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  1. My husband is soon to become self employed, he will still be employed through a company though, he is currently paying 264 pcm to the ex via a private based arrangement, obviously we dont know if at first, we can afford to keep paying this amount as its likely to be tough to build up business. Do we still have to pay this set amount? Although its a private arrangement the ex still forced him through the CSA to do the calculation only. and we pay her direct to her bank. Please dont advise talking to the ex, they are not on speaking terms and she wants to screw him for every penny she can
  2. I’ve just been offered and agreed to take on some consultancy work by a local consortium. I’m currently working full-time in the NHS and this work, whilst linked, will be done in my own time (evenings / weekends). I’m wondering about the best way to separate and deal with the additional income which could be perhaps an additional £10k per year. I’ve looked, albeit very briefly, into creating a sole-trader company so that I can have a separate bank account and entity from my otherwise full-time PAYE income. So, what’s the best way to ensure I don’t get myself into a mire with
  3. THIS was originally on the Employment forum but was suggested I move it to here. Hi, hope somebody can help advise me. I am with employer for less than one year. I had a number of personal issues that were affecting my ability to do my job efficiently and my employer kept extending my probation period. I don't think I was able to turn my performance around before my third (and I was told, final) probationary meeting which was to be in early Jan 16. I went sick after new year (4 Jan) and haven't been back to work since - actually, I did do a couple of weeks late Jan but didn't do
  4. Hello, I`m self employed, I work most of the time for a company in suffolk ( i live in london ) I drive up to suffolk to collect their van ( i get no renumeration for doing this, no fuel expenses, I dont even get paid for the day i spend driving up to suffolk) I travel the country selling their products at shows & events. The van stays with me for 75% of the year & they pay the fuel I invoice on a weekly basis per show I am considered by them to be A Sub Contractor I pay my own NI & Tax According to their Risk Assessment all employees need to have Manual Handling BU
  5. Hello Guys I hope you can help me. In June I started working for an Accountant on a self employed basis. Each week I would send over my hours/invoice, he would raise an invoice to client and once it was paid, so would I be. The problem arose due to the fact that this Accountant is the most obnoxious, patronising and rude person I have ever had the misfortune to meet. Not only did he continually harass me by bombarding me with text messages, emails etc. He was also always rude to the client which put me in a difficult position. I work for other accountants quite happily and
  6. Hi Ladies and Gents Yesterday I started a new part time job and ceased with my Self Employed status. I filled out the HMRC for and received confirmation last night they had received it with a confirmation number. Now I tried to get through to HMRC today, after going through the gate keeping questions it requires me to have PAYE reference and payroll number. I don't have a payroll number yet till next week. Can I still give them all the other details they require omitting the payroll number giving them next week. I just wondered if the ceasation of Self Employed would stop my Working Tax e
  7. I have been working as a self-employed mortgage broker until I resigned in July 2015. I signed a service contract with the company and commission was to be paid at the end of each month on a 50% split basis i.e. I get 50% of the commission for all business I write. Business has been very slow and in August 2014, the company incorporated under an umbrella company who took on most of our compliance. The director told me that the commission split would change to 35% for the first £3,000 of business written and 65% thereafter. This was apparently done to reward hitting higher targets. This w
  8. Hi folks, I really, really hope someone can help me out here. I have been self-employed for 4 or so years but I wasn't registered as self-employed until recently and I am still waiting on my UTR. Since I first became self-employed I have been claiming Working Tax Credit, I recently stopped my claim. Since the start of being self-employed, I have been earning nothing more than a few thousand per year so I have no outstanding taxes to pay. However, my problem is with my Working Tax Credit claim. I recently had a letter asking for evidence for my claim, including my UTR. I am
  9. My son who is a student has been working for a pub a couple of nights a week (cash in hand) His employer told the staff last night that they are now "self employed". Shouldnt he have to sign a contract or something to this effect and how does he go about informing HMRC many thanks
  10. Hi. 3 yrs now I have been self employed & claiming top up benefits. Which are based on me earning £100 per week profit from my work. My 20 yr old son just left college & started working at Fujitsu. 18 yr old daughter has been at college & will be there another 2 yrs. Housing benefit has now gone down to £2 per week. Soooooo I am hoping I can sack them off completely & pull out all the stops to earn more from my self employment. What's confused me is I have been on the Turn2us benefit calculator & it's saying I will still get the same working & child tax credits as I
  11. When I was at Ingeus a few years ago my adviser there signed me up for Self Employed agianst my will. She said 'you don't have to do anything until you go self employed'. For some months now I have tried to tell HMRC that I am NOT self employed and that I am signing on at my Job Centre. When I got a letter there was a form on the other side, I filled that in telling them that I am signing on and never was self employed. They never got back to me, they sent out several letters demanding money. My Dad phoned back and they gave him a number, he rang that number and waited 40 minutes and gave
  12. Hi everyone, Can anyone help me to quote the right legislation to the Employment Tribunal? I am asking the ET to confirm that I should be administered as an employee rather than self employed. I am paid the same rate per hour as the employees but they get statutory holiday pay and SSP. We all do the same job and report to the same manager. The only difference is the way we are paid. Would there be some claim under the equal pay provisions? I would like the ET to confirm that I am an employee and I would really like backdated holiday pay! Can I claim that and if
  13. Firstly, thanks for any help/advice in advance! I've been working as a lighting tech (theatre, corporate events, music events - self employed) for 20 years. Last year, at the age of 49 I started to suffer with arthritis in my knees. This means that, whilst I can no longer do 10-22 hour shifts entailing heavy lifting, carrying 18+kg up ladders and suchlike - I am not disabled "enough" to get any sort of disability benefits. I have been applying for more managerial positions with no luck. Apparently this amount of experience doesn't count for much! So i've also started to apply f
  14. Yes everyone my family has a lot of bad luck. I never mentioned this before because I forgot. About two years ago my adviser at Ingeus put me on self employed, because I found a leaflet job. Which I never went for because I didn't know how to do the self tax thing. Last year I got a letter asking for £30, I phoned back up and said 'I am not self employed my adviser did this for me'. He said it was OK and everything would be sorted, well it wasn't. Last week I receieved another letter now asking for £100, my dad said instead of phoning them we can send the letter attatched and I fill
  15. Hi I currently have a car which i use for personal and business use, this is my only vehicle. I am replacing this car with a sign written business van, again i will also be using it for personal use. I am borrowing the money for the van. Can you tell me how i put this through the books, do i put the loan through and the cost of the vehicle or not? Do i still work purely on the mileage allowance of 45p per mile that i use for business? Appreciated, thanks
  16. Hi there, My husband works for an international company and paid in US dollars. However, the HMRC class him as self-employed. I carry out bookkeeping for him monthly with end of month reconciliation as well as annual returns with other specific tasks on his behalf. However, this work load will increase as of May 2015, hence charging him. My question is.... Can I invoice him for monthly duties carried out. I plan to go self employed doing exactly this once I have completed my Honours Degree in May, therefore, it would be far easier for myself to also go self-employed rathe
  17. Hi there, looking for some advice about claiming working tax credit as a self employed person. Is wtc based on income, or profit? I was awarded wtc last year based on 2013-2014, which was my first year of self employment in which I made a loss. This year so far I have made a (yes, I know, pathetic) £500 profit. Can I assume this is little enough not to have to notify HMRC? I'm not sure how it works as a self employed person, since income is unpredictable. At what point do you notify them if you think your income has risen from last year, given it may well go down again? Sec
  18. Hello, I have a query and it would be wonderful if anyone can offer me their thoughts! I currently claim housing benefit based on my self employed income (also claim working tax credit), which I am asked to declare every 6 months. I'm moving area shortly, and will have to cancel my current claim and make a new claim with my new local authority. Now, my question is this. A large chunk of my recent income has come from a job based here that I will lose when I move area. So when I make a new claim, and am asked for my previous 6 months income, it will not reflect what my future 6 m
  19. hello all, I hope somebody may be able to offer me some advice. In march 2014 I purchased the goodwill of existing hairdressing salon. I was declined for business start up loan despite putting in what I thought was a very good business plan. My sister took out a loan on my behalf to purchase the good will of the business but this meant I had no money left to buy any stock, tools, equipment and furniture for the salon. Since then I have been buying these things as Ive gone along. I also put in a claim for housing benefit and the said they weren't able to accept the loan rep
  20. hi all, I am the main claimant for benefits, and have been for some years. We have an 8 yr old. my problem is : I have mental health problems over the years resulting in a breakdown. I was told I was unfit for work at a medical assessment over a year ago. however, I am interviewed every six months to see how I am getting on and if and when I will be able to work. This frankly is making my situation worse as it just piles pressure onto me. my husband is capable of work and would quite happily do so.(he is not my paid carer) I am in no fit state most days to cope on my own and we both know t
  21. Good evening everyone This isn't so much a bailiff problem, more a problem with a bailiff I was once married to.... I have been divorced from my ex husband (a certificated bailiff/enforcement officer for Marsdens) for almost four years, and have since remarried. I have a 9 year old son from my previous marriage and have struggled and struggled to get any kind of child maintenance.... My ex-husband has constantly insists he cannot afford to pay me anything... I have recently had my hand forced and in desperation turned to the Child Maintenance Service who have now intervened a
  22. First of all hello, just recently found the forum. Oh, I have been so so silly. I bought a caravan on HP in 2008 over 60 months, last year I sold the caravan and didn't get enough for it to pay off all the loan. I know now that I shouldn't have done this, that I could have let them take it back as I'd paid half the loan. I feel so stupid, but I really didn't know this, and I didn't realise I couldn't sell it on either. I've made such a big mistake. I have never defaulted on the loan payments, I'm still just about managing to pay everything I owe (there are o
  23. Last year I was on the sick for back problems (kept slipping a disc and I swear to god it is total agony) and problems with my knee randomly giving way. I was seeing a physio regularly etc but ATOS decided I had nothing the matter with me. After a while, I managed to get a JSA claim sorted. To begin with they were trying to say I couldnt get JSA as I was ill..how crazy is that Anyway, while on JSA I obviously continued to see my physio and a few months ago I was having next to no problems with my back or my knee. I found a job as a door supervisor 2 months ago. It is a 0 hour contract an
  24. Hi I'm new to this site, but have read some other posts and am hoping somebody may be able to help. My partner is a self employed Carpenter. He was recommended to a company by somebody he's worked with previously and completed 11 days labour for this company. The company paid him for 6.5 days, but despite numerous reminders and informing them we would seek a CCJ if payment was not made by today, we have not received the money owed. I tried to submit a claim online, but I have no address details for the company. The company website provides a telephone number and e-mail address a
  25. Hi Would someone be able to tell me .... if someone is self employed and has to stay in hospital for awhile and then take time out to recuperate can they apply for any welfare benefits? Thank you in advance.
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