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Found 124 results

  1. When dealing with matters such as complaints and so on I read many times that it is best to get everything in writing, would an Email be as valid as a physical letter in such matters?
  2. Nothing more to be said... Can we put this in the newsletter please [ATTACH=CONFIG]56933[/ATTACH] This debt was mine form 2010... So almost SB anyway....
  3. Dear Conniff, This is to inform you to appear in the Court on the April 15 for your case hearing. Please, do not forget to bring all the documents related to the case. Note: The case may be heard by the judge in your absence if you do not come. The Court Notice is attached to this email. Sincerely, Thomas Morton, Court Secretary. This is a spam, (change the p to a c), email with an attachment. On no account open the attachment, it contains a Virus You will know if you have any court appearance due or have done anything wrong and got a summons or even a divorce or custody battle. You will never ever receive an email like this to notify you. It is not addressed to a person but to Conniff and that would never be done.
  4. Good day, Am a UK citizen but have been living in Australia for 2 years now. Ive got a bit of debt in the UK with CC's and loans which I've been struggling to pay recently. Just spoken to PayPlan and they recommended I do a do if yourself dept plan. They're sending over a pack to help me complete the letters to each company but what am chasing is any email address to send the letters to as postage from here is extremely shocking! Companies am after are: Barclays Barclay Card RBS Tesco Co-Op Bank Any help is very much appreciated Thanks Steve
  5. Hi All Please see this email below I just received from Wageme. What are your thoughts? Dear xxx IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION. VISIT NOTICE AND COURT ACTION We, WageMe LTD as the Claimant are advising a Door Step Collection Agency to order a field agent to schedule a visit as we see fit, to your property. Facts With Regards to your Account Debt Summary Loan Reference#: xxx Loan Type: PayDay Loan Term: Till Next Payday Outstanding Balance: xxx Duration in Arrears: xxx Days since repayment date On Going Interest: xxx per day Communication Summary Text Messages (SMS): 8 Times Emails: 15 Times Letters: 2 Letters Telephone (Home): 3 Times Telephone (Mobile): 4 Times Reasoning for actions. We credit checked you before funding the loan. We have a signature in place to confirm that you as xxx signed the loan contract. Your outstanding balance is xxx. You, xxx originally applied for £xxx, and we loaned you £xxx. Funded into your nominated bank account on xxx. You earned a monthly income of £xxx and so, from our calculations, it was affordable for you to repay us. We also froze your account so that no more fees were added on. We tried / attempted to make a plan but the payment per plan was never honoured. We have no more actions left but this. Device used on application and signing of the loan agreement. Device: ELECTRONIC IP Address: xxx System Log On Application / Signature: , Application Information: Customer: xxx Applied on xxx Visit Information & Itinerary: If we see fit for a visit, Please read the following of what we propose. From records, It is usual that customers of ours to finish work at 5:00pm. We have calculated that it takes you 34 minutes to travel from your work place at xxx to your home. Also, we have factored in 20 minutes after. For this reason we have listed the following proposed dates. Please us know if we can set this time to be at: 17:54 If the above time does not suit you, please choose from the following list: Saturday 28th, March 2015 @ 17:54 X Sunday 29th, Sunday March 2015 @ 17:54 X Monday 30th, Monday March 2015 @ 17:54 X Tuesday 31st, Tuesday March 2015 @ 17:54 X I strongly suggest you contact me without further delay; Please note that in the absence of payment or any valid dispute, we will pursue this matter - with or without your cooperation. If you wish to contact us, please do so on xxx (Quote Reference: xxx). If you have already made payment, please disregard this email. Your Loan Reference Number is xxx If you have a new card or would like to pay, please enter our secured payment portal: https://www.wageme.com/paynow?l=xxx Thank you. Collections & Legal Team Field Agent, Legal & Collections at WageMe Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk The information contained in this e-mail is privileged and confidential. It is intended for the use of only the individuals to whom it is addressed. Any dissemination, distribution or copying of this e-mail is strictly forbidden by anyone other than the person to whom it is addressed. If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete the e-mail. P Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail!
  6. I received a strange email supposedly from Lowells with a Zip file attached, asking me to open the document, here are the brief details - (the document in the zip file was a screen saver...haven't opened it up). Weird or what? As far as I know anything they have is likely to be nigh on statute barred - if not already well statute barred - and the last run in with them was over a PDL which had been repaid...they did back off then (I still have their confirmation that they won't chase). Here is a snippet from the header of the email... I have the original if somebody wants to check it out. From - Thu Dec 04 19:54:31 2014 X-Account-Key: account1 X-UIDL: ALRhUtQAAAKFVICOmQfzKJcieJI X-Mozilla-Status: 0001 X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000 X-Mozilla-Keys: X-Apparently-To:(me at my normal email); Thu, 04 Dec 2014 16:40:57 +0000 Received-SPF: none (domain of lowellgroup.co.uk does not designate permitted sender hosts) X-YMailISG: 6vlMSrYWLDsUXiRKKrtq5wxaZLx0B6p6_GwdUqEimSYS195Y
  7. Recently the Manager at my local JD Wetherspoons Lloyds Bar, has lost the plot, and has begun barring people for raising concerns and complaints about the Pub. I am looking for the email address, or physical address of the CEO John Hutson, as the head office are incompetent at the very best, simply churning out standard letter templates saying how sorry they are, and generally saying whatever they think you want to hear. He is clearly threatened and is hiding something, otherwise he wouldn't have barred me, (getting one of his staff to do the dirty work). I would have thought that any manager worth his salt would have approached me and asked me what the issues were, and address my concerns? However, he hasn't done this, so I can only surmise that he is guilty of something which he wishes to keep hidden. I couldn't care less about being allowed back in, as the pub next door is cheaper, cleaner, and customer focused, I am concerned that they (JD) will not address customers concerns, and simply bar them to get them out of the way..
  8. Hello I would like to send a email, can anyone please help with a direct email address for Credit Card Service? Thanks Dan
  9. Hi Probably silly question. Ive been reading the RIPA 2000 law, as Ive just recently returned to the DWP after two years of hell with A4E. DWP are constantly changing how they want proof of your job search. Im now having to go in weekly instead of fortnightly. I was told by my advisor that I only have to provide job search lists if the week I go in is a signing week. I went in to the JCP today, not my signing week, to now find out that we are signing weekly, and that they want to see my email account on my phone to see the list of automatic replies from sites like Reed and CV-Library, to confirm that I have actually applied for jobs. I dont actually mind this except they dont politely ask, they just tell you and then ragg you. But my question is, unless you are investigated, can JCP staff request access to the private email account that you use for applying for jobs ? I feel a complete pratt for asking this, Im sure its covered by some Data Protection or copyright / infringement law. I dont use Universal Jobmatch as I have found from personal experience that a lot of the UJ jobs dont exsis, out of date, and a lot are just links to external job sites (like Reed and CV Libray) that I am already registered with. Its just that the DWP seems to be asking, in a very indirect and polite way, that they dont believe you when you hand them a list of jobs and refs, that you have applied for. So if they wanted me to log in to my email account, or if they asked for my log in details, can I quote law and tell them where to go ? Thanks Phillip
  10. I have had the usual amount of email scams in the past, the bank detail ones, the update your internet bank account, the tried to deliver a parcel to you one but this takes the biscuit! Notice to Appear, Please bring all documents and witnesses relating to this case with you to Court on your hearing date. The copy of the court notice is attached to this letter. Truly yours, Clerk to the Court. Patricia Mason from customerssupport713 @ intelprolawyers.com with the usual open this zip file document attached! As if I am going to open anything from someone I dont know!
  11. Phishing emails and websites are not new and they are on the increase not decline. Most people are wise enough to spot the "poorly" done fakes but just how wise are you? Take this online test which you get to examine 10 potential emails and decide whether they are fake or not. At the end of the test you can click on the links next to each the answers to learn what makes it legitimate or not. *Online Test* (http://www.sonicwall.com/furl/phishing/?ClickID=cfesip7l7ffe74kvkwxfi4ep7kziilen4nza) Please post your result. ***************
  12. Hi everyone, I've been trying to contact Sunny to arrange a repayment plan for the past 3 months. Each attempt to contact them has been ignored and on occasion my emails have been deleted without being read (I get 'read' confirmations automatically, which also tell me if the email is deleted without being opened). Yesterday I received an email telling me that my account had been passed to MMF, which is a shock when you consider that I have been making repayment offers for the past three months. So today I have sent them a further email raising a formal complaint regarding their conduct during this period of time and requesting a response to my complaint so that I can escalate it to the FOS and forward all info to the FCA and guess what? That email was deleted without being read too! the only email address that I can find for them is help (at) sunny (dot) co (dot) uk, where I'm having no luck at all. Does anyone know of any alternative email addresses that I can send my email to? Thanks in advance, any help gratefully received. Cheers, MB78.
  13. My parents are long standing members of bannatyne gym. To date they had used swipe cards to access the gym. Now they must use a pin. The gym requested that they provide an email address to send the pins to. My parents requested that the pins be sent via post or alternatively collected in person with ID. The gym refused their request and said it had to be an email address - if they didn't want to provide theirs then a family members would do. They have since spoken to another member who was permitted to collect theirs in person do it can be done!!. They went back again. Again they were refused. They've been told that unless they provide an email address to send the pin to then when the gym pin switch program completes even though they have several month membership left they will not be allowed in until an email address is provided to send the pins to.
  14. Hi Does anyone know the direct contact details for the current CEO of British Gas? I did search this on the forum, but could only find details and info from 2009...... Any help, very welcome. Lindsay
  15. I really dont know where to start here but i will try and explain as best i can. The main reason for the post is to find out if the repossession is legal which is only the tip of the iceberg here. A financial adviser is contacted to source funding for a small residential development. The adviser contacts a company who happen to be a broker. The broker sources funding from a lender and charges £1,000 app fee. The application is made to LENDER which was successful, no issues. The name of the company at the top of the facility Letter is lets say "The Lender" There is no address or contact information of any kind within the contract other than the name of the company at the top. As the contract was to release the funding in stages, the first stage was released and work carried out to complete all underbuilding work. Not further funding was released after this due to the lenders demands outwith the contract. One thing led to another and the issue was unable to be resolved. The lender decided it was time to both serve a calling up notice and subsequently a court writ to repossess the partially developed land. This is where things start to open up and i find out who is who The issue is that the pursuer is a Limited Company, the same Limited company that the broker was a trading name of, effectively what this guy is saying is, the broker and "The Lender" were both trading names of the Limited Company- How was i to know that when the Financial Adviser requested £1,000 app fee payable to the lender and also there would be a £1,500 fee payable to the broker for sourcing the lender? Effectively it now looks like the Director of the limited company not only charged me to find the lender but HE was the Lender. Now, to make things clear. The Limited company using the two so called trading names had a Consumer Credit License (Legal Formation: Body Corporate) (Nature of Business- Mortgage Broker) (Category-Credit Brokerage) this is very clear from OFT. "The Lender" also had their own CCL as a separate entity,(Legal Formation: Partnership) (Nature of Business-Mortgages) (Category- Credit Brokerage and Consumer Credit) this is very clear from OFT. "The Lender" from the mass of information i found out about them has been a Partnership company for many years but the Limited company who is pursuing the repossession has only been set up for over a year. I am of the thinking that, as nothing mentioned in the contract about a trading name of the Limited Company (which would be a breach of the Companies Act) if it were the case. The limited company did not hold any CCL to be a lender. The Partnership was established at least 10 years prior to the Limited Company being set up, and most importantly, there will be litigation against the lender for breaching the contract it is simply a move to limit the liabilities to the Limited Company that seemingly does not much in the way of liquid funds. Another slight twist is that, the broker and lender have no association whatsoever with the Limited company now they are now trading names of two other Limited companies this guy has set up and the CCL status of all companies is that they are Mortgage Broker NO MORE BEING A LENDER! Again, just to add a little spice. the three individuals who own the Partnership/Limited companies have between them Dissolved over 40 companies within the last 8 years or so. Should it not be "The Lender" named within the contract pursuing repossession. Should i be suing a company not named on the contract and also unauthorised to lend? As i mentioned, this is the tip of the iceberg, Thanks in advance
  16. Long/short story. Got a new advisor, and she was awful. Putting me down, being rude so I complained. She also tried to sanction me because she said she didn't think I was trying hard enough. I have dyslexia and struggle with writing. And she said me written job search wasn't good enough. I'm not sure if I will lose my money or not. Anyway - after complaining to the manager, the manager wanted to sit in on the meeting. She did. Well because I have removed access to my universal job match they are not making me email every day showing what I am doing. Are they allowed to do this? It seems unreasonable to me.
  17. Hi, I'd really appreciate some guidance on the following: I've requested an SAR from Lloyds TSB a couple of weeks ago and yesterday, I received a letter from LTSB requesting a signature and completion of a Data Subject Access Request Form (4 pages of pointless questions as far as I can see). Tackling the form first, can I politely tell them to stick their form as I have already given them ample information in my original SAR letter with the £10 postal order and remind them that the clock is still ticking? Regarding the signature, I can go one of three ways: Continue as before, with a printed name only and enclose the template signature letter. Use the CAG Anti-Tamper signature. Get a mate to sign my name for me. Any advice on the above would be much appreciated. Ta, Krysp
  18. Hi there People Can an email address be classed as a signature ? I have found something from William Robbin who is a solicitor in Keystone Law's corporate team. http://realbusiness.co.uk/article/8106-digital-signatures-are-they-considered-legally-binding Has anybody got a CPR or a Practice Direction please. Tony
  19. Hi everyone. Two years ago, I ordered a refurbished iPad from Three Mobile, at a cost of £25 a month. After a few months, I lost my job, and I missed two or three payments. I gave the ipad to my mother who attempted to change the account over to her name, and set up a direct debit, but she was told that the account number she gave didn't exist, despite it being the same one from my bank statements. I moved away from home and heard nothing from Three for months, until last December when they'd transferred my £42 debt to a company who's name I can't remember. I wrote to this company and explained that I couldn't afford to pay the £42 at the time, but would be willing to make payments of £5 a week, which was about as much as I could afford. They didn't reply. I thought nothing of it until this afternoon when I've received an email from Lowell Financial Ltd stating the following: This iPad debt is the only thing I can think they're referring to. My current phone bill is on Three, but it's paid up to date. I'm not entirely sure where the figure of £294 has come from, but I've checked on Experian and they have the debt registered as defaulted at £42.
  20. I was told on Friday that I have to change my CV email from Hotmail to Gmail as no employers will go near me with a Hotmail account! I have done so but can't believe I will prob get in trouble if i don't? I haven;t been told that but don't want to find out the hard way lol. Anyone else been told that they have to change? Ain't just Hotmail they want people who use: Yahoo and Msn to change too!
  21. Does anyone have email addresses for the following companies and an idea of an email I can send to say I wont be paying tomorrow and to offer a reduced payment? Or would it be better to phone them? Cash converters loans Lending Stream Clear Account Thanks
  22. A health watchdog is warning that thousands of people have been sent hoax emails suggesting they have cancer. The messages appear to come from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). It says the contents are likely to be distressing and has reported the hoax to the police. It is not clear exactly how many people are affected, but based on the high number of calls to the organisation it is thought to number thousands. NICE is advising people who have received the email - the subject line of which is important blood analysis result - to delete it without opening it and not to click on any links.
  23. does anyone have the argos ceo email? reason i am asking is: i bought a bed feb 1st within 4 weeks,the metal legs were totally bent...im like 10 stone so not putting too much weight on it for that to happen,after i took it apart actually found it was the big thick screws that were bent. took it back and got it replaced great i thought. had this replacement about 3 weeks now and the legs are bent again so can only assume its the screws that are bent again. phoned the store and they are only willing to give me a replacement,which i am not really up for after this happening twice or a giftcard refund because i don't have my receipt. they have my transaction on their system as i paid by card (which they were happy enough to offer a refund with the first time)and they have all my details from the previous return but they wont budge. the bed was only £70 and thats all i can afford,and the only beds they have that are for store collection at that price are the exactly the same frame design but just a different headboard. ive seen a suitable bed elsewhere but i can't afford it without this money. plus i dont exactly live near the store so it would be £18 quid taxi journey to take it back. already tried the argos helpers on twitter and they just pointed me to the store and thats what they said above. sorry for rambling on
  24. :-xHi Can you help? I have recieved a statement from Lowells, stating I owe money due to an old Natwest Account. This has arrived shortly after a letter arrived from NAtwest and a letter stating they sold my debt to Lowells on 30/12/2010. I got the letter 20/10/11. Silly me called Lowells stating I know nothing about this . They told me the account was opened in October 2002, and defaulted in dec 2005. I never got any letter from Natwest chasing me and I think this has been sparked cos I opened a joint account with the recently. However I did state that I had another natwest account which isnt in debt so why would I have this, and they gave me a loan which I never defaulted on and the details they provided me with is not even my sort code. I told them I will deal with them no further until they have produced a credit agreement and not one they will cobble together, with my signature on it, and until then they write only. but the 6 years is almost up so Im lost what to do?
  25. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone knows of an email address for Barclaycard to speak to them about a complaint? I have their address, however its just easier to email them. It's regarding a credit card account I had with them, I had it for a year and never needed to use it so it was never activated so I called them to cancel it. Then last week received a letter from them offering me a balance transfer, so checked my credit report and it turns out they didn't actually close it down. Also, just to make things even better.. They increased my credit limit. there's me thinking for the last 6 months, why have I not been able to get credit? Because they don't do as you ask apparently.
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