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  1. Hi guys, Firstly, I'm sorry that this is my first post, but I've been racking my brains all night researching law/employment/rights etc and was finally recommended this forum, so I'm hoping someone can help clear one or two things up for me, one way or another! Yesterday (10th June) I was dismissed from my job without notice and without pay in lieu - I genuinely believe this is unfair. Some quick background; I worked remotely (Offices are based in London, I'm based in Glasgow), have been in contract with them since the 1st April 2015, was full time (40 hours minimum per week
  2. my friend has worked for the same firm for 27 years and was getting bullied for the last couple he went to see the owner and told him various times that he could not work with the person involved it came to a head last week and he told the boss on the Wednesday he couldnt carry on the boss told him to go home and think about it as as far as he was concerned it was all in my friends head and if he wanted to fetch someone in he would discuss it further. he worked that day and on Thursday decided to go home after turning up for work and think about things, t
  3. Hi, I urgently need advice with regard to my Resignation Letter and what it should say. My maternity leave officially ended on 31st March. As the tribunal was set for Tuesday 7th April, I did not want to resign before the hearing. I am happy to say, after 18 months of upset, financial hardship and my poor mother's relentless efforts to get justice for me, I won my case for Pregnancy Discrimination and Victimization outright on Tuesday (7th April) After announcing the verdict, the Judge told me that, now, I must resign immediately and make a further claim for
  4. Hi I have been dismissed from my employment of eight and a half years for apparantly swearing at the team leader no warnings whatsoever 2 witness statements were taken one saying nothing and one anonymous saying I did but conflicting content to team leader statement.I do not remember saying this .Where do I stand? I am 59 yEAR OLD WOMAN WITH ABSOLUTELEY NO HISTORY OF SICKNESS OR DISCIPLINERY ACTIVITY
  5. Dear All A friend of mine is a carer at a private home. Recently an 80 year old lady who she was caring for out in a complaint that two ladies (one being my friend) swore and treated her like 'she was in an abatoire'. This is a huge shock to my friend as she is so professional and a lovely woman and great carer. They deny the claims whole heartedly. Yesterday they went to the hearing and were informed be sacked and never get a job in caring again or resign. She is at her wits end. I wonder if anyone knows the best way forward. If I had any doubts about my friend I would not be posting thi
  6. Hi there I need to find out about disciplinary meetings and what you can be sacked for. I cant go into too much detail here. but will try and get across what i mean. I was brought into a disciplinary for alleged shouting at 2 vulnerable adults, which i didnt do and have pretty much proved the allegations were lies. However in the investigatory and disciplinary meeting, 2 things came up and they sacked me for being demeaning and for laughing at a distressed resident. Now these were not what i was brought into the disciplinary for, and on the above occasions my words ha
  7. Hi, I had been working as a personal assistant for almost two years and was recently dismissed. I was texted by the person supporteds mum to tell me that they would be coming in to discuss my job. When I started I was contracted to 17 hours and another worker had 3 hours at the weekend. When the other worker left I was offered the extra hours and accepted. I had been informed in an informal chat (all meetings were informal no notes taken and would be without warning) that there were changes happening with the persons support ie Autism in Scotland would be talking up the hours I had b
  8. Hello everybody this may turn out to be a bit long but I want to be precise, some may seem irrelevant but i feel i should give all facts as to events I had been working as a sales rep for a catering butchers(since 30/03/2014), supplying meat to pubs, restaurants ect, but normal business was NOT to supply to private individuals just to business(relevance of this will become clear). In addition to sales duties I also deliver my own generated orders, so have a company marked van. The company offices and factory is located some 70 miles away from my home address, so it was
  9. Been trying to google this and no joy. If a company takes an employee through the disciplinary process for poor performance and eventually decides to end the employment where there is a notice period in place, can the employer insist that the member of staff works this period? Or would the person leave immediately and be paid in lieu of notice? Also, is demotion allowed as a sanction. (Separate question) trying to help someone out here
  10. Hi all! I'll try and keep this short! Basically, I started my job 23 months ago. At first all was fine (isn't it always?) However, over time, various issues relating to the general management of the company, mid-management appointments, etc, started to cause me concern. Over the last year I have felt it necessary to point out certain things, to both fellow employees and my superiors. Even though this has been very minor, and just comments made, I think they now see me as "disruptive", maybe? Anyway, to the point. In mid December, a guy who was supposed t
  11. Hi all, Hoping someone can help me here.. .unsure if I can claim against unfair or constructive dismissal due to the timeframe etc and am seeking advice on what to do and where to go so here goes.... I dismissed from an employed back in August for what they have described as gross misconduct. We worked in a sales environment and from their side they believe myself triggered a commission payment to a junior member of staff deliberately. I did not accept this claim and they dismissed myself but was however offered a lower ranking position where the salary
  12. Right, where to start. I work in a security department of 20 people. 10 in my department, 9 investigators above us and one director. In my 10 there are 8 at the lowest level, with a lead figure and a head of department making up the 10. There are 6 investigators that have 2 managers and a head of investigations making up the 9, and then of course the Director. It is a very large firm and the security department has a very good reputation nationwide. However i believe that i have a rock solid case against the company for discrimination and constructive dismissal and need advice.
  13. Hi all! I have an employment issue I would need some advice on. I am an experienced architect in London. Several weeks ago I was approached by an recruitment agency on behalf of a small developer in North London who was looking for a senior technical architect. Since I was not happy with my employment at that time I agreed to an interview with the developer. The interview went very well and after one week the developer wanted to meet me again for a second interview. The next day the recruitment agent on behalf of the developer made me an offer with a very attractive pay package and 3
  14. looking for advice for my son. He was employed as a fitter for a large company and had good feedback for his work, doing all hours and on call. A new manager came and things started to go wrong. Another employee was suspected of stealing and several (my son included) was forced into giving statements against him, forced by way of saying if they didn't they would be surplus to requirements. My son expressed he wasn't happy with this but as he has a young family and another on they way he had to go along with it. Following this word was getting back to him that the accused man was after hi
  15. OK HERE GOES I have worked at the company for just under 14 months, no disiplinary action against me until this point. Long story short, I have had 5 days off work, i sent a message to my boss on the first day saying I wouldnt be in work that day. The same day I posted an SC2 form to work. I made no further contact with them nor received any contact. On my fifth day of absence I received a letter stating that due to unauthorised absences my employment is terminated with immediate effect as i have failed to report my absence in line with company procedures. I have had time off
  16. Hi, I have had nothing but grief for a few years from my employer. A local council. I have put in a few complaints of bullying, being treated differently etc but always tried to just do my job. I have challeneged my employer in the correct process but it is very much an old boys club Yesterday I was suspended on a possible gross misconduct charge of theft of council time and frog marched out the building. I admitted to using the internet but I have to alot as I am the only person that does my job and I network with other specialists around the country for advice. I have to do this as
  17. Hi guys, i'll cut straight to the chase. I was recently applied for a Sales Executive role, however due to my experience and skill base, this job was not suitable for me and the company "created" another role; Business Development Executive. I have been employed for 2 months now and done alot within my first 2 months, such as help creating a new website, positioning brand, improving brand awareness etc. All good, however I suggested that we should begin setting targets to help increase our market share. This is fine, Boss asks me to draw a report together indicating our current sales
  18. hi everybody, can anyone help me? I am a milkman, working four nights a week and collecting one evening a fortnight. I was told last week that some of the rounds were losing money and that the company were going to have to make some changes, but they definately wanted to keep me on. have worked for the company for 11 and a half months. I have 2 daughters and sometimes struggle with childcare when I am collecting until my wife gets home from work. I was called into the office today and told I had to take on a different round which is 6 nights a week delivering and collecting 2-3 evenings
  19. Hi, Please can someone advise me on where I stand on constructive dismissal. I have worked for a large electrical retailer for almost 5 years and today I walked out as ultimately I can not work for these people anymore. I can no longer deal with the micromanagement and emails sent at unreasonable hours demanding replies on why my colleagues and myself were not hitting company wide targets on extended warranties and accessories which in truth customers didn't always need or want. I can no longer deal with my pay being constantly wrong, The managers excuse "I send the rotas out ev
  20. Hi there, I wrote already a post in the employment forum and it may be that I will be dismissed soon. My partner is receiving ESA, I was working but I'm currently off sick. I send my SSP1 form yesterday to get paid for my sick days.. so I'm claiming ESA as well soon as long as my sick note lasts. After that I'm still on my partners ESA claim. Is that correct? If the worst happen and I will be dismissed, will I and my partner receive sanctions? I'm worried because my employer wants/will? dismiss me for a wrong reason and I'm still in probation period. So he can dismiss me
  21. Hello I have had teh bad news today at work - 'you are dismissed as you are not a fair fit for this job'' i started this job last month, 5 weeks in job and today i had a performance review where i was told that i m not capable of doing the job and i should gather my belongings and go home, they are obliged to give me a weeks notice but they dont want me to work it and i can go hand all teh company belongings and leave !! just like that my job ended today now i m stressed needless to say - 5 years of employment history ruined coz i have got the ''dismissed mark on my cred
  22. Hi, It is a case of possible unfair dismissal. I am suspended but still not dismissed. I work in IT of some charity organisation's operations division. I am suspended from work from yesterday. Events - 1) Joined office on Monday after holidays. I am on loan from support team to development team. There are some people who don't like me for some personal reasons. 2) I was given a task on Monday at 11am to write a test unit proc (PL Unit) for some code developed by another developer say X. 2a) This is a kind of a mundane task which X had mentioned in past that no one likes to work
  23. Hi Guys, after some advise, my company has just lost a major contractor to another service provider, I am 100% aligned with that contract... as the contract manager, I am being told that the new company have just employed a new contractor manager to do my job.... they haven't even met me yet, I'm not sure they have even received all the details from HR. there would be no work at my existing employer, so this could and probably will make me redundant, surely this warrants constructive dismissal, any advise would be massively appreciated. thanks in advance.
  24. hello all new to the forum and i hope you can help.on wednesday i was sacked on the spot something had happened earlier which i misunderstood and i apologised for it was nothing major and not a sackable offence.anyway my boss started shouting and raving at me and at one point i actually thought he was going to strike me! anyway i retaliated in a calm voice and he said i was making a fool out of him he asked me who was the boss and i replied obviously its you and he said i gave him cheek and not to speak to him like that .he was shouting and and in my face i felt quite intimidated and actually
  25. Hi there, Today I was instantly dismissed following an investigation into alleged gross misconduct. The misconduct in question was uploading several photos to facebook (stupid I know!) but other employees in the same store have done the same offense and not had any disciplinary actions. Previous to this I have not had anyone talk to me about the social media policy nor about the inappropriate nature of the photos. I am going to appeal but I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to word my letter or even what to include? I'm totally at a loss! Thanks for any help! Scarlet
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