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  1. Hi all, My wife who has suffered 15 years of ME and Fibromyalga, finaly started to feel a little better early this year. We were so happy, she decided to try and get a little part time job with the help of the job centres disability adviser. She got 16 hours part time in a store, it was the max hours she could cope with. It enabled us to claim working tax credits, the Adviser told us to wait before we inform the DLA to see if my wife could cope with the job. (ps: im still her carer, picking her up and dropping her of, and still looking after her at home) Well its been about 9 weeks now and my wifes loves the job and is coping very well. Its now time to let the DLA now about this. (we will write to them rather than phone them.) Could some kind souls please advise us what to say or not to say in the letter. We are worried they will stop the DLA altogether now shes coping. She is still disabled and still needs her medication and care (though she is coping alot better) . Will she be kicked off DLA, have we left it to long to inform DLA of our change in circumstanes etc ? Any advise would be appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm hoping this thread is in the correct place as this is my first post, and after searching for a while this forum seems to be the place where I might be able to get my questions answered. I have been receiving DLA and ESA for around 15 months now, due to severe depression and anxiety. I received a letter from ATOS a few days ago telling me I have to attend an assessment in relation to my benefit claim. I'm aware what ATOS are like, and concerned I will probably "fail". What I would like to know though, is if I do fail, how long after the assessment would they stop my benefits? Which benefits would likely be affected - ESA, DLA or both? and what the probable outcome is benefits wise if I fail.. ie would I just have to sign up for jobseekers or are there other benefits too? Also if I appeal what are the likely outcomes in terms of money whilst I have time to appeal? Thanks in advance for any help, I just can't seem to find any answers elsewhere online. Becky.
  3. So glad to see my favourite forum has a special needs section!!! My middle son was diagnosed with Aspergers a few weeks ago, we have made a claim for DLA on Friday and I recieved a phonecall from a lady on Monday morning!! She asked a couple of questions on mobility and night times. She said we would get a decision in 1 - 2 weeks. Im guessing that means she wont be contacting any other agencies?! Does it sound like bad news to you?? :???:
  4. A query, if I may. I live in a fairly rural village in a Housing Association property. Chatting with them today, the subject of moving was slipped into the conversation. Under my radar! (I love my home and don't want to move). We were discussing the impact of the incoming Housing Benefit changes. I live alone in a 2 bedroom property and am set to be penalised for this. It is a bit of a worry as I wouldn't be able to afford the shortfall in HB. 'You do know' they said 'you're eligible for sheltered housing?' This, as they say, came a bit out of left field. I'd always assumed it was for the elderly (I'm not) or the very disabled (I don't see myself that way). Whilst moving isn't something I want to consider, I probably should give it some attention. I know my family would like me to move into town so they can be there for me and help me when I need it. And winters here can be unusually harsh as I'm in an exposed area, and I'm highly heat dependant. I'm just pondering whether a move to sheltered accommodation would assist in my claim for DLA? These things are getting harder to apply for and, I suppose, it would be some further evidence that someone thinks I need a little more care than I currently have. I appreciate it may be an odd thought but it's just another factor in the process of having to make a decision on something I don't really want to happen but probably should. If that makes sense ...
  5. Hi, - case in hand - older sister who is now over the age of 25 and claims I.S and low rate DLA. A few weeks ago we received our yearly rent statement (now changed to quarterly) and it shows us down in arrears by £740. Estranged I phoned up our landlord who told us that the rent has not been paid in full for the last year. I phoned the housing benefit department and I was told that my older sister now has to pay £15 a week towards the rent because she receives I.S. I asked why and was told that it is due to her now being over the age of 25. (she is now 26.) Is this really the case with people who receive I.S and reach the age of 25? It's the first time I have ever heard this. If not, who do I turn to for help? Thanks!
  6. hi i have just received a letter telling me i need to be interviewed under caution i receive middle rate care and high rate mobility i suffer from rumatoid athritus . iwork in a small cafe i have done for 6 years but the hours i work have changed over the years due to my condition i was working 2 days a week my boss was very good by puting things in place for me eg opening cans jars pealing potatoes basically thing i was unable to do i took holiday for days i was unable to go in and come home if i could not finish a shift once i got home that was me finished for the day as once i sit after walking or working i can not walk i have very little use in one hand and it is a struggle to get through a day at work i left my job 3 weeks ago due to it getting to much then received this letter today i dont know if ive done wrong and im in a terrable state can anybody give me any advice as to if i have done wrong these are the only benifits i have ever claimed i have always worked . thankyou
  7. Ok I did a claim for DLA a month or so ago, had a home medical and that deemed I could walk 200metres and some other things I cant do. Now here is the confusion. Its mentioned alot on here DLA is all about needs, although the qualifying criteria clearly describes medical capabilities such as walking distance. I also still think judgement is also affected by if someone has already help eg. if the doctor came and seen me in a wheelchair, and an adapted living space I expect they would have taken a different view. I also have the problem that my doctor's surgery is staffed by locums and every time I go I am seeing a new doctor, they didnt even reply to a letter sent by the DLA people for the claim. So the basis of my claim is I have extra needs due to mobility as well as problems even leaving my flat caused by other health problems as well affecting my sight and awareness capabilities. The 200metres I am disputing and do have medical evidence which conflicts with the findings, the medical evidence was also shown to the visiting doctor. Not sure which I should push more either the medical side of things or my actual needs which are probably hard to push as I live on my own and have no current aids given to me by the NHS. Also I have an ongoing IB to ESA migration which is awaiting a medical and I am now worried they will make a decision on that without that medical based on this DLA medical. This is why medicals should be recorded as I explained a lot of things in the home visit which were clearly ignored.
  8. zydec

    Dr who

    Hi there I am new to this and i guess i have been quiet for far too long but today just took the biscuit. i applied for DLA in march due to a couple of conditions i suffer from (pachyonychia congenita, cataplexy with narcolepsy) My welfare advisor helped me fill out the DLA form and all seemed to be going smoothly with the usual letters of request for information from doctors and specialists, even the we are taking our time letter. then i got a home visit from the medical services, nothing out of the ordinary. today was the day of the home visit and all seemed to go well the HCP was polite and seemed to be asking question that actually where relevant to my conditions. a surprise in itself i guess judging from what i have read on here the last few days. so any way the HCP left and then the postman delivered the post and there was the brown letter, i wasn't expecting one after only just having one on monday stating that it will be a few more weeks untill i hear from the DWP. On opening it i was to say the least shocked. The decision had been made with the usual but somwhat disturbing "you dont have... etc etc" it even said the decision was made using the report from the HCP yet the letter was dated 25th and the HCP wasnt to visit untill today 27th This is unfair in my opinion as the decision maker made his/her decision before the medical report was even made. I know i will have to make an appeal as the decision is blatantly wrong. but what way should i go about doing it? do i wait for the HCP report to actually reach them and ask for a reconsideration or do i just go for my guns and appeal the decision? and on what grounds ? your great advice will be really appreciated on this matter thanks for reading
  9. Hi all, I'm looking for some help after my DLA tribunal today. We first applied on 7th October 2011 and were turned down; resulting in the tribunal which was heard today. It was the longest 45 minutes of our lives and felt like the Spanish inquisition! We had a medical lady, a Judge and a care person. The first two weren't so bad, although very thorough, but whilst we were talking to the medical lady, the care bloke fell asleep!!!! When it came to his turn, he was horrible, he actually reduced me to tears. Sorry, I should provide a bit of background first shouldn't I. I am claiming because I have degenerative disc disease and bipolar disorder. We had previously been to a DLA tribunal in march which was adjourned for more medical evidence; including my medical records and a 'medical' visit. Anyway surprise surprise, he completely lied and omitted things we had said, and the fact that he had suggested my GP refer me for an MRI on my neck. He said "no falls claimed" even though I showed him the bruises on my knees from a previous fall, and it is well documented in my records, which proved he had lied about that. He also failed to mention the wheelchair I have been referred for, amongst plenty of other things. This care bloke read out the list of things from my application form which I said I had difficulty with then said the 'Dr' who visited me said that I was capable of all of them. He asked why I thought this was, so I said about the problems I had with this report, and how upset I had been on receipt of this report. It just made me feel like we were on trial, it was soooo distressing. Anyway, we were finally asked to wait outside and were called back in to find out that we had been awarded low rate mobility and low rate care, after medical evidence and we had told them I could hardly walk, I use 2 crutches, and need help 24/7!!! CAB had told us that we deserve high rate mobility and at least middle rate care, so, if we meet the requirements, how can they only award low rate for both components? My question is, where can I go from here? Can I appeal this? They don't seem to have listened / they couldn't even hear me properly as it was in a big court room, and I had to keep repeating my answers. Do I stop the claim and reappeal, or can I keep claiming and submit another claim as I saw earlier on another post? Apologies if this is a bit longwinded, I wanted to give a bit of background. Thanks in advance
  10. I have written proof that the two are linked,amazingly in my favour. After failing the DLA medical i appealed,they reconsidered and then then sent me a letter saying i will get DLA and i quote "I made my decision using the information about your illnesses and disabilities from the health care professional who examined you for Employment and Support Allowance"
  11. Dear All I am new to this so hoping I am posting in the correct place. Hoping someone can help. I have been receiving high rate mobility and low rate care for two years, my circumstances hadn't changed so reapplied and was turned down I rang and put in a revision basically saying could I have a medical as nothing had changing and they have again rejected it without a medical. I can now appeal which I was wondering what to do? I am currently on maternity leave from my job but due to me not being able to sit for long periods etc I have taken the decision of not returning to work (this wasn't on the original DLA claim form they think I work) as you can imagine it has been a difficult decision not to return to work because of my illness as I have worked from being 16 and am on a salary of 34k so this decision has not been taken lightly if I could work I would be to earn the good money I was on. My questions are should I appeal with the original claim or put a new claim in stating that I have had to give up work? Do you have to wait to put a new claim in? My next step is to try to also claim ESA as this has been the advice to do I would hopefully be able to claim ESA contribution based as I have enough NI credits. Sorry for rambling on but would appreciate any advice at all as I am in a very confused, dark place at the moment. Many thanks
  12. Hi Folks Ordered a new car on the motability scheme, when I was working and ordered some extra's (SATNAV, bluetooth and alloys) before the car was delivered I was made redundant. Telephone motability and made them aware of affordability issue and they told me to contact dealer. Dealer was not happy and advised I would have to pay cancellation fee of £600. Anyone on the scheme will know nothing is signed until vehicle is collected. Anyway bullied into taking car and all was going ok and took collection last October. My housing benefit has now been reduced by over £170 per month and I can simply no longer afford the vehicle and secondly due to health issues no longer feel comfortable driving. Motability are collecting my car on 1st May, and they are charging me £250 to take the car back. I really appreciate that they are a charity but all the extra's on the car (about £700) will be money they will recoup on the resale of the car. I have emailed a complaint to Motability about this £250 fee and wondered if anybody had any help or advise on how to deal with this.
  13. At present, I receive 372 in DLA each month and am due for around 10,000 in savings. My question is of my eligibility to continue receiving DLA after I receive the savings for which I'm due. Furthermore, is it also possible that I can claim ESA and receive those savings? And if I failed a medical screening for ESA, would that illicit a block on my DLA? Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated!
  14. Hi, this is a newbie here. Hoping someone can help. I have chronic PTSD, recently diagnosed with substantial anxiety disorder + agraphobia + depression. Also various medical problems incl sleep disorder, sciatica, hiatus hernia... Made application for DLA which was initially refused - DLA used ESA medical to determine this. I then appealed - DLA reviewed decision & stated that entitled to lower rates for Mobility (need someone to help as I get panic attacks in unfamiliar places) and Care (need someone to motivate /remind me to prepare cooked main meal). ESA was refused - had appeal - refused again with NIL points! They failed to take into account my successful DLA application - can they do that? They did not believe that I suffer from stress incontinence (incl bowel)even though this was mentioned in my GP letter to them (which they did not even mention in their Written Statement). What should I now do? Best to appeal but then would it be a rehearing even if I win the appeal? Or should I just make another ESA application? Many thanks, Evamerlin:|
  15. Sorry, to trouble you but can anybody help me with the following? My daughter was awarded DLA last year with the payment being made to my wife in September 2010 [backdated to May] A matter of days after receiving almost £2000 my wife left me leaving me with our daughter. I eventually managed to get the child tax credits and child benefit transferred to me [supported by a letter signed by my wife confirming that i had sole custody of our daughter] and I eventually received payment in December backdated to November. According to my wife the lat DLA payment she received was in November. Now I intended to sort out the DLA in the New Year but unfortunately my daughters condition worsened to the point that all my time and energy was spent on her and her problems. Towards the end of March this year my wife received a call from the DLA people to ask if the claim was continuing and she told them that it should be paid to me. I received a text from the wife asking me to ring DLA which i did. They simply denied the telephone call but I requested that they log my call. In my presence, my wife rang them again about a week later and demanded to know why our daughter was not getting the benefit she was entitled to. They requested the child benefit number and confirmation of the date i started receiving it. They said they would write to me. About a week later i received a bank details form with my name, my daughters name and reference pre-printed on it. I completed it and returned it the same day by first class post and due to the fact that i posted it in the same postal district as the return address it should have been delivered the next day. That was almost 3 weeks ago - no contact or anything since. Anybody any idea how long it will take and will the payment be backdated to November. Thank you
  16. Hiya - newbie here! I wonder if anyone can help me. I have severe depression and am under the care of my local community mental health team and am currently living in a self-contained supported housing mental health project. I was claiming ESA from September 2009 and have had 2 medicals (Dec 2009 & june 2010) - the first 1 I passed the medical and my ESA went up after a few weeks and I was moved into the Support group - then I had another medical in June of this year and scored 0 points and my ESA was stopped on the 10th October. I was advised I was fit to return to work (which I dispute) and to claim JSA. I made an appointment back then with the Mental Health CAB Worker but that was not until tomorrow (4.11.10) and I was told I had a month from the date of the decision re the ESA to lodge an appeal. I went on to claim JSA which I found very stressful and uncomfortable. I have signed on yesterday (Tuesday). I have not received anything in writing from JSA nor any money. I have been calling JSA all week and it turns out that my JSA claim, although live, cannot be progressed as my ESA claim is "live" for a month from the decision that I can return to work should I wish to lodge an appeal. I now have been "forced" to close the ESA claim so the JSA claim can be progressed as I have no money at all and need cash to live. I was forced to approach a loan shark a week before my DLA was due for £200 and had to give him all my DLA (£326 ish) once it was paid. I'm so stressed out by all this - can anyone help me? Can I still appeal the ESA decision even though I was forced to close the claim down and progress the JSA claim because I needed money to live?? Rick.
  17. hello, I'm hoping someone on here can give me some advice. It's quite complex. I and my husband have been in receipt of income-based JSA, having not paid enough class 1 contributions (partners in a partnership-based company for the previous 25 years). We are receiving MIP, although not yet had a letter to say how much this is being reduced by under the interest rate changes. I have been awarded DLA at higher rate mobility & middle rate care, due to long term chronic autoimmune diseases. Following advice from the JC+, some months ago I filled in a JSA 6 and have been handing in medical certificates to the JC+ office, and I am classified as exempt from attending to 'sign on'. I was advised by JC+ that this was the best course of action - apparently I could otherwise have moved us both onto income-based ESA, or split the joint JSA claim, or applied for contributions-only ESA and continued with the joint JSA claim. Everyone I spoke with at the DWP had a different opinion on what we could or couldn't do; the JSA 6 option seemed like the least disruptive. My husband has received a letter today confirming that he will be awarded Carer's Allowance. We already receive a carer's premium in the JSA payment, & we understand that the JSA will be reduced by the amount of the Carer's Allowance. I do however have questions as to what happens next with my husband's JSA claim. I understand that he may be able to make changes to his JSA agreement, given that he will be in receipt of Carer's Allowance. Are there likely to be any other changes, or other options? Should we, or will we have to, move to Income Support, and what implications are there likely to be if this happens? Many thanks for any help anyone can offer. Ren
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