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Found 124 results

  1. One of the site team has received an email from their Neighbourhood Watch scheme regarding the following:- https://www.gov.uk/government/news/motorists-warned-about-driving-licence-reminders-received-by-text-or-email So please do be aware of this.
  2. Hi, any advice would be very much appreciated. I have received an email off a company called Hillesden Security. It asks me to urgently ring a number quoti ng a reference number. It doesn't say what it is about but I have looked it up and see that it is a debt collection agency. I am scared - should I ring them or not? I have obviously not phoned them back. It maybe related to £600 that I owe a college that I did a course with. I was a month late applying for a grant from student finance that would have paid my fees. I was depressed and had high anxiety levels at the the time and the thought of completing a long and difficult form seemed an impossibility to me.When I did complete it i was a month too late and student finance turned the appication down.I was already a good amount through the year of the course. I had had the fees paid the two years before as we live on a low wage. It took 8 months for the GP to get me onto a dose of antidepressants that worked for me. I finished my course 9 months after everyone else and it took ages for my life to return to normal. I haven't got the £600 to give them.
  3. The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) is continuing to receive reports relating to Cryptolocker, a destructive malware that installs itself on your computer and holds your files to ransom by encrypting them Cryptolocker surfaced in late 2013 and targets computers running Windows operating systems. It disguises itself as an attachment to an e-mail appearing to have been sent by legitimate company, These are typically courier firms claiming a failed delivery, airlines with flight tickets, Skype notifying a missed voicemail, banks and financial institutions. It catches out victims who think they are opening a PDF or image file. Do not open the attachment, just delete the email. http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/cryptoLocker-alert-update-dec13 http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/features/security/3491195/how-protect-yourself-from-cryptolocker-attack/ http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/cryptolocker-ransomware-information
  4. Hi All, I am looking for a speedy resolution with my creditors and sending letters back and forth is taking far too long. Can I use email to contact them ... It keeps a chain of communication. Is there anything I should be aware of when using email to contact them? Thanks
  5. I use different email addresses for different sites (e.g. for this one it's consumeractiongroup@*****.plus.com) so I can identify, if spammed, where my address has been harvested from. Look what I received today:- Yes folks, it looks like the email address list of CAG may have been harvested by spammers and sc ammers, because I doubt they'd just happen across that address by accident.
  6. I've received an email from one of the site team, but it won't let me reply saying I don't have the necessary permissions. In the end I've responded using the "contact us" option. Not heard back yet though. Also, i'm struggling to find where to update my home email, the profile page doesn't appear to give the option. Any advice, am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance
  7. Anyone have an email address for these people please?
  8. email: executive.complaints@npow er.com [no spaces] dx
  9. Hi all. Does anyone have a current email address for Barclaycard Customer Relations dept, their PPI dept someone to contact directly or similar? I have looked in the contact details and cannot find anything, it would be really useful if someone could provide this information because when you ring their Customer Relations dept, it's actually the telephony team you get through to, and they're about as much use as a chocolate teapot! Plus, they won't put you through to the Customer Relations dept, because they don't take calls apparently. And if that's not bad enough, when I queried why correspondence I had sent by fax had not been replied to, I was advised I should not be using the fax number on the letter from them as they don't pick up any letters from it as it's located on a different floor! When I stated that it is pointless to include such contact info if that's the case, and that customers are not mind s*****g readers when it comes to what contact method B/card would 'prefer' customers to use! Of course there is snail mail, which seems to be what B/card prefer, then they can respond to letters when, but mostly if, they can be bothered. I think their whole system for getting in touch is designed to be as obstructive as possible, and I have really had enough of dealing with the script following, tunnel vision, telephony team! Any help would be appreciated, as I am getting nowhere fast, or slowly for that matter! Figgydoody.
  10. Could anyone give me the email address to get in touch with Harlands Group re cancellation of membership? I have been a member of a gym whose direct debits are run by Harlands for a few years and wish to cancel but as I cannot find any information regarding the length of notice needed to cancel I could do with an email address Any help is appreciated Thanks
  11. hi does anyone know a valid email for toothfairy as i need to contact them but not over the phone.thanks.
  12. Hi All, I am currently trying to negotiate a repayment plan with PRA Servicing Ltd (they are dealing with it on behalf of portfolio recovery associates ) and they have not replied to the letter I sent them. Does anyone know of any email addresses for them, I wanna chase up their lack of a response but IMO they are not worth the price of postage so want to email them instead. Any help from you guys and girls would be much appreciated
  13. Hi all, Hope this is the right place for some advice on Motormile. Had a Wageday Advance loan back in 2011 for £135.00. I have been paying back £10 per month for the past 14 months to MMF. Total (£140.00) I canx the SO to them back in May and I am now receiving default letters from MMF stating an outstanding debt of £119.20 still owing ???. I have had no formal notification from MMF that they owned the debt as the SO was set up over the phone as far as I was aware to Wageday Advance (realise now it was probably MMF I was speaking to at the time). I have written to them asking what the outstanding balance relates to, as far as I'm concerned this debt has now been repaid. I have never received any correspondence from MMF informing me of any charges/ interests being applied to the account and feel that if I didnt cancel the SO when I did MMF would have continue to take payments indefinitely. I am currently ignoring their letters (3 so far) but just wondered where I stand in regards to any further payments, I dont intend to send them anymore money. Fortunately they do not have my mobile number so not getting harrassed by phone but have had junk emails from them in my spam account which i just delete. The letters relate to "home visits". If someone can let me know where I stand with this would be much appreciated.
  14. Hello All, I am thinking of sending an email to ingeus would that still class as a proper correspondence, I have the appropriate ingeus person's email address, has anyone send emails to ingeus! Is it better to send letter or email? Thanks helen
  15. Man who successfully claimed against unwanted telephone calls, now also wins judgment and compensation award re unwanted emails. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2346248/Man-took-email-spam-pests--won-750-compensation-wasted-time.html
  16. I did have a Wonga account that is under dispute,THEY CANNOT FIND A PAYMENT,which was made in November.This is no problem to me,as I have all the relevant documents to prove that the payment was made. The thing that has me puzzled,is that I have received an email from their Canadian office,which is below. Has anyone else experienced this. Hi, Thanks for your email. Please provide us with more details as we can not locate your account with the details you have provided us with Thanks for using Wonga! Customer Care 1-855-WONGA-CA (1-855-966-4222) Wonga.com Wonga and Wonga.com are business names of Wonga Canada Inc., which is a company incorporated in British Columbia. Our office address is 401 Bay Street, Suite 1600, Toronto, ON, M5H 2Y4. Consumer Protection BC licence number 55962; Service Alberta licence number 330965; Ministry of Consumer Services Ontario licence number 4721978. Regards,John.
  17. Thank you for my shiny new S4. Unfortunately I could have walked and picked it up from you quicker that Yodel could deliver it. I waited in all day on the 14th only for the website to update at 1845 that they could not find my address. I contacted customer care immediately (I say immediately in JEST, I was hold for 48 mins) I checked the address with them and they confirmed that although the xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx Walk were the wrong way around (THIS makes no difference) the item should have been delivered. Customer care informed me they would contact Gatwick and let me know what was happening the next morning. Next morning, no phone call, so I contacted Gatwick myself, after nearly 3 hrs I managed to get through to Lynn, who gave me the drivers mobile number. I tried to contact the driver on this number and the number was unrecognisable. YOU guessed it, another marathon session trying to contact Lynn again. She gave me Paul, the Managers number, on trying this number, it was never answered. (He was in a meeting) I decided to drive to Gatwick Deliver office to find out what was happening. I was met by a nice man called Danny, he took all the details, tried to contact driver and Manager as above. He informed me that I would receive a call that afternoon as soon as they knew what was happening. (NO CALL) Thursday morning, I rang the Manager Paul, he confirmed he had the details of the complaint and would grab the driver when he came into the office and would ring me back. Paul was good to his word, rang me back at 10am, confirmed he had my parcel in his hands and would get someone to bring it around. IN fact, he brought it himself an hour later and went out of his way to do so. That was a fantastic £7.99 I spent on delivery. I would therefore like a refund of my delivery, A credit to the account for my time and phone calls incurred. Could I also point out, Lynn, Danny and Paul at Yodel were fantastic. I await your quick response
  18. Hello, I purchased a CAG email address and got an email to say that it was activated. I've tried using my blackberry and both webmail to access the email but it tells me the user/password isn't recognised. I've tried the email address and username by themselves in the username field (where username is my username lol!) Any ideas?
  19. Not looking for advice here as I have it covered, but just wanted to know if anyone else has had problems with their Sky email service since it was taken over by Yahoo. Thanks Guys
  20. Hi I'm not very techy, so I hope it's not too much of a silly question, but am I able to change the email that I'm registered with on here? I got a new laptop, which is fine, although I did forget my password at first lol!, but my Husband bought me one of those Samsung Galaxy tablets, and I have a shiny new email address that I access everything on through it, apps etc - it whistles when you get a notification of a post or something, so I'd like to have my account here connected to it! I've never been wolf whistled so much in my life
  21. hi was just wondering if anyone else has had this email from mh its a new one to me and just wanted to know if its a new automated one.... You need to start making payments as a matter of urgency. It is quite simple. The more you pay and the more quickly you make payments the more we will be able to drop the fees that have been added to your file. You currently owe including all fees 2941. This will CONTINUE TO RISE as it goes to your Local County Court via Marshall Hoares Baliffs. We would prefer to come to an amicable arrangement so we suggest that you INFORM US TODAY OF THE AMOUNT you will be able to pay and when. Any payment offer which is too low will simply lead us to go automatically to Court to secure repayment of the debt. We will apply for a Warrant to seize goods or an attachment of earnings. WARNING: This judgement will affect your permanent credit file shared by all lenders, affecting your ability to borrow in the future. Remember, the more you pay and the more quickly you pay it, the less work we need to do in monitoring your file and therefore themore we can reduce the fees added. Act now and we will be able to stop your credit file suffering any further. If we DO NOT HEAR from you today then we will have no option but to take this through your local County Court. We will seek a Warrant of Execution to instruct Bailiffs to seize goods and seek an attachment of your earnings. You will be liable for full fees and further Court and Bailiff costs. Act quickly to avoid extra costs. Yours faithfully Charles Hower Door Collections Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Telephone: 0843 381 1111 (248) The content of this email should not be considered as an acceptance of any offer unless we previously review and expressly approve in writing your terms and conditions relating to the subject matter of this email. The information in this email is private and confidential. If you are not the intended recipient(s) or have otherwise received this email in error, please delete the email and inform the sender as soon as possible. This email may not be disclosed, used or copied by anyone other than the intended recipient(s). Any opinions, statements or comments contained in this email are not necessarily those of Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited. If you wish clarification of any matter, please request confirmation in writing. Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited is a company registered in England and Wales whose registered address is Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited, 15 Lyndhurst Terrace, London, NW3 5QA, United Kingdom. Company registration number 06871092. Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited is licensed by the Office of Fair Trading under Consumer Credit Licence number 631168. We take precautions to minimise the risk of this email containing a software virus but you should use virus checking software.
  22. Hi all, Just a quick question. If making arrangements for a full and final settlement, everything should be done in writing. I get that, no problem. Here's my quick question : is email sufficient, or does it have to be in writing in hard copy? Thanks.
  23. Hi, I have been desperatly trying to set up Repayment Arrangements with the following companies and have so far had no luck at all. I have tried their generic email addresses but keep being totally ignored. I want to start making Payments at the end of this month so need to get it sorted ASAP. Does anyone have an Advice / Email Addresses for the following so that I can actually get a response? Companies Are: Payday UK 247 MoneyBox CFO Lending Please please help
  24. Hi All I have 12 serious outstanding debts to various major credit companies and banks which have now been sold on to various DCA's and some have been sold on again. After getting advice from the CAB and National Debtline, I wrote to them all offering a token payment of £1.00 per month, all of which were accepted. But, I now need to send a budget statement review and renew the offer of £1.00 per month as my circumstances have deteriorated. My problem is, I have since moved out of my house and onto a boat, but the mooring I have does not provide an address or mailbox facilities. I have had my mail redirected from my old address to my In-Law's address for the past 18 months, but this is getting unreliable. I can't give the DCA's my In-Law's address directly as it may affect my In-Law's credit or they may get harassing letters/calls etc. Can I tell the DCA's that I can only correspond via email? And can I get them to send CCA requests to an email address? Thanks in advance
  25. I have opened my email this morning (a Sunday) to find the following waiting for me. (I've hidden anything in this which identifies me). ----------------------- Private & Confidential - For Attention of MR [name removed]. We have been supplied this e-mail address to contact MR [name removed]. If you are this person, please respond via telephone to 08444115751 quoting reference number [number removed] whereupon further detailed information can be provided. We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Yours Sincerely, Mackenzie Hall Ltd Mackenzie Hall Limited ------------------------- I have never had any dealings with Mackenzie Hall, and until I ran this through Google I wasn't aware that they are a debt collection agency. I presume the best response is to simply ignore it and wait until they approach me in some other way?
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