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  1. It was reported in the papers yesterday the DVLA gave out the keeper details of 1.5 million vehicles in the months Oct-Dec 2017. 500,000 of those access requests were from Parking Eye. This equates to 6 million requests a year in total so assuming the majority of people do pay up the amount the parking co's get for this is over the £300 million reported for a couple of years ago. An MP is introducing a private members bill to force the parking co's to use an independent adjudicator for all appeals. The BPA say they already do but that isnt actually true when you compare their system with the proposed new one. No comment printed from the IPC, Will and John are no doubt so certain of their own brilliance in all parking matters they dont need to consider the law at all and commenting is beneath them. The papers also commented on the finances of Capita, the parent company of PE having debts of £1.9 billion including pension defecit and their shares dropped by 40%. Capita do nearly all of the money counting for London boroughs when it comes to parking meters etc and when analysing their figures from a FOI request they seem to lose some of the cash in transit and no monies from forced overpayments of parking meters not giving change ever reaches the councils in the period covered by my FOI request. Perhaps this assumption was wrong on my part and every cash meter on that day was faulty and allowed a certain level of free parking and generously gave out more change than was actually tendered on occasion. Capita are going to sell of £700 million worth of business assets and shut down loss making divisions.
  2. Default Re: DVLA Lost details DVLA are still at it. My licence has been lost in one of the moves and I've had many. I had a couple of name changes after getting married, once overseas. when I ask the DVLA, apparently unless I can provide them with my 4 marriage certificates and 4 divorce certificates , plus dates of marriage and divorces, plus all the addresses I have lived (those I can provide in date order) and when I lived at them, they won't issue me with a replacement. I sent them reams of paperwork, plus photos, birth certificates and the like after spending a fortune on copies and writing to Canada for one lot, they simply ignored it and deny all knowledge of ever getting it. It seems they just don't *want* to issue a replacement. So what am I supposed to do now? Take my test again?
  3. I had a seizure a couple of weeks ago, first one ever, and the hospital told me to speak to the DVLA, who told me I had to complete a declaration (FEP1 form) so they could assess my fitness to drive. According to the guidelines it could be a 6 month ban. However the form says "you must not drive if your doctor says you cannot drive". Neither my doctor or the consultant at the hospital will give me a decision - they say that's for the DVLA to decide. So, while the form is being processed etc - am I OK to drive, since no one has said I can't?
  4. Hi all, I have received a notice 01/09/17 about driving with 35mph in the 30 zone on 14/07/17 ,taken by camera. I confirmed it was me and was just about to book the speed awareness course. On 21/10/17 I received another one taken at the same place,by same camera saying I drove 36mph.The date of the offence is 06/07/17!!!!!I accept the fact I drove that fast probably as it's a tricky place after a hill. But...they are sending it 14 weeks after the offence!!!Even if I did not update DVLA when changed address,they have found me with the other notice 8 weeks ago which took place later than this one. Can I contest both or one of them on the basis of late notificitation.They are way out of the 14 day time frame.Or not updating DVLA means it's my fault and I couldn't contest? I am running out of time as the course should be booked very soon. These fines mean I will struggle immensely with Christmas,so looking forward to your wise advice!Thanks
  5. Hi, I have a small camper van that I don't use in the winter, so it is on my private drive and I don't tax it for 6 months. I can see by doing a check that this year I forgot to fill in a SORN and it was due to be taxed in November. I cannot remember any reminder coming through, any letter from the DVLA saying the vehicle was not taxed or any fine from them. All I have is a letter from a debt collecting firm CCSCollect asking for £80 Non-payment of this penaly is a Civil Offence under Section 7a of the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994. We request you pay £80 within the next 7 days from the date of this letter. If I have to pay then fine, it is my fault, I just want to know if I should pay these direct, not pay and deal with the DVLA, take it off the road now and ignore the letter. I am just very weary of debt collecting companies and dealing with them. Any advice? Thanks Paul
  6. Hello, here another horror story about dvla, we moved house and changed car, sent all the papers, setup direct debit account, it all worked for 11 months, after which nothing went through, no communications from dvla, and we received a fine from them cos we did not pay one missing month (August 2017), no explanations, no warning why the debit stopped (we never changed bank or been in overdraft ). Now we realized our landlord trashed or sent back our V5C form, and we are in the middle of trying to get a new one and update our direct debit position with them, but nothing works, basically the address we give them (which is 100% accurate, we get letters from council, hmrc, bills, bank,..etc) does not go through. So at this point time is ticking , we'll get another fine , maybe forced to do a sorn, and who knows what, whenever we call them, they super rude and say they thought we wrote our address wrong(!!) and so they decided to eyeball it using google (!!!!!!)... needless to say we wont probably get a new logbook either..this is becoming a nightmare.. anyone in similar situation? Thank you Walt
  7. Alicat_69

    Gap in tax

    Last month my Dad lent us his car and we have now bought it from him and are officially the new owners. However, I've now come to tax the car and it says there was no tax on the car for August (we bought it in the last week of August) and it can only now be taxed from September 1st, leaving a month gap without a SORN. I realise now that my Dad must have had August refunded but we didn't realise this until now. Is there any way I can backdate the tax?
  8. Help please! This is my first post ever on web and I do so because I really need help. I received a huge fine from dvla £407 for commiting a offence by keeping a unlicensed vehicle on the road. I am shocked because I don't have the money , I am also going through an Individual Voluntary Agreement setting at the moment , wife due to give birth to our second child in 2 weeks and never worked due to depression , never claimed any penny whatsoever either. I am the only one providing for the Family. I had this car Sorn and parked at the back of the flat in the car park. I live in a cul de sac and have a car park at front of flat too. Whilst still MOTed I insured it for one day and went to renew my Mot 1 week before it expired on return parked it at the front of the flat in the car park. While I was abroad my wife called me and told me the car was clamped . It was clamped by the Council and they were demanding £100 fine for unclamping it if it was taxed . I taxed it and argued for the fine as I was convinced Sorn was covering that part of the car park too , but after reading the internet I found it as public road. This had happened on 1st of July 2017. Now I am receiving this fine as dvla writes that the offence stands s29 . They saying they have received a report about the above offence. I can understand if someone does this in a repetitive way , or intentionally but for one mistake to act like this and demand money or else .., I was completely unaware of the front car park not being looked at as private and I tryied to elxplain it all but got told off by the council people. Is there a way around this please? Anyone had been thrugh this before? Any advise will be much appreciate it! Thank you!
  9. Hello I sold a car and posted the logbook with the new owner’s details to the DVLA by first class post. (next time I will record delivery – lesson learnt). I received a failure to insure wrote back to them with the details of the new owner and explained that I had written to him to ask him to provide the details of his insurance . I had already informed DVLA that the insurance company he said he was insured with (but not the policy numberI have no proof other than his word that it was insured). The next thing I had through was a court judgement for failure to insure. I contacted the court to advise that I had never received a summons. I completed the appeals procedure and now have a court hearing for a weeks’ time, it says it is a hearing to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. I did phone the court to ask if this is the time that I need to bring my evidence but the helpline advised they was not sure! the new owner contacted DVLA to advise that he was indeed the new owner and confirm the date of purchase (3 months before the offence) The DVLA have written to me to confirm that he has contacted them to advise he was the owner at the time of the offence but they have written to advise me that as DVLA have me listed as the registered owner at the time of the offence they are still pursuing me. I have read on a few forums and people with similar problems and it seems to be; Informing DVLA by post is the only requirement for me to have complied with the notification. X I have a witness to the posting of the logbook. Has anyone been through a similar process? I am currently looking at a couple of court hearings that the DVLA have been judged against which I think might have useful judgements to refer to. if no acknowledgement contact DVLA has no authority at law in fact the case of Duncan Peek at Horsham County Court in April 2010 it was stated that DVLA had NO STATUTORY POWER for anyone to ring them. Likewise in the case James COLLINS in October 2009 ( Liquid Knights long post) at Clerkenham District Court one had not to prove to DVLA that letter re SORN sent. Up to DVLA to prove otherwise. Any comments or pointers gratefully received, especially for the court hearing. Many thanks for taking the time to read this post.
  10. Most days we see a number of complaints on CAG, where DVLA have not received notifications sent to them in the post. This leads to letters, court claims and sometimes bailiff visits. Can CAG please publicise what DVLA notifications can be done online, as it might save people having problems, after notifications e.g vehicles sold, get lost in the post. https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/driver-and-vehicle-licensing-agency The link above confirms what can be done online. Personally, i would not send anything in the post to DVLA unless i had to and then i would keep a copy, plus get proof of posting at post office. Most people can access the internet, either at home or locally. Most libraries that are still open have free internet access.
  11. Hi there. I'm having some issues trying to find the information I need. Here's my situation: I'm finally in a position where I would like to learn how to drive. Unfortunately, my provisional driver's licence is no longer valid since June of 2017. I'm applying for a new licence on the DVLA website but I am running into trouble. I am being asked to provide a passport (which I don't have and have never had). I need to provide 3 years of address history, but until about a year ago, I was homeless, and there's no option for this on the sign up page I was sofa surfing for a long time with no fixed abode, then became homeless after a relationship breakdown for a few months. Before that (I don't even remember the dates or have any documentation), I was living and working in a different city in the UK. I have my mother's address on the provisional card, but I've not lived there for a very long time. I was wondering if anybody knew anything about this? Many thanks for your time, L.
  12. Just trying to help a colleague out at work. Long story short. - Car sold approx Sept last year - V5 sent to DVLA - No acknowledgement received - One month later moved house - Last months & this months wage packet shows unknown deductions - 2 weeks of chasing answers - Found it relates to a fine for none notification of change of keeper for sold vehicle last year - DVLA correspondence suspected to be posted to old address - Believed that court got a different address from the DWP that colleague had never heard of let alone lived at. - Colleague tracked down court and advised correct address - Summons then received to correct address this time. - In court yesterday just to plead either guilty or not guilty to 'Knowing that the fine was issued' - Pleaded not guilty. Although it looks like the case has been 'set aside' for further correspondence history, and a further court date, the 3rd installment of the fine (which will total around £800) will be taken from next pay packet regardless. - Payroll had NOT received an 'Attachment or Earnings order' so also know nothing. My question is: Can they do this? as the chap in question had absolutely no idea this was going on until his wage slips were coming up short. I have pointed him in the direction of this website for further reading and detailing. I don't think the DVLA would care but surely a court would have a responsibility to ensure that they had all the correct information before going down this route? Appalled to say the least
  13. UGH! This is a long one, so please bear with me :/ Last year, I had precious little faith in the DVLA's new auto renew direct debit for car taxing, so I set up a new one. As you may have guessed, they wound up double dipping and took months to stop. This year, because I was still leery, I emailed them back in March before my MOT to ask if I would need to manually set up a new direct debit. The response came back as follows: It may help if I explain that periodic scans are conducted on the MOT databases at time of renewal. Provided there is a valid MOT in place by the last scan date of 01/04/2017, the Direct Debit will automatically renew for a further 6 or 12 month period. A new payment schedule will be issued to the preferred communication method chosen when the Direct Debit was initially set up. The first payment will be taken within 14 days of the renewal date. My MOT was in place the week before the 1 April (the DVLA database confirms this, so it's not a problem with that) and I thought all was well, last week I received a penalty notice demanding £80 by 2 July or run the risk of having my car impounded and crushed. I called on Saturday and spoke with Olive in Team 31, who didn't know why it hadn't auto-renewed, but graciously agreed it should have and that I should use that email as evidence in a written appeal. Given that the penalty notice itself said I had until 2 July, I wasn't panicking or anything, and thought I could respond to the penalty notice in writing on Monday - until I went to do my grocery shopping today and they'd clamped my car! Now the contracting company is demanding £100 not to crush it. I'm sorry, but this remains, as far as I'm concerned, the DVLA's fault, not mine. I'd even *checked* with them, and have it in writing complete with a case reference number. I couldn't contact anyone helpful today - the clamping company gave zero hoots when I rang them, and I couldn't call the DVLA as they're shut on Sundays. I cannot lay my hands on my V5 certificate so couldn't even tax it online. I can't get to work in the morning (the trains are particularly difficult as I'm on Southern - a whole other consumer action story! - and struggle with the very long walk to and from the station near my office as I've got osteoarthritis and sometimes need to use a cane) and will be on the phone with the DVLA first thing, obviously, but the idea of paying either of these penalties is infuriating me. OH and to top it off, the spot the car is parked in is fine for parking on a Sunday, but on Monday it's a residents' only, and it'll be a straight shoot out to see if the DVLA's flunkies tow it before the council does, despite the fact I obviously cannot move it right now myself. Any suggestions?!
  14. I am wondering if any one has had a problem with anxiety and driving lessons? Tenmencount
  15. Hi and thanks for any help in advance. I kind and generous person hit my car whilst it was parked outside of my house yesterday, they left no details sadly. I then phoned my insurance to register the claim and they did the DVLA conference. At this point the DVLA decided they could not continue and would not give a reason why as there was a third party on the line. I then phoned the DVLA to obtain the code to view the licence details and I was told that I have two licences why is news to me and they would not release any information until this resolved. They will not give me a time scale and needless to say that the Insurance people will not get my car repaired until they have this code. I am stuck between the DVLA and the insurance and I wondered if there is anything I can do to speed the reapirs up. Any help is appreciated although I fear that I am stuck until the DVLA finish whatever it is that they are doing.
  16. Just bought my first car in the UK from a large auto auction and was curious about the V5C document. Do I really need the signature of the registered keeper (previous owner) if purchased through an auction where I have no contact with the previous owner at all? :???:
  17. OK last year i set up a monthly DD to pay my car road tax. This has been paid every single month and i have never missed a payment. At the beginning of April i received a letter saying my car was not taxed the letter was dated around the middle of march. I checked my bank and found the DD for April had been paid so i assumed it must have been a mistake. I just received a second letter telling me my car was not taxed so this time i checked online and it shows my car as being not taxed. There is no reason why my car tax is not taxed. The monthly DD is still being paid and has never failed the M.O.T was renewed in March 2017 1 week before the old M.O.T was due to expire and the insurance has just been renewed a few days ago. I dont know who to contact to sort this out as all the phone numbers seem to be automated and im now worried about being finned for a mistake that is clearly the DVLA's fault. Any advice please? Thanks
  18. Can anybody offer any constructive advice please? My daughter was involved in an accident on 29th April last year and her car was declared a write off and removed the following day by her insurance company who took all the documentation and paperwork including the V5. She tells me that she sent off the section 9 part to inform the DVLA that the vehicle was now transferred to her insurance company and thought that was that as far as the DVLA was concerned. However, in September, she received a Late Licencing Penalty letter demanding £80, as she hadn't renewed the licence or declared SORN! She telephoned the DVLA, (I know, big mistake, she now knows to get everything in writing!) who claimed to know nothing about the accident or it being written off or that her insurance company had taken the car. The DVLA followed this call up with a letter dated 12th October, stating that they had now received the section 9 and acknowledged that she was no longer the keeper of the vehicle but that they still wanted their £80. However, they said that if she paid before 2nd November, it would be reduced to £40. This is only 21 days and I was of the understanding that the law states that they should allow her 28 days? I only found all this out since the penalty has been handed over to a debt collection agency who are now demanding the £80 on behalf of the DVLA. The DVLA have washed their hands of the matter and will not respond. The debt collection agency have put things on hold for 30 days. I am of the opinion that instead of owing the DVLA £80, they owe my daughter £45! (three months refund of her tax) Where do we go from here?
  19. The following regulation has been discussed for many months, and was finally laid before Parliament a few days ago (11th April). It comes into effect on 6th May 2017. The Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2017/554/made
  20. I set up DD with DVLA 2015. DVLA confirmed DD was set up and supplied a letter saying so. Thinking my car was taxed, and having comfort DVLA would take payments as needed, DVLA has not requested/taken payment. Car was not, therefore, taxed. I discovered this with a lovely man put a wheel clamp on my car, with £260 release fee (£160 later refunded once taxed) but then 2 weeks later, letter from DVLA with fine of £216. Replied to DVLA fine letter saying it's their fault. The DD letter from DVLA in 2015 says exactly 'you do not have to do anything'. I am fuming.
  21. The following is from the BBC News today: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4057088/Car-clampings-double-tax-discs-axed.html
  22. Hi all my son was in a RTA and his car was a write off front end all smashed in and engine was knocked out of the car . this was in March in April he got another car and swapped his insurance . He had no vo form as it was in the glove compartment of the car and this was squashed and no-one could get in it . He wrote a letter to the Dvla explaining all this . Then he got a letter telling him he's to be fined for not declaring the car sorn . We rang and explained what had happened . he was then sent a letter from leed ps magistrate court and he pleaded not guilty stating why . In November he got a £5 refund of his road tax for the vehicle . Dvla won't give us any info on any of this ( they must have had some notification about this for him to get a refund ) . What evidence can we take to court? We have none except for the cheque what will happen and is he likely to be found guilty? It was very traumatic time they were lucky to be alive ! Can def do without all this . The letter was not sent recorded just a regular stamp. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?472945-Caught-for-keeping-vehicle-with-no-insurance-**PAID-FINE-TO-DVLA-COURT-CANCELLED**&p=4990696#post4990696 Can I ask did you have a court date when you rang the Dvla ? I've got the same thing going on but I pleaded not guilty . Tried to ring to change plea ? I'm not guilty but don't need the hassle . Rang Dvla they said they'd no information on it
  23. Newbie here, hope I am in the right place..... purchased a second hand vehicle today. It is a band C vehicle and as such I should pay £30 a year tax. Went online to purchase to be given a price of £230 , I emailed DVLA to question this and the response I received back was This vehicles CO2 emissions count was not provided when the vehicle was first registered and we are unable to ammend our records, therefore the amount payable is £230. I have responded asking why they are unable to ammend their records, they do if a vehicle changes colour, is modified or has a private plate. I am yet to get a reply. If I were to install a larger engine and as a result my VED cost would go up, I am sure as hell the records would be ammended in a flash. If I keep this vehicle for 5 years I will have to over pay £1000 to the DVLA for the sake of a thirty second entry on their records. This seems highly unfair to me so my question is this Would I be able to take the DVLA to a small claims court to rectify this situation? Do I have to overpay for three years to reach the minimum overpayment of 500 quid to do so or can I cite that they are overcharging me currently and that over the next 5 years that will result in £1000 wrongful payment and I would like to claim that £1000 in order to pay them their overcharge with it.... Sorry if that does not make sense but I am fuming. I know that a tax class can be changed and I cannot let them rip me off like this. they are basing their charge on engine size as they say they have no CO2 figure. Have just asked the vendor to send me a photo of the V5 he holds, before sending it off to DVLA. This is the first ever V5 document for this vehicle, so first registration. It clearly states the CO2 emissions level on there so can I assume that this figure was indeed recorded at first registration of this vehicle? Can I assume that what is on the V5 is also on their records? If the answer to these questions is yes then I can only assume in disbelief that they have lied to me in writing in order to extract an unlawful amount of money from me dishonestly.
  24. Hi My poor little car had a poorly radiator so I bought another car, transferred my insurance in Nov 2016 and set about repairing the first one. The first clue I had that something was a bit amiss came late November when i tried to buy some temporary cover for that car was rejection as they declined insurance saying the car was Cat A/B. I have had this car 5 years.It has never been dented let alone had a serious crash so I thought they just did not fancy insuring a 2.5 L car on a temporary basis. The second was a keen buyer who wanted to check a few things out and never got back to me. I had no problem getting monthly cover from my main insurer who have covered it since Mar 2013 but it was pricey at £60 odd a 28 day period. So, i tried to advertise the car on Gumtree and they rejected it on the basis of HPI saying the car had been scrapped. A quick call (O.K. no call to Swansea is quick,35 menu options later) to DVLA got me a man who said that there was a problem with my car and I needed to fill in a form to find out what was on the record for my vehicle,no. He could not tell me on the phone, yes he could see the car had a valid MOT but I had to fill in the form to find out what the problem was (reply to my submission could take 6 weeks ) Then I could present my side of the story. So I returned in frustration to HPI to try and speed up the process. HPI told me my car had had a Certificate of Destruction issued against it May 2015. Bit of a shock, so I phoned DVLA who could see this car that had,according to them been crushed in May 2015 had been MOTd Oct 2015 and Oct 2016 and been insured continuously. I eventually got an email from DVLA ordering my car off the road and basically asking me to prove I still had the car and that it was the genuine article. So I had to provide photos of the Car with its registration plate, Photos of the VIN number and a pencil rubbing of the VIN number.I had previously sent in my intact V5c form stating they had scrapped the wrong car off. 2 loads of insurance later I have a letter from DVLA without the slightest hint of an apology admitting that my car is not the one turned into a steel door stop and demanding that I pay an enormous sum of money for back road fund license. Car is now taxed from the beginning of this year. Back in March 2015 I set up a Direct Debit scheme for the Road Fund License, they stopped taking it when they decided my car was scrap (usual practice so they say),I did not notice,you tend to look for things you do not remember buying on a bank statement not payments you expect. Equally they did not send out a "Oy, your road tax is due,pay up you bug**R" note March 2016, No Tax Disc to remind you these days,I always bought a new disc when they sent the letter out. O.K. So I should pay up,money is due,despite the fact none of the above was caused by me. Road fund must be paid but what about my costs and effort, I am looking at another 28 days insurance. I should have have been able to declare this car sold late November so no liability for road tax from then but I have had to pay for January despite being ordered off the road for half that. 3 and a half months Road Tax is about £90, phone calls ,letters and time.They want the full amount.I have listed the car on ebay to just get rid but do not expect it to achieve the price I had negotiated before the sale fell through. Is there any scheme that compensates me for the considerable losses on my part,for my expenses keeping the car legal and making it sale-able.
  25. Hi, I am new here and hope to find somebody who can help me. I had an EU driving licence which expired last month. when I applied for the UK driving licence I had to declare a medical condition which I had six year ago but that it is no longer something I suffer from, infact I have been off medication for a couple of years and I am not under the supervision of any doctors. the NHS consultant I saw for driving licence wrote a letter summarising the history of the problem and attesting that I met all the criteria for fitness to drive, and discharged me with no further appointments or care required. After 5 weeks since I applied for the UK license the DVLA had received the medical questionnaire and the letter from the consultant (which starts by saying "I see no reason why she should not drive a vehicle), and have said that my case has been referred to a DVLA doctor who has to check that my condition meets the criteria above. and that this is not going to happen before January next year, which seems like a very long time to not have a license. I have tried to get more information but they are just rude, robotic call centre people who wind you up, and repeat that they have to deal with cases from all the UK. I wanted to try the complaint procedure or possibly to look at getting professional legal advice. I can't understand why when an NHS specialist consultant has written to the DVLA to say I can drive, it should have to go to their doctor who can't respond until January. I can drive under the law section 88 road traffic act 1988 but I do not feel confident without the driving licence. plus I cannot go to visit family abroad with my baby as is illegal there going around without driving licence with you. has anyone had any similar experiences? any advice would be much appreciated. thanks
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