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Found 122 results

  1. Hello all. After a few absences in the last 7 months (3 separate periods all with the same medical condition and all accompanied by a Dr's note) and returning to work over a month ago, I was informed that I would be receiving a verbal warning for unsatisfactory attendance. After waiting over a month for this meeting, I was informed yesterday afternoon that the meeting was scheduled for today. I was just wondering if it is usual to have to wait such along time from returning to work and receiving the disciplinary warning? Also, part of the warning means that I am unable to take any days of sick for a period of 7 months (so I hope my medical condition doesn't flare up again) - should the 7 month period start from the date I returned to work or the date of the warning (as previously mentioned, I have been waiting a month for). Thanks for any help
  2. Following on from my other posts..... I've had three previous meetings with my employers over a grievance I raised almost a year ago. After the last meeting (I recorded it) and especially with the run up to it, enough was enough and I have now escalated it to an ET. Since starting my ET and on the same day they would have recieved a copy of ET1, I've had three different requests to attend three meetings, with three different people including capability and gross misconduct. I've already told them I hold no trust and confidence in them and I believe they are clearly incapable of following the rules and procedures and are making it up as they go along. With regards to the third meeting. I have already confirmed that I wanted to make a formal complaint when I had the last meeting that I recorded - I've told them numerous times I want to go ahead with it and have put it in writing at least 4 times, but they keep saying I need to do agree that I do want to go ahead and keeps going around in circles The question is, do I have to attend these meetings or even allow them to amend things now I have started an ET claim? I hold absolute no trust or confidence in them and IMO they have shown they are incapable of holding fair and honest meetings without malice and discrimination. On a last note. When I had previously requested a copy of policy and procedure on grievances, I was told that no such thing existed. I now have a copy of what they say did not exist in my posession
  3. I had an investigation meeting at work recently following three allegations of mis-conduct. The first allegation is that I failed to apply legal protection to a case. Basically, the formal process is that we question a client and if they say they already have their own legal protection in place, we do not apply our own legal protection. I did question the client as per the process and the client confirmed they do have legal protection in place, so I did not apply legal protection. My employer is saying that I should have asked the client more detailed questions. The second allegation is that I closed down a file without contacting the client. The file came through with literally no information and we have previously closed cases on this basis. There is no formal process for this, but the management team have advised me and other people in the department to close cases in these circumstances. My employer is claiming I should have taken steps to try and get the missing information rather than just closing the file, my response was that I had previously closed cases in this manner. The third allegation is that I did not capture some mandatory client information on a telephone call. I have held my hands up and admitted it was a mistake on my part, however, I felt very stressed at the time of the incident (due to another investigation meeting not related to this one, the outcome of which was to take no further action, basically because my employer was found at fault through lack of coaching). I have asked my employer on a number of occasions for support and coaching on telephone calls and it has not been delivered (before and after the date of this incident). My employer disputed that I felt stressed and said there was a gap of one month between the previous investigation meeting and this incident, to which I argued that I feel like I am constantly having to look over my shoulder and that I have asked for coaching (this is documented on coaching forms, too) and it has not been delivered. My trade union representative will be attending the disciplinary meeting. What do you guys think of the situation? I have worked for my employer for 16 months now.
  4. So I messed up recently, big time. I impersonated a customer to write a complaint to senior management. I was interviewed and they said they had my IP address (I now believe they didn't) but the main thing was I confessed. I think it's likely I'll go to a Disciplinary Hearing but I was wondering about my rights. I was told as part of my suspension I cannot talk to colleagues at all, but how can I gather evidence - will I be given an opportunity to do so before the hearing? Will the fact they probably made up the evidence help my case? Am I within my rights to request all other materials related to the matter (such as other interviews conducted) to help build a case? Can I take in a member of the team to the hearing to confirm or deny everything that I am saying and does my employer have the right to refuse that they can go? Joining a union is a no-go where I work, while they don't say you can't any mention of it and you are instantly managed out (i.e your targets cannot slip up e.t.c) so I feel as though I am on my own - I realise I messed up bad, even admitting to the managers that it was not a malicious attack on the person just an attack on the way to store operates (long back story to that, that I wont bore you with) Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I have worked for a local council department for the last 8 years. Recently, I took up a Saturday job with another department of the council and when the manager of the department rang me at the end of May 2012 to say I had the job and would I like to accept it, I said yes but that I had 4 to 5 days planned off in the Summer and would that be ok to take. She said yes and I took her at her word. Anyway I started, took the first two planned Saturdays and that was ok but when I rang her during the week to remind her of the next two Saturdays, she said I couldn't have them and if I took them it would be unauthorised absence. I told her that they were already booked but she spoke to me like a school child and said that I must consider my position as I was still on probation etc. I took the holiday as planned but when I returned home I had a letter telling me that I am due to attend a disciplinary hearing next week. I am sick with worry and I have already written to the council to resign my post as I do not want it effecting my other job. Can they continue to take me to a disciplinary hearing if I have already resigned? I rang ACAS and they said that I should have got her agreement to the holidays in writing but that doesn't help me now!
  6. Hi everyone, first post so be gentle! Im posting on behalf of my partner, who is potentially facing dismissal. he works as a nurse at a large private nursing home (and has worked there for 10years). Several weeks ago he was suspended from work pending an investigation as serious allegations of abuse had been made at him. At this point no further details were given. he told me that he had no idea what it was about, and as I was aware that situations such as this were fairly common at this home due to misunderstandings, misinterpretation etc.(and they were usually resolved after a couple of weeks) I told him not to worry. However I did advise him to keep a detailed diary and do all correspondence by email where possible etc. He went to an investigation interview, but it was quite vague. Anyway, shortly afterwards the company got in touch to say he needed to attend a disciplinary hearing for alleged gross misconduct (and that the care authority had been informed of the allegations against him). After receiving the evidence against him, we realised that some of my partners colleagues had ganged up to try and force him out. it also became obvious that the company had made a complete hash of the investigation (2 witnesses were making the allegations, but their statements contradicted one another in several places and contain some very odd statements, people not interviewed properly, evidence ignored, anything that backed what my partner had said was suppressed from the head manager of the disciplinary hearing etc.). We also realised that several witness statements were missing and once we received them they completely backed my what my partner had said. Unfotunately the elderley resident that this resolves around is unable to communicate. We began preparing a statement for the disciplinary hearing, and as it seemed pretty clear what outcome the company had hoped for, we had a meeting with a solicitor who advised us to tell the company everything that was wrong in what had happened, as it all seemed very dodgy. I was sure that the company would carry out a further investigation after my partner had forwarded them his statement, as it was so strong and backed by alot of evidence. I was surprised when the company told him that they basically wouldn't investigate anything my partner had informed them of any further. I suggested that he should raise a grievance before the disciplinary reached a decision. An interview was held with a senior manager, who seemed to take what my partner said very seriously. we have now received a response, and basically the company has said that his grievance has no substance (this is despite it being supported by a lot of evidence). I've looked at the response in detail, and it is very vague in places, and I wonder if the company has hired a solicitor to write it (as this company has done in the past when caught in a tricky situation) my partner has appealed this decision, but im fully expecting them to uphold the original decision. my partner has maintained from the beginning that the allegations against him have been made up. So basically i'm after advice on what we should do next? is there anymore we can do? The entire disciplinary is relying on the evidence from these two witnesses, and the company is refusing to acknowledge what they have said happened doesn't make any sense (despite it being written in black and white), and is refusing to question them further on this. It seems like the two of them are just going to get away with doing this, which seems really unfair considering the hell weve been through. If my partner is dismissed he won't be allowed to work in the nursing industry again, and it's all hes qualified for, so this has all been rather stressful... The solicitor advised us to get back in touch with her as soon as the disciplinary panel reached a decision, as she felt that if dismissed, my partner had an extremely strong case of unfair dismissal, so we are just waiting for a decision at the minute from the company.. I have recently heard a rumour (from more than one source) that one of the accusers has done something similar to this in a past job, but got rumbled so quit before being pushed. Is there anything we could do with this information, or is it just best to keep it to ourselves? sorry for the long post, its just been such a nightmare, any advice appreciated
  7. I attended a formal meeting with line manager and person from HR about my recent Occ Health report. I had a doctors appointment to talk about the possibility of an operation after this meeting. However after a short discussion about the report the manager changed the subject to an incident I had earlier that day with a supervisor where I made what I had thought a minor flippant comment (even the supervisor told me it was all sorted out when I spoke to him, but he was obviously lying). The manager then continued to 'grill me' about the incident. I asked him not to continue with his questioning as I wanted union rep to be involved. He continued with his questioning or should I say interogation. When I finally said I had to leave for doctors appointment he said "this is not over and we will continue this tomorrow!" Anyway I was signed off sick for 2 weeks and nothing ever came of the disciplinary. I have since put in a grivance against this incident and other lack of duty of care relating to my disability (which is another story). It was never really investigated properly at the grievance so I have appealed. Question is when does a disciplinary meeting actually start as I feel I was denied my rights of being given a letter and the legal right of representation? Manager has used an entrapment tatic by using the occ health meeting. This was clearly not just an investigation but a disciplinary hearing! Any advice appreciated!
  8. Hi all, I have worked in foreign currency for the past 12months,never had a day off sick and only had my annual review last week which turned out to be excellent Two days later when i was cashing up half an hour before my shift ended i balanced to the penny.I then served a customer for £1400 in us dollars,tried to balance up again and found I was £100 short Panicking i put the clock as thou i was closed and then another customer wanted 100 euro,s worth £85 so i served him as i didnt want a complaint about closing 5 mins early as this was 5 to 8 all the time i was beside myself with worry and because of that i forgot to check the £20 notes the last customer had given me under the uv lamp or use the marker pen checking it not be a fake the next morning my boss rang me to tell me that 1 of the £20 notes was actually a fake. I have today been told that i am now facing a disiplinary hearing as i never followed company procedures on checking the notes.(which when they check the cctv they can see me clearly always checking the notes but on this occasion under the stress i never,i had a investigating meeting today to give a statement.As i have been of for 6days on holiday since this happened i have had the worst week of my life worrying about this im 52 and worked all my life and have never ever had anything like this happen to me before. Our regional manager will be coming down this week to check the cctv footage to confirm where i lost the money and when i took the fake £20. I am going to now look for a less stressful job but am worried incase they divulge this in a reference. Help and advice needed please guys. laingy
  9. My partner's employer has started disciplinary action against him for alleged gross misconduct (which he did not do). He is faced with an informal fact-finding meeting next week and the person who will be conducting the meeting is the accuser as well as an alleged witness to the situation. Does anybody have any idea about whether this is acceptable or not as it would seem that having an involved party conduct the investigation means that it won't be heard fairly.
  10. Hi, I am currently suspended from work following alleged theft of paperwork to cover up false information (which I didn't do). My employer has been carrying out an investigation in which I have been interviewed. They were also due to interview the person who provided the information which is alleged to be false on Monday at 12noon, at 11.30am on Monday I received a call to advise they were proceeding to a disciplinary hearing and would be sending me a letter confirming this, which I received on Tuesday. I checked their disciplinary procedure/policy and it states - "Once the investigation has been completed a decision must be reached on whether the matter should proceed to a disciplinary interview or if no further action is necessary. If a disciplinary interview is necessary, the employee must be interviewed and informed of this decision. If no further action is appropriate the employee must be interviewed and informed of this decision". I have raised concerns with my employer that they are failing to follow their own procedure as the investigation was not complete when the decision was made to proceed to disciplinary hearing and I had not been interviewed and informed of their intention to proceed to disciplinary - my employer is dismissing my claims and have stated that they had enough findings to making a decision prior to interviewing the witness and that the witness would not be able to answer any questions relating to the whereabouts of missing file and that being interviewed/informed of going to disciplinary would infact be part of the disciplinary hearing. I would be really grateful for any advice. Thank you in advance.
  11. Hello, Am hoping that some of you may be able to give me some advice on behalf of my husband, will try to keep it brief and to the point:- My husband has worked for the same large retailer as me for the last two years as a delivery driver, has never been late, never been off sick/absent , and has never been in trouble of any kind (customer complaints etc) Recently, following a weeks annual leave, he returned to find that his locker had been emptied of all personal effects, payslips, cash, etc. and that somebody else's personal items were in there. He went to see HR to find out what was going on and, having been made to wait a day or two, finally the person responsible was in work and he went to speak to her. He was (IMO) understandably a bit upset and was confronted with that she thought it was available (never consulted the file to see which locker was issued to who etc. and if they'd left) she'd chucked his stuff and said that there was a total of 14p which she'd put in the charity box but "she'd give it to him if he was that upset about it" he reckons there was a few quid in there, but that's not the issue. Anyway, last week he was told to attend an investigatory meeting today at 9am, seemingly this lady has raised a grievance against him saying that he intimidated her, was between her and the door, and kept his hand on the door. She also has a witness (a crony of hers) who walked in halfway who backs her up saying that his 'body language' was threatening. He says he starting talking to her in the corridor, she walked past him into the office mid conversation and he naturally (conversation not over) followed her. It's a long narrow office, walkway only large enough for one person at a time so, obviously having followed her in, he would be between her and the door without any engineering at all. She never once said she wanted to get past, said 'excuse me' or intimated in anyway that she wished to leave the office and that he was blocking her way. He didn't swear at her, no finger jabbing, fist waving, invasion of her space, nothing and, as he says, if he was holding the door closed then how did her friend get through it halfway through the conversation? Their whole complaint is that his body language was threatening. He's called a while ago to say that following two hours in an investigation meeting, they have decided that 'due to the seriousness of the allegation' it is going to a disciplinary. I am really upset about this as I'm currently on Maternity leave and I can't believe that he's having his reputation wrecked basically. He's a good man who served in the Armed Forces for 7 years and left with an exemplary record only to have someone sling mud for nothing more than not liking how he was standing. He has not been suspended and (I think) for his own sake if nothing else, he should have been. If any of you could give us some advice it would be appreciated.
  12. Hi everyone, im new here and wondered if someone could help me urgently. I am facing a disciplinary hearing soon for gross misconduct. I wholly refute the allegations. I have received copies of the evidence to be used at the hearing. It consists of 5 witness testimonies from other staff members that allegedly witnessed my gross misconduct, 2 from worker a, 2 from worker b and 1 from worker c. However, the statement from worker c bears no relevence to the allegations made against me, it is an entirely seperate issue. worker c was asked none of the same questions as worker b or worker a. If worker c had been asked the same questions as a and b im sure they would of defended my version of events. My question is, can workers c statement be used in the disciplinary hearing as it bears no relevance to what i have been accussed of? There was another member of staff (worker d) present who would probably support my version of events, and they havent even interviewed them. I get the impression that the investigation meeting was just an excuse to gather evidence against me to find me guilty. Sorry if what i have put is a little hard to read, i am very worried right now. I have been in touch with acas. thanks Ang
  13. Hi, I have been asked by a colleague to be their witness/note taker at Disciplinary meeting and am looking for a little advice to pass on as to how to approach the meeting. The background is as follows; My colleague has already the investigative meeting and was suspended because their actions potentially are gross mis-conduct and they had admitted to it. Upon suspension, they went to their GP and have been diagnosed as suffering with depression for at least the last 4 years. They have submitted sick notes and have been on sick leave for the last 6 weeks. They have been to counselling sessions and prescribed anti-depressents and the current sick note expires on 30th June. On 1st june my colleague sent in their written resignation with the required 30 days notice to end their employment on 30th June. The company have "refuse to accept this", and have invited them in to a disciplinary meeting next week. My questions are as follows; As my colleague is currently receiving treatment for depression and has a current sick note, are they obliged to attend? If they don't attend, can they be dismissed without attending the disciplinary? Can an employer refuse to accept an employees resignation? During the meeting can we ask for an adjournment as my colleague is not up to the stress of such a situation? If the date to reconviene is after my colleagues apparent leave date i.e. 30th June. What is the obligation af the employer and my colleague? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  14. Hiya all. Just after a little but of info. My company operates a policy of if you have 3 periods of absence in a rolling 6 month period then you are issued a verbal warning. Unfortunately, I was off for 2 days in November (11th and 12th) and again in January (25th) and again on the 14th of this month (May 14). On the face of it, it seems I am likely to receive a verbal warning. However, am wondering as it's a rolling 6 month period so 6 months from 12th Nov is the 12th of May and my 3rd period of absence was from the 14th (so 2 days after) does this mean it is outside the 6 month period? I hope that makes sense to someone Thanks
  15. Hi guys; i am really desperate for some help. I will start from the beginning and briefly explained the situation. I started working for this company 4 years ago. The first year i was a full time employee and worked 35 hours shift a week. A year later, i started university and i have asked for flexibility, i was given it right away by my current Manager and HR. All i had to do was to give them the hours i could work in a week. Agreement was to do 20 hours per week. For example: I worked 4 days a week 5 hours each. But because some days i had classes midday, i could only work 3 hours a day and make up the time through out the rest of the week. This has been going perfectly fine the last 3 years. Now, suddenly (considering this is my last year at university and even better, my last semester) I have been told that my working hours are not acceptable and i was given a disciplinary hearing without much warning! I have provided them with the hours i could work this semester in September 2011, just like i have done the last 3 years. I wrote the times on a post-it note and explained it to the new manager (HR has been replaced since i started work as well). After a month or two, i was given a WLB(A) Form (Work-Life Balance). I denied filling it as i was flexible anyway and thought why should i fill a form and accept not being flexible! The letter stated that i should fill it and if it is accepted, i would be notified! Why, i asked to myself! Are they trying to get rid of me and this is their strategy!.. After a month of receiving the WLB form, i had another letter in my pigeon hole stating that i had a disciplinary meeting scheduled, without even a warning whatsoever! In this meeting i was told that my working hours were not acceptable. Also how i was not allowed to be flexible (when all the other part timers are allowed) I was also told it was in my contract that i wasnt allowed to be flexible! Now, only contract i have is the full time contract i signed when i first started work 4 years ago which mentions/allows flexibility. I have not signed a contract when i become part time, and my contract was a verbal one. If there was a problem, surely, i should have been told about it years ago! My working hours have never affected the running of the department as my HR claims right now. I go to work, do my shift, do my job and leave. And clearly as everyone also states, i am the best at my department. I have asked my line manager if he had any problems, he said no. My supervisor said no! I just dont understand what is her (HR) problem with me! In the meeting she also mentioned how i called in sick this many times and been late 8 times! I have been late because my motorbike was broken and i had to take public transport which takes 1 hour or more to get to work! She also mentioned about last minute holidays! She said i need to give at least 3 working days before booking a holiday! I asked why they were approving if i wasnt allowed, she managed to change subject! If i have to take a day off for an urgent matter, i always ask in person. And if i am allowed, i fill out the holiday sheet! Ok, here is the last part. Today i went into my pigeon hole and the second WLB form she has given me was stolen from my pigeon hole together with the staff handbook i was given after requesting it! The letter was dated 05.12.2011 when in fact she placed it in my pigeon hole on the 8th of December 2011! So i had it signed by a colleague. I wrote received on the 08.12.2011 and he signed it. Then (stupidly) i put it back in my pigeon hole! I told my manager today that both items were stolen from my pigeon hole and he said he would talk to HR I took the rest of the day on sick leave and left after working 2 hours. Later today i received an email from HR (on my very personal email address). She said that she heard i "mislaid" the form she has given me for the third time and she attached a copy in the email and asked me to fill it and send it back to her today! I have no intention of filling the form as i dont see it necessary. We already had an agreement since i started working part time and how on earth i am being asked to fill out a form after 3 years of service! I would be really grateful if you could help me on this matter as this is seriously stressing me very badly! I am a student and i cannot afford losing my job. And from what i can see, this is what they are trying to do! By filling the form, i believe i will be accepting a new agreement between me and my employer which will not be for good cause. I really appreciate all your time for reading this and any input will be appreciated. Many Thanks...
  16. Hello, I'm new here and was hoping someone would be able to advise. I have a bullying boss who has accused me of physically threatening him and who I have started a formal grievance procedure against. But I don't know what my rights are or what to expect next ... The background (sorry, I've gone on a bit!) The company I worked for was taken over in April 2010. In August 2010 a new manger was assigned to my team. In the 15 months since I have been subjected to sustained bullying from my manger including lying, aggressive and intimidating behaviour, aggressive swearing, and on a couple of occasions racist outbursts about, but not to, a Hungarian employee. He also has said several times that the more people he upsets in a day the better and seems to thrive on creating conflict and being aggressive towards people. I am not the only one in my department who feels bullied and intimidated, however everyone,including me, is scared of him and are afraid to do anything to upset him. I have been keeping a log of his behaviour. October 2010, after an aggressive encounter with him I informed his line manager and had a mediation meeting with him. In the mediation meeting he did not fully acknowledge his behaviour was unacceptable, and also lied to me saying that he was notified whenever a member of his team contacted HR and that during one previous conversation with him he had been scared I was going to hit him. He claimed that another manager would back up this claim. I did not get the courage to ask the other manager about this until recently. The other manager said this was not true. Last Thursday I was asked to accompany him to a meeting room. There had been a disagreement between me and him about my holiday allocation. Due to a mistake I am now one day over my annual leave allowance. I maintain it was his mistake and believe I have proof. He maintained it was my mistake. I normally try to avoid disagreeing with him but when it comes down to losing money I decided to make a stand. Anyway he took me to a meeting room and started to tell me he was very disappointed about my lack of respect for him when I had originally spoken to him about this, that I had made "the whole room feel uncomfortable" and that his boss agreed. I felt that what he said was hypocritical and started to attempt to defend myself when he told me not to talk over him. At this point 15 months of suppressed anger at his treatment of me erupted and I lost my temper and told him I was fed up with his lying, bullying and slander; that i would not be lectured on personal standards by him; and as I left I said "you are a f******* lying t**t and if you are offended by my conduct the other day then lodge a formal grievance with HR and I will kick your f****** a**e." I said this as I was leaving the room moving away from him. I went straight to his boss, but he approached his boss too. His boss asked who should go first and I replied that I wasn't concerned who went first. He spoke to his boss. Who then spoke to me. His boss said I seemed 'keyed up' and should go home and we would talk on Friday. His boss decided that instead of talking to me the following day there would be an investigation meeting on Monday (yesterday) with a member of HR. At this meeting his boss told me that he knew my boss was "economical with the truth", and that he just "has an opinion on everything" and that his aggressive nature is "simply his managerial style" and I should try to work with it. The HR representative told me that sometimes people don't realise they are being aggressive, or how their behaviour affects others, until someone tells them. I replied that as he says about how much he enjoys upsetting people I found this difficult to believe. Also I had had a prior conversation with him about his behaviour (Oct 2010) and he had become slightly less aggressive but not much. In this meeting I gave them a 10 page statement explaining the mitigating circumstances that led to my out of character outburst, and a 20 page log of his behaviour towards me over the last year. After my meeting with them, they spoke to my boss. After that meeting I was told I would be sent an email that evening telling me I was to face disciplinary at 10 am Thursday 1st December. His Boss told me that my boss claimed I had physically threatened him and that my boss had also said there had been other occasions when I had raised my voice to him, which is not true. I sought advice from a telephone advisory service (PPC) and they advised me to send an email with a letter attached immediately saying that I wanted to start a Formal Grievance and that "without looking at the grievance first it would be unfair and unreasonable process to proceed with a disciplinary". I sent it last night (Monday) and haven't received an email about a disciplinary yet. I am of previously good behaviour for the same company for 6 six years and have never lost my temper or sworn at another person. Whereas my boss has frequent run-ins and altercations with a number of people and then blames them for it. Ideally what I would like to happen is for: My grievance to be heard before the disciplinary Them to find that my outburst was due to mitigating circumstances (ie bullying) My boss to face a disciplinary procedure for his conduct Me to be moved to a new team, maybe even department Does anyone know how likely these outcomes are? Thanks, Martin
  17. I work for one of the big 4 accountancy firms and resigned to join a competitor on 15 June this year. I am on a 13 week notice period and it was mutually agreed that I could leave on 9 September. Last Wednesday I was suspended on full pay following an allegation that I had downloaded a large volume of confidential data (client and firm data) and the firm is now conducting an investigation which will involve, amongst other things, the Forensic IT team coming to my house on Wednesday to scan my home PC for the files that I am believed to have taken, email accounts to verify that I have not sent them to a third party and then to delete the files to their satisfaction. I have told them that the reason for the download was to back up files as a precaution when I believed that my work laptop was about to fail. This happened a) before I resigned and b) before I even had an offer from my new employer. I am confident that none of this has been sent anywhere and I am really not bothered about the data at all - they are welcome to that. What concerns me most is that this may be followed by a disciplinary hearing and dismissal for gross misconduct. What I am hoping for is to be able to delay any disciplinary hearing beyond 9 September as I know that they can't sack me after I've left. I want to use any legitimate means possible to achieve this. I am helped by having w/c 15/8 and w/c 22/8 booked as holiday and can't be contacted during that time. Realistically they will not complete the investigation this week so that leaves w/c 29/8 and w/c 5/9 (9 working days) for them to get me to a disciplinary hearing. I have thought of the following: Sickness - I am able under the firm's policy to self certify myself sick for 1 week. I understand that they should re-arrange once if I am off sick. Companion - If my chosen companion for the hearing is unavailable they have to rearrange if they are available within 5 working days. I suspect that she is on holiday during w/c 5/9. Extended holiday - is there anything to stop me extending my holiday or shifting it to eat into more of the time at the end of the notice period? This would be easy to do as it not something that has been booked. Any other suggestions? Given that I am going to a competitor I'm not convinced that they will be willing to believe my reason for taking the backup in the first place. Thanks.
  18. Hi, I have a question pertaining to background or reference checks. I had an incident at my current employer. I had used an USB device to connect to my work laptop to the internet at home. My intention was to perform some work from home. Internet connection is necessary to connect to my work network. However, the USB device was a counterfeit device, it didn’t work and instead every time I tried to use it, it ran sum inappropriate programmes and files. I had no idea of this till HR told me that they found some inappropriate activity on my work laptop. My employer tracks all activities on work laptop. In light of this finding my employer took disciplinary action and after a disciplinary committee meeting, they gave me a final stage 3 written warning. Now I am considering resigning from my job moving to a different company. I have an offer. But I am worried about the background check that the new employer will conduct. My entire career and academic history is spotless and excellent. I will also get strong reference from all my previous employers and educational institutions. But I am not sure how the reference from my current employer will appear. Does anyone know if my current employer will reveal this disciplinary warning to my future employers during background/reference checks? Any thoughts in how to approach this situation is much appreciated. Thanks, Jason
  19. Hi, I hope that someone can offer me some advice. I am facing dismissal from work for viewing pornographic material in works time. I am currently suspended, and have not yet been disciplined. Although I have been informed verbally that a letter will be dispatch soon starting formal disciplinary proceedings. It started when a workmate was witnessed watching porn during works time on his company issued laptop. He was working alone on the day in question and no one else from the department was present. As part of the investigation the company suspended all 4 members of our department, leaving just the supervisor, and took all 4 laptops for investigation. The workmate was dealt with very swiftly, within the first week, and agreed to resign. After three weeks of investigations the company has informed me of its findings. These are; · Excess internet use · Having inappropriate images · Searching for porn using Google images. My explanations are as follows · Most of the systems used in our department are web based and my internet connection is running virtually all day. I often leave my laptop unattended whilst attending shop floor callouts, from anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour. During this time other people may have access to the laptop. My logon is sometimes used be others on different machines to allow them to use web based software. · On 20/12/10 I received a personnel email via Gmail to my private online email account which contained a PowerPoint presentation from a friend outside of the company. I opened the mail not aware of its contents as the email was headed, “Seasons Greetings Just click on the numbers”. The first slide in the presentation was an advent calendar which showed a cartoon of Father Christmas crashing his sledge. I assumed that the rest of the calendar would follow a similar content, i.e. funny Christmas cartoons. However, when I clicked on a date an inappropriate picture was revealed. I immediately deleted the presentation from the hard drive of the computer. I assumed that by deleting the presentation that I had removed all traces of it, as I had no wish to view, retain or distribute it further. · This is the one that I’m not sure about. They claim that they can tell that I was deliberately searching for pornographic images. I am certain that I didn’t but how can I prove it? They claim that by using Google images and running a mouse over an image that that image will be stored on my hard drive. I have used Google image search, but not for porn. Sorry for the long post. Having read some of the others posted here I believe someone will have some positive replies. Thanks for reading this and I look forward to your response.
  20. Hi, Could someone please clarify for me when an informal chat about a potential disciplinary issue, ceases to be informal. I have had an 'informal chat' today with my stores' Assistant Manager - something I knew was going to happen today, as she was off Sunday and I was off yesterday - over an issue that I am supposed to have done Friday night, which I was made aware of Saturday morning (although I believe I did not do anything wrong). Also present was another member of staff (someone I don't particularly want being party to this issue) who was there to take notes. I was refused representation as my AM told me this was an informal meeting and I was not entitled to representation. She also told me that a copy of these notes were to be sent to Head Office. I am extremely concerned that this is not correct procedure and that I am being treated incorrectly. Any help or advice with this will be greatly appreciated as I have been worried sick all weekend, and this has done nothing to alleviate that, especially as my AM now tells me that I will be having a disciplinary. Please help.
  21. I have been working for my employer, a supermarket for nearly 2 years. In the summer, our store had self scan tills installed. During the training, a person outside the company did it and showed all the screens. On the reused bags screen, a colleague asked on the lines of 'Whats there to stop you from entering the maximum number of bags everytime you use it?' The trainer laughed and said 'How much is few points extra to (supermarket). I work on the checkouts. On Saturday, I clocked in as per usual and reported to the supervisor station at the checkouts. Line Manager was there and asked me to go the Managers Office. In the office, I was told by the deputy store manager that out of the 40 times I have used the ss tills since they became live, I have inputted the maximum number of bags 22 times. He had print outs of my loyalty card transactions from the past 4 months. I was in a state of shock and was then forced to write down names of colleagues that were doing this as well as I commented that others were doing it. I was in shock and put names down which I couldn't acknowledge if they done it and put ? by those names. I was then suspended on full pay til further notice The thing is I have seen customers doing this as well. As an employee, I have been caught as I swipe my discount card after swiping my loyalty card. I reckon it happens across all stores and all those stores that reward extra points for reusing their own bags. I have my investigation on Thursday - won't get an outcome on that day. I feel bad, angry and ask why was I the one being caught. As part of the suspension rules, I am not allowed to talk to colleagues and visit the store. A few hours of me being suspended, I met up with the union rep - who works on checkouts at a pub carpark, 150 yards from work. Guess who walks past us? My favourite colleague who is such a dear friend to me. She asked what was I doing in my civvies with (UR's name) when I was at work. I said, 'I can't talk'. Her face sank. It was the most painful thing I have seen unrelated to illness and grieving for a love in anyone's face. It breaks my heart being unable to tell her or see her during the process. It looked like her heart was breaking too. At times of need and help, I am unable to get it! I am so worried that I will get dismissed. I will tell the deputy manager that I am regretting my actions, am ashamed and apologise. The thing is I did notice when I visited another store today. The manned tills' keypad has 123 as the top line of numbers. The ss tills top row is 789. I normally use 3 bags (as I walk home) and I just pressed the top right hand number on the bags reused without looking at the screen. I cannot justify this as a reason for all transactions - especially those that are just a few quid! Ok for £15. I am dyslexic and recently had an eye op where I had 2 weeks off sick. One of the problems with my eye condition pre and post op is that I experience bad glare. The angle of the ss screens along with the lights above them make them difficult to read at various angles, depending on which ss till I use. I don't have an issue working on manned tills as I can adjust the height and tilt of the screen. The ss tills are fixed. I did post a thread on another website forum and many posters kept mentioning my dyslexia and eye condition are just excuses. Work will not tell my colleagues why I'm not at work. They will say I am sick. I don't phone in sick willy nilly and this will raise suspicions This is really getting me down. I am fed up, unable to discuss this with my parents as they would make matters worse, unable to talk to my colleagues and cannot relax. I have times where I just cry - I am not a crying person and want to keep my job.
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