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Found 188 results

  1. Hi I am dealing with a disputed egg loan on behalf of my daughter, we have been through succession of DCA’s all have not provided any details of the CCA. In Sep 2013, a claim was issued by Shoosmiths on behalf of Brittanica in the Northampton CC which I defended on the basis of no CCA provided under S78. Nothing more heard until a notification of assignment from Brittanica to Arrow in May 2014, which we ignored expecting the letters to start again. This was then followed in Sept 2014 with a request via the Court for a transfer of name from Brittanica to Arrow global on the Sep2013 summons, which was an automatic grant. Arrow have now responded claiming to have complied with S78 request in Feb 2012 and June 2013, which clearly they hadn’t as they only had assignment in 2014, and again demanding repayment. The CCA supplied is clearly a reconstitution and has the address incorrect and shows PPI which my Daughter has never ever taken out as her employment was always secure. I attach the CCA as pdf, I have removed personal references. I am suspicious of what arrow/shoosmiths are up to, the last letter from shoosmiths is full of inaccurate dates and claims, I have meticulously kept a file of all correspondence and so I can verify dates. But I am unsure of the way this is progressing, why issue a summons then change name when it’s defended? Is the CCA enforceable? What would be their likely next step? How should I proceed with this one? Thanks In advance for any assistance
  2. Hi, I have received various letters over the last couple of years, very sparingly, regarding a barclaycard debt. I started by calling them and telling them I've never had one, they would go away, months would pass then the letters would start again, this was with Marlin Capital Europe. On one of the calls I said this was quite simple to resolve, prove it, send me the agreement that I signed, knowing that they couldn't, thought this would end it. They sent me an A4 sheet of paper with one line of text and a Dollar figure right at the top of the paper and nothing else on the paper not even there name and address, this was years ago. I phoned them and said you have got to be joking. I got no where with the person I was talking to, so just hung up. Eventually I just ignored them. Years passed. Then I got letters from another company Mortimer Clarke Solicitors last year, I contacted them, they said it was an online setup and gave me the email address. I stopped using that email address years ago as it kept getting hacked and sending emails out to all my contacts. Same thing happend, I'd talk to them, then nothing for ages then it all starts again as though we have never spoken. I then decided to use the templates on here to request the CCA to prove it. Thought that sounded quite simple. Sent off my letter using the template on here, sent in my £1 postal order. Heard nothing from them and that was a few months ago, now out of the blue this County Court Claim form has turned up stating Egg Banking as the original company not Barclaycard. The amount they always said I owed was £8,268.30, the CC Claim form is for £12,18.28 plus £410 Court Fee plus £100 Solicitors costs, totalling £12,696.28. The form also says the original agreement between me and Egg was on or around 31/10/2007 which sounds a bit strange, don't they know! My original letter requesting the CCA was 10th September 2014. Once again nothing happens for months then they start, but this time it has got serious. I thought that when you send that CCA letter the claim was in dispute and therefore no legal proceedings could be brought until it was resolved. Obviously I was wrong. Can anyone help me, I don't know what to do next, I have this County Court form and it says 14 days to respond. Thank you.
  3. Slightly complex claim here. I topped up an Egg loan at the beginning of 2007. The total cash amount of the loan was £9331 and the payment protection premium lent was £1730.85 with the total amounts payable at £10668.00 and £1979.04 respectively. I subsequently defaulted on the loan and it was sold to various debt collection companies, ending up most recently with Arrow Global. They stated that the purchase balance of the account was £8193.79, down from the £11061.85 advanced by Egg. Added to the complications, I now live in the USA. Restons for Arrow Global obtained a CCJ by default judgment against me and I applied to have it set aside once I found out about it. I ended up deciding to settle with them and we eventually agreed on £3000.00 in full and final settlement of the account. So I have effectively repaid £5868.06 of the debt, plus whatever interest that I'm unable to calculate. In the meantime, over a year ago I was sent a letter by Canada Square Operations asking me to complete a complaint questionnaire, as I belong to group of customers who MAY have been affected by a PPI policy being mis-sold. I never sent it as at the time I still owed the debt. The letter they sent noted that the debt had be sold on to another company and asked permission to contact them to find out the status of the debt. Since I have now settled the debt I filled out the questionnaire and sent it off. I'm wondering what I can expect given the circumstances surrounding my case. I'm also wondering if they will respond to me at my US address?
  4. Hopster

    Hopster v Egg

    I have paid £495 to one company - since been served with a default notice by Egg - now past the due date - was told no problem if this happened - have emailed them but no reply !
  5. I am trying to sort out my Daughters debts after she had a nervous breakdown, this in some instances has been relatively painless, with companies responding to CCA requests promptly and I have set up payment plans. However Egg et el have been a different matter each and every time I have asked for details they have simply moved it on to different DCA's or solicitors despite ARC not supplying the information requested in 2011, but cashing the CCA PO the alleged debt has been moved on and in 2013 Britannica issued a summons through The Bulk centre in Northampton, I submitted a defence and have heard nothing more. However on the 24 Dec we received a letter from the court detailing the substitution of Arrow Global in the proceedings. I don't understand why they are doing this, as I considered the proceeding to be over following my submission of a defence, clearly I should have made an application to strike out(is that the right phrase) the summons after not hearing anything back. Reading on here the antics of Arrow has me quite concerned that they are up to something. I really need the details of this account as I am sure that there is PPI and various charges added to make up the claim of £22,355. The original loan, my daughter claims was for £22k commenced in 2006 and was paid normally for 2 years before she went off the rails, she then attempted to make piecemeal payments for probably another year after this, so nothing has been paid since late 2009. I have been trying to resolve this since 2010 and just being blocked at every turn. So is the substitution anything to worry about, should I ask for this to be set aside, if so on what grounds can I use? Any advice appreciated, many thanks.
  6. Please help have till Monday to file defence for egg debt have sent cpr31.14 and have attached reply
  7. Morning Sorry for the "hand holding" request - I'm new to all this. I'm 10 months in to a DMP, largest creditor being Barclaycard (this was an Egg card taken out in approx. 2001/2002). Agreed payment plan would mean debt is repaid in 6 yrs if no interest charged. Despite several requests Bcard will not freeze interest, or default me, but show AP on Credit File. I'm paying too much each month as a percentage of the debt for them to do this apparently. Under the terms of my DMP, I can't drop the payment to them as total monthly debt repayment has to be distributed fairly between 3 other creditors. I was thinking I would send bcard a CCA request but not sure what this would mean if they don't have one - would this give me more leverage with them to demand interest is frozen? Or, if they do have one, would they then get more forceful and demand more / CCJ me? Any thoughts would be really welcome. Thanks
  8. My wife had an Egg card that was paid off with a consolidation loan in 2006. We know there was PPI on it and are looking to reclaim. She sent a SAR on Feb 27th to the Brierley Hill, West Midlands address but had heard nothing. I keep finding different info. Some suggesting that Egg is now Barclays, which should mean she will get her Egg info back as part of a SAR sent to Barclays, that they've acknowledged but not yet sent. There's also an address in Worthing for Canada Square that has been put forward as the place to send SAR's for Egg. What do we do now ?
  9. Hi there folks My past has caught up with me, my ex 3 years ago signed my name up for a 5 Catalogue's for clothes etc and she said it was in her name, I only found out when the mail started coming through I am now at the point of pulling my hair out trying to avoid this debt and Lowell are now contacting everywhere I have previously lived at to find me....they just aren't giving up!! Is there anyway I can send them a letter to explain that my intentions are to pay the debt at a monthly rate but would they consider reducing the amount. I realise these companies only reduce the amount if I were to pay this off in one go...but has anyone had any experience of getting a reduced rate and being able to pay the debt off? :| I suppose it was my own fault in agreeing to my ex and keeping the account the way it was....but then I didn't know what the future would bring Can't keep ignoring this I suppose, we also live in a house where my other half works with the owners partner....if we move out and the letters keep coming, this would certainly put her in a bad situation Any help would be great thanks
  10. Hi there, I was hoping for some advice regarding best next steps in my defence against Arrow Global Limited Egg loans. I sent out the CPR31.14 and CCA letters. They have responded with a copy of the signed agreement but only two years worth of the account statements and no copy of any default notice. I have a copy of their letter if you'd like to see that? Any help would greatly appreciated as I have very little time to submit my defines. Thanks, Will
  11. Hi, i have received a letter from capquest to which i promptly sent back a CCA letter. Here is there response: http://x-centric.net/capquest1.jpg capquest letter http://x-centric.net/capquest2.jpg egg card agreement front back of egg card agreement shows my signature and date correct ( forgot to scan back ) what would be my next step? should i now send a Subject Access Request along with £10? Many Thanks for all your help Nigel
  12. Hi, newbie so sorry if I have made any mistakes. If anyone could help me I would forever be in your debt. Very worried Name of the Claimant ? Marlin Capital Europe LTD Marlin House 16-22 Grafton Road Worthing West Sussex BN11 1QP Date of issue 25th September 2014 Submit defence by 27th October 2014 What is the claim for By an agreement between Egg Banking plc ("EGG") & the Defendant on or around 01/10/2002 ("the Argeement") EGG agreed to issue the Defendant with a credit card upon the terms & conditions set out therein. In breach of the Agreement the Defendant failed to make the minimum payments due & the Agreement was terminated. The Agreement was assigned to the Claimant on 06/01/2013 THE CLAIMENT THEREFORE CLAIMS: 1.3900.00 2.Interest pursuant to section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984, namely 1400.00 & continuing until Judgment or sooner payment at the rate of 0.84 What is the value of the claim? £5,800 Is the claim for a current or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? Credit Card When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? Before, 2002 Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. The account was assigned Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? I have received letters yes Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? Not that I can find Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? Not that im aware of Why did you cease payments:- Financial difficulties Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? Not that im aware of Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt managementicon plan? Yes I told them I was having problems but failed to stick to a payment plan Last Payment was July 2009
  13. Hi all This is the first issue i have the courage to post on the forums. As most people here i think i have "bury my head in the sand" syndrome. But enough is enough and just as I am getting all my financial affairs back on track and sorted i get this and i really need some good advice. I received a blue claim form from the county court business centre, Northampton. It states the claimant is a marlin capital Europe and they are being represented by Mortimer Clarke solicitors. It relates to Egg credit card that I had a few years ago. I have not paid the debt on this card for over 6 years. I really do not know where to begin. You probably hear that all the time but I really don't. On the claim they state I took out the agreement on or around 05/01/2004. I cannot remember when the card was ended. There is no record of this on my credit report from Experian and there is no recent searches (past 12 months) according to Experian too. What can should I do next? I do remember asking for the CCA but never receiving it. Also the fact that there is nothing to do with EGG or BARCLAYCARD on my credit report I am assuming is a positive sign? thanks in advance GB
  14. hello all i am need of some assistance, i recently had a ccj claim filed against me from mortimer clarke on behalf of marlin capital. I defended the claim on the basis of statute barred, i received a letter today from mortimer clarke saying that according to marlin the debt was not SB as i had made a my last payment in nov 09 my question is what do i do next? could this be a scare tactic from them? do i ask to see proof?
  15. sirhc

    Egg PPI

    Hello everyone I phoned Barclaycard re an old egg card I had with PPI. They had me complete a questionnaire. I since have received a letter saying they have no evidence of the policy being mis-sold. Can anyone help me answer this letter. below is the answers I gave to some of the questions If you were employed at the time you took out the insurance - would you have received any pay from your employer, if you were off work due to an accident or sickness, or if you were made redundant? Pay Receive : Yes For how many months would you have received this pay? 6 months or more, but less than 12 months Please give details I was with xxxxx for 15 Years. I'm not sure when the card was taken out. xxxx used to pay full pay for 6 months then half pay Why you decided to take out this insurance ? I took this ppi out when I filled in the online application form. I believe it came with the card. About Your Complaint As I was in full time employment and would have got sick pay if I was long term sick. I don't think I needed to have this insurance I have just received from Barclaycard saying they have not evidence I was missold PPI Following my investigation I have identified that your application was submitted online. This means that at this point of applying for PPI we did not give you any advice. You made your own decision as to whether you required the policy and could have benefited from this. This policy started on 18 January 2001 and ended on 10 December 2007. I have established that you were eligible for the policy at the time of this sale because you were: • Over 18 and under 65 on the date the policy was purchased. You gave your date of birth as 21/4/54 • A UK resident on the date the policy was purchased. You gave your address as (my address then given) • In employment working at xxxx They then say that if I am not satisfied I can contact them again ……. Hope someone can help or tell me if I should give up Thanks Chris
  16. phatram

    Egg now Marlin

    Mrs P was one of the 160000 that were lucky enough to have their Egg account wrongly closed many moons ago. Can anyone remember when this happened? This was then taken over by Barclaycard and now is with Marlin. Seen a few threads with differing opinions of what to do, can someone please give firm correct advice as to what to do. I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate this. Many thanks Mr P
  17. Hi, I was looking for some advice on what to do with my Egg card. The agreement can be found by clicking the link below. Due to my lack of income my current status with this card is that Ive been on a payment plan for 6 months with them. This ended 2 months ago and since then Ive paid token payments totalling £26. They are hounding me now wanting payment, which I just havent got so what do I do? I know there's a case going through regarding Egg and this 'approved limit' statement but is there anything I can send them in the meantime? All advice would be greatly received. Regards Egg CCA pictures by musicronny - Photobucket
  18. Hey. Was hoping a fresh pair of eyes could take a look at two letters from Egg. I received PPI compensation to the tune of £1214.24 thought on a follow up letter it says total rebate amount £2852.82. I think I am confused because of the way they have calculated what I am owed and due to the fact the loan was 'topped' up on a number of occasions over the years I had it. I basically just want to make sure they have calculated and paid the correct amount so would be very grateful if someone could look over the paperwork below!
  19. I am dealing with 3 PPI claims, Egg, Barclaycard and Capital One. The whole process is totally draining for me and involves months and years of phone calls, lies and misdirection. Whilst Barclaycard and Capital One are still ongoing it is the Egg that I want to talk about now. This was my first PPI claim and I just wanted to get a positive response. I did get this and banked the cheque. This is coming back to haunt me and I will tell you why. The SAR response listed all of the phone conversations that I had with Egg representatives. When they claimed I had accepted PPI there was no record of a phone call. It is clear that it was applied to my account by a representative who had simply applied it in order to get the commission. I was naive and did not push this further, just happy to get my money back. I am now really annoyed by the whole PPI repayment process and how the banks are trying to diddle the consumer out of their money. I have learnt that any PPI reward is not simply a free handout but a repayment of the money that they have taken from us. What should I do about Egg. It is well over 6 months on, should I take them to court regarding this?
  20. Dear All Am going through a long and drawn out battle with Barclaycard re my old Egg credit card - I have posted a letter alongside so that yo can see their thoughts/ My main pointer is that I took out ppi in 1999 (tick box scandal) and at the same time had an existing medical condition asthma which would have negated any claims whatsoever. They have written back now and said that I made an informed decision how? Any advice on a plan of attack would be great Regards Alan
  21. Hello, I am in the same scenario, but with Egg / Marlin/Mortimer clarke. I have found this helpful, but I would love to know the outcome. I am litterally sitting here shakingin terror at the claim form. Was half thinking of sticking it in the bin but I have had my head in the sand too long. Out ofinterest, I owe 11500, is it too late to make a full and final offer?
  22. First post so apologies if this is covering issues that others have talked about but I am going round in circles on this one. My husband had an Egg loan back in 2005. He went into a Debt Repayment Plan with Spectrum in 2006 and was paying £1 a month and stopped paying that in 2010. He has received a claim form from Restons Solicitors acting for Arrow Global Ltd and the issue date is 27th May 2014. He's never received anything from Restons or Arrow confirming that the debt had been assigned to Arrow. The Particulars of Claim are very brief: "The Claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the Defendant under a contract dated on or about 15/08/2005 in the sum of £3xxx.xx PARTICULARS a/c o: 1xxxxxxx DATE ITEM VALUE 10/07/2013 Default balance 3xxx.xx Post Refrl Cr NIL TOTAL: 3xxx.xx" My initial thoughts were that there was no mention of the fact that it was an Egg loan and no mention of an assignment to them. Also, shouldn't the Particulars be 'clear and concise'???? They certainly are not. I filed an acknowledgement of service online on 4th June. I sent a CPR 31.14 request on 4th June requesting the contract and also requested a default notice, assignment and formal demand. Letter in today from Restons dated 13th June. They've sent the Loan Agreement under CCA 1974 and it's dated 8th August 2005 and signed by him on 13th August 2005. They've also sent us two annual Egg loan statements and shows that the last payment of £1 was made in May 2010. They have rejected my request for the other documents as they are not 'mentioned' in their Particulars. The account number they have quoted in the Particulars is Arrow's reference for my husband, the one on the agreement is completely different. Obviously I need to file his defence asap. I wanted to go down the statute-barred route but cannot as the last payment was received in May 2010. Incidentally, the Egg loan came off my husband's credit file in May as it had been 6 years since he had defaulted. Can I submit that the loan has not been properly assigned to Arrow and/or he's received no notice of this? Also can I get them on the fact that they are solicitors and their Particulars are very poor and therefore he cannot properly defend himself? Any help muchly appreciated
  23. Justforthem

    Apex and Egg

    I had an egg loan sold to Apex credit. I sent them CCA request 3 years ago and they replied with a CCA. However I have never paid them and they have never chased me. I am trying to sort out finances at the moment but am wary of phoning them after all this time. Does anyone know why they have not been in contact ?
  24. Hello everyone Mortimer sent a letter before action to my old address and by the time i realised this the 14 days had elapsed, I called them on the 1 day after the deadline to inform them that I was going to send them a CCA so they should stay put before issuing. The adviser however informed me that the claim had been issued and that I will be shortly receiving it from Northampton. (This was 2 days ago) In the meantime, what shall do? shall i send any letters (if yes which ones) or wait until I receive the claim and post details? some background info on the account: 1) Opening date: 10/2004 2) Default date: 10/2007 3) Purchased by Cabot in 10/09 Can they still issue after such a long time? I never acknowledged anything nor made any payments. Thanks for your help
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