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  1. Hi, I have been eligible to defer my student loans since forever. I went on maternity leave march 2014 around the same time as Erudio started sending me deferal forms. Due to having a new baby and zero sleep I struggled to understand what was happening but didn't send the forms back. I was also made redundant a few months later. I told them verbally and by email that I had been made redundant. Fast forward to now, I'm a full time mum and my income is zero. I've sent them a letter from my previous employer which confirms redundancy and my final salary which was below the threshold. They have now sent a default letter I'm pretty certain a debt collector rang the doorbell last night at 10pm and today at 8pm! Help! What do I do?
  2. I'd really love to know if anyone has knowedge of building rules with regard to blocking a front door within a block of flats. My local authority freeholder is electrical rising works on me and I have walked out of my front door onto the common hallway this morning to discover chalk marks on the lino of where they intend to install - 13 inches in front of my front door. So basically they intend to put a box with electrical cables about 13 inches away from my front door on the LHS ( side with hinge) as you exit. The markings suggest a box 18 inches by 8 inches protrusion from the wall which is at right angles to the door( if that makes sense). Are there any building regs etc that could possibly stop them placing this there. At the moment I can't telll for sure but it looks likely it will make it more difficult to get my buggy etc in and out of the door (not impossible but certainly much less easy) I am pretty much in anguish over this project and this is the final straw - if it looks bad right outside the front door it might make it harder to sell the property and I have no choice to sell because I cant afford the works forced on me. This was their solution as to how I pay the bill, even though I'm on my own with a one year old! Bill is £10k of of works on me alone this financial year, with an additional £3k to go outside contractors ( who I must pay contract and pay seperately, although Freeholder's electricians will cut off my electricity if I don't do it, because it wont math their upgraded electrics.) I am also being forced to pay for further works next financial year of £3-5k ( they've refused to give proper notice of the next bill to come). Anyway. the workmen are here with their drills today ( only got notice at 5pm last night drilling today) so if anyone knows of any urgent way to stop them blocking the door thats most urgent and I'd really appreciate it.
  3. I'm just wondering whether anyone has any information on Rayners who offered door step loans. They seemed to operate in the Grimsby and Scun-thorpe areas, where one of my relatives lives and she's owes them around £1K. She was recently told by the woman who collects her money each week that Rayners have sold up and got out of the business, but still has to pay. My relative has had no information regarding this or anything else from Rayners in quite a long time. I've searched the internet for information about the company and searched companies house for them, and apart from a few leads which suggest they're no longer operating, there's not much information. Could someone please advise me on how to tell my relative to proceed? She has no issue paying her debt if it's still enforceable, but doesn't want to be paying for something which is no longer being collected or if the company has become defunct. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  4. Hello, I'm a new user and would be grateful of any pointers with this. I have recently been receiving cards through my door from a company Called aps? I'm not expecting any deliveries and they won't leave the 'parcel' With anybody else. Is this some sort of bailiff? Has anybody had similar experiences? Thanks
  5. I had driving offence just before Christmas 2014,, was fined by magistrates court amount £500.00 .. I am on benefits ,spoke to clerk of the court on phone requesting £20.00 per week on payment card ,, made 3 payments on card , benefits were taken unlawfully from bank account , had no money to feed daughter or pay bills for 2 weeks ,unable to continue to pay off fine on card. I received an enforcement notice from excel civil enforcement dated 18/02/2015 asking me to contact them before the 28.02/2015, ,,i am on benefits ,I am 30 yrs old benefits each week amount to £110.00 per week , I am a single parent . I rang excel on the 26th of February ,,they told me that the minimum I could pay was £35.00 per week ,despite me informing her I could not afford that much , she said I would have to make 12payments of £35.00 and one single payment of £20.00., ,despite my protests and telling her numerous times I could not afford that amount out of my weekly benefit amount of £110.00 per week shewas insistent that they would not accept anything else , I made an arrangement for the amount of £35.00 per week to be direct debited from my bank account . I made a £20.00 payment , ,but before any of the direct debits could be taken ,my benefit money was unlawfully taken from my account which left me with £4.82 p to live on ..in the meantime ,I contacted the police about money being removed from my account , ,they gave me a crime number ,,I was borrowing money from family land friends for basics ,food ,gas and electric ,dinner money for my 8 year old daughter ,this morning ,27 th March ,,excel bailiffs knocked on my door at 6.30 a.m ,,intending to remove goods ,informed me that he was recording and filming all conversations and what was happening . I asked him If I could call the court office when it opened at 9 oclock to tryand arrange a payment and explain the situation of all monies being taken from my account unlawfully also asked the bailiffif he would be prepared to do the same thing arrange payments ,,he said no ,he was there to take the payment in fll ,which amounted to original £470.00plus the compliance fee £55.00 ,plus enforcement fee of £235.00,,. ..told me that if I didn,t pay him the full amount he would get a warrant immediately to remove the goods ,,told him that they were on hp ,he said he would take the only settee I had ,it would be sold for next to nothing and that he would come back for more ,,I tried to make a payment arrangement with him numerous times but he declined each time and stated that only full payment would be accepted he was not prepared to come to any payment arrangement of any kind and that it would be a waste of time ringing the magistrates courts as that they were the ones that had sent him,as he knows what they would say , ,and they woud not be prepared to come to any arrangement as they would only tell me exactly what he had told me i.e. payment in full as he knows how they work .I asked my friend over the phone to pay £301 on his debit card ,I had to pay £100.00 out of my rent money ,then contacted my father over phone who said he would pay the remaining amount £360.00, ,I asked him if he could go to my fathers to fetchthe 360 ,then wait until 9 a.m.for me to contact the court office to speak to them and try to make other payment arrangments and after he picked the money up from my father he could cme back to me to find out what the court had said ,but he said no ,as his vehicle was tracked ..I had to telephone my friend again ,who was in work ,who offered a part payment of £300.00 and then would he come to an arrangement with my self to pay the remaining balance in instalments I could afford ,but the bailiff said a firm no !!..payment mustbe made in full today. .Now I have no money for rent ,for food ,for gas for electric etc;; ..despite me informing the bailiff , I have his name ,of my situation and that my 8 year old daughter was upstairs who would go hungry and cold ..after payments were made by my friend and father ,,he then wroteout on a form a controlled goods agreements ,,Ido not understand why he handed methis controlledgoods form and made me sign it after thedebt had been paid in full ,I am destitute ..please help
  6. Hi I'm a sole trader, and at the moment I'm busy paying off a council tax debt. The council were round last week doing a load of work next door, making noise from 8 in the morning and stuff, didn't bother to inform me despite the fact this is their legal responsibility. Anyway, the path I share with my neighbour is now a mess, it's not that bad but the guy didn't hose all the detritus off right which has left it in a worse state than it was before. I have been keeping very clean this summer, and now I have to sweep it and hose it again. As a sole trader, if I was to perhaps go out and clean it up, how much would I be in my right to send the council the bill for it?
  7. Hi, Today, a debt collector has knocked on our door asking for me. I was out at the time but he says he will keep calling back until he gets me! Apparently he is from Robinson Way, but I have no idea what this is about or how much etc. Yes I am in debt and trying to sort it all out, I have had some advice off here and through national debtline and know a bit about it all. Am I right in thinking that he should not be knocking and asking for money without my prior agreement? If so, I am thinking of passing him a letter when he next calls, explaining that I will not deal with debt collectors at the door but I am struggling to find the right wording and would appreciate your help. If the company write to me directly, showing their ownership of the debt and indeed some proof of what the debt actually is, I am more than happy to start negotiating with them but I don't want people hammering on the door and showing me up in the street. I am also expecting family next week from Scotland for two nights and certainly don't want him turning up when I have people over. Thanks for the help.
  8. I have had my first contact with this company only in the past month, one parcel from Ebay and a parcel from Stemologica ( See other thread) On each occasion the driver/deliverer was knocking very, very hard and loud on my front window and also on the front door. There was also some shouting. It was like it was the Police or Fire Service trying to get in, very urgent, frightening, intimidating and rude. It seemed to convey the message that now that they had a parcel to deliver to me, I had better be in and to answer the door in a rush. I thought that there had been some kind of accident outside or other emergency that required my attention or that if anybody was in I or anybody else might be in extreme danger. I am not deaf and usually answer the door in a normal fashion, sometimes looking out to see who it is first if it is dark in the evening, but this guy did not even give a gentle knock on the door first. I expect he will be my regular My Hermes postman if I receive any more parcels sent through them, so next time my camcorder will be left running in my front porch to film how he delivers my parcels, and I will show it here...........
  9. I received a criminal damage conviction 5 years ago and now I've just had a card through the door asking for pay payment in full, or to attend court this Tuesday 18th Nov. The card reads... Does anyone know if I'll be arrested as soon as I enter the court, and held in a cell for a specific court hearing, or if I can walk in court and pay the fine in full, then walk out a free man? I ask because I will have to make some important arrangements in anticipation of being held in custody. Any advice is appreciated p.s it's been more than 24 hours since i received the card... been 3 days actually.
  10. Hello! I'll make this as short as I can. We moved into a unit 3 years ago, we already had a .co.uk website that was fully functional for 18 months at this point. Just last Thursday my partner accidentally came across the listing for the .com version of our domain name, listed as purchased by the owner of the business next door about a month after we moved in. Renewed every year and currently owned by him. The actual .com website however when typed in immediately redirected to an auto-playing hardcore homosexual porn video. This appears to have been this way for the 3 years. This is a very serious matter for us as we run a family business and get enquiries for children and parents all the time. The shocker is that the neighbouring owner also runs a family business with massive focus on kids. We posted apologies on social media to anyone that had seen it and named the owner and within about 6 hours the porn was taken down. Since then we've been reported to social media for the posts (no action taken) and had the police phone us telling us 'drop it or tears will be shed' (again though, no action taken). We wish to take this matter to court, as the neighbouring business owner is a relentless bully and has been campaigning to make our business suffer from the moment we took the unit and has quite a large and expansive company in the area, but now it seems he has finally done something with enough proof we can do something about it. So, what's the next step?
  11. Hi, My neighbour employed builders to do some work on his house. He had scaffolding erected on his property which was also used to store building materials. During a storm the scaffolding gave way and came crashing through my conservatory roof breaking 2 bits of glass. I was away on holiday at the time and when it rained it caused damage to my antique table and chairs. He is saying it's all the builders fault and he's not culpable. He's been given a fair estimate of the cost of repair which he is refusing to pay. What should my next step be to recover the cost of the damage? I want to go to small claims court but I'm unsure if he's right about it not being his fault
  12. I rent a flat and the door to the balcony has never been in operation, I am concerned that it is a fire hazard and I would like an extra exit from the property in case the stair well is out of action for some reason. I have never bothered to ask the landlord about fixing it until now as I was sure he would refuse. Is there any legislation regarding safety regulations in rented property that may help to back me up when I do ask him? I am hoping he will be reasonable and see the fire risk but if he doesn't I would like to have some information to fight my case with. (My flat is in such a position that on the left hand side of the house all the windows open up to a steep drop as it's a first floor flat, but on the right hand side where the balcony is there is a bank and a wall that runs directly under the balcony that you can hop down onto safely in the event of a fire). Many thanks in advance! Blinky
  13. Can you please tell me how to deal with this situation I made an arrangement to pay £87 a mth on £400 outstanding i was waiting for a direct debit form but the baliff turned up saying as i did not respond verbally by 3rd sept it was handed over to them i told him i would speak to the council in the morning then get back to him firstly what i shall do is tell the council i agreed to the £87 but heard nothing back im sure they will put the blame back on me do i have to deal with the baliff i must say he was pleasent enough he just said he will have to make another charge for returning i dont want him to return but the council say all payments have to be made to the baliff i just want to pay the £87 each mth my situation is on motability and working tax credits any advice before the morning gratefully received
  14. Hi I have just had a letter delivered to me personally by a guy at my door and its a statutory demand under s.268 of the insolvency act 1986. Debt for liquidated sum payable immediately. HELP !! what is this, are they forcing me to go bankrupt ??? it says i have 18 days to apply to court to set aside demand. This if for an old MBNA account that I CCA'd and they sent a copy application form so I have not been paying it - its a really old account ive had it since probably 1990 and its for £14,727. Im really worried that they are going to make me bankrupt so any help would be appreciated. Thanks cw
  15. All I'll say is ... they're saying that they can come to the house ... are they allowed to make this claim and follow it through? I know my partner has NO obligation to open the door but couldn't this be classed as intimidation tactics? There is no issue with the debt (apart from the fact PayPal screwed up a payment, despite the fact there were enough funds in the account, but hey that's not their fault) I just think this is such a naughty tactic and if it's something that isn't allowed ... I'll tackle them on it.
  16. Hi All, In June this year, me and my lovey hubby took a trip to the Local Cinema, which was very nice, till we got out. Parking ticket on my window, as my hubby, displayed the Disabled badge the wrong way. Fare cop and all, and was willing to pay etc. I decided that I was going to phone them on the Monday, and when I called and gave them the reg no of my car, they said that there was nothing on that Reg number, on closer look at the ticket, the Reg no is different. Slightly, but it's still wrong. I left it, as really they can apply to the DVLA for my details to send the Fine to (when I don't pay it) but, seeing as they had the wrong reg no, then really they wouldn't be able to get my details. today, I opened the mail and had Notice to Keeper, and I have also, noticed that they now have the correct Reg no, on it, But I still have the original ticket, which shows the error. my Reg no is OE08 *** (08 is the year) but they have put on the ticket OEO8 ***. looking further onto the letter we received today, on the top of the letter it says Parking Charge Date 07/10/2013, but on the lower part of the letter it says the 22/06/2013. what I think they have done is, after me calling and giving them my registration number (the correct one) and finding that they have wrote it wrong is to contact the DVLA (however they do that) with my correct reg no which they got from my phone call. mis-leading the DVLA to getting my address to send the Charge to. my question is, have they broke the law here by falsifying a ticket to get my address, and am I right that they can't collect a charge as really they put the wrong details on the ticket. Many thanks Cobra
  17. there is a man keeps knocking on the door at all times of the day/night saying he has to speak to my wife i keep saying she is not in and what does he want he will not tell me now im getting notes through the door saying " could you please contact 07837207242 as I have some important papers I must hand to you thankyou Mr ............ " he will not say what is about my wife does not speak on the phone or deal with people due illness and heavy medication i told him this and he just wont go away or give me any idea what its about i do think its debt as i did fall behind on a lot when i lost my job and did the bury my head in the sand ( burnt myself out trying to look after wife and daughter as well as parents } and hoped it would all go away and now dont know who and what i owe money to Ian
  18. Can the good people of this forum please explain their understanding of the "foot in door" action that some bailiffs use in connection with Magistrates Court fines please? Does it make a difference if the bailiff just stands there with his foot in the door refusing to remove it but going no further than the threshold or do folk believe it to be an illegal action regardless?
  19. High Court Enforcement put a note through the door yesterday, reference a CCJ and subsequent High Court Judgement, that had gone through without my knowledge (yes really!) The original debt is a few disputed invoices with a parcel courier dating to 2009. I have had no communication with this company since 2010, when I wrote to them offering a value to clear the debt, to which there was no reply, and also no reply to a follow up 6 months later. Since then, not a dickybird heard from them. All paperwork went to an old business unit I used to rent. Although upon calling the original creditor today to check my account status, they have the CORRECT address for me on the system. 3 years later they appear to have found the account and decided to push ahead with it, so I would assume all letters, court docs, CCJ etc went to the old, and empty business unit, and therefore would've been returned as 'gone away'. Of course the HCE guy does happen to find the correct address so drops a demand for £3000 through the door yesterday. This morning I have applied for N244, which they said will go to the judge later today and they will write with the outcome within 48 hours. No phone contact will occur they stated. In the meantime, how do I keep the heavies at bay, stop them coming back until the N244 is stamped? Also they levied on an expensive camper van which is my wifes and all in her name, we have receipt of purchase, DVLA docs, insurance etc which prove it's not mine. Debtline said that this is their mistake and that they can not levy again, which is a relief. What do to for the next couple of days?
  20. Hello my partner is having some problems with Marstons. He was fined by the Magistrates court back in may and had a payment plan of £20.00 a fortnight put in place, My partner has been paying his fine but 2 payments were paid but paid late and because of this the fine was passed to Marstons. Then my partner received a letter from Marstons asking for full payment but he was unaware that the fine had been passed on so we wrote a letter to the court and to Marstons asking them to take back the fine as it was being paid its just 2 payments were late. Marstons replied saying that there complaints department would look into it and he would be contacted when a decision was made this letter was dated the 1st August 2013. However today my mother in law had a visit from a Marstons bailiff asking for my partner who also lives there, wanting a payment of over £800.00 or goods will be removed. Now the actual fine is only £600.00 and over £120.00 has already been paid to the courts some of which was paid after the fine had been passed to Marstons. So we have again written to Marstons to ask why the bailiff had attended the property as in our previous letter we asked for no bailiffs to come to the house as my mother and father in law both are pensioners with severe medical conditions my Father in law has alzheimer's and my mother in law is partially blind and is in remission from breast cancer and visits like this are to stressful for them both. We of course sent evidence of the previous correspondence we have had with Marstons along with a complaints letter. I was wanting to ask if what we have already done is right and if there is anything else we can do and does my partner continue to pay the court even though the fine is with Marstons. If anyone could help that would be great as my partner is extremely angry with Marstons as they frightened the life out of my Mother In law saying that they are coming back later to remove goods and the conversation is also being recorded thankfully my mother in law didn't open the door and spoke to him through a closed window. Please help thank you
  21. Hi I'm just looking for some advice, I had a guy from Marston turn up this morning, guessed it might be debt collector as going through a bad time at the moment (unemployed) so did not answer. However he pushed a 'Removal Notice' through the door, on which stated that despite previous visits and notices the matter had not been settled. 1, I have had no early visits or note saying they had been to the house. 2, I am sure I have had no correspondents from them ( may have binned one ?) 3, I thought a warrant had to be issued. There is a Parking Fine to Andover Council from last year, however I do not own the car (my son) but is in my name. I've just a old letter from them.(son should have paid). ? can I pay the council £75 or Marston who want £339.04 and probably rising. any advice welcome
  22. Just Had a Provident Loan Agent at my Door !! It turns out to be an old Debt my wife had many years ago from Littlewoods...... Statute Barred.. He tried to get my wife to sign up for a loan to pay off debts that they cant collect through the courts... WTF. I sent him away with a flee in his shell like, Idiots.... Its like asking a stranger in the street for £50.00....
  23. my partner has a Debt of £165.96 for t mobile phone contracts today out of nowhere a guy turned up at the door i told him she wasn't in so he posted a card tried to add links but it wouldnt let me the front says the debt the reference number and who called and the back says we will only ask you to pay what you can afford in bold red, so ? Any help would be appreciated or info Thanks guys
  24. Hi all, I've recently been contacted by MMF regarding an outstanding payday loan. Ive been reading around these forums that its best to just ignore this company but id rather not, now there threatening a doorstep visit. Id would really love for this not to happen as my fiance would find out and it would mortify her, (the whole i got the loan in the first place was to buy the ring!( irony is a b.i.t.c.h) I know lots of people on hear have had dealing with this company and i would like some advice on what my firsts steps should be. here's the email i got originally got: NOTICE OF LEGAL ASSIGNMENT OF DEBT Our Ref: ...... Debt Value:£ We hereby give you formal notice of legal assignment for the above debt. Your debt has been assigned to MotorMile Finance UK Limited (MMF) from WageDayAdvance payday loan. MMF is now the legal owner of the account. All default interest and collection charges have been frozen from your account for 7 days. If the account remains unpaid after this time, we will add default interest to the balance which will significantly increase the debt. Call NOW to benefit from this offer. Please contact us as a matter of urgency to resolve this matter, where one of our operatives will be happy to assist in finding you a solution: Tel 0800 996 1103 Please quote your reference This matter is not going to go away and we need to discuss how to resolve the matter before your account is passed to our Home Visit Department. We look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, Doorstep Collections Dept MotorMile Finance UK Ltd. Had calls an emails since then threatening a doorstep visit, Any Ideas? Many thanks
  25. Hey, I have just come home from work and found a hand delivered note from Scotcall to say that they have just tried contacting me again about some money I apparently know on a couple of old mobile phone accounts.. There is a phone number and a polite but firm note telling me to call them urgently or else (paraphrased the letter) Is this allowed ? the note suggests that they will be back later... I dont know a great deal about the law however am I in my rights to tell them to go away etc? Any suggestions on how to handle them? Thanks
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