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Found 12 results

  1. HI I drove into the NCP in Lincoln several times over the last few weeks to collect keys from an office behind. I park in the private car park at the back. You have to drive through the NCP to get to it. I have received a PCN for £100 as they clocked me going in and then leaving 19 mins later. I didnt park in their car park!!! I will get several more of these over the next few days so am livid. Surely they cannot charge you to drive through their car park, it is the only entrance to the private one at the back that they dont own. Also, now they photograph you arriving and leaving does that mean i cant wait in there anymore for my disabled partner? They are getting bad. Any advice appreciated Thanks
  2. Hi guys I'm new here & after advice, hope this is in the right place. My husband has quite a lot of debts, he was on a DMP with stepchange until the end of 2015 when he lost his job & put it on hold we moved house a month later & although I think he informed stepchange he didn't inform the creditors He's had a few letters here at the new address & has just recently got a ccj, sent admittance form, offer of £50 was rejected court decided the amount £78 per month, which he will pay, last night I checked his credit file with noddle & was shocked to see 2 active ccjs, one from October 2016 the other September last year, our old address is on them & we had no idea about them as the letters were obviously sent there, the creditors oddly on the page where it says the debts are defaulted states our new address though, one debt is £7500 Barclaycard originally & the other i think is originally Halifax for an overdraft of £4400. I'm worried sick & don't know what to do, it's bailiffs that are worrying me the most . Can anyone advise what we do next please Thanks in advance
  3. Bought another car last friday and traded in my old car for £100.. handed over the log book but i did not fill in the new owner details. i simply handed him the papers. when he gave me the receipt for the deal, he did not put the px car details on the receipt either. he simply took £100 off the price of the car. I did no notice this until i got home. The MOT ran out on the 14th hence the need for a new car. my biggest concern is he has sold the car onto someone else and i am the previous owner, not the trader. am i panicking over nothing or do i need to send and email or letter explaining this too cover myself?
  4. Hi I could someone please help. I have someone that I used to help with their benefits ESA, etc. Unfortunately I had to leave area for over a year and could no longer aid them. I recently returned and as the person in question is extremely isolated due to their issues, they need my help again. Thing is because I was their only ‘port of call’ they have made their situation far more complex. They forgot/ failed didn't have the capacity to inform HB of their new address. Luckily the scope of the room id address approximately soon after I left to a similar property i.e. single room. And the rent and the housing benefit is exactly the same. But last week it would seem that it has been stopped. We are not 100% sure yet as we cannot phone until tomorrow but evidently the rent should have gone in on Friday but hasn’t. They suffer from severe agoraphobia and similar and are completely disorganized etc. Before I left the area I did all the paperwork for them. If it has been stopped what is the procedure and what can we do to get it updated etc. Would HB have written to him (at his old address) to update details and because he didn't reply stopped it? Should we phone up and explain the situation? It’s not like the person in question has stolen any money, as the rent (same amount exactly) has been paid to the new landlord each week) His medical records prove his temperament etc. which the dwp have. I’m assuming HB as least would be sympathetic to this? The amount that is being paid is the exact same amount that would have been if re-assumed to the new address? he had no-one to act on his behalf, until now. Its a nightmare that could have been avoided had he some kind of support network. Can someone explain the best approach etc.? I’m quite happy to write a statement that I was the single person that always acted as their advocate and that without me etc. they were helpless/ useless etc. I believe that a next door neighbor acted on behalf with the move but failed to help him inform/ fill in new HB paperwork etc. And evidently because the new landlord doesn’t accept dss (he felt it impossible to sort out the situation himself and instead just kept paying the rent to the landlord) Can someone offer advice sympathetically (these forums can be harsh sometimes) thank you very much.
  5. Hi, was caught shoplifting in boots, picked up 4 items nearlly worth £700 (as per Boots). security staff took all my details, called police, and i had to wait until police turn up, but nobody came. security staff called police 4 times, they were given a log no. but were getting told that no police officers are free at the moment to attend. after 4 hours of waiting, i was let go, as the store had been closed and they waited over an hour for police even after the store was closed. i was escorted out , i was given banned notice and RLP recovery letter. was cautioned in 2009 for shoplifting in past (in another part of uk), never did anything wrong again after that. then in january this year i was in trouble with another retail store, they called police for shoplifting goods worth £40, police didnt arrest me since i had no id on me they wanted to know if all my details given to them were correct, they brought me home, they didnt enter my house but waited outside in car until i brought my id and showed it to them. then they just said that it was a slap on wrist this time but dont do anything wrong again. At that time i told them about incident of 2009 where i was cautioned but they seemed not to have that on their record. My question is that what should i do next? do i need to go to police station myself for last night event? will police come to my house to arrest me? (they dont have my phone no to contact me on.) will i go to prison or get a fine or get a caution? or will i be luckiest and police wont turn up at my house? will they search my house or enter inside (if this happens then i will loose my accommodation as i am living with a relative as i didnt have anywhere else to live, and slept two nights in a park two months ago then this relative finally helped and sheltered me, if they know about this then i will even loose the roof from my head) i am very very stressed and dont know what to do. (i asked security staff and he said that i dont need to go to police station, if police contact him then they wil pass my details to them and they will take it from there) they waited that long because of the worth of items stolen were about £650.
  6. My house Insurance company has charged me £30 for an unpaid direct debit. the payment was due on the 28th and I had forgotten about it because of a hectic work schedule of working night shifts. I had a notification of a failed Direct debit payment of £14.30 I phoned them up on the 30th on my day off and paid in full and asked if they would waive the £30 fee and he said he cant do that. I said I thought companies were no longer allowed to charge this much and he replied the company can charge £30 for unpaid direct debits and there is nothing I can do about it. I said Im going to look this up I dont feel its fair. he said look it up all you want im right and theres nothing you can do about it and then hung up.
  7. I am posting this on behalf of a friend so please bare with me when im answering as I have to double check before I post replys. A letter came through the post this morning from County court money claims centre giving claimants name and address and listing myself trading as my company name with my address as the defendant. I knew nothing at all about this. They are claiming £414.90 plus £50 court fees for services rendered by the claimant for advertising charges on menu booklets. The defendant has failed to make the payments due on their account. The particulars state 'The claimant contacted the defendant on a number of occasions regarding the balance however no payment was recieved'. This is where it gets a bit odd. They claim I am the defendant and that I signed the agreement , they have contacted me on numerous occasions requesting payment. However, on the agreement they have provided as proof it has my company name and my company email address (which I have only now got back because my ex changed all my passwords), my ex girlfriends address, my ex girlfriends name, her telephone number and her signature signing herself as company sec. She has never been company sec or had anything to do with my company may I add. I contacted her and she admitted taking it out and signing it, she had even paid the first two payments out of HER personal account and has offered her statements to show this, she said she was trying to be nice and get more business for me. I knew nothing of this and because we have split up she has stated she is not paying no more and refused to deal with them so this has now landed on my doorstep . Do I owe this money seeing as I know nothing of it?, I didnt sign anything, I paid nothing etc. I have sent in the acknowledgement of service stating I wish to defend this however the place where they have registered this claim is over 300 miles away from myself and I cannot travel up there so will need to do it all online. Thanks
  8. Hi guys I have an old Kays catalogue 2010 that is on my credit report and has had a CCJ applied 2014. I took the catalogue on from my mum originally but never signed an agreement. I then ended up moving house twice and knew nothing about the CCJ until now. What do i do? I could either get the ccj put aside which i think i have to do a n224 form for and comes with a fee. Question will i have to go to court to set it aside as im a nervous wreck. My other option would be to challenge the debt because its not signed. I dont have a credit agreement so i cant check whether there are any loop holes. If i do this has anyone got a draft letter they could provide me as i havnt a clue about laws and stuff like that. if anyone chooses to reply please bear in mind im not very good understanding legal stuff Thanks for looking x
  9. I parked in a council car park a couple of weeks ago and got a ticket, at first I couldnt understand why as I thought I had parked in a disabled bay which I am allowed to do. Someone was already in that space and they left and I reversed straight into the bay. However it turned out to be a restricted area, but looked like a disabled bay as it was situated on the end of the row of disabled bay parking spaces. I parked over where it said 'keep clear' so had no knowledge until I got the PCN that it was restricted. There were no other signs. I understand I was in the wrong, however if I didnt see the 'keep clear' signs under my car as I had no idea that it was restricted, surely they should have signs on the wall to make it clearer. I certainly would not have parked there otherwise. I have appealed it, but the onus is on me to check. Was their response. I happened to be in a rush and didnt think about looking under my car to see if I was parked correctly. who does in a car park. As i said a car was already parked there so didnt see the 'keep clear' sign. I just want to know, please, do the council have to have other signs, say on the wall to state that the area is restricted, it was marked out in yellow just like the other disabled bays. Im quite happy to pay it but if its a technicality that I dont have to pay Im all for that, I cant really afford to pay it if you get what I mean. Cheers guys
  10. I have a 0 hours contact where I perform 8 hours or less per week for a business, it's a good rate of pay but not enough to cover the £71.50 per week every week. I don't claim any other benefits and most weeks I get £10 in JSA if I don't get extra hours and I've been doing this current job for several months. OK so it's a 0 hours contract but it's work, I enjoy it and it keeps my hand in so to speak, I also volunteer several days a week. I'm actively looking for alternative work and any casual jobs that come up I go on them but as I've not secured anything permanent in the past 15 months so I've just been put onto the Work Programme with Maximus and subcontractors. I've never been so demoralised in my life as when I went to the first interview. It was awful, they slagged off everything they could and kept mentioning sanctions. Theyt added every time they couldn't actually make a sanction, that was someone elses fault, but rest assured they could recommend it for anything they see fit so do as you are told, although in my case it's hardly a major threat. I had to tell them about my current employment. This was earlier in the week. The day after the interview someone from the subcontractors called my manager and started asking all sorts of questions. It was really embarrassing and then she insisted on talking to me and had nothing of importance to say. Then couple of days ago I received a letter from Maximus congratulating me on my new job? I don't have a new job I'm still on the 0 hours contract. It stinks of Maximus or their subcontractors trying to falsely claim tax payers money for finding me a position when they haven't or an adviser trying to bump up their numbers of people into work. I did not sign a Data Protection Waiver although they kept putting on plenty of pressure (mentioning sanctions they don't have anything to do with but they can tell JCP I'm not complying with something else in order to ensure I get a sanction). I did sign a sharing information document (big mistake) for which I'd now like to withdraw consent. I'm not sure how to go about this and do I make a complaint directly to Maximus or to the subcontractor? I don't want them falsely claiming money for something they haven't done.
  11. Hi, I've recently been having a 2 and fro with the council about council tax I didn't owe, I eventually made an agreement with the council and they said they would put a attachment on my JSA, which I was quite happy with and didn't raise any objections. The job centre then refused the attachment order, which unbeknown by me, the council rather than coming back to me, put the debt out to rossendales, from whom we got a letter. I immediately contacted the council and asked them why they had done this rather than coming back to me so we could sort payment another way. They agreed to reclaim the order and agreed to me setting up a standing order. A week or so later possibly a little longer a bailiff knocks at the door and we told him to get lost because they didn't have the order. He called his office, apologised and left. Next thing we know we have a letter telling us if we don't pay £42.50 costs they would re-attend and enforce the court order. I complained to them and the council (twice now) and the council are adamant that they have the court order and they are happy with the current agreement, but Rossendales keep sending us letters saying "we are investigating this matter" and sending more and more aggressive letters. I have made it clear to the council and the bailiff company that I do not feel this is part of the original court order and that they should take me to small claims court, but I seem to be banging my head against the wall with them. Anybody have any ideas
  12. I was taken to small claims court and I lost, the reason that I lost was that the claimant lied in court and the judge completely ignored my evidences and witness statement, also the claimant in question was my former tutor and I got some advice from a solicitor friend and the solicitor says that the judge was bias to the teacher and automatically believe in the words of a retired tutor and ignored the students side of the story, so at the end of the hearing I asked the judge for an appeal. She asked why and I then said that the tutor made false allegation and she did not present any proof to her allegations and the judge refused my appeal and said that I have to ask permission from another court and that I have to pay what I owe, so basically the solicitor said for me to forget about because will ended too costly and a judge will not grant us a permission to appeal because that means going against another judges opinion and I only have 21 days to appeal and before appealing I have to ask permission from the court to appeal and time is against me. So I was given 14 days to pay and I said to the judge I’m unemployed and I do not received any benefits and she simply ignored and said well you have to search online at the small claims website. So now my question is how can I get out of this situation without paying my ex tutor because she lied, so she does not deserve the money? The woman in question took me and my friend to court and my friend is employed and will be able to pay her even thou we both agreed that were stitched up by the teacher, but my friend has a mortgage and cannot have a CCJ, on my case I’m unemployed and I absolutely do not want pay this teacher back, I much rather take the money when I have and give to charity. The only reason the teacher won in court was because she lied and she told the judge that at the time she was a retired teacher working for free foe the University and she never mentioned to the judge or to the court that besides her retirement from teaching she is owns a investment company and she is the director of the company. In court she played the poor pensioner and the money that she’s allegedly say that we owe was for accommodation costs for a field trip to a foreigner country, when we were promised by her that in regards of food and accommodation costs we will not be spending a penny because we’ll be taken care by a the association that we went to work for, but when we arrived there the teacher denied everything and everything that she promised was a lied and she paid and said that we would sort it out once we are back. In court she said that we arrived in a foreign country without money and she said that we were offered free accommodation but refused and asked to be taken to the hotel, so the judge thought that we were taking advantage of this 66 year old lady and ordered us to pay the now £254,00 Without the permission to appeal and completely ignored mine and the other defendants evidences and a signed document accepting our staying for free at the charity association. Plus 3 days before our hearing the teacher contacted my witness and said for them to change their statement otherwise she will drag them to court and the judge completely ignore the fact that the teacher blackmailed the other students and she also asked them to write a statement in her favour. I'm a very honest person and I believe in honesty but the tutor made so many false allegation, she even said that we all have criminal records and I asked the judge to ask for proof of that because myself and the other defendant do not have any criminal records and amongst other lies in which she has no proof to what she’s alleging, but guess what the judge just absolutely believed in the words of a teacher with a PhD and ignore the students. I’m still in shock with the judge’s decision and the fact that a former tutor made up so many lies I do not believe that was a fair decision made by the biased judge. So what should I do? Thanks everyone for reading my lengthy post.
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