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  1. When I was travelling on the train this morning, I was using my laptop. I wasn't paying much attention to what was going on around me, when I noticed that the train was almost in the station. I quickly rushed to put my things away, when the ticket inspector decided to start doing his rounds. While I was in the middle of putting my stuff in my bag, he asked to see my ticket. I explained that I was about to get off the train. I continued to put my stuff away and as the train pulled into the station, I flashed my ticket before alighting. I barely made it off the train in time. As I left
  2. I advertised an item on ebay but the winning bidder changed his mind and wouldn't collect I had to re list it at the same time I complained to ebay about the situation and got a reply back, so they knew the situation I was in. I re-listed and sold it and got paid, however when my statement came it showed they'd debited my Santander credit card for the first time the item was sold but not paid for/collected I contacted ebay but they said I was out of the time scale for a refund and to claim on my credit card which I did. I put in a section 75 claim wit
  3. I have been trying without success to challenge a Lloyd's bank default from 2010. After 2 years of letters Lloyds have finally replied and told me they didn't actually send me a default notice but its all ok as they sent a solicitors letter instead . This seems off to me and i smell a large rat They also sent me a cheque for £50 as a gesture of goodwill !! Any advice on the next steps ? The debt is fully repaid and just trying to clear my CRA file thanks
  4. I went to court to defend against MKDP for a disputed debt relating to a HSBC credit card that has no CCA for it. They had paid £85 costs + £335 further costs to secure the court date. Upon attending court, I was called in 20 minutes or so after the scheduled time. The judge immediately began proceedings by making reference to the actual letter sent out to confirm the court date. He asked if I had, since this the date of this letter, received any witness statements or other correspondence from MKDP, to which I replied no. The judge then proceeded to confirm
  5. I was off work for about a year in 2012, and was very ill with anxiety/depression, have proof from a consultant and GP. Meanwhile HMRC decided to send me a tax credits claim form. I haven't claimed for quite a few years, so was surprised, rang them, and they said that they owed me around £1800, I said no I don't think so, but they paid it into an old bank account, which I was unable to retrieve. Back to work in 2012/13 and received some small amounts of money from HMRC,a and then it stopped, now they are claiming I owe them £400. I have written and complained, now it has gone to a DCA, wi
  6. Hope someone can help me. I moved home a few years ago and paid for Royal Mail redirection. At some point about18months later (redirection still in place) a bill was sent to my old address, but not forwarded by Royal Mail. The claimant then began court proceedings and this was also not forwarded. The case went to court and went ahead without my knowledge and I 'lost' as I didn't appear. The first I heard of this was when I did eventually get a redirection saying that judgement was made against me and that a CCJ had been issued against my name! You c
  7. Brief summary/history Other half's card. Commenced 1998, defaulted 2006 with interest frozen from that date. Default card balance was £6,500 - progressively paid/reduced to just under £5,000. PPI claim made October 2012 - initially refused but upheld by the FOS on adjudication. March 2014 NatWest credited £4,664 to the card, leaving a balance of £323. By my own (spreadsheet) calculations the payment should have been some £1450 more than they paid. Their payment was arrived at as follows: Refund of payment made 1998 to 2006
  8. Hi all, Can anyone help or has anyone been in this situation? On the 10th April I was in Redruth, Cornwall and needed to travel to Bristol. On arriving at Redruth I found that the ticket office was closed (it was around 5:30pm) and found that there was not a ticket machine at that station. I did not believe this was a problem, as I knew that I should be able to purchase a ticket from the guard, and so I boarded the 18:11 service to Bristol Temple Meads. When the guard came into my carriage, I promptly asked for a ticket from Redruth to Bristol Temple Meads, with a 16-25 railc
  9. Creating this post as a just-in-case if things don't turn out right. The car exhaust was brand new, the seller seems to sell a lot of them. It came, we took off the old exhaust (at the cost of my arm dislocating! ). Then it became apparent that the new exhaust didn't fit on to the manifold, I took many pictures with proof, also of the mountings in the wrong place. The seller first told me to bodge it to make it fit, but eventually agreed to a refund, and that he would arrange for APC to collect it. Seemed genuine enough. They collected it Friday, but now the seller doesn't r
  10. Hi I would appreciate any response or direction please... Back in November 2014 I was pulled over and told I was seen using a mobile phone by a Policeman on a bridge. I denied this and when asked "do you know why I was pulled over", I answered "no". When told I was "seen holding a mobile phone, which constitutes use" I denied it immediately as pretty sure I hadn't been on a phone. I couldn't understand why I would be pulled over and said "maybe I had a CD in my hand and changed the radio, but I don't even think I did that". I was issued a ticket. Later
  11. Hi all, Yesterday a breakdown firm helped me with a flat tyre (the tyre iron failed, so I couldn't do it myself). They sorted it out, but unfortunately the driver did not return my wheel lock key, and I was in a rush so I forgot to ask before I drove off. Now I'm stuck with the space-saver for now. The breakdown firm say they've asked the driver, and that he definitely doesn't have my key. This happened on the M4, so I'm crossing my fingers that the thing is lying on the hard shoulder where it presumably fell off the wheel nut when I drove away, but if not I'm go
  12. I went Leisure World in Southampton to watch a film. ParkingEye took over the car park in June last year. The car park is 4 hours free parking for Leisure World users but you must enter your Car registration details to qualify. I didn’t. Received a PCN in the post, £100.00 would be reduced to £60.00 if paid in 14 days. I went on-line and checked the parking at Leisure World and it said “Free for 4 Hours”. Thought the PCN must be a mistake so ignored it. 9 days later a second reminder letter arrived. I went on-line to seek advice on parking on private land and the general
  13. My daughter has been plauge for 2 years now over a bill they said she owed . They have now addmitted that she did not need to fill out a self assesment as she was on paye, But say that she will still have to pay the £1000 fine even though she did not have to fill one out in the first place , This is sheer maddness can someone tell us where or who we can get involved to sort the mess out. 2 years of stress is taking it's toll Please help.
  14. On Easter Saturday I was browsing the internet looking for a cheaper insurance for a newer car I was picking up that day. Found it and signed up straightaway. I realised that my NCB wouldn't apply I then phoned the company I had for my older car (still on the road) to cancel that insurance to release my NCB certificate. The chap I spoke to said he would ring me back as he felt I was being hasty (and I now agree with him). The policy had only been in force for about 20 days so missed the 14 days cooling off period. He didn't ring me back so I don't even know if
  15. Hi all - I'm in a bit of bind with my car so thought I'd ask your advice. Apologies if this isn't the right place to post this I haven't been here for a while! Basically a dealer had an ebay auction for a car and I won it. As the place was a 6 hour round trip I made the mistake of not viewing the car before hand. I also paid for it to be delivered so I didn't have to give up a precious weekend day with the kids to go and pick it up. It was delivered after a week, then the problems started... I noticed a crunch when putting the car into first gear. Being handy with a set of span
  16. This is the first time I've posted on a forum, thanks in advance for any help I'll really appreciate it. Last January I paid David Lloyd up front for a 12 month membership. I was of course tied in because I'd paid up front. I did use it for first six months and not much for second six months. I always knew I wouldn't renew because it was a one off opportunity because I had money available. I thought 12 months, done the time, won't renew. Late last year I started to get emails to remind me I could renew along these lines: Dear Ms Barker, Membership Number: xxxxx Just
  17. Can anyone please give me any advice on what I should do? I placed an order for two items from an ebay seller that never arrived at my address. I asked for tracking info the day after the estimated delivery date and to my astonishment found that my order had allegedly been delivered the day before. I chased up Royal Mail and after two weeks investigating they told me my package got delivered to another address and signed for. No red delivery card was issued to my address on that day and when I went to the other address given to me they claimed that no one there had signed for my item
  18. Been playing ping pong games with Uncle Bryan for a while now - I get free paper and stamps. They wanted payment proposals.. so offered them £1.00 per month for two months.. they accepted £1.00, but said it would be reviewed in 90 days.. I pointed out their error and reminded them it was for 2 months and not 90 days.. But my offer was still on the table. They got their crayons out to say they have passed the account back to CrapOne.
  19. Hello, I saw that there is a Hastings Direct rep on the forum, so asking for advice. About 7 or 8 years ago (cant remember exactly) my car was stolen. I tried to make a claim with Hastings Direct who sent me paperwork, I returned paperwork. This claim was delayed for months and I had actually forgotten about it. About 2 or 3 years later, I remembered and enquired with Hastings about my insurance for theft. Again, it was a long drawn out process. Needless to say, due to the time involved (possibly delaying tactics?) I forgot about it again. I know that I should
  20. Hi there, i haven't change the new address on my licence as i haven't using it for almost 2 years. Now i went to online section and i see a question for how long i live in this address. Do i gotta get a fine if i put 2 years period on my new address?
  21. Hello, would like some advice if possible... I had a current account with Halifax, which had a direct debit going out each month. I opened a savings account and transferred most of the money into that. I moved to a different address and forgot to change my address with them as I was really busy studying. I later found that my direct debit wasn't being payed, and that the current account had gone into overdraft which I was getting charged for. I found out that they had taken the money from my savings account to pay off the charges they had given me and then close
  22. Hi, I have my P800 calculation from HMRC which states I underpaid tax in 2012. Upon investigation this was because my employer at the time did not pay the taxman when they paid me. Now I am left with this lump sum. Do I have to pay it, or should the employer pay it?
  23. Hello. Long story which I will try and simplify. I purchased a car in September 2013. The car, the key and the logbook have been stolen by my mother (very long story). Whilst in the process of trying to get replacement paperwork, I ran a check on my vehicle. Turns out it was a category D write off back in 2009. Now, should the dealer not have declared this to me? I would not have touched the car with a barge-pole had I known this snippet of information. Obviously I feel less inclined to go through the rigmarole of gettibng paperwork, getting a new key and recovering the vehicle. I am f
  24. I was constantly being underpayed by various amounts 2months ago was no exception. i work as a p/t community carer & a sizeable part of my income is set aside petrol. I was outraged when my monthly payslip came & I'd been under payed by £210 which left me £116 2live on for the month. I begged my old manager to look into it for me even though she'd been promoted she did & a few days later it was paid into my bank. I didn't receive another wageslip though. Since then I've been on sick due to stress & the next months payslip was unreada
  25. So obviously you must know by now that I got snapped doing 60 (apparently) on a dual carriageway (50 limit) I saw the van (too late obviously) and thought there was a chance I'd be done... Believe me when I say my 21 year old car was not zipping through the traffic; in fact as I automatically looked down at the speedo (we all do it, don't we?) I read mid 50's and my speedo generally reads higher than my car is going. There were plenty more cars overtaking me during my entire journey, but here were are...The police must have had a good day. Sooo the ticket arrived and unlike any oth
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