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  1. Hi, I'm going through a claim with Barclaycard at the moment which dates back to the mid 90s. Ive sent back the original questionnaire but they have written back asking me for proof I was employed at the time. I wasn't, I was self employed so I think they may be trying to trip me up, also due to the length of time I have no proof either way. Could anyone advise me how I should proceed?
  2. Hi, long time reader first time poster. I was issued with a court claim form recently which I have defended and returned back to the court . I am representing myself and have prepared the defense. Photos and witness statements have all been sent off. I received a copy of the defense from the court addressed to my brother (who is another defendant) today care of my address as he is living abroad and very hard to get hold of at the moment. In the copied defense was a copy of the N9B form which contained my address, dob , home telephone number and personal email address. This has me worried as the claimant is a neighbour who is already making life difficult for me - taking me to court for something I didn't do...I am dumbfounded that my personal details have been disclosed to this man, and by the court. Has anyone had any experience of this? Dave
  3. Hi, I hope I have placed this in the correct place. This matter relates to a close friend of mine who is not internet wise so he has asked me to try and seek some advice on his behalf. It is complicated so if this post is long I will apologise in advance, I just wanted to get as much information that I could before posting up so you guys could point me in the right direction. My friend, who is registered disabled, but always worked, has always left the running of the house including all matters of finance to his wife. Unfortunately in May 2012 his wife died suddenly and unexpectedly. He does remember and has some details on some credit cards, mobile phone, store cards and a loan which was in his wife's sole name written off when she passed away. He was in some form of 'debt management' and had been for a couple of years before she died and remembers some of the direct debits being cancelled due to her death. Within the next year he also lost both parents within in six months of each other and as an only child he was not in a good place at all. Working through the finances on top of his grief has not been easy for him. He has had to learn about finances quickly and a few months ago he noticed a £25 direct debit was being paid which he could not match up to any of his records (just a ref number no name) so he cancelled it. A few weeks later he received a letter from Lloyds Bank Recoveries asking why he had stopped payment. He spoke to them on the phone and they said it related to a 'current account loan' taken out in 2007 and defaulted in 2009. My friend does not remember any of this. The amount they say is owed is: £2,521.54. It is at this point my friend spoke to me. I suggested that he contacts them and finds out what it was for, he made a number of phone calls and it appears he spoke to no english people given the names he wrote down and the phone calls did get strange, so this is what happened. In fairness to my friend he wrote down exactly what was said, dates and who he spoke too: 2 Jan 2014 (pm) NAZIA. Asked for details but they said they could not give any due to data protection but did say it was a joint 'current account loan'. Said they would be happy to settle the amount at a reduced figure of £2,020. 3 Jan 2014 (pm) ANUSHA. After speaking to me he phoned to ask again what he was being asked to pay for. They again refused to give details but would now except £1,890 as settlement. 4 Jan 2014 (pm) PAO. Similar request as above but they this time agreed to send a letter asking for a new settlement of £1,639 which they said was 65% off. Also promised to send a copy of the signed agreement that day. 9 Jan 2014 (pm) JAYASHRE. Phoned due to not receiving the agreement only a letter from Lloyds. This time Lloyds said they did not have the agreement but to call into local Lloyds Bank with ID and they would supply it. SAME DAY. We went into local bank as asked but the staff there said they didn't have such records to hand. She did look on the screen and said it was a joint account therefore has to be paid. They said the amount on default in 2009 was £3,325.47 to which they had received from my friend £853.93 since that time. This is odd because my friend was paying exactly £25 a month. No help from Lloyds other than that. As of today he has not had anything back from Lloyds and still doesn't have a clue what the loan was for. His original mortgage was with Lloyds but this was paid off following his fathers passing. He also remembers it had PPI attached to it and he had received compensation for the PPI whilst his wife was still alive. He has not banked with Lloyds for years. So the question is what does he do next? My thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, dealing with a N180 at the moment and decided to ask if anybody redacted the contact details of the defendant when serving a copy of the N180 on the claimant? There is also (in the claim I am involved with) a matter of the claim being issued with the wrong name of the defendant. I ask because these details are supposed to be used by the mediation service to enable them to arrange/mediate a telephone conference between the parties, and I would be concerned that the claimant would use the telephone number to harass the defendant. So, better to leave these boxes blank on the claimants copy, or ? Thanks for replies, Bill.
  5. Can anybody help i am due to repay swift sterling on fri i have rang and sent emails but have been told to wait untill fri untilli default then get charged 59 late fee so since then i have just emailed to be told i need to ring up which i dont want to to do i do want to repay the debt which is 697 j can pay 40 a month but i need there details can anyone help just worried ?
  6. Hi everyone. I've been a member here for a while and have read some good advice. I haven't posted before as I didn't have much to contribute (there's plenty of wiser and more knowledgeable posters than I!) but I do have an issue that hopefully one of you wiser heads can help with. My sister recently got a letter from a Debt Collection Agency claiming she owed almost £2k to EE which had now sold the debt onto the DCA. I advised her to check with the DCA and EE - as well as her credit files. Eventually she found out that someone had given her name, date of birth and address to take out a contract with Orange over the phone and then stopped paying. After much to-ing and fro-ing, she finally got EE to admit their error. EE said they would write to confirm and instruct the DCA not to chase my sister. However, when my sister called the DCA they said they would wait for Orange to confirm (which is fair enough). However, when my sister requested that the DCA remove her details from their database, the DCA curtly told her that they had a legal obligation to keep her details for six years! I think they're wrong - the only six year limit I know of is that once you settle a debt, it stays on your credit file (as settled) for six years. And that is if the debt is yours! I think my sister either spoke to a "script jockey" (i.e. someone who reads the standard script regardless of your question) or the DCA is not training their staff correctly. Would anyone be able to confirm? Thanks in advance!
  7. Has anyone got QQ bank details for SO or online banking please? Cha Cha Cha
  8. Hi there, recently I just purchased a new PAYG mobile, my friend found the offer online and bought it for me. The brand new phone only cost 2.99 and I had to purchase £10 top up with orange. I had the phone for 2 days, I had not used it at all and my first text was from a company asking me if I wanted to claim compensation for my accident! Grrr! I was confused as to how this company got my number, as it's not an Internet phone and my numbers not on the net anywhere. I phoned orange, they told me it was because I'd been on the net, I told them no I hadn't. I asked if they had sold my number to marketing companies, to which they strongly denied. The answer to it in the end from orange was that it was a recycled number from 2009 and that's how they got my number! I said to orange that's a coincidence that after 5 years, within 2 days I'm receiving marketing texts. They absolutly assured me they don't sell customers details, I said ok if that's what your saying, but I'm not sure. They told me if I wasn't happy I could report to ombusman. Having been in a situation where my own insurance company sold my details I'm not sure if I trust any big company anymore! Also recently my partner phoned the CAB for debt advice and within an hour texts came through from companies offering to clear debts!!! He does have an iPhone but I'm unclear how that happened too! So any thoughts, do orange sell details? Anyone with similar experiences out there? Thanks!
  9. I want to pay Uncle Buck by standing order directly to their bank account - can anyone help me out with their bank details please? Thanks.
  10. The Disclosures Team, Everything Everywhere Limited, Hatfield Business Park, Hertfordshire, AL10 9BW
  11. Please PLEASE can someone offer me some advice. I have had a small business account with British Gas for over 10 years. In 2010 I received an invoice from BG for several thousand pounds saying that my bills had been estimated for several years and here was a bill for what I owed them. Up until this point I always paid the bills they sent me and un be known (yes I agree this was my fault for not reading the bills properly) I hadnt realised they were estimated The recession had hit however and I was unable to pay this HUGE bill so I contacted BG. My turnover fell to £14k! It was really bad. This took several months of backwards and forwards between us to sort out and their "Special Credit Solutions Team" allocated me my own account manager and they agreed for monthly repayments. This amount they agreed was the minimum amount they would accept and I was bullied into agreeing to repay at this amount. I wasnt asked to produce or prove my zero income and my lack of work. These payments started, but then I stumbled 6 months later due to lack of work and monies. I contacted my account manager who said not to worry they would sort it and get back to me. They asked me for an up to date meter reading which I gave and they explained they would sort it. This didnt happen. I then received a notice of disconnection and called BG again. They repeatably said "Dont Worry" ignore the letter and they would sort it. Next I find that they have a Warrant, entered my premises at 5:00pm on a Friday evening, changed the locks and left me with a note to contact for new keys and another bill. This contact number went through to an telephone number that was unmanned. As we had work to carry out over that weekend we called a locksmith who changed our locks so that we could then gain access. I called BG on the Monday morning discussed this and the ongoing issue with their Warrant Dept who said that they would speak to "Special Credit Solutions Team" and get back to me. I was asked if I would like to file a complaint and I said yes and was given a Reference number for the complaint. I was told the complaint procedure could take up to 8 weeks for me to get a response but in the meantime they would get the Special Solutions Team to contact me and sort it out. I outlined that I was told to ignore the letter to disconnect my gas and that my account manager said they would sort it and get back to me. I also explain to the Warrant Dept that I have queeried if my meter was faulty because the offices were unmanned and had been for several years. There were no staff present on site and I was not happy with why my meter readings were this amount when I had not been working there at all. I asked if my meter could be looked at. I was told they would have to check to see where the meter was and that were not sure if they still had it. Nothing happened and I heard nothing. I called again at the beginning of May and the Warrant team said they would get my account manager to contact me and sort this out. Again I heard nothing A month later I email them and am told "I will look into this for you and reply as soon as I can. It is in the hands of a manager, please be reassured that we are dealing with your account." And again I still hear nothing. Then I receive a letter and several answerphone messages from a debt collection agency threatening me and then two weeks later I've received a formal demand for payment. By now another £500 has been added as administration fees! So, I'm writing to ask what I should do. As far as I'm concerned I filed a complaint with BG. I've had no response. I've had no letters, email, or telephone calls from them. They then appear to have passed this over for collection, even though I am told that this was being sorted by their Special Credit Solutions Team. Can I contact the Ombusman about this case, or do I file another complaint with BG? I need to get this sorted as we have no gas on the premises. (This happened back in April) I would like my meter testing but they dont know if they still have it, and havent let me know when they said they would. Look forward to some advice PLEASE
  12. Hello all, I am not sure I am writing this thread in the right section, if not, please apologize. I have a doubt about a behavior of Phones4u customer service. I submitted some days ago a complain about a bad treatment I had in one of their shop. They answered me apologizing and offering me a refund of what I spent in their shop. To refund me they asked for my account number and sort code to process a Bank transfer. As I don't trust so much to provide these kind of information via email I asked them to limit the risk if instead of my regular Debit card I could provide the data of an Orange prepaid Mastercard to make the transfer. They answered me few minutes ago, saying that they cannot transfer money over a SIM card (they didn't even get the difference between an Orange Sim card and an Orange prepaid Mastercard) but the serious problem is that they provided me my bank details (that obviously they had stored for my previous purchase) via email asking simply to confirm them so that they can process the payment. Please note that they provided my sort number completely and my account number hidden except the last 3 numbers. Now I am wondering? They can do that? They can provide sensitive data with such simplicity? I first contacted them without provide any kind of information proving my identity, so what if I were a [problem]mer looking for someone sensitive information? Suggestions & advices? Thank you very much in advance.
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  14. Hi, I need to do a SARS request for my barclaycard and egg cards (egg now owned by barclays) I'm a bit confused as to who I should send this too? And exactly the name I should writ eon the £10 cheque? Any help would be great. Thanks
  15. I have been involved in a couple of motoring incidents where I have not been at fault and one where I have. I also have one speeding ticket. I am unsure of the dates and details of these incidents and would like to know if there is a way of finding out the official details that the insurance companies use to see if I have declared everything. As I renew my motor insurance I am unsure of specific dates etc and am worried that if I was ever to claim then I would find that my cover in invalid. In a nut shell… where can I find out all my motor incident and conviction details. Hope you can help Owen
  16. Hi Everyone, I submitted a CCA request to ARC Europe back in May 2012 and didn't hear back from them until now. They have submitted reconstituted agreements, but the details are wrong (address on one document but not the other). How do I best respond without giving them the opportunity to simply copy and paste the right address and resubmit? Also, am I right in thinking the agreement should state the credit limit i was given at the time? Because this is generic and contains nothing apart from my name, an address and an [x] for where my signature would be. Any advice or pointers to other threads gratefully received. Thank you
  17. hi , hoping someone can help with lowell who are chasing me for a debt they say was owing to a home shopping company. after checking my credit file i find that they have registered a default from 2009 with my wrong date of birth and the account details they say are from 1980 when i was 10 years old, i contacted eqifax who in turn contacted lowell who said i should contact them directly which i am hesitant to do . now scince then all they do is phone constantly and have now somehow got my partners email address and emailed him all of my details with the debt details to him but addressing it to myself. please can someone tell me if they are allowed to do this ? surely it breaks data protection ? but i am really unsure what to do or not do as the case may be
  18. Can anyone tell me have they got the bank details for the Cheque Centre?I want to start paying back a payday loan I currently have with them.I am trying to get a repayment plan in place but I am getting numerous calls daily from them after defaulting. What is the best way to deal with them?they have me worried sick and I am feeling very low because of this daily harassment.
  19. My first payment is due on Friday, I do not want to be late or give any reason to reneg on our arrangement. Does anyone have their bank details??
  20. I am a bit confused here. I keep getting emails from credit expert telling me that my card details are due to expire in 25 days I have been getting these every month now and they very clearly state that my membership is going to expire if they don't receive my card details I do not wish to keep paying for this service I cant afford to pay the £10 every month right now so I didn't bother giving my card details when I got my new card, I have logged in to find that under the card details section there is no information yet credit expert have still been taking 9.99 every month despite telling me almost every month that my membership would expire if I don't provide my card details, I didn't want their service so didn't bother providing my details therefore assuming that the contract would end. How on earth can they charge me when they don't have my card details, and why aren't they terminating my "membership" as they state they are going to do. [ATTACH=CONFIG]46860[/ATTACH]
  21. Hi, Can anyone tell me where I can make a complaint about the DWP. I received my details through the mail as I was going to Tribunal about my DLA. I was looking through the paperwork the night before my tribunal to find a page with big black letters on it saying "YOUR BANK DETAILS HAVE BEEN REMOVED FOR SECURITY REASONS". Great my personal details not been shown until I turned the page to find MY WHOLE BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS. I do believe I can complain about this but I do not know where to send it . Can anyone else please.
  22. I lodged a complaint over the phone with Halifax in early May and obtained a reference number. Halifax failed to issue any correspondence or response to the complaint and after more than eight weeks I referred the complaint to the FOS. I received back a letter saying I must first take up the matter with Halifax and my complaint had been referred back to Halifax for handling. I phoned the case handler and he said that because I had not included the final response or any other evidence of making the complaint, he wasn't going to take the complaint forward. This despite me saying that I hadn't received the response within the eight-week period, nor anything else at all. Halifax is proceeding to re-ignore my complaint (assuming it was ever sent back to them in the first place). Any ideas on what to do next?
  23. Wonga are now asking people to provide their online banking details under certain circumstances!! There's an existing discussion on this subject on MSE here: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4748807 - hope it's okay to post this link. Please remove if not and accept my apologies. It was confirmed by Wonga and the MSE Forum Team here: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showpost.php?p=62970450&postcount=66 (same thread as above). I think this is highly irresponsible of Wonga and encourages really bad practices. I'm actually in disbelief that they're so stupid as to ask for online banking details. Has anyone else heard about this?
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