' has chan
  21. Hi all can someone give me a bit of advice as I've never done this before can I claim any sort of sickness benefit ? to cut a long story short I have been self employed for 17 yrs last year I damaged my shoulder at work I've had physiotherapy etc since the accident but this has made no difference I was told yesterday by a consultant that I now require an operation to correct the damage and will require to be off work for up to 6 months after the operation I believed I had insurance to cover however this may now not be the case ( policy wording changed apparently ) who would I contact for infor
  22. I am in the process of preparing to reclaim the PPI payments on a particular credit card account. I requested a copy of my original application form in order to see how the cover was originally applied to the account, and I have now received this. It was a postal application, which I had already believed I recalled being the case, and the PPI option box was not pre-ticked - I ticked it myself as I had always previously believed cover to be a useful safety net. I was therefore not *sold* PPI but added it voluntarily, though I understand there is/was still an obligation to re
  23. We have a self-employed person (28 yrs old) providing a service for our business. Unfortunately a problem has arisen with this service and we have written to the person explaining this. In way of a response all they will say is that we should not contact them directly but to their representative; the representative is their father. We have so far sent four letters and have received the same response every time. We have also received a letter from the father saying we should address all corrrespondence, referring to his son, to him. Do we have any obligation to deal with anyone other than
  24. Can anyone clarify a few things about a claim for PPI I recently made please? I received a letter from Egg a few months ago advising that I may have been mis-sold PPI so I filled in the questionnaire and sent it back. I was self employed from 2002 to 2011. I had a loan in 2003 with them that was settled in 2006 and I think I was paying for PPI - I have no paper work for it anymore. I received a letter back from Canada Square Operations who are handling the ppi claims and it says: "I understand from your complaint that it concerns the sale of payment protection insurance, and i
  25. I am feeling so ill. After 3 years off of work in recovery from alcoholism. I decide to go back to work. I am a single lady with two dependant children. I don't mix well with people so decide to work from home. Mainly freelance typing. I thought I had to do 16 hours a week, which I have been doing, although I have kept no note of the hours I have worked. I have now received a letter from tax credits saying they want details of hours I have worked, money I have received. Bank statements etc etc. I have sent them all have but I didn't keep notes of the exact hours I worked. I feel
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