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Found 188 results

  1. Hi can anyone help me in 2004 I did a online application for a egg credit card the ppi box was pre ticked and wouldn't let you proceed unless you left it ticked i clicked and got card. I then phoned egg to say that there was an error and I didn't want ppi they said ok we will cancel in dec 2012 I got a Barclays app and while checking my accounts found ppi had been taken out I called new owners barckays told them them said we will cancel it then I claimed they twice said no now gone to FOS what are my chances I did tell Barclays and FOS that reason I didn't want ppi was I was covered by my employers fully been with them since 2002 sent Barclays a letter from my employer showing this need to know if anyone has been successful regards
  2. Hi all I have to old Egg accounts that were transferred to Barclaycard. Both account closed and in default more than 6 years ago. Balance on both accounts was £10,000 each and is still outstanding. I submitted PPI claim and have received a letter from them upholding my complaint (one one account so far) and offering the following - Refund of CRP payments to 10 March 2002 £217.15 Refund of interest charged on CRP premiums £3.95 8% simple interest inc extra 45 days £165.83 Total = £385.93 They are applying refund to my debt (which I know they are not allowed to do) and sending me a cheque for the interest. I have made an SAR which is now overdue and will now go the County Court route as I am not convinced that the figures are correct for a £10,000 credit card balance. When I called them they said that that the card start date was 1 year earlier. This not correct and I can't prove it but it probably works to my advantage as CRP on £10k in one year must have been impressive. Two questions that I would like help on please - 1. Should I send the cheque back to them for the interest as they owe me the full amount as they have bought the debt from Egg? 2. Should the figure be higher than the one stated? Apologies if this crosses any existing threads bt I haven't found anything similar Thanks
  3. Hi all I have two interim charging orders from 6 years ago for Egg credit cards which have now been transferred to Barclaycard. I suspect that Barclyacard don't have all/any of the paperwork and I have made a SAR to Barclaycard. If it dos turn out that they don't have my records can I use this to get the interim orders set aside? Thanks
  4. I previously had an Egg card which was taken over by Barclaycard with new card etc issued. The account is completely online and is paid off fully by direct debit. Statements are intermittent and not always notified by email. I have been hit by overlimit charges on several occasions - something which Egg also did whereas other card companies do not authorise transaction. I know that Egg managed to justify such a charge with the FOS by some means so there is little point in making a complaint there. £12 seems an excessive charge for what is an automated process Has anyone any experience of these charges and any challenges to them? Any success in small claims court?
  5. Egg/B'card/Marlin - I will give an overview, but may be better to just skip to the end... I had an account with Egg. 1st problem Egg took direct debit of too much and took it twice in 2 days. Complained, and I got a half hearted sorry; but it cost me bank charges so I cancelled the DD and paid by cheque from then on. Even though I was paying they harassed me and sometimes phoned me 3 times day (the staff were lovely - they thought because my name was unisex they could make weak puns and just be extremely rude to me each time they called.), even after I sent the usual 'only dealing in writing', 'don't phone me' and eventually reporting them to the police and FSO. Police and FSO did nothing calls kept coming. Work circumstances changed, and eventually I was struggling to pay. At which point, I started going through the claim back charges and CCA routine. (AS I had heard that their CCA may be invalid, not that I don't want to pay my debts, but they had harassed me and caused me so much harm, I would have been happy to see them without their money - I feel I could/should have sued them for much more.) I had printed off my agreement when I first signed up, and what they sent me was a totally different document. I used the internet 'way back engine', and they had just copy pasted a CCA from about 18 months after I had signed up and appended a screen shot of a tick box with my name next to it. I complained...then it was transferred to Barclaycard, still unresolved. Now Marlin. I replied to a letter of theirs, I had no idea it was about the Egg card. I replied with a 'prove it' - nothing. I again wrote and CC'd to trading standards and the SOA, and belatedly I got a letter with no proof, just telling me that it referred to an Egg account. I replied stating that their letter did not provide any proof, and that without that forthcoming, I would not enter into any further correspondence. I basically said that I did not know them from Adam, and as such saw no reason to give any personal details. Today I got a letter saying that they will come to visit me to 're-establish contact'. I will send the 'do not come to my property letter'. But what does this say about the situation regarding Marlin's Egg cards: do we know if they have the documentation? As I have asked for proof and they have acknowledged this and not provided any, surely they could not take me to court? Are they just fishing?
  6. Beware of this company Good Egg creative communications D J Higginbottom. We paid them via a website to carry out some design & print work. The work was never carried and this company failed to respond to any emails. We left a negative review on the website Good Egg creative communications simply deleted there profile and re opened a new profile with a slightly different name. This guy is definitely not a Good Egg he is a rotten EGG.
  7. Hello , Does anyone have any experience of dealing with BARCLAYCARD (my account was originally egg) The have no signature/original terms - they sent me a copy of terms on barclay card headed paper but i opened the account with egg - it was transferred to barclays? It has £940 default balance last payment March 2012 now passed to Robinson Way collectors - Originally took out the card via online around 10 years ago. was paying it regular until March 2012 I have sent the prove it letter giving 12+ 2 days and they just gave me a black barclays terms I asked them to remove from credit report but they wont do it any help or advise would be much appreciated x
  8. Hi there. I just wondered if someone could advise me with regards to PPI claims. I opened an account with Egg in 2001 with regards to an Egg loan and a credit card. I believe that I was paying PPI on both, however I do not have records of these accounts. In 2005 I entered a DMP and finished paying off all my creditors by December 2009. Do you think it is possible if I can claim mis sold PPI from back then and how would I go about asking Egg for an SAR seeing as they are no longer trading? I see they were taken over by Barclays and Yorkshire building society. I also had a Barclayloan and credit card however I still have paperwork for these so I still have account numbers for these. These were taken out in 2003 and 2004. Is there a time limit to PPI claims? Thanks for any advice given, it would be much appreciated.
  9. Anyone had the standard fob off letter by Egg so took it to the FOS and won?
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm not sure where my original post have gone to, so a brief background. I have been trying to obtain information from Barclaycard for an old Barclaycard, opened 2001 and closed in 2005. In addition to this, I am also doing the same for an old Egg card taken out in Oct 2004 and defaulted in 2006 and I'm still paying off. My mission started in March. I have sent four SAR requests, initially advising that there was no information relating to me on their records. Second attempt included a single statement for the Barclaycard and the details of my repayment plan for the EGG card, I was sent a form that highlighted the dates during which I had PPI on the Barclaycard, but nothing for the EGG card. Also the response stated that as I was requesting information purely for PPI they were returning my £10 and if ther were wrong write back. I had sent a full SAR request, so wrote back advising this. Again, no information was sent as they had no records of me - despite me including their print out of my PPI history (no premiums, just start and end date customer number etc. At this point I phoned and got passed from pillar to post, eventually I was passed to a helpful lady in the EGG collections team who agreed to me faxing the info and she said that she would pass it through their internal post. Today I have received the EGG information, 4 £20 charges and a years premiums of £30ish pm - I cancelled it after the first year. Much to my joy, the EGG application that they sent to me did state "N" against payment protection insurance, so this should be a pretty easy win . It's scarey to see though that at the time I had a salary of £13k, net income of under £900 and they instantly gaem me a £4,000 limit, I'm not sure that that is entirely what I would class as responsible lending!!! I'm still waiting for the Barclaycard information, which I know will contain a lot more charges (3x£20 on the one statement I still have, althought the card limit was only £300 so I dont expect the PPI to be much. I will also be trying to reclaim the Barclaycard FAP premiums as I was bullied into this. Any advice before I proceed?
  11. Hi, it's been a while since I've been on here so apologies if I am a bit slow! I sent a SAR to Egg and I have received the following reply: Thank you for your recent request for an executed copy of the credit agreement for account number XXXXXX with Egg Banking PLC under section 78(1) of the consumer credit act 1974. As the account you refer to is now closed i have to inform you that egg are under no obligation to comply with your request as we no longer have a contractual relationship relating to this account nor are we seaking to enforce any agreement on the account. The right to be provided with this information ended with the closure of the account. Section 78 (3) (a) of the CCA states that Section 78 (1) does not appy where 'no sum is, or will or may become, payable by the debtor' The right to request an executed copy of an agreement is found in part VI of the act, which is entittled 'Matters arising during currency of credit or hire agreements' so where an agreement is no longer current the right to request or be provided with a copy of the executed copy of agreement therefore ceases. Can anyone advise where I go from here?? Surely they are obliged to provide this if I believe I may have been charged for PPI that I woukd not have wanted or needed? Thanks in advance Lisa:-)
  12. hi i recently came across an old egg loan statement which shows an original loan of £9500 and £2090 for repayment protection insurance. i have not had any contact from them since 2010. my problem is if i get in touch with them re the ppi i am in effect giving them my new address. i know egg was bought out by a building society so would the loan balance have been assigned? the original loan was taken out in july 2004. what should i do?
  13. Hi all, I've an old egg credit card that has been in default since June 2007. I've heard nothing about this for years until very recently when I received a letter from Marlin demanding payment. Having read through the related posts on the forum I'm a little confused about my best course of action. The debt is so close to being statute barred that I'm concerned that if I do anything I risk resetting the time clock on it. On the other hand, I don't fancy being taken to court if I don't do anything. Also, the letter I received was to my old address (my parent's place). Marlin don't have my new address yet. Does this have any bearing? So far my plan is: a) Send Marlin a prove it letter and waiting for a reply b) Then send them a CCA request letter and take it from there Does this seem like the right approach? Any other suggestions? Thanks, Jack
  14. First of all, apologies as there is another thread in the Legal Issues forum relating to this. But I wanted to start a new thread specifically to get some feedback on this SAR response from Barclays on an old Egg card. Am currently going through the process of defending a county court claim from Marlin Europe on an old Egg card on the grounds that I placed the account in dispute in 2009 with another DCA (Capquest) who then dropped it. Long story short, I sent Barclays a Subject Access Request and received their reply the other day. This is what they sent. Can anyone advise if they have a proper case against me and why the balance has been showing as £0.00 since Dec 2011?? I assumed that they would have sent me the original credit agreement, all statements detailing transactions, payments, default notices, transfer to DCA's etc etc etc. Well here is what I got.....:- 1. A covering letter which says they have enclosed "copies of information held by Barclaycard" 2. Some info and some jargon busting pages with general info on Credit Scoring, My right to appeal etc. 3. A kind of Glossary of Abreviations and what they all mean, looks pretty standard. 4. Barclaycard Copy Apps - this is a few pages of info like my address, my employer, my salary, my bank details etc that I must have given Egg when I originally applied for the card in 2002 but this is NOT a credit agreement. Just a print off of some info I have given them. 5. Barclaycard Migrated Memos :- A sheet that says "Memo List and Detail" and then gives my name and a credit card number, again - not my number. Then a single line that says "05/11/11 4 CUSTOMER SIGNED UP FOR SMS OR EMAIL ALERTS" and that's it. 6. Finally, and this is where it gets interesting. A bunch of "Copy Statements" from 2nd December 2011 to 2nd May 2013. The first one says the following:- ================================================ CLOSING BALANCE OF LAST STATEMENT 7043.00 CHRGOFF PRCH PRIN BALM, 04 Nov 7043.00 TOTAL OF NEW TRANSACTIONS 7043.00CR ================================================ Then, every other statement for every month until May 13 says this:- ================================================ Present Balance £0.00 Credit Limit £0.00 Minimum payment due £0.00 Purchase interest 1.356% CLOSING BALANCE OF LAST STATEMENT 0.00 TOTAL OF NEW TRANSACTIONS 0.00 ================================================
  15. Hi new to this please bear with me need some help with an egg loan and ppi redress. Borrowed £12000 over 84 months they added £2595.98 for ppi payments of £225.07 interest rate 7.66% I paid 29 months and settled 50 months ago the settlement amount was £9762.28 They have offered refund of ppi £2595.98 plus interest paid £416.07 plus 8% £778.32. Total £3790.35 but then say less rebate paid £1201.99 leaving £2588.36 Problem is I cannot get my figures to match and cannot see we're the £1201.99 rebate comes in because in total they have charged me £16289.31 Can anybody help please?
  16. I received a letter in mid March from Canada Sq concerning PPI with Egg saying they owed me over a £1000 and that it would be sent to me within 20 working days of their receipt of my signed acceptance form. I immediately signed and returned the form and nothing ! I wrote a letter of complaint and over a month ago received the following, Still not received the cheque, What should I do ?
  17. I've got a small claim ongoing for PPI from an old egg CC. They keep telling me they need proof of my new address to send the cheque out, this being bank or building statement gas/elec bill council tax bill (all dated within the last 2 months) I don't bank in paper other than CC's The gas/elec bills are both online, and if i do have a paper statement, its like 6 months old the council tax is in the wifes name. Last time i send them the following, hoping it would suffice A copy of my UK firearms cert A copy of my UK shotgun cert my last virgin CC statement a copy of my driving licence Now forgive me if i'm wrong, but surely these 4 items prove its my home address. The home office don't give out firearms tickets without some pretty serious checks ! Any ideas how i can move this forward?
  18. HI, Wonder if someone can help me here. I had an egg cc years ago and I know there was ppi on it that i would like to claim back. the problem is I can not find my account number. Does anyone know if they will submit info via an SAR without the account number and just my personal details also what is the address to write to? Many Thanks Gem77
  19. I'm just looking for a little advice or some pointers to other threads with a similar situation. I took out an egg credit card back in 2000. I was pretty useless with the repayments and got into all sorts of trouble and finally I defaulted owing about £3,500. I then didn't hear anything other than the odd letter every 12 months, but I was moving house quite regularly and they never caught up with me. I filed for all my statements years ago and have all the relevant paperwork to now claim back, or reduce the money I owe. I sent the standard claim form off and received a standard response saying at the time the online sales process: Did not require you to take repayment protection insurance as a condition of obtaining the card. Did not provide an advisory service Required you to positively confirm that you wished to purchase this policy during the online application Provided full terms and conditions of the policy and requested you read them before submitting They have now closed the complaint and I have 6 months to raise the complaint with the fos. My questions are Has anyone else had this response and won can anyone provide me with the links to the threads where they have won As I owe £3,500 and by my calculation the PPI + Charges + interest = just over £3,500 can I get the full amount cleared and the black mark on my credit score removed? Many thanks all, I really hope someone can help me as we are expecting our second child and I need to be able to get a mortgage. Thanks
  20. Advise required please. I have just received a citation from a Scottish Solicitor representing Marlin Capital Europe Ltd in respect of a debt to Barclaycard. I have never had a Barclaycard Credit Card or took out an agreement with them. I did have a credit card with Egg which I took out in 2004. I now know that Barclaycard took over Egg Credit Card accounts in 2011. I was making regular payments to Egg until they suddenly stopped sending me statements, and so I then stopped making payments. I never received any further statements or correspondence from Egg for 18 months, then all of a sudden in early 2011 I received a default notice. I was unaware that Egg transferred to Barclaycard, possibly I received notification, but I cannot remember. I then started receiving calls from Marlin regarding Barclaycard. I informed them that I have never had a Barclaycard and refused to discuss matters with them. I have now received a writ from their Scottish Solicitors giving me 21 days to respond. I am based in Scotland. Interestingly in the writ it is stated that I took out an agreement with Barclaycard in 2004, this is an error straight away as it was with Egg. I do not know when I made the last payment to Egg, it was about 4 or 5 years ago and maybe time barred. Should I send a CCA request to the Solicitors or Marlin or both? Is there still time to do so? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Received a few hundred pounds off them today in compensation following my formal complaint regarding their treatment of me and refusal to only contact me in writing. I'll give them their dues though they swiftly responded to my formal complaint and admitted where they went wrong etc.
  22. Hi All, First post so Hello to all. I have ( had ) an Egg account that I opened in 2003. In 2008/2009, I had financial difficulties and all creditor apart from Egg played ball and accepted F+F offers. Reading this forum it seems this is the norm. Egg accepted my token payments of £1 pm as advised by the CCCS. At some point, Egg decided my £1 wasnt enough and told me they were going to pass on my debt. Im not sure exactly how or when that happened. ..Im getting old and my memory isnt what it was and also, I cant find some of my original paperwork. To cut a long story short, I stopped paying Egg and heard nothing. Fast forward to today when I receive a letter from Apex stating that as requested they have attached a copy of my original agreement from Egg and are asking me to ring them to arrange payment. Whilst I have no intention of ringing them, Im confused as to why I got sent the letter in the first place along with the copy of my agreement. Perhaps they realise I would have asked for it and decided to save time! So my questions are, What do I do from here? and what would normally be accepted by companies such as these if a F+F offer is to be made. Many thanks in advance. jeff.
  23. Defaulted on an Egg CC 6+ years ago, passed onto Cabot in 2008, did the usual with CCA/SAR. I got my SAR stuff through 27 months after requesting it from the DCA who Egg had sold my loan on to. I haven't paid or acknowledged the account for over 6 years, so its SB anyway. I noticed on my statements in the SAR (2009 ish) that there were some strange payments to it - 'DCA Payment - Thank You'. Is this a sneeky trick that DCA's use to keep accounts active? And now they are saying that I have 14 days to pay up or else...yeah right! SB letter on way. And the fact that they have also sent me a copy of my supposed CCA is a joke. The name is wrong, address is missing, no signature. I'd be interested to know what that payment is? Cheers
  24. I am looking to make a claim on my Egg Loan that i took out in 2007 but have since paid off. I have my initial agreement and it has a tick box for the PPI which it said I had to tick and send back, and my original phone call to them was in my opinion quite pushy towards getting that. My main question is though, Egg are now owned by YBS (Yorkshire Building Society) Who do I send a letter/questionnaire to? does it need to go to YBS? I have an old Egg address but imagine that is obsolete now as its from 2007. Do I need to send both a letter and questionnaire? Any help would be appreciated thanks
  25. Ok, I had an Egg card in 2003, it defaulted in about 2005/6, I heard nothing till 2009 then a DCA contacted me I paid them roughly £400 in 2009 ,then I was going to court to have some debts wiped off,(Didn't work) under the credit laws, I heard nothing until recently then Marlin contacted me wanting the £5500 balance on Egg card, is it statue barred as it defaulted in 2006 or because I made payments to a DCA in 2009 is it not????? TIA
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