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Found 124 results

  1. Does anyone have any useful email addresses for SAR issues? Any help would be most appreciated. ty
  2. Long story short, my ex has been claiming High rate mobility and medium rate care for 4 years, shes never had an assessment, it was granted to her for chronic fatigue syndrome and the only evidence was a GP letter. I had no reason to disbelieve her, she always walked with 2 sticks and on outing made me push her in a wheelchair, during the night I'd need to help her use the toilet and before work, i'd help her out of bed and to get dressed. My friends all told me that I was being taken for a mug and there was actually nothing wrong with her and they knew it, I of course , back my ex , as at the time, I had no reason at all to disbelieve her. However, since we have split, family and friends have provided me with 4 videos of her walking, some distance, without her sticks, at a brisk pace and clearly not suffering any pain (She used to visually show it) Is there an email address I can pass these onto the DWP on ? I know there's an online form, but these video's cant be added to an online form. I might sound bitter, but im not, benefit fraud is something I am simply against 100%, she might have recovered since we split and thats fine, but shes still driving the same motability issued car and using her blue badge.
  3. Can anyone advise me please, I have Sky email which I am also able to receive on my Blackberry mobile. Sky are switching to Yahoo in April and I have read on the Sky forum that there wll be a lot of problems as Yahoo use Pop and not Imap. Can anyone suggest a suitable email programme I can switch to - I have Sky broadband - that will also work with my Blackberry? Thankyou
  4. Hello guys I was a student in UK and i got two phones, but my studies got finished and visa was about to expire, i was broke and i told the company to cancel my contract they wanted a hefty fees, which i obviously couldnt afford, now past due credit solutions have sent me an email saying to call them on some scotland number. I have left the country but if i save enough i am planning to go back for 3 days on my graduation ceremony, I do not intend to pay these people why in the first place they gave me a phone knowing my visa will expire before my contract. Advise what should i do.
  5. Does anyone have an email address for Triton Debt Collection. It is a natwest credit card. They are looking for 690 odd quid but at least 250 is charges. They are nasty buggers on the phone and I would much rather email as If I have to complain to Ombudsman I have all the emails to send.
  6. I am just wondering if it is advisable to contact a DCA via email? I have had a financial statement CASHflowed by National Debtline detailing what I can afford to pay, and want to get it sent off asap as I am being threatened with a statutory demand. Is there any reason I shouldn't send it to the DCA via email?
  7. Hi, I have made a schoolboy error and sent a work email to a stranger by mistake. I was meant to send home to my partners email but mistyped and it sent to an incorrect one but I didn't know until I was home and checked my work phone as the email hadn't arrived. (I sent home to work on a report) So unable to recall. The email does not contain sensitive or commercial data or MI, it does have some detail around what changes I would like to make, but No Names are mentioned. Not sure what to do? Do I contact IT/ my line manager - will this just create a huge problem when it was a genuine mistake - the emails do all go out with the normal disclaimers at the bottom.
  8. 8 months ago I challenged my union official over his confrontational behaviour to other work colleagues. This did not go down well with him and so began his emails to my manager about my alleged poor work ethics.Prior to my challenging him I never had any complaints about my work. Finally I organised a vote of no confidence and he was ousted as the union rep and I was elected in his place. As you can imagine this did not go down well with him and at every opportunity he would send an email to my manager complaining about me. A lot of these emails I was not copied in on. After 8 months I had enough and I am now off sick with work related Stress and Anxiety. I have now lodged a Grievance against him, but as I am a civil servant this procedure is very slow. Can someone advise me as to the definition of work related email harassment and what rights I have. My management appear to be not taking this situation seriously and I am at my wits end.
  9. I am looking for n email address for Orange just to ask a question about insuring my daughters phone but the option is no longer available via the conatct us on their website. I called customer services and he gave me an address but it just says not valid. I only want to email them so I can get a written response as I find that you can't always rely on the information you are given over the phone and if its incorrect its your word against theirs. Thanks Joanne
  10. Dear azzadle I am in the same position as you but I havent heard from them since last June when they took £75 [EDIT] from an account I had only had opened for a week. When I took out the loan with them I banked with Barclays this new account was with Lloyds TSB so still dont know how they managed to get the debit card details. When I emailed them on the address that I had done several times before telling them I would be reporting them to the police [EDIT] the email came back as not recognized I havent heard a thing from them since not even from this MT Collect or anyone else that people have mentioned on this site.
  11. Hi, A little while back I started receiving emails and phone calls from a DCA called Credit Resource Solutions, asking for money. It relates to a company that I have previously had a debt with, but I'm almost certain I cleared the debt in full, and have had no dealing with said company for at least a couple of years. The sum is only £10, but it's the principle rather the money that is concerning me here. I asked for a statement of account from the original creditor, showing all payments, but nothing has been forthcoming. I also requested that any contact from them should be by post. Next, I emailed CRS warning them that I would consider any further contact from them as unlawful harrassment. This has done nothing to stop them, and I am still receiving regular emails from them, as well as numerous phone calls, most of which are silent. What is my best course of action here? I have read that harrassment from debt collectors is a criminal offence under the Administration of Justice Act 1970. So who should I be reporting them to? The police? Trading standards? As I've said, it's not the money that worries me, but I just want to get back at these scumbags and stop them contacting me. If I find out that I do indeed owe the original creditor, I will happily pay, but I refuse to give anything to CRS after dealing with me so appallingly. Any advice much appreciated.
  12. Hi I had a recoreded Letter deleivered today..I wasnt in to sign for it!! It has no name .just Ower/occupier..Im thinking this could be a SD Have DCA sent letters with owner/occupier before to catch ppl out ??
  13. I have looked again at my Experian and I note that Provident have lodged a default against me in the last month for £485. That account has been dormant since 2010 (I actually forgot about ever dealing with them) so I have no idea why they have just sprung up with it. I am in a position where I can offer them a F&F settlement of around 40%. Do I just write to them with this - or write to their pleb "lawyers", as I've seen from other threads? I do owe the money and just want it settled ASAP.
  14. to say i am mad at barclays is an understatement i have got myself a cashplus prepaid credit card that is used for the USA in dollars. it is a dollar card from cash plus and not to be confused with the normal gold mastercard issued also i went into barclays and ordered £3000 in dollars to be collected and paid for this friday while at the counter i realised i needed it in sterling as i could not top up the pre paid card in dollars and asked to cancel the transaction and have sterling ready. they point blank refused saying the request has allready been sent. they then stated they will be able to buy them back at their own buy back rate. that will cost me £300 which is the difference from the sell and buy back rates. all in the space of 10 minutes phoned customer service who were no help also this is all about some torag getting his commission and stuff customer service comments please on how to get even with barclays and whats more important is that i will be travelling accross the USA with about $5000 in cash
  15. Hi, We received an email from NDR 2 weeks ago saying our Toothfairy account was in arrears even though it wasn't due for another few days. We rang toothfairy and the gentleman agreed that the loan had been passed to NDR too soon, and to ignore it. We paid a £36 extension fee to extend for a further 2 weeks and again we have received 4 emails in the space of an hour this morning stating that we owe £318, and then received an email 20mins later stating we now owe nearly £700. The loan isn't even due for a few days!!! This is the email we have just received: Dear Abigail Thank you for your message. You currently owe £678. Here is a COMPLETE breakdown of your account to-date with ALL the dates and the amount of ALL charges: 16.06.12 Issue LOAN £200.00 – 17.06.12 Charge Interest-1 £36 – 01.07.12 Charge Interest-2 £36 – 15.07.12 Charge Interest-3 £36 – 15.07.12 Charge Missed Payment Fee 1 (day 29) £10 29.07.12 Charge Interest-4 £36 – 29.07.12 Charge NDR Recovery Fee £350 29.07.12 Charge Missed Payment Fee 2 (day 43) £10 Payments to-date: 11.07.12 Payment -£36 You will be incurring additional interest charges on the 11.08.12 making your total outstanding £724. If you are unable to pay in a one off payment, but you are willing to pay £100 per month starting from this month, we are prepared to FREEZE all interest and charges. Please confirm the dates that you will be making payment on and whether you wish for us to set this up to take payment automatically? If you have any questions please don\'t hesitate to call us on 0843 381 0843 Failure to make either payment will result in your file being passed to a third party bailiff company who will commence proceedings against you in your local county court. Yours sincerely, COLLECTIONS (129) NORTHERN DEBT RECOVERY Any advice will be great!
  16. Hi everyone Does anyone have any other email address for OPOS apart from general@oposlimited.com I am trying to sort out my Minicredit mess with them but so far they are insistent that i call them and not email, they last email they sent from the General email address ended Significant Reduced settlement offers are avalable to help clear your debt at a major saving before the end of the month, so If you would like to take advantage of this or discuss your account please do not reply to this email as you will not receive a response. Instead, please call us on 0844 372 2128. So as id rather not call but email i was wondering if there are any other address to contact them on if known?
  17. Hi I have subscribed to various threads but I no longer get email notifications anymore. Has it been turned off? Thanks
  18. Anybody know what the current email address for the customer relations rbs manager is? I need to forward a email to them regarding customer services
  19. Barclays publishes "smoking gun" email that reveals conversation between the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England Paul Tucker and Bob Diamond over key bank lending rate. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/9371778/Barclays-scandal-Bob-Diamond-resigns-live.html
  20. If a person or company has your email address, are they allowed to issue that address to third parties. Also, are they allowed to issue copies of letters you have sent to them to third parties or is this an infrigement of copyright, especially if letters are marked "without prejudice".
  21. Today I received the following email from webteam@virginmedia.com which I suspect is fraudulent as the only account we have had with Virgin many years ago was monthly PAYG for £10. Note the the spelling appears to non UK English. Do not click on the link as I no idea where it will take you and I do not intend to find out ; Dear customer, On 02/05/2012 an error occurred while samples from the monthly payment made to your account it was debited twice the sum of £ 50. For an immediate regularization of your situation and repayment of the amount charged, you must fill out the form below. Fill it out here Thank you for your understanding. Upon receipt of your form we will contact you. Our service does not accept any legal responsibility in the absence of an immediate response from you and no claim will be accepted. Contact Us for Help : 0845 840 7777 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kind regards, Mark Davidson Executive Director, Customer Care *Fastest broadband download speeds widely available to consumers according to 2009 - 2011 Ofcom report.
  22. Hi, I have an email address for Link below: mail@linkfinancial.co.uk but just wondering if anyone can confirm this is correct? Many thanks Pru
  23. I tried to do a search and see if there was a thread about this but there wasn't. Went into my spam folder and found this email.... Looks like they are trying whatever they can and hiding behind words to get people to contact them.:mad2 I have never given a DCA this email address but I must asume that they must of received it by other means, for example my bank. I didn't click on the link and I sent this to trash after I uploaded it. Just a heads up to let people know. Aunt Rene. EDIT* I don't have enough posts to upload the screen print. Sorry....
  24. Hi all, Thought I'd share some useful info re: making complaints or contacting Equita. Hopefully this hasn't been posted before but apologies if it has. Rather than using the premium 0844 5618807 number as shown on their web site, call the main switchboard on 01604 250116 (no doubt you'll still get through to some *$^&£% @!%&$*$&$ but at least the call won't cost so much) Their fax number is 01604 634460. If you'd rather not use their insecure online email forms (ie, New Occupier, Outstanding Account or Complaint) simply email them at: info[at]equita.co.uk (replace [at] for @), and let them forward your enquiry on to the relevant department. If your email enquiry/reason for contact happens to be a complaint then put 'FAO Faren Kowler' in the subject line (No, that's not her real name !!!)
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