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Found 151 results

  1. Hi Have received a letter from Red claiming they are in the process of obtaining my employment details, and that once they have them they will decide on further action. Do these DCA's have the right (or means) to obtain my employment details? I am not working at the moment so they aren't going to find anything, but how would they be privy to that information anyway?
  2. Millions of Lloyds bank customers will shortly receive a letter through the post informing them that their banking details are about to change. We explain how the changes will affect you. These customers will see the banking licence behind their account transferred to Lloyds TSB Scotland, as the first part of the process of switching them to the new “TSB Bank”. Up to 4.6m customers will be switched to this new bank after the competition authorities forced Lloyds Banking Group to sell off more than 600 branches. The Co-operative Bank is in advanced talks to run this new banking operation, with a purchase agreement expected early next year. The following questions and answers explains in more details what these changes mean for affected customers. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/consumertips/banking/9703432/Millions-of-Lloyds-customers-told-banking-details-to-change.html
  3. Hello everybody, I've been looking through the various forums and very impressed with the help and advice given out. Now its my turn to ask for help/advice. I'm currently paying Alex M Adamson £70 per month for council tax arrears, which I've been doing for a few months without any problems. Recently the council sent me a demand for a benefit claw back which I couldn't pay and they passed this debit on to Adamson. Now Adamson have sent me a letter requesting that I supply them with my employer's details, home and mobile number, email as well as details of my income (wage slips). I have put it in writing to Adamson that I will only deal with them in writing and therefore will not give phone numbers or email address and they have accepted this without any problems. In light of this new council tax debit my question is am I under any legal obligation to provide them with this information? I have just written to Adamson and asked if possible to add the new debt to the one already in existence and continue to make payments at the current rate. Any help/advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I have to make a call to Lloyds tomorrow and wonder if someone can give me some advice so I am better prepared. Unfortunately I had to close down my business about 18 months ago leaving me with a Personal guarantee of around £90k to deal with. The bank had taken a second charge against my house when I took out the business loan. The business had made all the repayments in full and on time until we closed. I was fortunate to get a job fairly quickly and i negotiated with Lloyds to continue to make the monthly repayments personally at the same level as the business had been making. I set up a standing order just over a year ago and all payments have been made on time and the balance is coming down. The loan has about 4 years left to run (it was originally 10 years). I have today received a letter from them saying that they need to carry out an annual review and asking me to complete a form with details of all my assets, liabilities, income and expenditure. Am I within my rights to refuse to do this as I have not defaulted on any of the terms or conditions of the loan? I don't really understand why they want this information - it will just show them that actually I can't afford to make payments at the level i am making them! I have been living with my partner for 6 months and he pays all the bills so I can make the loan repayments. The form also asks for his income, expenditure details but I don't see why they have any right to that information. He was not party to the business or the personal guarantee. My gut instinct tells me they don't have any right to this information while i am continuing to make full payments but i don't want to go in all guns blazing and put their backs up. Any advice please?
  5. Hi guys I'm being chased by a DCA for a defauled Woga debt - I know I had an account with them but it was from 2008 so no paperwork - I want to SAR them for default notice/statements but dont have anything other then my email address I took the loan out with. Can anyone offer any advice for getting the account information from them? I've changed address since then. Thanks BSBS.
  6. My apologies if this posting is in the wrong slot. I recently paid a small bill for someone online using a debit card (under £10) to avoid their domain name being lost. Bill paid at webfusion (123-reg). To my surprise I was prevented from deleting my card details on their system and they refused to remove them when contacted until alternative card details were supplied. I subsequently sent an extremely powerful letter (legal, clean and decent) threatening immediate action of various kinds. They promptly removed my details within hours as demanded. What is the law on such details been retained ? I have since asked staff at two banks and they had not got a clue (so they said).
  7. If a parking company obtain your details from the DVLA, do they have any right to retain or store those details as you have not given them permission to do so? Basically you have not committed a criminal offence and there is not a debt involved as it has not gone to court.
  8. Hi, Getting some money back from Egg - not much about £600 - but the clowns seem to be taking much longer than the promised 15 days. Cannot get through to anyone as it cuts you off and tried calling Barclays who are just rude. Know Barclaycard took over Egg but need contact details of the loan bit - email or phone that gets through!
  9. Quick question for those who know the law or tenants rights! Private Tenancy, Assured Short Hold, originally 6 months but now on rolling month by month Should the landlord or landlords agent(s) provide us with a phone number for emergency repairs? They refuse to give one, and at the moment we can only contact the landlord or the agent (have contact details for both) between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) What would happen if we had a bad leak at 5:01pm on a Friday night, we would be hum-dingered as they say. Thanks in advance David
  10. on 16 July 2012 i used my RBS Visa Debit card at LateRooms.com to book and pay for a hotel room for someone. on 4 September 2012 a £300 charge appeared on my bank statement that i did not recognise. when i asked the RBS Visa department about the charge they told me to contact the hotel. clearly LateRooms.com must have not only kept my card details, including the CVV code, but they must also have passed all of the details to the hotel. isn't storing a cards CVV number against he rules? can companies really "share" card details in this way without fear of recourse?
  11. I have been advised to make a gesture of goodwill payment to these catalogues, but to actually make it I need their banking details. I've searched high and low on the internet so I'm hoping someone on here has them. I'd be using online banking to send it over and not setting up any direct debits, which they wouldn't do anyway as they'll not want to accept the £5 per month but that's all they're getting as it's all I can give them. Thanks for your help.
  12. I was checking all 3 CRA files. Only 1 shows me on the ER at my previous property. Would it be worth notifying the other 2 and amending this? or would it be fruitless? Thanks
  13. I am juggling 4 PDL at the moment and trying to arrange a repayment plan for each. I was going to cancel my bank card but realised since last month my card expired and was sent a new card with a different valid and exp date and sec code. but some details remain the same- long card number, sort and account code. Would they still be able to take money outta this account as and when they like please?
  14. Hello to all here I've been trawling the threads and posts on here and though my situation is very similar to some of them, I haven't found one that is exactly the same. Thanks in advance for reading this and I'll try to keep it brief and to the point: I have already received and responded to the initial letter to 'state' my case. That being that I tapped in with a Pay as you Go oyster card at my station, Alexandra Palace, that had no money on it. I didn't realise this as I was running for my train in rush hour. When I got to my interchange at Finsbury park and saw ticket inspectors, I tapped in at the interchange just fine and was pulled aside by an inspector. When he read my card he saw it hadn't been validated for my journey to Alexandra Palace and that my season ticket had expired the day before. While searching my bag for ID I realised I had my second oyster in there (I carry two incase one is stolen or lost) and gave that to the inspector. This was the one I had used to tap in at Alexandra Palace and it had insufficient funds. When the inspector told me facts were facts, I accepted that I was going to have to pay a whopper fine but didn't put up much of a fight (I've never seen that work). When I wrote my details, I put my name and address and as the inspector was calling it in, I told him I'd put one of the digits to my house incorrectly and accidentally and he pulled the pad away from me and told me I was falisifying information. When he attempted to call in the correct address, he said he didn't have my name registered. I had to show him an e-mail sent by Foxtons to prove my address but I didn't have ID on me as my only ID is my passport and I don't really like taking it with me regularly unless I must for something formal. The charge for my offence is 'Giving a false name and address.' On the false name: I gave the name that I am commonly called Kane, which sits in my passport but is only ONE of my official names. I have three in total and that is not the first one. The reason I gave it is... well, that's the most common name for me to write. On the address: Every detail of my address is correct including road name and postal code, but I didn't intend to write one number of my three digit house number incorrectly. I even offered to correct the error. The inspector argued with me that I should know it, and that I live there so obviously I'm lying, but I countered that I still don't know my mobile number well, nor any of my families, or even my work and it was simply because I was in a rush to get to work (Also, while I was writing my address I wrote and corrected my postal code because I'd made an error, so it wasn't the only one I'd made but it was the one I didn't catch.) I am currently writing a letter in response to them to 'state my case' but I wonder if this will affect me very negatively even though I dispute the claim that my name is false? Any help or nuggets of information would be kindly appreciated. And if you've read this far, thanks again. K
  15. I have been involved in a no fault accident. Generally what has happenned is i was waiting at a junction to give way to on coming traffic. A car i have no idea where it came from came and hit me on the passenger side. No problems so far. At the time we exchanged insurance details etc and the other party admitted liability. Unfortunately i didnt call the police as the 3rd party was a elderly lady on her own. However i reported it to my own insurance. Unaware of what the 3rd party had claimed. It had claimed i reversed out of the junction. Into her path. I had her insurance company ring me up and ask me questions which i replied as far as viewing the scene of the accident on google with them. No probs. Now some 12 months down the line the 3rd party insurance has decided they are going to track down a witness and is going through the police for this. Trouble is my ncb is being held. My insurance company is very good who immediately arranged for a courtesy car and also settled my damage. However it is the constant dragging on of things. Every time i ring them i just get the same answer. What do i do ?
  16. Does anyone have an email or fax number - doesn't matter if they are generic or anything as I want to send them a letter. Thanks
  17. Do Wonga keep a note of old payment details once you've changed then on your account? A friend has a loan with them and the loan was paid into her main account, she's recently had a new bank card but she didn't ask for it RBS just sent it her. She has changed the card and bank account on her wonga account and they don't have he new card details. RBS say the old card would stop working, not sure if it has.
  18. Hi Took out a loan with Natwest about 2003 to pay off overdraft with them. loan was about 5K. It was paid off in 2008. Am I able to make a claim? I remember they automatically put the insurance on but i just signed and agreed as was in deperate need of the money. It was that or they close my account it was all bank charges anyway but claimed it all back. £4,500. If i am able to claim will it matter that I no longer have any details of it? I no longer bank with them and its all been shredded. Will the bank have to provide me with the datails?
  19. BrightHouse, Registered Office 5 Hercules Way, Leavesden Park, Watford WD25 7GS Registered in England 0785922. Data Protection Manager Caversham Finance Ltd trading as BrightHouse 5 Hercules Way Leavesden Park Watford WD25 7GS BrightHouse Customer Services 5 Hercules Way Leavesden park Watford WD25 7GS Customer care enquiries contact: Tel: 0800 526 069 Email; [email protected] Customer Relations team open times: Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm (Wednesday closed at 3 pm for staff training) Consumer Credit licence No 0345103 licenced for ; Consumer credit,Consumer hire Trading Names; BrightHouse Crazy George's http://www.brighthouse.co.uk http://www.brighthouseblog.co.uk http://www.brighthousecareers.co.uk http://www.brighthousegroup.co.uk COMPANY OVERVIEW Brighthouse is a trading name of Cavendish Finance Limited,which was a former subsidiary of the Thorn Group plc,and taken private in 2008 following a deal done by Nomura (now Terra Firma Capital Partners). CFL was purchased by Vision Capital in July 2007. BrightHouse is the largest rent to own company in the UK with over 200 retail stores employing more than 2300 people. BrightHouse released its financial results in July 2009 showing a 16.9 per cent rise in annual sales to £170.6 million.In 2009 BrightHouse saw their sales increase 21 percent to 50.5 million pounds ($80.6 million) in the 13 weeks to 24 December. PRODUCTS/SERVICES Its product area is home furnishings,domestic appliances,Audio visual equipment and kitchen white goods.In June 2009 BrightHouse launched its online hiring site. Brighthouse offers products from well known brand names including Sony Philips Samsung and Beko. Furniture accounts for about 20 per cent of sales, audio and visual for 30 per cent, domestic appliances for 20 per cent and 30 per cent for technology. Target Markets/ Selling policies Customers pay cash upfront, weekly repayments or monthly direct debit with no deposit, with a charge of 29.9% APR interest on all products. Customers can take payment holidays and return goods without incurring penalties if required. The company’s Optional Service Cover provides customers with full protection against breakdown.The company's lending practices have been criticised for targeting the "poorest, most desperate families" and operating in the "most deprived areas" of the UK. Given BrightHouse's interest rates, a buyer may end up paying more than twice as much what they would have paid absent BrightHouse's finance charges. Their base prices have also been noticed to be higher than the prices charged by mainstream retailers such as Dixons. Media Reports In 2009 a BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat investigation found evidence of a the BrightHouse chain bullying and pressurising customers who were falling behind with their payments. Some customers of BrightHouse, told Newsbeat that staff were "bullying, threatening and rude" to them.A debt charity (Credit Action) warned of treatment of people in "an appalling way", and wanted the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to investigate. http://www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice/pressreleases/stories/2009/05_may/14/newsbeat.shtml Brighthouse stories on CAG. Such was the levels of complaints on the Consumer Action Group,from Brighthouse customers,that we introduced a stand alone forum for members much earlier than similar forums which were added for other retail store forums. Complaints range from being supplied with b stock goods,failure to properly deal with complaints,adding unfair charges to agreements,insurance issues,heavy handed collection tactics,and more. Here are some examples; http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?89225 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?136953-Help-with-Brighthouse-please http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?48343-Brighthouse-Problem-Again http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?281880-Bright-House-problems....
  20. Trading Standards Bridgend Trading standards aims to ensure that fair-trading is carried out in Bridgend County Borough so that consumers can purchase goods and services with confidence in the knowledge that they are safe, correctly priced and accurately described Bridgend Trading Standards Service offers a comprehensive consumer advice service that has been awarded the Community Legal Services (CLS) Quality Mark. The service is provided free to any person who is resident in the county borough or person who has purchased goods or services from a business in the county borough and will give advice on a wide range of issues relating to the purchase of goods or services. The service is available: Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm. Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm. The service can be contacted by telephone (01656) 643278, in person at the council offices, in writing or by e-mail: [email protected] Initially, anyone contacting the service will be advised of their rights and the trader's responsibility to attempt to resolve the problem. If this initial attempt fails, the adviser will intervene to try and mediate/conciliate between the parties. Should this fail to achieve a successful result and it is thought appropriate, advice and assistance will be given to seek redress in the County Court. The service also provides a supply of leaflets to assist consumers with their problems and explain their civil rights.
  21. Hi I crashed my car - unfortunately totally my fault. Called my insurers, got recovered. All great! Then I got home and looked through my policy, this is when I noticed that my car reg no is correct, the car make is correct, part of the model is correct but the year of reg and the sub model are wrong.... What should I do? Do I call the insurance co and tell them? Or is it not a big issue? I'm now so worried I'm not insured I feel sick Not helped by the fact my cars now in recovery and the guy I hit got out of his car holding his neck! And I've read some reviews on the IC that are less than favourable. I'm in fear this is going to cost me a lot! I also now know I should have been more vigilant on checking my CN (checked reg no. & start date) but at the time I didn't have the car or the log book in my possession (I was getting it in the next cpl of weeks and just wanted everything in place) Bit of purchase backgroud... When I brought this policy, I was just about to go ahead with a DL quote but was called on the back of a comparison site search asking me if they could try and do cheaper. So I agreed, ASDA coming closest but not beating DL. The caller said if I spoke with Asda direct they might be able to lower it even more. So through to Asda I go, give all my details again and the chap says he can go lower than DL not by much but still cheaper. I agreed and brought the policy there and then. To finalise this deal he had to have his supervisor authorise it and it went through no problems....till now! When ever I use my reg number to look for insurance/tyres/parts ect the details come up spot on so I don't think this is a database error rather a definite human error. I've just checked my old quote from DL (Done totally online) and its details are perfect. Thanks for reading and I hope someone can help me out..
  22. Last Thursday/ Friday I drove down to Portsmouth from 40 Miles west of Glasgow for a Veterans Reunion. The main event was on the Friday Night. Whilst getting my car ready for the return journey doing the usual checks Iwater, oil etc I noticed that in amongst my documentation I could not find myAA card. I went online shortly afterwards to right down the details in case I required them later. I discovered I had not renewed my breakdown cover so I renewed it there and then. We set of at 0900 on the way to Scotland. We were detouring through Lincoln dropping a comrade off who was picked up on the way down. On the M4O one mileshort of Cherwell Valley Services the car started to lose power and eventually stopped. Thinking how fortunate I renewed my AA breakdown the previous day, that’s when the problems started. I called the AA who promptly came out and diagnosed Cylinder head gasket gone. The mechanic towed us to the services and arranged to have the relay sorted. 26 phone calls and 5 hours later we were on our way for 50 miles and then onto pick up a hire car which we had to organise ourselves. This all came about because of timings. If I had renewed my breakdown cover on Saturday morning instead of evening I would have been entitled to a Relay all the way home. Because I broke down less than 24 hrs after the transaction took place I was only entitled to 50 miles relay any millage after that would be 2.5 pence per mile which the quoted me @ £800. That wasn't the last because I was inside the 24 Hours an additional £79 would have to be paid. If I was pulling a fast one we could have waited till the oil in the car cooled down drove into the services waited 4 hours and then phoned the breakdown in. Unfortunately I am honest, I also believe in loyalty unlike The AA I surmise. After a few phone calls today the AA would offer me no goodwill so I offered none back, I no longer have the 4 policies with them , House, Car,Breakdown and Emergency House call out. Please read the small print as there are no sums mentioned and the wording is a bit ambiguous at best.
  23. Hi - I've got a hearing at 10am and the form asks for my income details. I am a stay at home mum - do I only put my income down or am I supposed to include my husbands?
  24. Hi, I managed to set up a repayment with TxtLoan without too much trouble and also got their bank details. I was asked if I'd post them here as they may be of use to other people. they are: Bank - HSBC Account in the name of - TxtLoan Ltd Account number - 42028948 Sort code - 402103 Siteteam note: CAG has not verified as to the authenticity so members should be careful. anyone who has used this and know it to be working and correct please add a post to this sticky thread. THIS THREAD IS NOT FOR ISSUES WITH TXTLOANS START A NEW THREAD dx sitteam
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