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  1. Hi hope someone can help as I have a big problem going on with my employer (possibly former employer very soon). I was dismissed from my workplace of almost 3 years yesterday at a disciplinary hearing. To give you an idea of the entire story I will list the events as they happened. Employed for 3 years and have never missed a single shift. There are few people more flexible in accepting short term changes to rotas and I was promoted to a more challenging role last year after being asked to apply based on my performance over the previous two years. It all started when I
  2. Hi. Brand new to the forum and just hoping to run my situation past everyone for feedback. I was put under suspension for Gross Misconduct for policy infringement (nothing that involved anyone else and nothing like theft). This initial suspension caused a serious breakdown this however led to a Psychiatric diagnosis of amongst other things OCD which according to my mental health professionals and my GP completely explains my erratic behaviour. I was on sick leave for a couple of months but my companies HR department were kept fully aware of the diagnosis and any changes in treatment.
  3. Good Afternoon, I'm first going to apologise about my spelling, I'm not very good at that that. My friend has been working at a car garage for 3 months, He got the sack/laid off as he caused minor damage on a Bentley. which was easily repairable he advised me. However he feels this is unfair and the manager never follow formal discipline procedures. he advised if I read it correctly, he wasn't advised on any verbal warnings but his boss advised he was on a verbal warning. he walked passed him and the boss said "can I have a word" took him in the office and said "not going to beat aro
  4. Hello Everyone Can anyone please give me some guidance on my unfair dismissal? I have worked as a waitress in a restaurant owned by a family. I have worked there for 16 months, starting early Feb 2012. I have never had a contract of emplotment or any handbook or policies. I have never had any holidays given to me. A certain dress code is expected and a few months back, I was verbally spoken to by one of the managers about not wearing the right colour shirt and took notice and made sure I had a clean one. A couple of weeks ago I had to wear a different one again due to
  5. Hi. I'm currently undergoing a disciplinary procedure with my place of work. It all stemmed from a manager monitoring a phone call to my husband and going from there, I have been investigated and my place of work have now sent me a disciplinary invitation advising that I have been investigated for gross misconduct. It all started when in the phone call, I said to my husband that I had told work a doctors apt was an hour earlier than the apt was - reason for the doctors appointment was that I was 2 weeks pregnant and wanted to get the ball rolling with the midwives etc. From this m
  6. Hi I have recently been signed off for a month and it could be longer I have a terminal illness and although I was off sick a long time ago (3yrs) been ok ever since. Employed for nearly 6 yrs, no pension Ha Ha but will not return to current job for 1 yr although could get a driver, or work in the office so not an unreasonable adjustment in my opinion. Anyway the question is what would be a normal time span before the co make noises about getting rid of me? and what would be the normal process, given that company has always been reasonable and are a fairly large employer?
  7. Hi Team Odd one to ask , can you request your full personal file from a previous employer to see what details they hold on a person up to and including the reasons for dismissal ? A colleague who has been through the above can not get any form of reference for new employment from them. Is there any standard communication that she could send ? Thanks AG
  8. Hi, I contacted a solicitor who takes unfair dismissal cases on on a no win/no fee basis. They responded: "Unfortunately, your case is not within the profile of cases we take forward". This doesn't say whether I have a valid claim or not. It may be they just don't think there's enough money in it for them? The facts surrounding my dismissal are so: 1. I was invited to an appraisal, which was opened up with "I'm in two minds as to what to do" 2. The only issue raised about my conduct was communication, which could have been better. This 'issue' was never subject to a for
  9. Hello I am starting a thread because I need all the advice I can get right now!!! Basically I have been working with my company for 2 yrs 4 months now , i am part time at 16 hrs a week. Basically issues begun late 2012, in August I had 2 weeks off with stress/depression. During 1 of these weeks I had a pre booked holiday, being company policy to allow you to retake any holiday (because you cannot be sick and on holiday rule), i thought i may be able to retake this , they said I was not allowed as I had not made them aware of when I was returning from work (tho my Drs note stated the
  10. Hi there CAG, it's my first time visiting and thought I'd give it a try. So here we go: I recently started an apprenticeship in IT on the 18th of March, everything was going well and I was easily handling the work given to me. Then I was off for 5 days due to sickness, I followed the guidelines in my contract and contacted my line manager on each day of the sickness before a set time in the morning. When I returned to work on the 22nd, I was brought into a meeting where I was told my Apprenticeship was being terminated on the grounds of poor performance. I was shocked at this, and as
  11. Hi there, I hope you can help as I have been researching employment law and seem to have hit a dead end regarding my circumstances. I was sacked/dismissed on Monday out of the blue without any formal disciplinary process being followed (NOT gross misconduct) The facts: Employed for approx 9 months full time- 2 sick days in the time period. Excellent attendendance etc Initial 1 month trial - verbally told I had passed so was made permanent full time No written contract/job description given to me but Vat registered company with payslips etc Full time in the travel i
  12. Hello everyone! I'm new here so bare with me... Basically, I have 2 jobs. One at McDonalds (I'm a student) and one I was supposed to start at Schuh footwear shop. On the 20th Feb 2013 I had my part 1 induction to working at Schuh which all went great, turned up early, filled in all relevant forms and brought all required documents with me as requested. It was easy to come to get a hang off, self explanatory stuff really. The second day was my part 2 induction, on the journey there (1 hour 45 minutes as it was held in White city) I was early enough to get there with 20 minutes spare but
  13. Hi, Please can you kindly help me on this matter:- A friend of mine has recently been dismissed for gross managerial negligence and unethical selling in a mobile phone store. He was not given any sufficient time or warning for the investigatory meeting. One of the allegation is that he allowed a store salesperson to carry fraud and unethical selling which has made the business loose £50000. He has denied any knowledge of any fraudulent activity by this salesperson. When the rest of the team were interviewed they too denied any knowledge of the sales person carrying fraud
  14. i need some help and advise with a constructive dismissal claim, so is posting a thread here the right way to get some advice?
  15. Hello Friends, I need your help in my Tribunal case. I was summary dismissed of gross misconduct on 16/11/2012. please below is my ET1 submission: I was unfairly dismissed based on the following allegations: 1. Misuse of Company time by shopping whilst at work 2. Reprinting customers receipts to obtain PRICE COMPARE coupon. ` Help Needed in these areas 1. I was singled out and unfairly dismissed for something everyone does in my Branch. Please, can anyone help me with laws or acts and advice th
  16. Towards the end of 2012, I took up employment but was "persuaded" to leave after just shy of 5 months (amongst other things, my line manager had threatened me with dismissal at my 6 month review and made a great play of "how difficult ii is for people to find work at the moment - particularly those who have been dismissed and with a poor reference"). My contract stated that the job would become permanent after this six month probationary period. I have a considerable amount of evidence (both hard and anecdotal) showing, I believe, that I was bullied into resignation but - given the t
  17. Hi, I'm obviously trying to go through other channels but really would appreciate some advice from anyone who can help. Up until recently I was a Police officer (PC) - This does not mean I know every bit of the law inside out and certainly not employment law. I've recently been dismissed at a misconduct hearing after admitting gross misconduct. I feel I have grounds for appeal but It's been indicated to me that due to the fact that I admitted gross misconduct, I now CAN'T appeal the sanction of dismissal to the Police appeals tribunal. IS THIS CORRECT??? I've copied below a
  18. I am 22 and i started my job last July and was generally quite productive getting 4, 5 or maybe more cases done per day. My supervisor who had started a month before me and wasn't the supervisor from the beginning took a dislike to me. He would try to find mistakes and then tell me i was making too many (when i had my cases checked by other members of staff i never had as many mistakes). I was off ill for 3 weeks from september into october 2012 having been in hospital and having surgery so when i started back after that i took a bit of time to get back into the swing of things but
  19. Hi Guys I am new Please could someone point me in the right direction. On Monday 4th Feb I was summarily dismissed from my job as I attended a christening the day before and when I went to work the following day my supervisor could still smell drink on me I was then asked to leave the premisies and a investigation would take place. My employer collated their information which included 3 statements from collegues stating that I was still drunk on the morning after the christening. Yes I do admit that I had a drink or two but in the past I have gone into work much worse. I h
  20. A month ago i was assaulted by a pupil in school who has been charged with GBH (and admitted it). My husband works in the school as a teaching assistant. I have been working for them for 13 years, no disciplinary ever and up until this assault been told i am their best teacher. I would say that although i am not qualified i have been working as a teacher for the last 10 years. The school is an expensive private school and my bosses (a married couple) were furious that i reported the assault to the police. They said i shouldnt have as they were going for a contract that they wouldnt get i
  21. Hello, this is my first visit to the CAG and I am hoping for some advice. To cut a very long story short I injured my back at work in April 2006. Government employer would not support it was an injury at work even though went through all the right channels. Carried on working, taking sick when I was in so much pain I couldn't walk. Placed on sickness monitoring twice, had occupational health referrals, placed on final written warning in November last year. Had to take 2 days off in March and was told by line manager she had sent report to big cheese moving for dismissal on capabil
  22. Hi, I reported a manager who seemed up to dodgy dealings in work. I was moved to another site/job as a result. The manager is still with the company. I have taken out a whistleblowing ET on this. Very stressed by it all. My new manager had a chat with me about work in general. He then went away and told my company bosses that I had agreed with him to drop my ET. We had not discussed my ET - I complained and I was told that the matter was closed. I took two months off with stress. I returned to work a couple of months ago and I still felt ill - I didn't know what the next bit of has
  23. advise On behalf of a friend, My friend subsequently resigned from her job because she was told that she would be moved to anther location to work, this meant that her travelling to and from work would add another two hours travelling time to her journey (this would increase to 6 hours travelling to & from work each day). not to mention the extra cost. This location change was to be a straight swap with the person she was going to replace, she was told that the reason for the swap was because her skills was better suited for that location. The person who she was replaci
  24. Please can somebody advise? Partner was dismissed for gross misconduct - falsifying timesheets. Appeal has been made although no response has been received (only a week ago). CAB have advised they will help if it goes to tribunal (and I guess it will). Final payslip had large deduction made (presumably in line with supposed fraudulent claims) also approx 2 weeks holiday pay was missing - not mentioned on payslip. Previous payslip was missing all its overtime (quite a lot of hours). We have asked for a breakdown of the deductions (the amounts do not tie up with the hours/s
  25. I would appreciate any advice that can be given on the following. My husband works for a local company and he has done so for the past 16 years. In 2007 he was being bullied and we went down the grievance path and my husband was moved to another department even though it was a drop in wages. He was fine in his new dept but in May 2010 he started talking as if he was being watched, this ended up with him being assessed by the hospital and to cut a long story short he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and they think he has had it for a long time. This resulted in him being off work sick f
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