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Found 79 results

  1. Hello, hope you can help me!! (youve never let me down in the past). I will keep this as brief as possible. After living on my own for the past 5 years i asked for my single occupancy discount for council tax to be backdated as i had never claimed it. The liverpool council informed me they could not backdate more than a year, which they did. To reward me for my impertinance in asking they suddenly informed me by email that i owed them council tax for a previous property i lived in for 2 years completely unknown to me relating to 2004/2005. I asked them to prove i owed this money which they did not do apart from sending me 3 letters from their office of 3 liability orders so called (not court copies) again completely unknown to me, 1 of which was dated when i no longer lived there. Since then i have recieved 2 letters from rossendales informing me of 2 visits to my property i now live in (notices of bailiffs attendance quoting magistrates liability order/warrant of execution. On the other 3 letters they say that by virtue of authority given to them by liverpool magistrates court that unless i pay the outstanding sums within 5 days they will attend with the intention of seizing my goods. Again these were for liability orders dated over 9 years ago. They also state that even at this late date i can pay in installments and enclosed a number of payment slips. What is the law and what should i do next .Any information would be gratefully recieved. Also relating to any seizure of goods i have a lease car from my company. Can they seize it?
  2. So, not sure if this is actually standard practice for paycheckcredit/MH but had bailiffs round to the door yesterday, no ccj, so no access. Again not sure if this is what this company normally does, but as they're about to lose their trading license it might be that they're getting desperate. Took out a £200 loan 3 months ago currently they're wanting in excess of 1 grand. I never thought they'd actually send guys round (can't see much about bailiff threat becoming reality this quickly on this forum) I have letters sent by recorded delivery informing them of my plans for DAS and prior to that arranging a payment plan/disputing charges, to which they "have no record of" FANtastic. Just giving you guys the heads up
  3. I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some advice as a bailiff from MARSTON GROUP turned up at my front door out of the blue on tuesday whilst i was at work and spoke to my partner and gave him the letter to give to me, no sealed envelope or anything . I did however contact the lady and asked what it was for as the letter didnt state anything apart from a fee and that she will be back after 7pm to collect possesions from my home if paymaent wasnt made. She told me it was for a fixed penalty notice i received back in 2008, for the sum of £45! However the letter she left for me was for a fee of £345. She also said there is a warrent issued for me and that they have previously sent me a letter on the 15th june 2012. I explained that i havent recieived this letter to which she said they sent it, i didnt reply so that is why she came to my home. told her that i dont have that sort of money and that i dont get paid untill friday. Even then i wouldnt have the full amount. asked for a copy of the letter thay said they sent me in june, was told to email the company which i have done on wednesday, but still havent recieved a reply from them. I was told by somebody to go onto the direct gov website and pay my £45 which i have done and print the reciept. They payments office have confirmed to me that they have the payment but Have told me that the bailiffs will still want their fee. And confirmed on the phone that a warrant was issued in march from the courts but I still have not seen a copy of this. I've phoned the bailiff and she has said that if that is the case then there is still a £300 fee still outstanding... And that she will come back with a locksmith as I don't have the money to pay her. Where do i go from here??? They say that they have sent me a letter back on the 15th june which i havent received and said they have proof of postage also. looking onto their website at their fees and charges ive come across this... Marston Group's fees and charges are set at reasonable and fair rates to cover the costs of our services. Please note that: all distress warrants issued on behalf of Her Majesty's Courts Service will incur an administration fee an attendance fee will apply once an enforcement agent has attended the premises - even if no enforcement or contact was made the cost of recovering the debt is payable by the debtor Schedule of HMCTS Fees, Charges & Costs Our fees for the enforcement of a distress warrant from 1st Jan 2012: £ Compliance fee applied to every case. £85 Attendance fee applied once an enforcement agent has attended the premises, including where no action is taken or no contact is made. £215 Total £300 And then this... The Process On receiving a warrant, we send a letter to the debtor explaining that the debt has been passed to Marston Group for collection and inviting payment with seven days. The fee for sending this letter (£11.20 + VAT) is added to the debt outstanding to be paid by the debtor. If no payment is received or contact made, the case is assigned to an enforcement agent (bailiff) who, in order to execute the warrant, will Attend the property to Remove Goods (Attendance to Remove - ATR) to the value of the debt and outstanding fees and charges. This action will incur a levy (visit) fee and an ATR charge - whether goods are removed or not. If no contact is made, the enforcement agent (bailiff) will leave a letter to say he/she has called, with details of the outstanding amount (including the fees and charges incurred on that visit) and a contact number. If the debtor fails to contact the enforcement agent, the agent will call again until he/she is able to execute the warrant/collect the outstanding debt and charges/seize goods/confirm that it is not possible to recover the debt. (The fees and charges for each Attendance and any action taken are added to the letter fee and to the original debt. VAT is calculated on the total charges incurred.) If no contact is made, Marston Group will then attempt to trace the debtor in order to execute the warrant. As the debtor has clearly failed to notify the authorities of their change of address, any reasonable costs incurred in tracing the debtor will be charged to the debtor and added to the debt. Marston Group may also use further legal remedies if enforcement action is unsuccessful. If goods are seized and/or removed the cost of doing this will be added to the debt and fees and charges already incurred. If i havent recieved there 1st letter in the first place and they havent replied or sent me a copy of anything... Do i really have to pay the £300 fee for them coming to my house??? Or just the £12.50 the say they charge for sending me a letter (Which vanished in the post!) They also told me that the letter was sent over the phone and that if i havnt recieved it i need to take it up with my local post office as to why i havnt got it...??? As you can probably guess i am very confussed at the moment and heavely pregnant n all this stress really isnt helping me Any advice you can give me would be a great help... Thank-you in advance Kayleigh.
  4. Ok guys firstly i am a new Cagger and what a relief to find this site as it has empowered me somewhat into, at least, not feeling alone with Debt. I shall post soon regarding my actual debts and break them down in order to keep the correct thread format later. This question is regarding letters threatening Home door visits. I have read previous threads regarding resolvecall etc and how they have no rights and you can tell them to leave and i have no problem either ignoring their door rings or telling them to F**k Off but the problem is that due to circumstances i find myself staying with my parents and it IS THEIR door that is getting the hassle. (The debt was taken out here). resolvecall have already tried to visit 3 times (even leave a little card with number of visits...which i shall keep as evidence). One cheeky resolvecall guy was even spotted peering through a window. I dont like the idea of my parents being pestered (told them not to answer)but at the same time i dont want to send a strong letter that might give them cause to believe their visits are intimidating me. I will correspond "in writing" till the cows come home until i get the DEAL I WANT but how do i get the visits stopped. The latest is Metropolitan Collection who are saying "they WILL visit on xx/xx/xx...cheecky blighters even state between 8am and 9pm. Now im no genius but i know not many people can legally visit you at 9pm...duh. Guess it will be interesting to see if they call. Let the games begin ..i guess
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