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  1. hi, i've got a couple of things on buy now pay later with very. in the past i've paid them off before the interest kicks in and the others should be no different, though i do have a big one at £500 due next month. i received a letter today advising the apr will be going upto 49.9% and will apply to purchases not yet due for payment. is it contractually fair that they can increase the apr on something i bought 11 months ago when the apr was lower? thanks, kris
  2. I left Sky last year and re-joined a couple of months after, which saved me roughly 50% of the monthly cost, fixed price for 12 months. I've just had a price increase letter from them - increasing the price by about 10%. Can they do this half way through a fixed price deal which they gave me to win me back?
  3. So in October I called EE to reduce the tariff on my phone. Was advised I have to stay on agreed tariff for 12 months before reducing and to ring after 30th November. I called today to be told that since EE formed you are no longer allowed to reduce your tariff. You can increase at any time but you can never go below the tariff you started on. I was pointed to the T & C's but that just says they don't have to allow you to reduce the tariff. I asked why something that important wasn't written into the conditions and was just told if it's not written in them then you can't do it
  4. as part of the NHS i will be on strike next week for a 4 hour period. Some of my co-workers are choosing not to strike (as is there right) , but i noticed some staff are working overtime that day . Can there union dismiss them for that ? As in dismiss from the union they are members of .
  5. I was dismissed after a gross misconduct hearing with NHS, I appealed and lost the appeal. I applied under DPA for all information that they held about me. They sent me the same information that I had been given prior to and during the hearing. Due to my profession the disclosing and barring service are involved. A year after my dismissal the DBS sent me papers for me to respond to. The papers were from the NHS; the papers were a copy of the report made by a seniour NHS manager for the gross misconduct hearing. The problem I have is that the statement provided to the DBS by the NHS
  6. Hi all! I have an employment issue I would need some advice on. I am an experienced architect in London. Several weeks ago I was approached by an recruitment agency on behalf of a small developer in North London who was looking for a senior technical architect. Since I was not happy with my employment at that time I agreed to an interview with the developer. The interview went very well and after one week the developer wanted to meet me again for a second interview. The next day the recruitment agent on behalf of the developer made me an offer with a very attractive pay package and 3
  7. So this is an unsual one on behalf of my sisters boyfriend. Recently, he left his job because he found better employment elsewhere. The job he was in required a months notice. He advised his employers on the Thursday that he would be leaving on the Friday-not 4 weeks notice, but his new job started the following Monday, and quite frankly, its a fact of life that sometimes your new job means you cant work your notice. Unfortunate, but sometimes unavoidable. He told the secretary, who advised that the boss would not be happy, and indeed he was not. He told the person in quest
  8. Hello I am trying to get some advice as I am getting contradictory information all over the place, especially from the police. Sorry if it is a long post. Yesterday 2 bailiffs attended my home in relation to a magistrates fine in the name of my daughter. I answered the door to two rather large chaps, and asked them what they wanted. They said they had a warrant of control and were going to enter the property to take goods. My response was, "no you're not". This went back and forth a little with one of them telling me that under schedule 4 of the Magistrates Co
  9. Hi, I am renting a flat under Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. I am not sure my deposit is protected by the landlord. I asked my agent for the same but got no response. I read some where that I can take the landlord to the court. I would like to know whether it is possible to file a case in the court while my tenancy has not ended yet? Thanks
  10. Hi and thanks for any who can help. I raised grievance for bullying, and periodic aggressive attacks on me by secretary (relation to owner). last straw was when the owners "secretary" said she was giving my admin work of home office stuff and staff files to senior care assistant. she is studying her NVQ sorry now QCF level 5. my roles are admin and Activities as per my contact. I have had attacks on me since 2011 but was unable to do grievance until now as 1. did not have employee handbook until 2012. 2. because of aggression 3. changed of matrons' who did not want to deal with my concerns
  11. hello everyone. I started a new job a few months ago (service technician). my contract states that I must repay all costs of training including any wages paid and expenses. the first three months were a trial/ probationary period. on my fist week they asked me if I would like to go on a manufacturer specific 3 day course. I said (I have the email) that this course would not be of any benefit to the company and I didn't want to do it. they said they wanted me to do it so I did. anyway within the three month period I decided to leave as I didn't like the job. my notice per
  12. Hi, I handed my resignation in on Monday and am required to work 4 weeks notice, My manager has given me a project in which I know I will be unable to see through till the end, Commission is paid upon the final balance paid by the customer, when I doubt I will be working there but all the work will have been completed by myself. I advised today that due to this I thought someone else may be better suited to the task, to which the response was 'we haven't even won the job yet, we will worry about that later' Where do I stand on this? as I feel I am being taken advantage of d
  13. Hi all. My partner is being made redundant soon. He has worked for the company for over 11 years & has been given the required 11 weeks notice. He suffers from rheumatoid arthritis & the company were aware of this when he was employed. As is the way with this disease, his condition has deteriorated over the years & he has had increasing, but thankfully, short periods of absence, as flare-ups have increased in frequency & intensity. The company have not been unreasonable about this & the company doctor has examined him on several occasions & confirms that he falls wi
  14. So what are your thoughts on this. I think it is in very bad tastes and what does it have to do with the ethos of the Commonwealth Games. Not forgetting all those people that had compulsory purchase orders on there properties to make way for buildings need for these games. http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2014/apr/03/glasgow-2014-red-road-flats-demolished-opening-ceremony-commonwealth-games
  15. Hi, hope somebody can help. My husband gave his notice, which was a month, but as he had 8 days holiday left the Employer agreed to take this off his notice. So instead of his final working day being on 10th April his last day was actually 31st March. He got paid his full month's wages on 1st April and has received his P45 (only partially filled in but that is another story!) but has not been paid for the 8 days holiday/notice. Can someone please confirm that we are correct in assuming they have to pay him for the outstanding 8 days? Any help would be brilliant. Thanks in advanc
  16. The team are trying to get the Mortgage rates you are currently paying during Repossession. Could you please post this information to get a snap shot of how the lenders are behaving with interest rates when in arrears?
  17. Hi All, I purchase a 32" Tv from Tesco at a very good price just about £159 which is not a misprice by the way until it went out of stock, it was despatched for next day delivery however the TV failed to arrive. Yodel claimed it was left with my neighbor however the neighbor in question is hardly ever at home and I am the one who actually receives parcel for the said neighbor, but I check with the neighbor anyway and it was not there. I was home all day on the said day but I was sure there was no yodel driver about. Tesco are still investigating and I dread them coming back to me ask
  18. I raised 4 important issues with the Chief Officer during the redundancy process on procedure and suitable alternative employment but she chose to ignore dealing with them so I followed it up with a grievance during the redundancy process to her boss. The day after i raised the grievance I was made redundant so i put in a second grievance to say i had been unfairly dismissed. I was told that if i raised the grievance before the end of the consultation period and my my notice period which was one week after my dismissal notice letter they should halt proceedings until my issues and grievances
  19. Hi guys! This is my first post here, I am asking for advice on weather I would be entitled to an IS underpayment that i know occurred. I was recieving IS on the grounds of being estranged in 2011 after being kicked out of home. I recieve DLA at the middle rate for care and lower rate for mobility. I have a close family friend who looks after me, as I struggle with my ASD in my day to day life and have alot of social anxiety. I cannot go anywhere that is unfamiliar, it just terrifies me! However I am living in my own place, she comes quite often with meals and stuff and to do my washing etc for
  20. Hello to all, I am new to this site and would appreciate any advice that you may have regarding my legal rights. I put my car through a car wash which included the wheel scrub, I have used this auto wash a few times previously with no problems. On returning home my other half pointed out large circular scratches on the paintwork behind the wheel arch of the front tyres and before the wheel arch of the back tyres (on the sides of my car), 4 sets of scratches in all. This damage appeared to have been caused by the wheel scrub missing the wheels of my car as it went through the wash process.
  21. I've been working for my company for almost 4 months and my probationary period is for 6 months. I know I have been doing a good job as the Marketing Manager as I've managed to increase the Facebook likes from 4000 to 9000 in the time I've been there, by merging the Facebook profile with the page which ultimately attracted more visitors. Our annual show managed to sell more tickets than it has in past years with less performances. I've managed to build two partnerships with other local companies where we will be advertising them and they will advertise us free of charge. I've als
  22. Hi If someone is on maternity paid then decides to take the remaining maternity leave unpaid what is the consequences for an employer if they terminate your contract without even telling you while you are still legally on maternity allowance? The person in question was due to go back in August 2012 but took their remaining 3 months unpaid making a total of 52 weeks which is allowed. On a discussion with head office they have found that their place of work has informed head office that they will no longer be returning to work and their hours have been given to new employee.
  23. Hi Hopefully someone could advise me on whether I can get a CCJ removed/overturned that has just been registered against me whilst appealing a court order. The case is still ongloing against Robinson Way yet my credit file is now showing a CCJ judgment has been listed against me. To me it doesnt seem lawful to have a CCJ listed against me whilst still fighting the case in court. I am at the stage where I am requesting a hearing for the right to appeal. I've already lodged my appeal which initially was denied. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who can offer advice.
  24. Hello everybody got some questions if anybody could help.... I am being made redundant next month. My 6 weeks notice is starting next week. My question is: - if I meanwhile find a new job and want to start it in that 6 weeks notice time am I entitled to a full redundancy package from my employer? - how soon do I have to tell them? thanks everybody
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