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Found 287 results

  1. Taxpayers are spending up to £600,000 a year to subsidise the cost of private parking firms getting drivers’ details from the DVLA so they can fine motorists. And that total subsidy pot may have topped £5million over the last eight years. New figures obtained from a Freedom of Information request reveal that the DVLA loses 34p every time a parking company applies for the details of a car’s registered keeper. The subsidy arises because the private firms pay £2.50 for documentation, which costs the DVLA £2.84 to handle. This year the agency has received 1.8million applications from private companies, costing the public purse around £612,000. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cars/article-2593596/Parking-firms-requests-drivers-details-cost-taxpayer-600k-year.html#ixzz2xjeRUCzi
  2. Hi - I wonder if anyone of you could help. I relocated to the UK about two years ago and my brother moved back to Italy from UK leaving me his van and my details on that small green DVLA paper. I did not transfer that van into my name and a year and half later sold it to someone. Now i received summon from DVLA that I failed to notify them of change of name with potential £1000 + £90 fine. What to do?????? please help.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-27132077
  4. Hi, Firstly any help greatly appreciated! Bit of a long story so ill try keep it simple. I received a Requisition Order from the DVLA informing they may be taking me to court, had a form to fill in stating how i would plead. I picked not guilty and sent them a letter back stating i had sent the logbook off once i had sold it and my responsibility ends as soon as I relinquished control of delivery to royal mail. Section 07 of the Interpretations Act 1978 (taken from posts seen on here) I heard nothing at all until 14/11/2013 when i got a notice of fine and collection order, the dvla had taken me to court and i had no idea! obviously i have been found guilty as i was not there! I sent an appeal letter to the court and told them i was not aware there was a court date/ajournment notice. This was rejected. i have today received a letter from Marston which informs me they will be making a visit to my home in 7 days time. Ideally i would just like the case reopened so i have a chance to defend my self, after a lot of searching I'm guessing my appeal to the court got rejected because all i did was send them a letter saying i had no idea. What i should of done was get a Statutory Notice done in front of a solicitor. Is there any chance i could get the case reopened? I'm guessing no as it has been so long What can Marston actually do?? This is a rented house so they can't actually break in? as the house is to owned by me? If worse comes to worse could i just contact the magistrates court and pay the original fine? I'm just so unsure of the best action to take, if needed i can attach all letters sent and received
  5. Then in February I received a request from a debt collection agency for £80, in relation to a Late Licensing Penalty which until then I had not known anything about. In conversation with them it became apparent that I should have received a request for £40 from DVLA at some point prior to this. I had recently changed address, so reasonably assumed that the original demand must have gone to my old house, and the debt collectors letter to my new one. I wrote to DVLA accepting that I was late and that I might have to pay a penalty, but that I had never been given an opportunity to pay the £40, so please issue me with the original demand to consider. There reply was a standard 'get lost' template letter that did not relate to the basic points at issue here. I have the option to appeal, does anyone think I have a case worth pursuing for the sake of saving £40? (The new V5 appears to prove the date of changed address) Thanks
  6. hello all , ive just been sent a letter from the dvla to inform me they are taking court action against me for failing to notify a change of keeper ( the v5c was returned but no surprise there eh ). i previously wrote to them explaining i had in fact sent off the v5c all filled in and i would robustly defend this if i was taken to court i also asked for full details of all lost or misplaced post within the dvla but as i expected i did not recieve this information . my question is do i need to send a payment to recieve this information as i think i should from memory is it a £1 or some such amount . also how long do they have to send me such information as i will be useing this as part of my defence in the forthcoming court action any help here would be appreciated .
  7. Lola99

    DVLA & Advantis

    My 20yr old Son has recd a Letter from Advantis regarding a car he had that was not taxed. He had it clamped and taken away (he did not have a SORN but was off road) and thought that was the end of it. He moved not long after and has now recd a Letter from Advantis asking for £80. They said to contact them and arrange payment. He replied and made arrangements to pay it off over 5 months but he has now had another Letter from Advantis saying that the DVLA wanted the fine paid off over 3 months which he cannot afford to do. What powers do Advantis have and would it be better to deal with the DVLA directly?
  8. Riisk

    Failure To Notify

    Hi all, been reading a lot about these lately as my partner has just received her requestion through the post. I've written 2 letters, one to the court as we are unable to attend due to been out of the country and one to the dvla as they seem to enjoy losing our post as you will see from the information in the letter. Anything you would change or advise? She plans on pleading not guilty. Letter to the DVLA Letter to Court; Going to court is a massive hassle and is going to cost enough in fuel as it's not local (45miles away) and time off work to attend, just need it sorted and forgotten about. Hiring a solicitor is also out the question due to cost. Thanks
  9. Hello! So I sold my motorbike a couple of months back, didn't have the V5 etc. So the new owner contacted the DVLA and asked for one. They then contacted me saying the new owner had requested it and that I need to send off some info (like the green slip) or something (which I didn't have). So anyway, few months later I get a letter through at my dads, whos house I use as a postal address. The letter says I owe them £55! reduced to £35 if I pay by the 22nd March. What the bloody hell? It never said anything about a fine in the previous letter, it literally just said If i ignore it they'll do the rest. Any help? Could I just tell them I never got the letter?!
  10. Hi guys, I wondered if you could give me some advice. I sold my car back in August to a trader on ebay for spares/repairs (3gautopartsltd item #......) As he was a trader he gave me a small part of my v5 and he took the rest, I sent the small slip off to the DVLA. I then moved house later that month. Changed my details on my license with the DVLA, my license says it was changed on the 8th October. I have just received a wedge of old mail from my old house, including a fixed penalty notice from DVLA dated Nov 11 & a court summons dated 21st Feb for the 19th of this month. I'm now faced with a potential £1,000 fine plus court costs. What do I do about it? They've been sending all correspondence to my old address, even though I changed my address with them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Like so many others it seems I am getting letters from various agencies requesting my £80 fine. Each time I contact the DC and explain my situation I am told that the matter will be returned to the DVLA, which it is but then is passed to another agency. I sent all the paperwork back as requested when my car as scrapped, but the DVLA "didn't receive it" I must have sent it at least three time. As this was over six years ago, can I send them the statute barred letter?
  12. Okay, so last year March/April my brother bought a car from a private trader. At the time of purchase the car was taxed and had MOT on it. The car was parked in my driveway, as my brother had no immediate need for it (I know begs the question why buy the car in the first place, but that is a separate issue). Now in the time the car had been in my driveway, it had not been re-taxed (expired 31/04/2013) or insured or had MOT done on it (expired 10/2013). Because the car was not being used, it went completely unnoticed that my brother had not received the V5 logbook or tax renewal reminder, which alerted us to the fact he must not be named as the registered keeper, although he has the green tear off slip from the buyer. Now, I want to start using the car, so my plan was to get it registered in my name by completing the V62 vehicle registration application, do the MOT, tax, insurance etc. However I have some worries:- 1) Will I (or my brother as he bought the car) be liable to pay any back-dated tax? I am worried that taxing the car will alert the DVLA that it has been untaxed since the end of last year April, and they will start issuing fines. 2) Or will the old Registered Keeper be liable considering they did not send off the V5C? My worry is that the DVLA will place the blame on my brother for not chasing up the logbook, and not taxing the car/declaring it SORN for so long, as it was he's responsibility to do so, irrespective of whether he has received the V5C or not. Or again is the old Registered Keeper still liable? However I must say that we both assumed that as the car was off the road on private property, we didn't need to do anything to the car because it was not being driven. I am only now becoming familiar with the motoring laws! :!: I am not really sure what to do now, I have insured the car and I now want to do the all the other stuff, but not really sure how to proceed. Your responses would be muchhhhhh appreciated!!!!
  13. Hi all! I've received a letter today from the DVLA (which the "Enforcement officer" hasn't even bothered to sign) stating that I have failed to notify them of the disposal of a vehicle. But I haven't disposed of it, I sold the vehicle back in 19/10/2013 filled out the V5c, sent it to them 2 days later. The new keeper obviously hasn't received the v5c back and has applied for a new one (I have done this before in a similar situation). So they want to charge me £55 to settle out of court, or £35 if paid early. I don't think I should pay this as I don't think I haven't done anything wrong. I filled out their form as usual, sent it to them as usual, but now its my fault?? I have bought and sold over 50 vehicles in the last 6yrs and have never had a problem, I always send the paperwork off within a few days and all has been well. My question is, what should I do? Shall I bend over and take one off the DVLA, or try to fight it and not pay and risk end up paying more. I know its only £35 which normally I wouldn't have a problem paying a fine for something that I've done wrong but in this case I believe I haven't! Thanks, Marc.
  14. Hi Everyone, Could anyone help me as i dont know what to do again, i sent my document to DVLA applying for my first Licence on 29/01/14, i understood clearly how they lost people's documents and that was why i had to inserted a 'SIGN FOR' return envelope in the application envelope and i received the tracking number at post office. After just a week i got the Driver Licence at my post without the documents submitted, i expected the Document would be received few day later, i waited for couple of weeks without receiving my documents then i rang DVLA to verify why ive not receive my documents, i was told that Royal Mail has taken it away since 29/01/14 from them that they have the Barcode evidence of the documents departure to Royal Mail but when i tracked it with the tacking number given me at Post Office, i got this "Information on your item is not yet available online. Information on your Royal Mail Signed For™ item is not yet available." then i rang RM and i was told that DVLA hasn't given them the said document! both of them denied so am so annoyed and confused. but DVLA told me they have sent a letter containing the Barcode evidence of document receoived by RM and until this morning RM keeps denying they never took any said documents from DVLA..... please help me here as i do not know what to do again and am afraid of ID theft! What can I do please?
  15. Afternoon Everyone, Advice needed, or alternatively, a lift to Swansea!!! I'll try to be brief, and to the point. Hubby went for job interview, last Monday morning, as a CE Driver. Took licence with him to interview, only to find out, CE entitlement had been removed Phoned Swansea, their reply "As you didn't meet the sight requirements, we revoked your licence" Rewind back to last year, Hubby went for his medical, as required, and the Numpty (as he will now be known! Lol) forgot to take his glasses. DVLA wrote to us and said he had to take another eye test, which he did, and he passed. Eyesight test was on the 27th, form had to be back ioth them by the 30th. Form was posted on 27th, so would have been back in time, however DVLA didn't scan it on to their system until the 7th, hence being outside their deadline. Numpty, however did not pick up on this when his new licence arrived, he, and I, just assumed as we had sent the new eyetest off in time, everything was ok back to this year, filled in Form D2, emailed to DVLA Monday 10th February 2014, received read receipt at 13.40. this time, we have proof they have the form!!! Phoned them, to be told it takes 72hrs for forms to be scanned on to their system. will phone back Thursday. Phoned Thursday to be told, it sometimes takes longer. phone back Saturday, to be told "There is currently a back log, we are dealing with emails received on the 8th. we'll wait a couple of days, and phone back then. Phone back this morning, it's now over a week since form was sent in. Guess what, they still don't have it. They're now processing emails from the 13th, they've gone straight past it, but they haven't lost it?! But to send it in again, I mean WTF? we can email again, even though they lose them, or we can post them, but know full well that it will get delayed Where is the accountability? How can they get away with this? How can they blatantly lose something, and deny they have? And whilst all this is going on, we have no money coming into the house. so we're having a fine old time here Just so, so cross with them! And to make it seem worse, Numpty's medical is fine, his photocard is fine, every god damned thing is fine, apart from 1 box with a cross in it, and his signature, and yet they still can't issue a licence!!!! Arrgggghhhh!!! :evil::evil:
  16. jaysowhat

    the DVLA

    I am 34 years old and have been living in Weston, on and off, since about 1994. Nearly 2 years ago i passed my full motorcycle test (Cat A, which, at the time cost over £600) with a company in Weston called Ridesafe. Everything was fine until a little over a week ago i received a letter from the D.V.L.A. informing me that back in the year 2000 i was disqualified from driving for 2 years and ordered to take an extended test and because of this my licence has be negated and must be returned to them. i immediately contacted Ridesafe to ask my instructor about this and was told that if this were the case he would not have been able to book the test in the first place as it would have flagged up against my driver licence number. i have since been to the Citizens Advice Bureau and was told that the D.V.L.A would simply say it was my responsibility to inform them i needed the extended test. if i had known about this then i would have told my instructor. problem is that several years ago (over 5 years but less than 10) i developed a bruise on my brain (cerebellum) causing me to have an illness called 'cerebellar ataxia'. for several years i was unable to walk or talk, among many other symptoms, some which have remained including poor concept of time and virtually no memory of my past. i had no idea i needed to take the extended test. had i known, it would have been done at a small extra cost. the D.V.L.A are implying that i will now need to start the entire process from the beginning (CBT, theory, module 1, module 2) which will cost around £700. for nearly 2 years i have been riding around thinking all is well only to be told that i have been using my bike unlawfully, whilst disqualified and with an invalid insurance policy
  17. One of the chaps at work has just been duped this morning, out of £60 for a £20 replacement license. Looked at the website (https://dvla-driving-licence-dot-co-dot-uk/index.php). Looks like contact by email only, no phone, company number or vat number can be found. As it was the 2nd line down when googling DVLA, one would have thought that they would be required to comply with UK trading laws? When he checked his bank an hour after the transaction, he found he was £60 down, not the £20 as he was expecting. Yes it does say about how they are not affiliated with the DVLA and again in their T&C's. He has already rang his bank for a charge back and they have said that they cant do anything until this 'company' collects then they can challenge. There was some hoohah in the press in the last week about this, but cant remember what the outcome was. Can an expert have a look at the website and let me know if it complies please. Many thanks
  18. Hi everyone. I am a part time motor trader, and bought a van to sell to a friend. Said friend then decided he didn't want it, and I had to keep the van near my house. Now, I KNOW I am at fault, I parked the van on the road without it being taxed. Long story short, a neighbour reported us. At 5pm on the 17th December, I drove past and saw the van had been clamped, with a DVLA flyer on. The leaflet explained there was a £100 release fee, and I also had to produce a valid tax disk. The following morning at 9am, I taxed the vehicle, and paid a £100 release fee to have the clamp removed. Fast forward to earlier this week, I received a letter from the DVLA, stating that said van was seen and reported at 15.59 on 17/12/2013, as being kept on a road whilst unlicensed. "This remains an offence even if the vehicle is subsequently licensed. This is separate to the fees paid to the Agency's wheel-clamping contractors who clamped/impounded the vehicle." I now need to fill in a form giving information as to who was keeping the vehicle at the said time. "Failure to provide this information is an offence and a court may impose a maximum fine of £1000, if you do not supply the information requested." There is no indication on the letter as to how much the fine will be. There was no reference when the van was clamped, that the £100 release fee wasn't the end of the story. Apparently, the clamp wasn't the full punishment. I called 2 DVLA numbers, to be told that no one can explain anything about the situation to me, nor help me with my query whatsoever. "You have 2 options, pay the fine, or appeal." When I asked how much the fine would be, no one knew, and I just had the previous sentence repeated to me. Can someone explain my rights to me please? Or someone who has gone through this themselves. I was punished by the clamp. I paid £100 to have it released. How on Earth am I know being asked for more money? Thank you.
  19. My son took it on himself to apply for his provisional driving licence, through a company called (driving licence applications) but who are registered as Caveal Viator Ltd. When he asked the dvla what had happened to his application he was informed that no application had been received, we then found out that this company charge £50 just for applying and another £50 for the licence, but in the phone recordings it does say you have to be 18 to use this service. My question is that we have asked for a refund as we dont want to use there service and they have refused to refund my son. How does he stand legally, we also paid through paypal is there anything we can do through them ???
  20. Hi, Hoping someone could give me some advice! I sold my old car back in May/June 2013 time but I realised when the guy came to collect it that I'd lost the log book. He said that's OK he'd apply for a new one and that I should write to DVLA which I did. Now were in January 2014 and I get a court summons on my doorstep today saying I have to appear in court due to not notifying them of a change of keeper! I wrote to them! And apparently they have written to me to negotiate an out of court settlement which I have never received. They were writing to my previous address but I know the tenant who lives there now and he forwards me every piece of mail that gets sent there. I find it hard to believe they sent these previous letters. In any case is the onus on me to prove to the court I sent DVLA notification in writing? In the same breath if they're telling me that is the case then surely the same can be said of them sending me these other letters, is the ouns not on them also to make sure I received them? My word against theirs surely? Has anyone got any advice? The summons looks pretty scary but to be honest I'm actually quite angry, I feel like going to court and having a bit of a rant! Over something so paltry they're gonna fine me up to £1000 or send me to prison? lol. Also on a separate note, Im due to work the day they have summoned me, how should I approach this with my employer? Many thanks in advance! blinky
  21. Just a bit of a rant......with a good outcome Went to Glasgow dvla office to change the v5 taxation class only to find that it had closed down in Dec 13. So that was a day wasted for me. Popped into my local post office, told her my sob story and asked for advice and she said no problem we can do that for you. So the v5 was sent away and I got my new tax disc. So it actually can be done at a PO. Don't know if this is only due to all the closures but saved me sending everything to dvla and waiting weeks..
  22. I have an upcoming trail (5th March) regarding a 'failed to forthwith deliver notification to the Secretary of State, on the registration document or in writing as required by Regulation 22(2)(b)...'. Here are the facts: 1) Vehicle sold - 8/12/2011 2) Logbook returned to DVLA - 10/12/2011 3) No receipt received from DLVA 4) Letter from DVLA advising of an application to record someone else as the registered keeper - 13/6/2013 5) Letter from me to DVLA advising that the vehicle had in fact been sold in 2011 and the logbook was returned then - 21/6/2013 6) Notice on 11/7/2013 from DVLA requesting information under S46 - NEVER RECEIVED! I have attended court today and pleaded not guilty. The prosecutor for the DVLA made remarks regarding it was up to me to chase the DVLA if I hadn't received a receipt within 4 weeks and my paperwork trail (receipt for sale of car, letter to DVLA etc) was no defence. The trail will go ahead on 5th March. Advice and help please as I felt the court was certainly biased towards to DVLA and my word (and paperwork trail) was treated with indifference.
  23. Hi everyone! Happy new year first of all. Usual story - last year in February 2013 i filled SORN form for my car and posted it to DVLA. After month or so they sent me Collectica letter claiming i never made SORN application etc. There are around 5 Collectica letters, which i all denied, and i have posted last 2 letters from DVLA and latest Collectica letter which i received on friday (after 4 months of silence). Let me know what you think. Any help appreciated. *** Letter received from DVLA in June 2013 after my "fine denied" letter Page 2 And another reply from DVLA in July 2013, after short letter from denying any wrongdoing My letter to DVLA in July 2013 Then in September Collectica sent me letter - We cannot hold any action unless instructed by DVLA etc etc. and kept quiet till last Friday: Post edited, details removed. Thank you
  24. Has anyone had to appeal DVLA fine for not notifying of disposal of vehicle? I had my insurance collect the car after the accident and had to send all paperwork inc reg certificate to them straight after as I was instructed by insurance for my claim to be processed as fast as possible as my car was a write off. On xmas day I had bunch of letters posted through our letterbox (and took me a moment to realise this was not Royal Mail delivery) inc one from DVLA (dated 6th dec!!!!) obviously got delivered to wrong address and did not get forwarded to me til 25th and the letter gave 14 days from 6th to write to them to confirm if I no longer had the car as someone had applied to register it in their name. now I need to be able to write a decent appeal or end up paying 55 pounds fine but how can I prove the letter did not get to me until 25/12 any advice greatly appreciated
  25. Hi guys, I need some urgent advice really, I have been out the country for a while and my father has just let me know that I am being taken to court for not sending a logbook! A logbook that I did send. Now here's the problem.. The court date is tomorrow! I cannot make it :/ Is it to late to just phone up and settle this outside of court? I don't want to pay the fine but I don't see any other way to sort this as I'm not in the UK at the moment Please advise ASAP as I will need to ring them first thing. Regards,
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